Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A SUDDEN OUTBURST ~ short poem by Antares

A sudden outburst of outrage
Brought on by gasps of indignation
Cataracts of complaints
Cascading down adrenal gutters -
Innocent bystanders are in for a soaking!

There must be better things to talk about
Than private outcry against public obscenity.
There must be better ways to get it off
Than to do it up in everybody's face.

Mr God didn't expect to stay for the speeches;
He thought it was going to be all fun & games.
On top of that the chocolate chip cookies
Were stolen by crooks from the casino.

More music is what the government should listen to.
And it's never just a question of taste:
Music is everything that makes sense and rhythm
Out of the contrapuntal harmony of Chaos.

By this time most humans have realized,
Being sapient has nothing to do with homogeneity.
In fact the truth has been cleverly disguised
In strange forms of fiction authored by deity.

Next you'll be asking for a bibliography
Of every book you feel you ought to lay your hands on;
The trick is not to fondle the folios
But to caress the ideas within with your soul naked.

You're probably wondering where the thread runs
That connects the first verse with the last.
Who said anything about last or first?
And what do you mean by verse?

[Written in 1975, first published in Moth Balls, Magick River 1994]