Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The Bamboo Palace at twilight...

Miki (from France & Spain) took the Love Bus to Magick River... and found it difficult to leave!

Mamoo the Popper (from Penang) at the kitchen sink with Mitch the Rapper (from Sydney)

The Love Bus has been keeping the kitchen clean, functional and homey

Marissa & Mitch... ah, young love!

Marissa flew all the way from Melbourne to scratch Mitch's itch

Mitch Gittos the effervescent spirit, always ready with a smile and a song

Room for one, two, three or four more... when the vibes are friendly

Feisty Lan Anh (from Vietnam) met Tabitha in Hanoi, grew fond of her kid brother Josh, and ended up at Magick River!

Josh Lee (a wonderfully sensitive guitarist and songwriter) got everyone playing ukuleles

Sunny. helpful Jason... I mean Jsun Snook (cousin of Pippin Took?)

"Just call me The Bear," this big guy (from Quebec) said...

Michael Gray (from England) in Papua New Guinea some weeks after his brief visit to Magick River

Andy, Michael's brother, plays ukulele and mandolin

Anoora took a real shine to Colette (from England), who connected with the Love Bus a year ago...

Oh, oh...

Marissa tries out her new guitar on our veranda...

The beautiful, angel-voiced Marissa...

Anke Lenz (from Germany) followed the Love Bus to Magick River and became part of the growing family...

Estella (from Barcelona, Spain) met Moses in KL and later went north to Penang...

... where she hooked up with an incredibly talented dancer, drummer and bassist named Mamoo (from Penang)

Luisa (from Germany) really likes mamak food...

Luisa's childhood buddy Eva Maier survived a solo journey across Sumatra!

Moses was dancing with delight to see Eva again ;-)

Estella was traveling with Andre (from France), so he ended up with the Love Bus too!

Pierrick played guitar in a teenaged rock band but now prefers the accordion

Shane spent years with the Rainbow Family in India but has been living in Koh Phangan

Shane's vivacious daughter, Ayita, whose mummy is from Kg Pertak!

Avatar Ank (from Turkey) "accidentally" caught the Love Bus and found himself in Loveville

Jens (from Switzerland) plays a British soldier in U-Wei's movie. He's the first person I know to jump in the lake (off the high bridge near the village)!


bimo said...

waw so nice to see u all in the love flow ground of the River. special hugs kisses and scratches to Antares, the giant and giantessa, Moses and the watching dogs... lov & joy 4 all. Seve

Starmandala said...

Hello, my dear Goji Warrior! Don't worry, I found your photo in facebook. Will include you in the next post! :-) xox

bimo said...

wow wowo wat pic on facebook, im not supposed to be out there AAAArrrgh ! that was not the reason Y i posted ;). just a wink and a rainbow storm of love... tk care u all happy people from the earth heaven

lanaibeach said...

The love bus
I remember one
From KKB to Fraser's Hill
The rickety bus plodding along

The winding road up the hill
The slim Chinese man drove
He felt so at ease driving it up
He could talk eyes away from the road

We called it the love bus
Those years it was the only one
Plying up to Fraser's Hill
Once a day else stay in KKB

Many tourists came
Women the guys would take
Offering places to stay
Jamming in The Tavern

Up in the hill for years
Before I moved out to the city
I do miss those years in the hill
Misty clouds easy life carefree ways

Golf course putting holes
Romance in the cool nights
Of ghost stories on rundown bungalows
Of dead butterflies, birds, insects and bees

The love bus brought
The love of my life to the hill
In a different sort of ways
It connected me back to the city

So I pray
Your love bus will flourish
Into decades to Magick River
Of cool nights whirring whisper

In the far distance
The sweet jamming melody
Of singing and musical playing
Surround by the natural bliss

Starmandala said...

Caravanserai - Your nick is the Arabian version of the Love Bus. In the trackless desert which only camels can negotiate, the nomadic tribes would travel from oasis to oasis, exchanging goods and stories and sharing food under the stars. Thank you for the beautiful vision of the Good Life you painted with your words!

Tabs said...

Beautiful pictures..beautiful souls :) thanks for the post Antares, it brings warm feelings!

Starmandala said...

Well, folks, thanks to facebook (!) many who passed through the Magick River hologram can stay energetically connected, no matter where their bodies take them...

In the last 3 years since I myself almost left the 3D Matrix, my emotional body has been on a rollercoaster ride through joy and sorrow, so many precious moments gone forever, preserved only as jpegs or mp3 files in my heart drive... Nannan came in the guise of my electromagnetic twin and then she went... Roger Reginald Putra came into our lives as the furry embodiment of contentment, joy, innocence and beauty; then he left... teaching me the final lesson in loving with minimal attachment!