Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Mum & Dad in 1961

1958 Family Foto

En route to Melbourne for Dad's bypass surgery, 1981

My beloved mother, Dai Moon Loy, would have begun her 92nd solar orbit today. She left her body fifteen years ago on 14 July 1995. A non-alcoholic toast to your sweet memory, Mum!

An Enlightening Chat With Robert Happé

Robert Happé was born in Amsterdam, Holland. He dedicated himself to discover the meaning of life and studied religions and philosophies in Europe. He also studied Buddhism, Vedanta and Taoism in the Far East for a period of 14 years, while living and working with people of different cultures, such as the Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan, Cambodian and Taiwanese.

On his return to Europe he felt the need to share his experiences in consciousness and did so at various universities, where he learned to work and share information with groups of people who were interested in self-development and discovering their true potential as creative beings.

Since 1987, he has been sharing information in the form of seminars in many European countries, as well as South Africa, Australia, USA, Argentina and Brazil.

He works independently and is in no way associated with any religious organizations, cult or group.

[Kindly brought to my attention by Gushiv Wo]