Thursday, October 18, 2012

David Icke deserves the highest award for bravery in battle!

The first David Icke book I stumbled upon was The Robots' Rebellion (1994). I took an immediate shine to the man and began picking up as many of his books as were available locally. Friends began passing me the ones that weren't - and over the 17 years that I've been tracking David Icke's extraordinary mission, my admiration for him has only kept growing.

His superhuman ability to connect the dots, see the big picture, and then step down the data so that he can attempt to explain it all in linear language to a largely incredulous and ignorant world - I'm utterly gobsmacked each time I watch David in action and realize that he's more or less accomplished what he volunteered to do on this planet - and now he's just enjoying the cruise.

For those of you who haven't been paying close attention to this absolutely wonderfully brilliant guy... just imagine you're looking at a grown-up, middle-aged version of Luke Skywalker... because, fucking hell, that's pretty much what he is - a full-fledged Jedi!

[Brought to my attention by P. Seth]

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Watch THRIVE for free... two hours well spent!

Foster Gamble strikes me as a genuinely inspired, brilliant and sincere soul who just happens to be born into an economically privileged family. Already there is swirling controversy around the fact free access to THRIVE has been denied the masses - but, thanks to YouTube, there are lots of people uploading the documentary either in full or in 10-minute segments faster than they can get taken down. So it appears that even those who can't afford or are unwilling to pay will have ample opportunity to view this significant film.

[Note: this full version was uploaded on 5 April 2012 to grant everybody access, with an appeal to donate to the Thrive Movement if you feel so prompted.]

After watching it a couple of times, I'm inclined to be supportive of Foster Gamble's effort to alert humanity to exciting options available to us that could transform our present earthly hell into a practical paradise. Foster undoubtedly put a great deal of thought and effort into this project - and I respect and admire the narrative clarity and technical excellence he achieved. I'm not going to see evil where none exists and nurse any suspicions that this is just another ruling elite disinformation device to hijack the destiny of Planet Earth. Folks who see "the hand of Lucifer" behind everything usually turn out to be fanatical Christian fundamentalists - and this bunch of rabid ravers have the effect of making me sympathize with the Illuminati.

Foster's links to the House of Gamble (of Proctor & Gamble infamy) makes him automatically a member of the ruling elite - but the fact that he readily admits it suggests that he sees himself as a 21st century corporate Siddhartha. True, he glosses over a lot of shady business that P&G have been involved with - but I choose to look for the good in others, even those born into the worst capitalist families (like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Morgans). Indeed, there are times I'm inclined to believe that the scions of these powerful bloodlines bear the ultimate responsibility for redeeming their hereditary karma - and they can only do so by breaking free of past patterns and becoming enlightened themselves. Once truly illuminated, they are obviously the ones with enough financial and political clout to effect genuine change on this planet.

Enough said! Please watch THRIVE and then donate whatever you can and pass the link around...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"KePIMPinan Melalui Tauladan" ~ Who Said That?

click for bigger picture!

So who's been selling out the country? 
Human rights activists? Those who demand clean and fair elections? Those working towards greater accountability, openness, social justice and democracy? 

Or the diehard Mahathirists in our midst?

[I found this old cartoon from 1986 or 1987 which was submitted for a political cartoon competition sponsored by Aliran. One of them won first prize. I believe it was the one reproduced below...]

"America is not happy to just be America. It wants to be an Empire."

New York journalist and poet Jerry Mazza speaks with RT's Anastasia Churkina about 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan - and the effects they have had on the American psyche.

This interview was uploaded more than three years ago but - until enough of us educate ourselves about the outrageous power-broking games being played out on this planet and demand a full independent inquiry into the 9/11 false flag operation (instead of buying the official line that Islamic jihadists were behind the whole thing) - it's still totally relevant.

What's more, I think Anastasia Churkina is absolutely impressive - ├╝ber intelligent and telegenic!