Monday, May 28, 2018



Why so? Simply because the Buddha represents the Awakened Soul incarnate in human form. The Buddha is nobody's personal name, it denotes an enlightened state of consciousness that is now available to all souls in physical bodies - thanks to the brilliant accomplishment of Prince Siddhartha 2,500 years ago, who left a privileged existence within a royal palace and the creature comforts of home in quest of truth and deeper wisdom.

It's utterly pointless to be a Buddhist. Might as well strip off your clothes and become a Nudist. At least you would have nothing to hide!

This Vesak Day, in honor of Siddhartha's enlightenment quest, I beseech all who consider themselves Buddhists to forsake their text-book Buddhism - and go straight for Buddhahood instead. You can attain enlightenment at the snap of a finger, in the blink of an eye, in a single heartbeat. Being enlightened simply means you become aware of your own robotism, your own mechanical behavior, your own cultural and social programming... and therefore are able to successfully transcend it.

I would like also to convey my deepest love and admiration for my first daughter, Moonlake Love Lee, born 28 May 1969 - and to celebrate her birthday by sharing how her name was revealed to me in a vision. You see, she's a Gemini - the astrological sign of the Twins - and what I saw was the full moon vividly reflected in a tranquil lake, so that it looked like twin moons.

One moon shines brightly from the surface of the still water, reflecting the real moon in the night sky, orbiting the earth. The real moon is a celestial entity, the one on earth a mere reflection - albeit an entirely beauteous and pure one. Luminous though the moon's reflection in the still waters of the lake be, the true moon itself is numinous!

P.S. To all Umnoputra and BN eunuchs, I wish a candid and cleansing “We Suck” Day.

[First posted 27 May 2010]


nehru said...

Sorry Mr.Antares, for asking you to say something more...i thought and i thought and i thought, but the more that i thought about, the more it seemed certain to me that the Buddha said nothing that one didn't already know in the first place...ROFL baaddd!!

Starmandala said...

Nehru - I suspect you may once have gone by the User ID "Mahakasyapa" :-)

nehru said...

Oh my, you are a dangerous man Mr.Antares... you tell one more things then one is ready to know!

Good night Mr.Antares, do have a pleasant day tomorrow...:-)

joshua said...

Your daughter's alma mater is BBGS.

I remember my elder sister, also a BBGSian, mentioning Moonlake and Tinkerbell - two very unique names.


Unknown said...

Hi Antares, how r u ? I am a follower of your blog recently, and admire those postings in yr blog. Recalling d posting U have made to solicit funds for a girl who U hardly know, that is just GREAT. Those postings on spirituality are interesting also. Wonder U have read the book, Beyond The Himalayas by McDonald Bayne? If U have read it, I would love to have your views. Thanks

Unknown said...

Belated happy birthday to Moon! What a beautiful post, Antares! It is wonderful to see you blogging this way about your family. Thank you for opening a window for us to better understand you and Buddhism.

ElizabethWong said...

Happy Birthday Moonlake! (frm your ex Sunday School kaki)