Friday, August 25, 2017

Selected Poems of Arlen Riley Wilson (wife of Robert Anton Wilson)

ARLEN RILEY WILSON (16 July 1925 - 22 May 1999)


This is the world that man made.
These are the ills that plagued
The world that man made.
This is the doctor prescribing the pills
That treated the ills that plagued
The world that man made.
These are the plants and labs and mills
That manufactured all the pills the doctor
Gave to treat the ills that plagued
The world that man made.
This is the banker with tellers and tills
That backed the plants and labs and mills
That manufactured all the pills the doctor
Gave to treat the ills that plagued
The world that man made.
This is the general with trumpets and trills
Who made the war that saved the bank that
Backed the plants that manufactured all the pills
The doctor gave to treat the ills that plagued
The world that man made.
Here is the mother all forlorn
Whose one and only child was born
To die in the war the general made to save
The bank that backed the plants that made
The pills the doctor gave to treat the ills
That plagued the world that man made.
This is the angel that blew his horn
To comfort the mother all forlorn
And fired the general and closed the banks
And shut the mills and scattered the pills,
Retired the doctor and cured the ills
And ended the world that man made.

Our Lady of Outer Space

Reach down for the sun, reach down
for the stars, reach deeper for the secret
places of the body of her the stars adorn.
You are lost and found in her embrace.
There is nowhere else for you to fall and
no escaping from her love for she is
black and pulsating source, her
million twinkling nipples nurse
all life, her jeweled ardent
body twines around you
always and there is
no place to go
but home
to her


Don't budget deficit me you old men with eyeglasses and no lips
who say we can't afford to house the houseless or to heal the sick.
Don't fiscal responsibility me you devourers of the fat of the land
may it clog your devious up-for-election arteries.
Don't balance of trade me you horny-handed peddlars of shoddy shares
in finger-crossed bonanzas based on non-existent enterprise.
Don't national security me you who make deals behind our backs
under cover of law-proof dark.
Don't family-values me you who force apart man woman and child
in the interest of an ever-grosser national product.
Don't state of the union me you unctuous apologists for quotidian horror
may you choke on your aw-shucks-just-plain-old-me charisma.
Don't pay your speech-writers one more cent on my account
or your column writers or The News Tonighters.
Epoxy in my ears before I hear another word.


This is the end

of the tunnel

and guess what

there is

a little


[First posted 10 July 2009]

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Umno's Mat Rempit Regime Must Go!

I was outraged by Darlene Bridget Luis's account of her nightmare experience with Mat Rempit as reported by Malaysiakini. It would appear that the PDRM are ever ready to intimidate, harass and arrest Abolish-ISA vigilers and young cyclists riding for justice - but when it comes to investigating serious crimes, they are worst than useless. Such appalling incompetence reflects extremely badly on Police Inspector General Tan Sri Musa Hassan (promoted by Mahathir for his complicity in the conspiracy to fix Anwar in 1998). Under Musa Hassan's watch, the PDRM has degenerated into a gang of uniformed thugs little better than their Mat Rempit cousins. The police no longer seem to serve the public interest - only their criminal bosses in Umno. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi abysmally failed in his avowed mission to reform the PDRM when he backed down from implementing the recommendations of the 2003 Royal Commission on the Police Force. Now the only way we can clean up the PDRM is to get rid of Umno/BN - the party of overaged Mat Rempit.

Darlene Bridget Luis recounts her ordeal at the hands of Mat Rempit

Two days after Deepavali, Darlene Bridget Luis returned from Singapore to spend some quality time with her family after being away for almost a month.

But the holiday turned into a nightmare the night she drove back home alone along the elevated highway of Jalan Ampang after attending a dinner.

The 25-year-old corporate manager was assaulted by Mat Rempits and sustained severe head and facial injuries and a broken leg. She also lost all her belongings.

Producer/Editor: Indrani Kopal
Camera: Shukri Mohamad

Khairy Jamaluddin, are the Mat Rempit still on your payroll?

[First posted 6 January 2009]

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


This is the happiest day of my life, folks. I just found God on Facebook. Yup, no kidding. He's also got his own YouTube Channel... and you can follow God on Twitter!

Glad the Old Guy's decided to get on the internet like the rest of us. Great sense of humor, that's for sure...

[First posted 26 August 2012]