Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shouldn't she be the VICE Chancellor?

Well spotted, Anil Netto!

My brain almost burst through my skull at this grotesque revelation.

Unisel is wholly owned by the Selangor State government.

Isn't that in Pakatan Rakyat hands?

So who offered her this honorary post?

Surely not Khalid Ibrahim?

Somebody please explain!

In any case, shouldn't she be the vice chancellor...

Since her chubby hubby, Jibby Jubby, is the crime minister?


Anonymous said...


sincerely, do you think she is the best choice as Chancellor for the U?
Imelda, you have great company.

Anonymous said...

First of all, she was appointed by khir toyo since selangor was still under BN. I'm sure khalid will change her soon!

Second, a chancellor has not much power in a university. Their role is much more ceremonial. Even the degree is signed by the vice chancelor and not the chancelor.A lot of IPTS (UNISEL is considered as an ipts) appointed the wife or 'sumone' to be the chancellor since all the king and queen in Malaysia is the chancellor of IPTA. Even the sultan of selangor is the chancellor of UPM.

Vice chancellor is the head of the university. He position is almost like a principal of a school just in this case a university (more powers).

so i hope everything is clear ok!

Anonymous said...

new courses to be introduced soon?

1) BA (Hons) in Window Shopping
2) BA (Hons) in Shopping with major in watches.
3) etc..

Starmandala said...

Anon @ 3:21PM - Thanks very much for clarifying. Knew it HAD to be Khir Toyo's work! (Birds of a feather lah :-)

Anonymous said...

hehehe well I'm sure Khalid mati hidup balik also wont appointed her but you know khir! hah hah hah. Funny though bcoz I was also thinking about it since my friend who just have finished studying in UNISEL mentioned that the convocation will be in July this year. We will see if Khalid will change her or not!

Hamba said...

No wonder the uni is called "Unisel"! It is the place for single cell organism that thrive in filth! But what a humongous organism it has become! I don't think Unisel can't house this bloated organism for long. Not enough space to store all those shopping bags, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

uni cell means single an ameoba. brainless like a starship, no?

Anonymous said...

who bothers ? after all our U sucks !
lecturers r forced to pass ALL !