Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Journey through the 11:11 Doorway (Part Two)

Harmonic Concordance Full Moon Eclipse @ Magick River, 9 November 2003 (Henner Wankhausen)

At 11 to 11AM on January 7th, 1992, I was crouched on a narrow ledge behind a waterfall, ready to begin my 42nd solar orbit. There was nobody else around. The others were either enjoying a late breakfast or lazing on the other side of the river. As I launched out in my birthday suit through the waterfall’s powerful cascade, I was consciously rebirthed as Antares.

The starry name was, needless to say, inspired by a chapter in Solara’s Star-Borne book describing how to merge with your solar angel and reclaim your stellar lineages. Solara, at the time, was using “Antara” as a middle name – which, in Sanskrit, means “inter” or “link” – and I guess that was what drew the name to me. At the time I took an entirely serious view of what I felt was a new direction in my life – preparing to relocate from Kuala Lumpur to Magick River and redirecting my attention from a checkered but fun career in the performing arts to serving Mother Earth as a Ceremonial Guardian.

The week climaxed with anchoring the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway, assisted by a motley group of friends who were mostly there because the spot was so gobsmackingly beautiful. A few had asked me to explain the 11:11 Doorway and were open to the idea of evolutionary shifts triggered by stellar encodings funneled into the earth’s crystalline core, stepped down, integrated, processed into memes, and redistributed through conscious human vessels. The others were mainly there for an extended picnic – but they were nevertheless part of the 11:11 Anchor Group, simply by being there for the duration. They were fascinated by my intense focus on performing mudras at specific times and what appeared to them as my deep communion with the nature spirits, devas and elemental beings.

Ceremonial magick was then a new practice to me, so I must have appeared a great deal more gung-ho than I am these days. My task was made much easier by the fact that Solara had only downloaded the First Gate mudra – Healing the Heart – and each subsequent Gate Activation was accompanied by a new mudra, so the mudra cycle gradually grew more complex over the years.

Antarion Conversion within the
Diamond of the Unseen
I was experiencing a natural high the whole week we were in Maycliff Bungalow, exploring different sections of the river. On the morning of 11th January, I was already performing the First Gate mudra atop the 13-foot high Baby Fall at 7:11AM; again at 11:11; and so forth, each time becoming more aware of the mysterious geometries of the river in relation to the terrain. For instance, I suddenly noticed that the pool below the Baby Fall was a perfect diamond (such as you find within the Zone of Overlap in an Antarion Conversion), and that the river made a precise 90-degree turn at that spot, making it a natural transformational vortex as the rushing waters flowed endlessly past ancient granite boulders encrusted with tiny quartz crystals.

The more open and receptive I let myself become, the more epiphanies revealed themselves to me. After the morning ceremony atop the Diamond Pool, a small party of us decided to explore upstream in quest of the Mother Falls (of which we had heard reports from a few locals). After a 40-minute trek we were rewarded with a sight I shall never forget. 

Mother Falls with Lady Gaia and Hanuman visible
The first glimpse of the Mother Falls (known to the Temuan as Lata Chehek) never fails to awe the observer. It’s absolutely stunning to see a majestic column of crystal clear waters tumbling 50 feet into a womb or heart shaped cauldron. Above this a much higher cascade, perhaps 150 feet or more, pours into a football field sized octagonal pool (which I discovered on a subsequent trek to the upper part of the Mother Falls). Almost immediately I noticed the Goddess figure emerging from the womb-shaped cauldron, sculpted over millions of years by moving water flowing over a massive rockface. 

As I gazed upon the Goddess (which I tentatively named Gaia) many other animal shapes began to appear – the most prominent being the huge head of an ape (the Ape of Thoth came to mind for some reason but it could also represent Hanuman the monkey god whose presence is strongly felt in the area). Others have identified dolphins, dragons, tigers, crocodiles, elephants - indeed, with a vivid imagination one might spot an entire Noah’s Ark of animal forms around the Mother Falls alone. Many years later, in 1999, a clairvoyant friend informed me that she was astonished to detect the presence of thousands of guardian spirits there, some so ancient they were quite beyond human comprehension.

On the Throne of Pan (photo: Ana Lewis)

A few months later, when we had settled in at the Magick River headquarters, I began to sense that the entire landscape was the work of the Elohim. The air above the octagonal pool at the Mother Falls had a distinct energy field, suggesting the presence of a gigantic etheric crystal and I suspected that this had once been an interdimensional portal used in the holographic formation of a wide spectrum of flora and fauna. The idea of the Elohim as manifestors or co-creators of the Divine Imagination suggested itself to me. All this information was, to be sure, nebulous and purely intuitive. 

Meditating on the Altar Rock at the Cathedral Falls (above the Mother)

However, I was excited to receive a measure of corroboration when, 10 years later, my friends Heiko and Selina Niedermeyer participated in the Magickfest – a 9-day celebration of Magick River’s 10th anniversary – and Heiko (who passes off perfectly as a human-ET hybrid) began chanting in angelic tongues (he was at the time very much into Jim Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch and often used magical mantras like Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai 'Tsebayoth and Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh). Both Heiko and Selina experienced powerful deep memory activations while at Magick River which convinced me that my intuition about the Elohim connection was reliable – and that the whole area was once the westernmost outpost of the Lemurian (or more likely, the Muvian) civilization.