Saturday, April 17, 2010

Three Noble Sons of Abraham in KKB

Anwar Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim and Zaid Ibrahim in KKB on Nomination Day (Malaysiakini)

Admittedly, I have a big chip on my shoulder about Abraham who ushered in the age of Book Religions and patriarchy.
Yet there is no disputing that Abraham was truly a monumental figure and a very great man whose impact on human destiny continues to be felt.

In Arabic, the name Abraham is rendered Ibrahim. I've long thought it fascinating that so many people I admire in this country carry the name "Ibrahim. " Indeed, it seems like much more than mere coincidence that we are seeing three illustrious Sons of Abraham gathered this morning in the sweet township of Kuala Kubu Bharu to launch the by-election campaign for Ulu Selangor (P94).

Other illustrious children of Abraham I admire and love include dancer-choreographer Ramli Ibrahim; Aljazeera anchorwoman Fauziah Ibrahim; Haris Ibrahim, human rights activist-blogger and founder of the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia movement; Ismail Ibrahim aka Admiral Tojo (among the most enlightened humans I know and a good friend of RPK to boot); Singapore's first Attorney-General Ahmad Ibrahim; and something I just stumbled upon a minute ago, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation of Africa which hands out an award called The Ibrahim Prize for excellence in governance.

May the three illustrious Sons of Abraham gathered in Kuala Kubu Bharu today - especially the one named Zaid - overcome all obstacles and be victorious beyond all expectations. Interestingly, Wikipedia informs us that "Zaid, Zeid, Zeyd, Seid, Jayed, Zayed, Zaeed or Seyd is an Arabic name, meaning "abundance", "growth" or one who progresses and makes other people progress." That's really quite meaningful, isn't it?


Org Hulu Selangor said...

I wished I was there tapi kena kerja today . Anyway tomorrow I'm back home at Rawang . Hope to be able to go to the ceramahs by BN and PR . 8 more days till polling date can change a lot of minds but I know who to vote by now.

Unknown said...

Thanks for bringing the towering Ibrahims together in this lovely and inspiring post! Takes one with great insight and perspective to do that! *wink*

Take care and keep us posted about the action in KKB!.


Anonymous said...

antares,you really starting to sound like ass kisser on high mode.well,this malaysia ,both sides are wankers,enjoy yourselfs

Starmandala said...

MWS - Miss hearing from you! Thanks for noticing and appreciating the mythic context of this by-election.

Anon @ 1:50 - You strike me as a venomous creature devoid of an intellectual or moral core. Nobody of sound mind could POSSIBLY endorse 1Najib's criminal regime. Regardless of whatever shortcomings individual politicians from Pakatan Rakyat may have, none of them has, to my knowledge, robbed the rakyat of BILLIONS and none has systematically corrupted the PDRM and Judiciary to the extent that those in high office can get away with cold-blooded murder.

Deep said...

Well 'anonymous', at least he's made a choice and doing something about it, unlike you. And if u dont like Malaysia, there are hundreds of 'better' choices out there

Starmandala said...

Thanks, Deep. And btw I AM a very diligent and passionate ass-kisser - but only when faced with delectable asses like (names deleted to protect the public reputation of all the women whose asses I have kissed).

Anonymous said...

why leave out Ali Ibrahim !?

Starmandala said...

Anon @ 3:13PM - That's Ibrahim Ali, like Hasan Ali. Totally different lineage, possibly descendants of the 40 Thieves associated with Ali Baba.

Donplaypuks® said...

Here are more Jewish names adopted/adapted by Arabs and Muslims including in anti-Israel M'sia:

Daud - David
Musa - Moses
Suleiman - Solomon
Isa - Jesus
Yusuf - Joseph

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

antares ,don't flatter yourself .your words means nothing .you have already separated the "us and them".use your gray cells well ,you git!

Anonymous said...

Abraham !? sigh .... his descendants split the religion into 2 : one from sarah worshiping God & the other from hagar defending/protecting Allah ...& troubles persist till perhaps 21-12-2012 ...SIGH !

Mike said...

Antares, I like your 4.00pm comment..

Crankster said...

Brilliant post, my friend! I hadn't noticed the Ibrahims.

Was up in KKB yesterday but was too tired to drop in on you. Hope all is good on your side.. you have some cool guests, I hear ;-)