Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Road To Radiant Health

On his deathbed Tim Leary was asked if he had any regrets whatsoever. His candid answer: "I really should have done a lot more fucking."

The 1980s saw a puritanical backlash that came in the guise of a new scare - AIDS. In the late 1970s herpes was the "in-thing"... but somehow it didn't really catch on as a deterrent to guilt-free and uninhibited eroticism. AIDS, on the other hand, was sufficiently life-threatening to frighten a whole new generation of teenagers into accepting "safe sex" as routine practice.

There are women now in their early 30s who have NEVER once experienced lovemaking WITHOUT a condom! How sad. Follow the money and who's laughing all the way to the bank? That's right... the condom manufacturers (who have inflated prices about 600% since the AIDS scare started).

I want to state in print that this puritanical backlash has generated a dangerous level of psychopathology amongst the overall human population - which may explain why violence, rape, and sexual murders seem to be dramatically on the rise. More police patrols and electronic surveillance are DEFINITELY not the solution.... and the rapid proliferation of porn sites won't solve the problem either. Indeed, it completely defeats the purpose of healthy erotic practice, which is Nature's most powerful prophylactic. When you're getting well and truly and ecstatically laid (in other words, utterly without fear or guilt) your immune system gets a real shot in the arm. Your hair looks and feels better, and your breath is always fresh. And you regain a wholesome perspective on LIFE... which means you will no longer tolerate any form of external authority. In short, you attain psychic and emotional maturity. I know Wilhelm Reich said pretty much the same thing 60 years ago... and was MURDERED while under custody in a U.S. jail for his efforts to free humanity of its State-induced robotism. Bless you, Willy. Long live the Fourth Reich!!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Our individuality is a miraculous quality, attained through countless aeons of incarnate experience. Indeed, one could say being a fully conscious Integer/Oneness is the whole point and purpose of Evolution/Devolution.

For generations humanity has been misled by gurus and holographically inserted "messengers" who taught us that our own egos are our worst enemy - that one has to destroy one's ego in order to fuse with All That Is or Spirit Most High or The Great Void or whatever you wish to call this nebulous concept of Ultimate Awareness.

Yes, from the Ocean we emerge as tiny drops of consciousness, with a deeply embedded yearning to return to and merge with the Oceanic "I Am That I Am" - however, that merger can be experienced consciously only when we value our uniqueness as individuals.

Our task is to reunite with Source, bringing with us all our experiential databases and our particular perspectives. Think of it in terms of a band or orchestra. The soul must switch from playing in concert with everybody else - and yet be able to express its own specific being when required to solo.

This is one ramification of Hologram Theory, of the idea of ourselves as fractals of the Ultimate Unity. So, while I understand the Buddhistic preference for the path of "ego transcendence" (a very "Eastern" teaching, and one I have always rejected as totally misguided), I'm also prompted to offer my view. The "impersonal" is to me a very dangerous and dehumanizing perspective; it's what turns decent folk into faceless bureaucrats, honest individuals into nameless agents of institutionalized ideologies. Be TRANSpersonal by all means.... but NEVER IMpersonal!

And that "Love 'n' Light" stuff has long been co-opted and corrupted by New Age shysters who are mainly in it for the money!

I trust folks who sign off as their own authority, as their unique selves, instead of hiding behind anonymity or quoting various long-gone entities.

Be proud of who you are and what you look like. That's what makes our physical existence an exquisite privilege. What joy is there in communicating with an intellectual cloud, a burning bush, or a pulsating blue light?