Monday, December 19, 2011

Magical Mystery Tour ~ The Beatles

Thanks to YouTube, one of my childhood dreams has been realized - to have my own private cinema and film library so I can revisit my favorite movies without having to step out the door or queue for tickets. In the analog days, one had to be filthy rich or an oil sheikh or a Barisan Nasional minister to be able to build a private cinema, hire a projectionist and rent or purchase prints. Not any more. Digital tech has made it possible for a retired person living in the boondocks to watch almost anything I fancy, online, for free.

The Beatles' classic movies have been regularly aired on British TV over the decades, especially around Christmas. I first saw Magical Mystery Tour while staying with my girlfriend in Kingston-upon-Thames for a month in December 1979, twelve years after its release in late 1967. Paul McCartney was the prime mover of the project and it was probably his ambition to do a Busby Berkeley style production.

There was a great deal of ad-libbing and tomfoolery on the set and the final product wasn't exactly an artistic masterpiece - but those who love The Beatles will forgive them anything. For me, personally, Magical Mystery Tour (the album, at least) became a fitting soundtrack to the psychedelic and entheogenic episodes I experienced in 1969 - and that's why I shall always cherish the very special memories these songs evoke. The Beatles were the best companions anyone could possibly have on a... well, a magickal mystery tour! Just wanted to share my delight with all who frequent this blog.

Merry YouTubing, folks!

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