Monday, November 12, 2018

A Non-Feminist Moment ~ by Malachi Edwin Vethamani

And now just for a moment

I want to see you

spared of all labels.

Unburdened of all ideologies

that you don

and that dress you.

Free from the many causes

that the world

has driven you to bear.

Now for one


non-political moment

I long for you to be

all that you chose to be

in a world

that you see

in all its imperfections.

A woman unencumbered;

just you.

[First published 26 August 2018 in Business Mirror]

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Full Moon statement issued on the eve of 11.11.11 (repost)

Spy vs Spy by Antonio Prohias

It's becoming clear that the economic and political games humans have been playing out in these holographic fields for thousands of years are now totally passé.

We have no choice but to look within ourselves and recognize that these problems are externalizations of erroneous beliefs passed down the generations through the cultural matrix.

Our financial institutions are far too recalcitrant to be redeemed and our political systems too corrupt and intertwined with the corporate mafia to be effective instruments of the people's will.

And even the people - or at least a great proportion of them - are still trapped in analog mode, reacting with fear to every artificial crisis, instead of responding with love, compassion and understanding.

More and more I'm convinced that we can only liberate ourselves as individuals - one at a time - by our own efforts. How? By consciously upgrading our operating systems and software.

Uninstalling irrelevant, divisive and stultifying beliefs and replacing them with open-ended, inclusive, and holistic sensory and neurological perceptions.

In other words, it's time to outgrow beliefs that limit and confine us - and define us by nationality, race and religious affiliation.

[Extracted from a blogpost published 7 November 2010. Originally posted 10 November 2011]