Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Evil in its most banal, mundane & insidious form always disguises itself as political correctness! (repost)

Death kills. That's the only thing we know for sure. To say "smoking kills" is not only untrue and grossly exaggerated - it's a damnable curse and whoever issued that warning will die within two days (and if he doesn't, who gives a fuck, because he's already brain-dead or, worse, entirely soulless). Why not spray-paint in 20-foot high letters on the side of the Pentagon: "War kills"? That I would totally agree with. And why not compel every BN minister to wear a sticker that reads: "Corruption destroys nations"? That would indeed be a warning worth heeding.

Is it anybody else's business how long one lives or doesn't?

I know of many who never smoked, drank only occasionally, ate well, exercised regularly - and yet were dead by the age of 44 or even younger. There are also many who do everything doctors insist is "bad for your health" - and yet they're still chugging along, healthy as a belly laugh, at age 92.

End of the day it doesn't matter how long you live - but how beautifully and creatively and truthfully. That's all that ultimately matters - I can assure you!

The panel should read "smokers tend to be funkier" but there's limited space (unless the font size is greatly reduced or removed altogether as it ought to be). Some folks may disagree outright with me, but what does it matter? It's a personal issue, no? Whenever folks invite me to a meal I tend to prefer dining outdoors, simply because there's nothing more delightful than lighting up after a satisfying meal. I used to enjoy riding in buses and airplanes in the days when smokers were allowed to sit at the back and do their thing - but those were good old days before the neo-puritan ayatollahs started their killjoy campaigns against everything that's pleasurable.

I don't drink, I don't gamble, I don't lie, I don't steal, I don't pretend to anything but what I am.

So who da fuck gives you da right to give smokers a hard time? 

If you enjoy campaigning against destructive behavior - go out and picket some logging, mining or oil company!

[First posted 30 October 2012]


Anonymous said...


zorro said...

Have identified this article for my coming Friday Guest Blogger slot. Will post it when I at UH. No permission needed I expect from a soul-mate.4321

Anonymous said...

1. You don't acknowledge that major tobacco companies target you, your children & grandchildren as priority because their Western markets are now secondary to Asia & Africa. The same people who control all the major banks, oil & corporations also control tobacco (and alcohol, but that's a different matter entirely). Effectively you are funding organisations which cynically spend on keeping you hooked on all these things. But you'd know that anyway, because you're a true 'activist' aren't you?

2. Whilst you are correct in observing that some people can 'go chugging along'to a ripe old age is only an observation. My grandmother gave up smoking at 66 and lived until 83. However my mother who smoked all her life had arterial problems which caused early onset dementia owing to peripheral oxygen restriction.

3. Tobacco does kill 50% of its users - that is a fact. The other 'fact' is that this may largely be due to genetics. Imagine then you offering a cigarette to someone whose genetic constitution isn't as strong as you. Is that your right, or is that their lookout?

4. You do lie. You've spent a heap of time lying to the people of Pahang about Lynas whilst restricting information that should be made available to them, for your own misguided political purpose.

Fatwa that, motherfucker ;)

Starmandala said...

Anonymous @ 5:28PM - Another pissed-off Lynas shareholder ventilating his outrage. I'm really glad to see you guys get so hot under the collar. It indicates that you've lost a fair bit of money. Serves you right, bub. Btw, I don't have a problem with being called Motherfucker. My Mother is Lady Gaia and she's an incredibly hot Pacha Mama. What mining, logging and drilling companies do to her is rape, not love.

houdini said...

"Tobacco does kill 50% of its users - that is a fact."

No, it is not a fact.

"...the risk of a smoker getting lung cancer is much less than anyone would suspect. Based upon what the media and anti-tobacco organizations say, one would think that if you smoke, you get lung cancer (a 100% correlation) or at least expect a 50+% occurrence before someone uses the word "cause."

Would you believe that the real number is < 10% (see Appendix A)? Yes, a US white male (USWM) cigarette smoker has an 8% lifetime chance of dying from lung cancer but the USWM nonsmoker also has a 1% chance of dying from lung cancer (see Appendix A)."

Anonymous said...

Hey Antares

It is absolutely your right to smoke all you want, poison your lungs and die the way you want.

Just do us a favour. When you smoke around non-somkers, do NOT exhale. You have no fucking right to pollute the air we breathe when we are around you.

And you get more bang for your ciggy too, if you keep all the smoke in your lungs permanently.

Starmandala said...

Anonymous @ 1:27PM - Thank you for confirming what I said about militant non-smokers. They are every bit as fanatical as hard-core religionists. Tell you what, Mr Self-Righteous, promise me you'll never fart again and I'll promise never to come within 200 feet of you for the rest of eternity. Typical bigot: making a big fuss over secondary smoke from cigarettes instead campaigning to abolish the internal combustion engine and industrial pollution where the really toxic pollution comes from.

Anonymous said...

Thick as shit.

1. Smoking is the only product that kills 50% of its users - fact. Just because you aren't smart enough to be able to access accurate data (where've we heard that before lol?!?) with those hairy palms...

2. I'm not a Lynas shareholder, but my cousins do live in Pahang - and they're pissed that 'militant' brainwashes like you are misrepresenting the truth about strategic pearls in Malaysia's future economic crown... But y'know what happens when pearls are cast before swine...

3. I'm a smoker.

If you are the best MY has for the future, you're more toxic than either or both of the first 2 above.


Anonymous said...

By the way - two other things - Wizard of Oz is an allegorical novel - the imagery and threads in the story bear a direct relation to subsequent themes such as George Orwell's 1984, or Terry Gilliam's Brazil. I have no expectation that you can understand why I'm telling you this. Because you're thick.

On the Lynas issue - You'd better write to Wikipedia and tell them to take this own - or protest outside their offices - or...

From Wikipedia, "Banana equivalent dose" article:

"Since a typical banana contains about half a gram of potassium, it will have an activity of roughly 15 Bq. Although the amount in a single banana is small in environmental and medical terms, the radioactivity from a truckload of bananas is capable of causing a false alarm when passed through a Radiation Portal Monitor used to detect possible smuggling of nuclear material at U.S. ports."

From this blog post:

"The Lynas waste has been estimated as generating 6 Bq/g... As an additional example, potassium tablets for high blood pressure (made from potassium-40) are radioactive, registering about 32 Bq/g.

So a kilogram of Lynas waste (not ore - this is the more concentrated waste) at 6 Bq/g is 6000 Bq, or roughly as radioactive as a crate of 400 bananas, or 187.5g of potassium dietary supplements, or one fat person."

Funny how they mention bananas eh?

Well, it is to me - especially in the context of talking to you... :)

Antares said...

I've decided to leave the Cowardly Lion's uncouth and anonymous comments as a testimony to what lies at the core of all of humanity's problems - unresolved childhood trauma and emotional plague arising from terminal character armoring. This is a classic case, if ever I saw one, of an essentially good soul smeared over in the excrement of his own misdirected hostillity and existential angst. This is the sort of ego that eventually ends up as a prison guard in Abu Ghraib (at the bottom rung of the food chain) or as a geneticist at Monsanto (at the top rung of the food chain). It matters not to anyone how brilliant your brain may be, it leads to no good whatsoever because your entire being is spilling over with concentrated opprobrium and self-loathing which you project outwards at people you would never dare look in the eye. I'll let some other, more tolerant, much bigger aspect of myself take you under her wing and force you to smell her unwashed armpits until you regain your sense of smell and quit smearing feces all over yourself.

Anonymous said...

You are inept, uninformed, misguided, ignorant and consequently expendable. Darwinism is a great leveller. Your reference to Abu Ghraib not only shows huge disrespect to Islam but to anyone involved in a process of struggle, justifiable from a political or social perspective or not. In fact it underlines exactly how far away you are from being able to contribute to a legitimate democratic process, because your polarity and inconsistency fed only by information you see as relevant rather than truly seeking out definitive fact precludes you. Herded, fattened-up & pushed to the front of the line. If you really want to make a difference see the bigger global picture - and those who control those who, whether you acknowledge it or not, control you.

Starmandala said...

O thou nameless, faceless evil that has taken possession of so many souls, distorting their realities and twisting their minds so they are no longer capable of staying clear-headed and open-hearted - and instead become utterly tiresome creatures oozing hostility and resentment for no reason whatsoever. I have seen it bodysnatch a few former friends and turn them into jibber-jabbering golems spewing ill feelings and leaving a trail of foul odors wherever they go. What's urgently required is some air freshener.... FFFFFFFFFT!

I advise you to consider emotional therapy before you completely disintegrate.

Anonymous said...

As I said... You're expendable.

Starmandala said...

Hahahaha. Unmitigated hatred hiding behind anonymity. Watch it, bub. You become what you hate. You might wake up tomorrow and realize you're me! That would be the death of you, won't it? :-D

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