Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How about some lowbrow art? Much sexier than lowbrow politics, that's for sure!

Some folks swear by their Volvos. 

I confess I much prefer Vulvas. 
Especially ornamental ones that belong in an art gallery 
for born-again philistines like myself...

Pipe-smoking bow-tie pussy (bring your own pipe)

Anatomical is much funkier than political correctness

Greybeard hippie's squaw?

Diabolically obscene but I'm a horny old devil

The pedophile's choice - revealing one's inner child

It will flap its wings till they're dry and then fly away

No hair is a good hair day for Homer Simpson

                                                                              Pussyface? You mean ME???

Shaved Fish was the title of John Lennon's 7th solo album.
This would have been the perfect cover shot.

[These tattooed vulvas were found on a friend's Facebook wall]