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'The Last Mimzy' ~ a vastly underrated sci-fi film for kids of all ages!

Thanks to Kamran Ahmed for uploading 6 episodes from The Last Mimzy. For some reason, he has yet to upload the final sequences, which is frustrating for those who have been viewing all the clips so far (I happen to have the DVD but haven't figured out how to rip the content and upload on YouTube, or I'd be happy to do so). However, the following video of the theme song written by Roger Waters contains a few visual clues as to the film's uplifting conclusion...

The Last Mimzy is the story of a distant future's attempt to avert a catastrophic ecological disaster that has destroyed their world. High tech devices, masquerading as toys, are sent back in time into the hands of Noah and Emma, two children who live with their parents Jo (Joely Richardson) and David (Timothy Hutton) in early 21st century Seattle.

The "toys" are mostly incomprehensible to Emma (Rhiannon Leigh Wryn) and Noah (Chris O'Neil), except for what appears to be a stuffed rabbit named Mimzy. Sensing the strangeness of the devices, the children initially keep their discovery a secret from their parents.

Interaction with the devices causes the children to develop increased intelligence and psychic capabilities, including telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, teleportation, and the ability to communicate with arthropods (bugs). Emma becomes emotionally attached to Mimzy, from which she learns how to further operate the devices. Because of her bond with Mimzy, Emma develops more of the unique abilities than her brother, being the only one of the siblings to display an abnormal increase in intelligence/brain activity telekinesis, levitation, precognition, and telepathy (though Noah can communicate with her once she has contacted him).

Emma is also the only one who can use the Spinners, strange spinning, floating rocks that produce a force field. Noah's abilities are increased intelligence, communication with arthropods, and telepathy (before the blackout, he can also use one of the toys to teleport objects after staring at it, and then observing his surroundings, but it is assumed he can no longer perform this ability after the toy fuses with another of the objects).

At one point, Noah seems somewhat envious of his sister's prowess, but she reveals to him that even though she is the Chosen One, he is her Engineer and she cannot "build the bridge to the future" without him. The children's unusual abilities and Emma's obsessive attachment to Mimzy soon alert their parents and schoolteachers to the devices; later, a power black-out of half of the state of Washington caused by the toys alerts the FBI to their activities as well.

The family is held for questioning by Special Agent Nathaniel Broadman (Michael Clarke Duncan), and it is revealed that Mimzy is actually an advanced form of artificial life utilizing nanotechnology created by Intel. Mimzy has brought a message from humanity's future, which Emma explains to mean that pollution has corrupted humanity's DNA. Many rabbits like Mimzy were sent to the past, but none had successfully returned; Mimzy is the last one remaining.

The reason for the other Mimzys' deaths is revealed to be because the Chosen Ones before Emma had no Engineers (like Noah) to help build the bridge across time and they were too afraid to attempt it. Mimzy explains to the children that they must use the toys as a time machine to return her to the future with uncorrupted 21st century DNA, which the people of the future can use to correct the damage to their DNA caused by the ecological problems.

Despite attempts by an unbelieving FBI to hinder them, Noah and Emma use their psychic powers to escape with Mimzy and the other objects and are able to activate the time portal by which Mimzy can return to the future. Fortunately, Mimzy carries with her a tear of Emma's, thus providing the pure DNA required to prevent the disaster. Emma is almost sucked into the future with Mimzy, but Noah grabs Emma's foot and pulls out just as Mimzy is sent to her own time.

In the new future, Emma is revered as the "mother" of all the present generations, and the children and teacher who narrated the movie exhibit the same psychic gifts that Emma had developed. The world has become a more beautiful place, where it is presumed that humanity has integrated better into the constructed ecosystems. The story ends with Emma's teacher (Julia Arkos) calling on Emma in class, asking what she did over the break. Emma smiles. [Source: Wikipedia]

Director ~ Bob Shaye
Screenplay ~ Bruce Joel Rubin, Toby Emmerich, James V. Hart, Carol Skilken
Based on a short story by Lewis Padgett (Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore)
Music ~ Howard Shore
Theme Song ~ Roger Waters
Cinematogaphy ~ J. Michael Muro
Production Design ~ Barry Chusid
Casting ~ Margery Simkin

Released by New Line Cinema, 2007

[YouTube series brought to my attention by L'aura Ann Elizabeth]

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Thanks, Antares, for giving this movie the airing that it deserves. Nick watched this when it was first released. I remember how he enjoyed the subtle messages. How I wish the entertainment industry would make more of such movies! Take care!

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