Friday, January 11, 2013

THE GOOD NEWS ~ uplifting quotes collected by Michael Dean

“A great miracle is coming for planet Earth, 
and the time is now.
A new consciousness will be created 
by the children of the Sun
as they ascend with the Earth 
to a new place among the stars.”

The Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars
Ariel Spillsbury & Michael Bryner

“This event will be of greater power than any the Earth has ever seen. 
More energy will be released in a very few moments than is typically released 
upon the surface of the Earth in many years.
This energy will take the form of heightened perception
and deepened emotional connection,
rejoining the individual and God.”

Ken Carey
Starseed: The Third Millennium

“We have already entered the first outer set of gates
and are now in the passageway that leads to the inner gates.
The passage through this vestibule is sacred: 
it leads into a new way of being altogether.
And we can already feel that, once we go
through the inner gates, our lives will be
irrevocably changed.”


“Each one of you is now an ambassador
between Earth and Heaven. Each of you can now say,
‘The new world that is being born today begins here,
with me. I am a co-architect of the new civilization.
The example I set today will be followed
by countless people tomorrow.’”

Dr Martin Luther King

“A vast work of purification is upon us to cleanse and beautify Earth 
as one would beautify and enrobe a bride before her marriage.
And so we greet Earth in her time of joy and accomplishment.
We ask you to uplift her in the joy, in the laughter and in the love
of this great celebration. We recognize that you are still in the
outworking of this great event - while to us
it is already accomplished. “

David Spangler
Links With Space

“Right now, the Doorway stands open. The pathway is clearly
before us. The old road draws to an end. Why wait any longer? 
Here we are, tossed to and fro on the sea of uncertainty,
with no plans, no identity, formless, waiting,
dancing on the spaces in between.

“And as we do, the empty spaces become more full; 
the seen fades away, the unseen is revealed 
as we dance from one spiral to
the next, into the unknown, 
into the New which beckons.

“The Great Work has just begun. 
This is what we came here to do, 
so long, long ago.”


"This moment signals the beginning of yet another chapter in the drama. 
You are about to rediscover your real identity, your inner powers, 
and the purpose of your tenancy of this lovely world. 

You are about to discover what the Universe really is - and who you really are.

You will soon communicate with beings from other worlds, other dimensions. 
You will release the Creator in yourselves. 
‘Ordinary’ people, so-called, will daily perform what you now call miracles.

All this will unleash a tidal wave of joy, relief and goodwill 
that will sweep away much of your pain, your suffering and your guilt. 
And when that happens, listen hard, my friends - 
and you will hear the whole Creation singing: 
‘Halleluiah! They are coming home!"

London, 1977

“We honor you, we recognize you, 
and we are here to assist you.
We are all here as one family, 
to help Earth to become a new star,
a radiant wing of the Living Library, 
a new Light on the horizon of many sentient worlds. 
We wait for your past to intersect our present 
and catapult all existence into a new octave,
a higher octave of being.”

Barbara Marciniak
Bringers Of The Dawn

“You remember deep within you that we would come.
It was an agreement that was made: You would go and play
your part, we would assist, and then at an appointed time we
would come. Your cells came alive as you remembered.
You laughed, you rejoiced, you lived from that time.

Keep tuning in to this reality. The co-workers on Earth
have prepared the way, have lit the path, have raised the vibrations,
so that soon we can come, we can join you, you can join us -
in Earth, in Heaven, in light, in music, in living.”

Received by Heather Hopkins in a Wiltshire
crop circle during the summer of 1994.

“You are all being born into a higher consciousness:
this is the first glimmer of all the light to come.
You are only a few inches into this new portal of expansion.
In the next five years, you will be accessing encoded places
inside yourself that hold the secrets of the Universe.
Never, ever in your human guise have you
entertained such possibilities.

“These encodings are your prime property.
They are the treasures that you seek - the treasures
that you innately know are yours.
As humans you look for these treasures
externally as money, inheritances, lottery winnings -
yet these innate treasures are what you so urgently seek:
these treasures are your heart’s desire.
They are your God Codes.”

The Pleiadian Council
October 25, 2011

"We know that this mission is not easy.
We also know that many tears have been shed in
the awesome process of its unfoldment.

Be consoled in the knowing that all tears are soon to be
wiped from your eyes and all your pain dismissed and forgotten.
The glory and joy of what is about to transpire will render all
you have endured a minor expense, a price you would
be more than willing to pay again.

We bless you for all your courage and your commitment
and we honor you for your achievements on this plane.
Take heart in the knowledge that your task is almost over.
This carbon-based planet will shortly burst into a diamond,
a gem in the crown of this solar system’s skies.
The celebration will then begin.
This is Mission Control.
Over and out."

Mission Control and Diana Luppi
The Cosmic Instruction Manual
July, 1990

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I've been wishing I could share this extraordinary video with everybody for many years. Now you can view it for free!

What About Me?  is the second album by UK duo Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman under the name 1 Giant Leap. The duo traveled around the world recording vocals and music by artists of various genres. The DVD/CD version of the album was released in March 2009.

I consider the 1 Giant Leap  project among the most brilliant and accomplished independent productions since the start of the Digital Era. A must-watch, especially now it's on YouTube!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stories Old and New... That's Right, Folks... It's Just Stories!

My Family Constellation
(with 3 missing siblings who didn't survive entry)
HIStory is just the story of the Father Principle - which, many thousands of years ago supplanted HERstory, the story of the Mother Principle. When the Father and Mother Principles realign, reattune and reharmonize - we experience the Sacred Union of Sun and Moon, Yang and Yin, Male and Female. 

Then the world - or our collective experience of reality - becomes OURstory (although such a word and such a world does not yet exist, but as soon you have read and understood this sentence, it shall!)... and then I can continue to write MYstory, which has always been, and shall always be, a Mystery.

On the fourth day of the 11th Gate Master Cylinder, Solara got all of us into small groups so we could write the closing chapter of our Old Stories. Then one day after the Activation Ceremony, we got together again to write the first chapter of our New Stories. Every one of us is essentially a Story - either well or badly told but nonetheless a Story. A Story badly told can be rewritten so it becomes readable. A Story well told will eventually be made into a Blockbuster!


Blessings upon my  Godfather (Dr Peter Tong) for pointing out the stars to me when I was just a few months old - and for igniting in me the spark of intelligence.

I was pretty normal until my 18th year when I stumbled upon the Book of Tao, read the first verse, and had goosebumps.

A year later I realized - much to my surprise and delight - that I was, in truth, God incarnate.

That got me in the mental asylum for three months. The only way I could secure my release was to renounce my divinity.

The next 20 years of my life were a slow process of reassembling the scattered pieces of the gigantic jjgsaw puzzle of my multidimensional being.

Finally most of the pieces fell into place and I regained access to the whole enchilada.

The problem now was, I was afraid to reveal who I truly was - in case I got put away again.

Just as well, because my 40 years in the desert gave other aspects of myself time to awaken and reclaim their vastness - so it became safe to finally proclaim my Godhood - safety in numbers!

But the greatest joke of all, it was no longer necessary, no longer important nor significant to be "divine" or to even identify with any primordial, deific, or noble lineage.

I was content to simply be a human being.

I still am. And although I'm a little curious about how it might feel to NOT exist, I'm in no hurry to experience the Ultimate Nothingness - since that's where it all began.

End of my old story. Time for tea. And, yes, a cigarette break is always welcome.

Antares Maitreya
(formerly known as the Ancient of Days)
18 November 2012


What next? Who knows and who cares? Well, I do.

I know the meaning and purpose of my life - all Life! And I care for every living atom of it. Why? Simply because all of it is ME.

On a more "personal" level I want nothing - and everything. I know that acceptance, recognition and reward for being what I am and who I am is already flowing in, like the first rush of water from taps that have long been dry (or just dripping).

I know that whatever happens - or doesn't - to the financial system will make no difference to the abundance that I have finally, consciously, learned to receive - and to recirculate freely and universally.

I know that the planetary awakening of which my own has been an integral part will accelerate at the speed of love.

As more souls emerge from their cocoons, they will go in search of guidance and advice - and I will be here to serve in my own unique capacity.

I enjoy teaching and also learning. Aeons of ignorance and misapprehension of what Reality is all about have to be cleared. I happily lend my energies towards this joyful task.

I can't think of any specific desires I wish fulfilled - but whatever I wish for will manifest much more swiftly now that I no longer resist being all that I am and more.

At this juncture, it makes little difference whether I continue using my physical vehicle a little longer and then surrender it to the elements - or if I will be among the ones granted immortality through complete transmutation of my molecular structure.

Immortality is only acceptable in a self-regenerating, self-rejuvenating, non-degrading physical body. In a body subject to constant wear and tear, extreme longevity may not be such a  pleasant prospect - unless the body remains capable of enjoying everything bodies were designed to enjoy.


23 November 2012