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[In this blogpost I was going to summarize my years of research on the 9/11 atrocities, rounding up my personal campaign to expose the cynical masterminds behind the monumental sandiwara (which in Malay means a political Punch'n'Judy show); but my friend Dave Blackman just passed me a link to a superb article by Steve Bhaerman (aka Swami Beyondananda) which covers all the points I was going to make and much more - and does so scintillatingly! I can do no more than help the good Swami spread this cogent message by reproducing it here in full, complete with all the handy hyperlinks...]

BRINGING DOWN THE 9/11 HOUSE OF LIES ~ The Final 'Leg' Of The Journey
By Steve Bhaerman
16 April 2007

It's a bit of a mixed feeling to realize that millions and millions of people who didn't get this distinction two, four or six years ago now understand that the "political' issues we now face aren't about right and left, they're about right and wrong. On one hand, what took you so long? On the other, thank God and welcome aboard. Although the media has downplayed it - it doesn't fit with the general stupidization program of creating a lot of heat but very little light - more and more actual conservatives and even members of the religious right are coming to see the Bush-Cheney regime as a rogue administration and a thin cover for criminal enterprise. Such right wing stalwarts as former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr and Richard Viguerie (one of the architects of the far right wing) have formed an organization to protect our civil liberties from our own government. Chuck Baldwin, an associate of Jerry Falwell, has become an open advocate of impeachment and writes a very articulate column.

These folks are far bolder than the Democrats in this regard, and they will play a key role when impeachment happens - and it will. Now some of you reading this who have a deeper spiritual understanding of love, forgiveness and the ways in which we do indeed create our own reality might be wondering "Gee, this whole impeachment thing seems pretty 'anti'. Shouldn't we be focusing on what we want instead of what we don't want?" Indeed, the point can be made that the failure of the Democrats in 2004 - aside from the minor issue of voting fraud in Ohio and Florida - had to do with John Kerry's approach of "Vote for me, I'm not as bad as George Bush," and failure to articulate any compelling positive vision. However, the real issue goes much deeper.

Ending The American Hostage Crisis

It has nothing to do with loving or hating George Bush, whose policies have educated and awakened more Americans than all of the "progressive" leaders combined. It does have to do with what we need to recognize as the American Hostage Crisis. The American people - and particularly our soldiers in Iraq - are being held hostage by a ruthless criminal cadre (this is not hyperbolic invective; the definition of "criminal" is "one who commits crimes"). The people up until now have been blackmailed into supporting a war of choice with the cynical cry, "Support our troops." As if our troops sent themselves over there and now we have to rescue them.

The people of America are now at a crossroads that will determine whether the world continues hurtling down the highway to hell, or whether we change course in the direction of our true human potential, what Swami calls "humanifest destiny." I say the world because if the United States honors the intentions of our founders and accepts the evolutionary role of genuine self-governance, the entire world will cheer - and breathe a sigh of relief. Under the guise of true moral authority, we will be able to isolate the sociopathogens in the world and deal with them as criminals instead of what we're doing now - killing the people the criminal elements are holding hostage, and creating new converts for the criminals.

There is something positive to be built, but it cannot be built on a foundation of lies. That is why the so-called "surge" or any other policy to "stay the course" in Iraq will not succeed. The entire structure -- why we're there, what's been happening since we got there, what our future intentions are -- all lies. Those troops we are "supporting" are being sent in as surrogate targets for George Bush and the American empire, an empire that isn't even ours but belongs to a slew of multinational corporations that could care less whether America lives or dies. That's what American soldiers are discovering, sadly, that their most ardent "supporters" at home have been unwilling to face. Until now.

America's next step - and only step - that can take us forward is to bring the Bush-Cheney regime to justice. This isn't about vengeance, it isn't about punishment. It's about truth. That element that has been so lacking in our political environment that it has caused a spiritual, psychological and political heartsickness in the heartland. This basic lack of integrity - that even those who overtly believe the lies still feel deep down in their guts - is why we have the Don Imuses and the Ann Coulters. Those are the people who keep us occupied with weapons of mass-distraction, who help us aim our rage at the wrong targets.

Their brand of free speech is what Caroline Casey calls a "toxic mimic" of the real thing. The freedom of speech and freedom of press the American revolutionaries risked life and fortune for wasn't so our "commonest" of commentators could sling invectives like "faggots" and "nappy-headed ho's" but to empower citizens by letting them know what's going on. In this regard, the record of our so-called "free press" is dismal, if not traitorous. Try initiating a real conversation about the unanswered questions and unquestioned answers regarding 9/11. There you will find a stone wall of silence, or loud screaming to drown out the truth. While up until now, very few have wanted to "go there," more and more people are awakening to the tragic truth that "there" has already come "here."

Cutting the Legs Out From Under Their Story

Just over two years ago, after what many of us realized was a stolen election (with Barbara Boxer the lone Senator to stand and raise the issue), I wrote a piece about the wall of lies. In the midst of the frustration and despair that many of us felt, I predicted the wall of lies would crumble. It wasn't a difficult prediction to make. In these times when the veil is being lifted everywhere, the "irony curtain" is no exception.

I wrote that the illegitimate "legitimacy" of the Bush-Cheney regime rested on a three-legged stool. The first leg was the belief they were fairly elected in 2000 and 2004. The second was the Iraq War and the reluctance of people to "change horse's asses in the middle of an extreme." The third was 9/11, and the official account of what happened that day.

At this writing, one leg is completely gone and another is severely splintered. More than two thirds of Americans now see the Iraq War as an unmitigated disaster, and a large portion of our armed forces are demoralized and angry. It is now being termed "an unpopular war," a phrase that begs the question, "And when exactly was the last 'popular war'?" Wait a minute ... I think I have it. The last popular war was the Battle of the Groups at the Brooklyn Fox Theater ... Dion and the Belmonts vs. the Drifters. I think it was 1960.

As for the legitimacy of the "elections", that issue broke through the soundless barrier a year ago when RFK, Jr. published his article in Rolling Stone. Timing is everything, and the timing of that article coincided with a general "upwising." Having seen mounting evidence of lying, cheating and stealing on the part of Rove and company, a critical mass of Americans (or at least Democrats) were able to accept the inconvenient likelihood that the Republicans cheated to win the election too. This awakened awareness and the voter mobilization that followed helped the Democrats win control of both Houses of Congress, despite any shenanigans. As lame as you may think the Democrats are, this was the first important step of restoring the balance of power and the rule of law. I contend it could not have happened without the widespread awareness that the Republicans were getting set to steal elections again.

So here we are. The "leg" called the Iraq War is gone. The "leg" called "these people were elected legitimately" is badly compromised. And yet, like the mad monk Rasputin, Bush and Cheney are still standing behind their stone wall. Subpoenas notwithstanding, they've entrenched and have no intention of giving in one iota. Because as soon as they do, the avalanche of revelations will cause their downfall. How long can this holding pattern go on? It can definitely go on indefinitely.

Unless we as a nation allow the 9/11 story to break through the soundless barrier. When this leg gets chopped off, Bush and Cheney will be gone.

More importantly, the truth will be revealed so that we can collectively "face the music" and set a new course. Never has any nation been in this position. Nazi Germany was forced to face their heart of darkness only by military defeat. Soviet Russia collapsed under the weight of its own unworkability. But now, for the "land of the free" to finally earn that name and claim our true inheritance, we must face what is perhaps the most profound betrayal in our 200 year history.

A Straussian Waltz Down a Slippery Slope

Although we would like to believe that the principles that guided America's founding fathers are still in operation, the sad truth is that the principles of truth, justice and transparency have been overridden by a new operating system called "neo-conservatism" which is neither "neo" nor conservative. The "neocon" is actually a very old con called "the end justifies the means." And that brings us to Leo Strauss, the man considered the "founding father" of neoconservatism.

Leo Strauss, who was born in Germany and who taught at the University of Chicago from 1949-69, brought Machiavelli into the machine age. He unabashedly believed in manipulation and deception, all of which he deemed necessary to rule the unruly masses. According to Shadia Drury, author of Leo Strauss and the American Right, Strauss believed that "those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is no morality and there is only one natural right -- the right of the superior to rule over the inferior."

Strauss was a strong believer in religion - as a way of imposing "moral law" on the populace, who would otherwise be out of control. He would have agreed with Marx that religion was the "opiate of the masses," only he had no qualms about being a drug dealer. The rulers, of course, didn't have to live by the rules of religion. Says Ronald Bailey, science correspondent for Reason magazine: "Neoconservatives are pro-religion even though they themselves may not be believers."

In the tradition of Thomas Hobbes, Strauss believed humans are inherently evil and need strong external control - and an external enemy. As he once wrote, "Because mankind is intrinsically wicked, he has to be governed. Such governance can only be established, however, when men are united - and they can only be united against other people."

According to Drury, Strauss believed that "if no external threat exists, one has to be manufactured." Interestingly enough, Strauss's neocon disciples William Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle (along with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld) helped found a think tank called the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) in the 1990s. A PNAC document, Rebuilding America's Defenses has been a guiding force for the Bush-Cheney White House. According to PNAC, the only way to assure America's safety in the 21st century is by being the only superpower on the block, what they referred to as Pax Americana. Of course, since the Iraq War many around the world are calling it a "Pox Americana."

Perhaps the most telling quote in the Rebuilding America's Defenses document refers to needing a "catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor" to mobilize the masses for this undertaking (pun intended). The neocons insist this was an innocuous quote taken out of context. However, when seen in the context of Leo Strauss's core beliefs, it's easy to make the connection and see the 9/11 attacks as the "catalyzing event" that launched the so-called "war on terror." In fact, author and theologian David Ray Griffin called his sober account debunking the official 9/11 story The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11. Whether or not the attacks were an "inside job," they were certainly used in classic Straussian fashion to create national unity and control through perpetual war.

Griffin, a well-respected mainstream theologian who has written and edited 30 books, contends that the official 9/11 story has been given the "halo of religious mythology." Like the infallibility of the Pope in the Church or the primacy of matter in scientific materialism, questioning the official 9/11 story is taboo. Consequently, most people fail to see the red flags that are literally in plain sight:

The official story was in place within 48 hours of the event, before any investigation was undertaken.

The official "remedy," the so-called Patriot Act (a 342-page document that many legislators signed without reading), appeared as if by magic and was ratified in an atmosphere of panic - right on the heels of Democratic legislators receiving packets of deadly anthrax, a crime that has never been "solved."

No satisfactory explanation has ever been given as to how and why the world's most sophisticated air defense system "stood down" in the most deadly attacks ever on American soil. And no one was held accountable.

Transcripts of testimony released at the insistence of 9/11 families - from firefighters, police and eyewitnesses - mention over and over again a "series of explosions" and the towers coming down in their tracks, "just like a planned demolition."

When there finally was an investigation, only testimony supporting the official version of the story was allowed. Imagine, if you will, a court case where there was no conflicting evidence ... case closed.

Time to Face Our Own Not-Seeism

The fact that these blatant contradictions have never been officially addressed stands as stark testimony as to how well weapons of mass-distraction have been used to keep the official story in place. Yes, the mass media has been complicit in failing to present an alternative view, and in marginalizing anyone suggesting otherwise as a "conspiracy nut." But it goes far deeper than that. The persistent "invisible belief" in America's intrinsic goodness makes it incomprehensible that the government in the "land of the free" would perpetrate something that horrendous against its own citizens. Like the Germans who heard about the death camps and were told it was "American propaganda," most Americans won't question the official story because the horrendous implications are too awful to contemplate. But the "Not See" era is about to end.

I'm going to apologize in advance for using a distasteful metaphor that many of you will find repugnant. But since this is the image that keeps coming to mind, I'm going to have to risk it. Think back when you were in college. You were at a party and had a little too much to drink. You're feeling wobbly and a bit nauseous. You are on the teeter-totter of a decision - to throw up or not to throw up. Throwing up. Ugh. You don't want to do it, it's disgusting. But then you realize, you have to do it. It is something the body is telling you to do, and you also know that when you've expelled the mess you will feel so much better.

That is where our body politic is today. We've literally had it up to here. But we've been reluctant to expel the toxins for all to see. Last year at this time, I had contracted to write a story on David Ray Griffin called Unquestioned Answers: A Non-Conspiracy Theorist Takes Aim at the Official 9/11 Story for a local mainstream publication. In the six weeks from the time the editor reluctantly okayed the story until the time I handed it in, she had undergone a change of mind. She told me, "I have come to believe the American government did indeed have something to do with the attacks, and the very thought of it makes me sick to my stomach."

Having to swallow what we've been asked to swallow over the past several years, purging might be the very best cure. So now the question is, what to do and how to do it?

There seem to be two approaches to the 9/11 issue. One involves jumping into the details of the mystery itself and trying to figure out specifically what happened. The problem here is what has already occurred - squabbling about the details, one group of believers in one conspiracy theory accusing another of spreading disinformation.

The other approach is the one I took with the David Ray Griffin article I published last year. Focus on stepping outside the official story, removing its "halo" and asking if indeed, it is the likeliest story. Here's why. No amount of "evidence" will convince anybody unless they are open to the possibility of the premise. The breakthrough will occur when a critical mass of people begin to put it together for themselves.

What opened me to a premise I was - like David Ray Griffin - initially closed to was reading about the "false flag" operations done by NATO during the Cold War and those like Operation Northwoods that was proposed but not initiated here (you can read brief accounts about those in the above-linked article on David Ray Griffin). When I combined this information with the realization I'd already come to - that Bush, Cheney, Rove & Company were capable of anything they could get away with - I had bridged the gap.

Time to Cut Off the Tale That's Been Wagging the Dog

What we face right now is perhaps the greatest opportunity for freedom yet experienced in America. It is an invitation to become "political adults" and step outside the puppet show called electoral politics and take a look at the inner workings behind the "irony curtain." It is here - and only here - that transformational change can take place. It's as big a step as our Founding Fathers made "eleven score and eleven" years ago by declaring themselves sovereign and government a servant.

We do this by educating ourselves and taking heart that so many people are awakening a new field of understanding now. There are many sites but here is a good one to start with because it offers a surprising list of well-known people in all areas of endeavor who question the official tale that has been wagging the dog for the past five years. Another excellent educational site is Mark Robinowitz's Oil Empire site because he offers some very sharp distinctions for sniffing out the truth when there are many different stories.

Finally, we must address this undressing of the cloak of secrecy with healing intent. In other words, we must be able not just to picture but to "feel" what it will feel like to no longer have to fear our own government. We must allow ourselves to see those inside the military, government and intelligence services who have not been "ethically-cleansed" coming forward with the missing pieces of the true story. We must begin now to create a "container" for truth, reconciliation and healing.

Every indication is that there are individuals at all levels of government and influence who are waiting only for a critical mass of Americans to be able to "hold" the true story. Once there is a "listening" for the truth, the truth will out. We encourage the truth through our own courage, and by speaking about politics outside the box as matter-of-factly as the media speaks about politics inside the box.

The simple secret to bringing down the wall of lies is this. When enough people see through the wall, it will cease to exist.

May "Good" bless us all.

Swami Beyondananda © 2007

[First posted 17 April 2007, reposted 11 September 2014]


Raven said...

Great article! You rock!


Starmandala said...

Thank you, bro. Thank you, Swami Beyondananda, who deserves the kudos for some inspired writing (but the layout looks good, eh? Took me hours searching for images and links! :-)

Anonymous said...

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Paul Joseph Watson
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Thursday, May 31, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Daniel Sunjata shouldn't be exposing lies he's telling them himself. Another D list actor joins the celebrity deniers list. Great! I was afraid we don't have enough idiots with the ability to speak taking an opportunity to get on a soap box. Here's something I found when I googled Mr. Sunjata.

"Daniel Sunjata is a joke. Here in his hometown of Evanston, Il. instead of being a stand up hometown hero he is known as a lowlife shmuck. He ran out on his two children mothered by different women - 6 months apart. The man has no credibility. He has been sued repeatedly by his baby's Mamas and his children live on welfare. He has a reputation of being a player and cheating on his girlfriend. If you're looking for a hero look elsewhere."

Starmandala said...

Dear Anonymous,

I scanned Steve Bhaerman's essay for references to "Daniel Sunjata" and didn't find any - and I had no absolutely idea who the guy is until I Googled him. Okay, so he's a good-looking young actor and has been enjoying his success with women without paying heed to unwanted consequences. You're right, that kind of behavior sucks, just plain irresponsibility. But that has little to do with waking people up to the horrors awaiting them unless they
stop following leaders with evil agendas.
I hope you yourself haven't been hoodwinked by Mr Sunjata's undeniable charm. In his position it would be difficult not to play the field... but the jerk could at least play it safe or pay child support (that ought to curb his rampant gonads!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing. I also knew nothing about Mr. Sunjata until I heard an interview on Lone Lantern. But I have to agree with you on this. I am sick to death of people, especially celebrities, coming out with very deliberate opinions about justice when they cannot so much as be good to their own families. I want something better for the world my children will inherit. I want them to be able to look up to leaders and heroes. I think this Daniel Sunjata is just another jerk who likes the sound of his own voice. He should learn to treat people with respect and consideration before taking a stand on anything. Or risk looking like a fool and he does.

Starmandala said...

I still haven't come across any mention of Daniel Sunjata on this post or any other on 9/11 so I don't know why so many anonymous women (an assumption difficult to avoid) are filing complaints about Mr Sunjata on this blog! Obviously da nigger is doing a whole lot better than I am when it comes to getting laid. But I take this as an object lesson not to overdo things - although I can't understand why women who marry actors and rockstars act so hurt and humiliated when their hubbies succumb to endless temptation. It ain't easy to keep all that charisma locked away at home! He gonna sleep around, demand the same freedom, babes. Monogamy works fine for some people - but to condemn those who are polyamorous is puerile. You can't legislate lust, people - and it ain't a sin! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well one reason why someone might post hatefull things about Mr. Sunjata on a blog where he he is not even mentioned could be that they have a personal vendetta against him and are trying to discredit him for some reason. I don't know much about him as an actor or a person but I do admire his courage in speaking out about such an important issue and I think that that says more about his character than the anonymous assaults on his personal life. In fact, in my experience, I have found that ad hominum attacks in response to substantive statements by an individual are almost always complete B.S. and I for one will apply that standard in this case. The fact is that none of us here know ANYTHING about Mr. Sunjata's personl life or his flaws as a human being. Also...the post that was cut and pasted in quotes and got us into this digression from what is actually important here, was in fact retracted by the person who posted it:

so maybe we should pay more attention to substance and less to shadow. He's a hero in my book.


Starmandala said...

Thanks for your levelheaded comment, Gregory. As a result of those complaints against Daniel Sunjata's rampant gonads I found this podcast where he speaks out on Lone Lantern radio.
The real issue here is achieving critical mass on breaking free of the official spin on 9/11 - everything else follows. Mr Sunjata's fondness for female pulchritude (and his alleged irresponsibility towards the consequences) does not impinge on our collective destiny on this planet. Scattering wild oats is NOT an impeachable offence,
especially between consenting adults.

Anonymous said...

Amen Antares (nice name by the way). Assuming any of the allegations are even true, we can't let that kind of defamatory distraction blind us to the issues at hand. Thank you for the Lone Lantern piece. Verrry nice. Kudos Daniel!


Anonymous said...

While I am a little late coming to participate on this thread. I have something valuable to add. Gregory and Antares speaking for the female population I Agree Scattering wild oats is NOT an impeachable offense between consenting adults. That is true but in my experience lying and cheating and abandoning one's children are never the signs of a wholesome individual or someone we should be canonizing as a representative of truth and justice. An individual who does these things stands in direct opposition and is doing a similar thing on a smaller scale. Deception is deception is deception. It is good Mr. Sunjata, though I have never heard anything about him or his work prior to the lantern interview is informed but that is where it ends. If someone's desire to be admired as a hero or spokesperson he should clean up his own "human flaws". I cannot admire someone who treats anyone not simply women with disregard and has children without discretion or taking responsibility. These are red flags to the quality and class of an individual. Meaning they have none. Children are helpless and require love, someone who will not acknowledge them is a sick individual. I have three children of my own love them to death. It reminds me of something my mother used to say if someone wrongs one person it is only a matter of time before they do it to you. While I cannot know the intent of the anonymous poster, it sheds light on the man behind the words. We are addressing deep character flaws and what sounds like a sociopath personality. You cannot detach the treatment of one and comment on the masses. I think Mr. Sunjata sounds like he is in need of large quantities of therapy. I will continue to support people like Alex Jones and William Rodriguez who are honorable men, living honorable decent lives and family men.

Anonymous said...

All points well taken, but since all we have on this gentleman is hearsay and rumor/speculation I am not so quick to rush to judgement. One thing is for sure, he showed bravery that is to be commended in speaking out about such an important topic and for that I applaud him. The rest is an unknown quantity, and in fact fits the profile of smear tactics that regularly are used to discredit someone who is speaking an inconvenient truth (as in the case of Mr. Charlie Sheen, and Ms. Rosie O'Donnell when they spoke out). I'm sure Mr. Sunjata had to have been aware that the character assassins would come out of the woodwork once he opened his mouth, which makes his actions all the more admirable and indeed, heroic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gregory and the last Anonymous post above me,

I think you are really Daniel Sunjata himself. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. And before you get all panicky..I mean you no harm.

I sincerely hope you get a peaceful and just resolution to these accusations if true. It seems people are bent on repeatedly publishing these private matters. Maybe there's some truth to it, if not all then some. In keeping with how passionate you seem to be about justice and righting wrongs....if your are indeed sincere and "real about your shit", you no doubt will do/have done the right thing and started appologizing and repairing your relationships with these women who are coming forth with accusations of lying, using, and cheating. If true, it explains why a wave of anger would come at you in a misplaced place like a blog when you have a show airing. If you are an advocate for humanity then I'm sure you know that hurting people through deceit is just as punishable and dishonest as the goings on on Capitol Hill. If not, screaming for justice on 911 and sporting 911 Truth gear.... just makes for a very stange and interesting dichotomy. Then again some people get passionate about ethics and religion when they themselves are living in sin. It's called guilty conscience. That's my two cents.

Sidebar: Talk about 6 degrees of separation...Larenz Tate on Rescue Me---I met you before and actually waited on him in a restaurant before about 12 years ago. I vividly remember him saying he does not use profanity (his mum reared him that way) and he's a teetotaler. Very pleasant young man and if I vaguely recollect also from your neck of the woods

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know Daniel Sunjata had children. If he did he didn't tell me during the time we dated during his college years. I don't have any beef with Daniel. But Does anyone know for sure if any of this cheating and bisexualuity is true or rumor?

Starmandala said...

Okay... enough is enough! There will be no more comments posted here on Daniel Sunjata and his rampaging hormones (big deal! Americans are probably the most hypocritical and puritanical people on the planet when it comes to sex, which explains the success of the porn bizniz and the popularity of pole-dancing, I guess :-). This gormless attempt to besmear Mr Sunjata's reputation based on reports of his insatiable appetite for women is the stuff of tabloids and it detracts from the very sinister shit going down in the White House, the Pentagon, and Corporate America. A note to all the hotties: if you find Danny boy irresistible, go ahead and shag the guy, but bear in mind that he's reputedly in the habit of sowing his wild oats and then vanishing over the horizon - so quit your bitchin' and lodge your paternity suits somewhere else. Over and out! :-)

Anonymous said...

So ummm...seems Sunjata is still a free man. LOL Guess last years gossip was exactly that. Well in REAL news about this man, it seems he has continued his support for 9/11 Truth. Its all over the web in fact. GO DANIEL!!!!

Starmandala said...

Glad to hear Mr Sunjata has managed to dodge all those paternity suits and stick to his guns on 9/11 truth.
Now where does Warren Beatty stand on the goddam Neocons, I wonder? :-)

Anonymous said...

Came accross this old blog and almost choked on my cheerios trying to hold back my laughter at all this nonsense about Daniel being blah blah and blah. Clearly a failed smear campaign. Well two years after the fact he has become one of the mopst recognizable figureheads of this movement for justice and truth! He continues to speak his convictions loudly in this matter and even got it into the show Rescue Me (making history in the process). Most impressive however is the article he penned a while back (the link to which follows here: )

Bottom line is this though, I know Daniel personally and have worked with him professionally. We go back almost 8 years now in our friendship and I am privy to lots of details about his private life that I will not go into detail about here other than to state that he is a man of high moral character and deep kindness and passion for humanity. In fact this passion is what led him down the road of becoming an actor to begin with. It does not suprise me that he has taken such an admirable stand on the topic of 911. Nor does it suprise me that jilted ex-girlfriends (perhaps) or agents of the opposition (perhaps) have attempted (impotently) to sabatoge his rising star with rediculous accusations of being a bad parent and a womanizer. Laughable at best are these claims. As are any hopes that they would or could to any degree blunt his one pointed focus for 911 truth and justice, or hurt his career. Now I must get back to my soggy cheerios :0) But thanks for the early a.m. chuckle. It was a great way to begin my day!

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