Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Never succumb to fear, folks... that's how you lose your freedom and your rights!

Many lessons we in Malaysia can learn from this. Naomi Wolf is beautiful, brainy and brave. What happened in Germany under Hitler is still happening around the world.

Razak Hussein introduced the Third Reich in 1969 after May 13. Mahathir developed the totalitarian controls further. Pak Blah came along and interrupted the pattern briefly - just long enough for freedom fighters to gain a foothold in parliament.

Najib's silly cousin tried his best to restore law and order - but only gets ridiculed. Now Mahathir wants to up the ante by pushing Jibby out of the way and re-inserting a Neo-Nazi regime via the mud-faced Muhyiddin... and, later, the moronic son of Mahathir! Are we going to let this shit happen here?

[Thanks to SuperSnake Cobra for pointing out this video!]