Monday, November 25, 2013


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"According to our system, any individual accused of sodomy can clear his name the Islamic way or through the courts and Saiful has chosen the former. It is up to the people to make their own conclusions.

"I have said from the beginning that this issue is a personal matter between Saiful and Anwar and has nothing to do with the Barisan Nasional," Najib told reporters after meeting Umno's Permatang Pauh by-election machinery in Butterworth yesterday.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Come on, Najib, you gotta do better than that if you seriously intend to try your hand at stand-up comedy after your parole. So, the whole sleazy sodomy affair is, by your own admission, only a sandiwara (puppet show) to dissuade Malay voters from voting against Umno? In effect, it has EVERYTHING to do with Barisan Nasional's desperate fight for survival. The very fact that you were quoted right after you chaired an Umno meeting on the Permatang Pauh by-election makes your statement reek even stronger. If the entire matter were strictly "a personal matter" between Saiful and Anwar, why would every Umno big gun be making stupid, self-incriminating remarks about the ridiculous allegations? From the home minister to the deputy prime minister and even the prime minister himself - all of you have seen fit to stick your fat necks out "to ensure Saiful gets justice." How laudable... I mean, laughable!

Many of us got suckered into believing at first that you, Najib Razak, were personally responsible for orchestrating this pigheaded plot to fix Anwar. After all, you publicly admitted to having given "counsel" to Saiful Bukhari in your own house just before he lodged that mischievous police report. However, our best source of political gossip, Raja Petra Kamarudin, gleefully informs us that the real mastermind behind Sodomy II is Umno legal adviser Shafee Abdullah (pictured left).

Now that Shafee has been fingered and exposed, the police black ops against Anwar will have been scuttled - hence the decision to appeal to Malay sentiments by getting Saiful to swear on the Qur'an that Anwar Ibrahim forcibly sodomized him. What exquisite timing - right on the eve of nomination day for the Permatang Pauh by-election! Oooh, I can just picture a motley bunch of besongkoked Umno conspirators huddled together in secret conference rooms, drinking kopi-O kau and plotting and scheming Anwar's downfall...

Another influential blogger who calls himself Tulang Besi (Iron Bones) pinpoints Abdullah Badawi's detestable son-in-law and his fatcat capitalist cronies in the media as the ones responsible for this ill-conceived attempt to smear and neutralize both Anwar and Najib with a single scandal. Stands to reason, no prizes for guessing which smirking, slimy jerk once boasted he intends to be PM by the age of 40...

Not a hope in hell, Khairy!

[First posted 16 August 2008]


Anonymous said...

Bro Antares,

I think Najib got involved indirectly. The SIL and his cohorts planned it, that's why Paklah is playing along. Pity Paklah, he thinks very highly of his SIL, kena bomoh kot. I thought he was of better material than those scumbags ( really donno what it means though).


Anonymous said...

Antares, about that Shafi guy who can spend a couple of thousands per night on some drinks, he is a case fixer and wheeler dealer, another VK Lingam in the making lah. So called best lawyer in town what? Dont think he is the mastermind. He got involved later to fix the case lah. Visions of power has gone into his head lah now.

Last time Mahathir tried to fix him by asking the SB to raid his office lah, because he was defending someone Maha dont like. Lucky, a friend warned him to take away some docs from his office.

All these mamaks spoiling the mamak name lah. I wanna be orang asli can or not?


Starmandala said...

That's the sad thing about the Great Political Divide that's happening right now... in happier days when Business-as-Usual was possible I never really questioned my friends' political affiliations. However, since GE12, it's become painfully clear that some folks are terrified of REAL change (especially the ones who have made a pile from doing business with the Establishment). They want BN to continue misruling - but with more checks and balances! Well, it's totally clear to me that this is no longer a viable option - BN must first be reduced to being the Opposition. I suspect they won't be able to endure playing second fiddle to the Pakatan Rakyat and will attempt to sabotage at every turn. So it would be necessary to freeze the assets of all Umno bigwigs with a track record of accepting fat commissions; and, of course, Petronas and the EPF must become answerable to Parliament - not the PM. I predict that within less than two years, Umno will implode for want of a valid reason to exist and BN will disintegrate. Anyone with even a tiny core of honorability left will then have to reinvent and reform themselves as a virgin political party - or join any of the Pakatan Rakyat parties. Forget about a formal two-party system (that's no guarantee of democracy either). Let the Rakyat be the check and balance to any attempt to revert to authoritarian feudalism. As long as the monarchs are still around, they ought to be given a chance to rehumanize themselves - rather than remain aloof and indifferent like wax dummies at Madame Tussaud's.

Anyway, Idealist, I don't think you'd enjoy being Orang Asli for long. Stick with being a Mamak - but one who can laugh at himself :-)