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The root of all evil isn't MONEY, contrary to popular belief. It's JEALOUSY. How so? Consider the greatest of all possible evils - MONOTHEISM - as expressed in the utterly psychotic statement: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me, for I am a jealous god." You may substitute "goddess" for "god" and the results are equally abysmal.

Just ask yourself this: if you were indeed the One and Only Deity in Existence, would you be constantly looking over your shoulder in anticipation of rivals or threats to your Absolute Status? In Barbara Hand Clow's nebulous tome, The Pleiadian Agenda, I was struck by a powerful quote attributed to the Prophet Isaiah: "Monotheism breeds fanatical anthropocentrism, which eventually destroys Earth." How absolutely and tragically true.

Such a jealous, spiteful, insecure, and vengeful deity can only engender generations of jealous, spiteful, insecure, and vengeful humans. The Old Testament records the first instance of murder in the story of Cain and Abel. The archetypal case of sibling rivalry wherein a deity plays favorites with two brothers over their ritual offerings and arouses a jealousy so intense it leads to fratricide. Fast forward to Abraham and his sister-wife Sara, whose greed and jealousy result in the unjust expulsion of Hagar, the servant who bore Abe his first-born son, Ishmael. Behold, the remote descendants of Ishmael (generically known as Arabs) to this day continue to be cruelly treated by the remote descendants of Sara's freak-birth progeny, Isaac (generically known as Jews)!

My wife of 23 years, Anoora, is a real cutie... except when possessed by the demon, Jealousy. This demon she inherited from her mother, whose emotional insecurity was pathological to the degree that it drove two previous husbands to drink, distraction and, eventually, divorce.*

Jealousy is in itself a self-fulfilling prophecy, in that the person you proclaim to love - and whose exclusive devotion and sexual attention you demand - invariably begins contemplating the pleasures of strange flesh as soon as nagging suspicion begins to rear its ugly, deformed head.

I can happily swear eternal allegiance, affection, and friendship to anybody who has won my heart... but to insist on exclusivity seems to me the epitome of insanity. Imagine vowing to eat at only one restaurant your entire life. That's an insult to FOOD!

The crux of the problem is that monotheistic religions have programmed their followers into believing there is only ONE way to be married, and only ONE interpretation of wedded bliss - and that's MONOGAMY! (Okay, so Islam and Mormonism allow polygamy - but only on strictly patriarchal terms wherein a well-to-do man can have several wives/concubines but a woman can't have several husbands/toyboys. Pathetically dickheaded, if you ask me.)

My own parents were married for more than 60 years... but Dad probably had that many lovers on the side (and Mum quite a few too, though far more discreetly)... and most folks do indulge in a fair amount of "illicit" (read "unlicenced") sex, only problem being they have to be hypocritical and sneaky about their behavior - instead of being good-humored, honest, and open-hearted about their own testosteronal or pheromonal propensities. Of all the women I've known, perhaps only two or three were virgins before they met me - but I've certainly loved and cherished the others no less, and enjoyed them all the more for their sexual experience and emotional maturity.

I'm convinced that if POLYAMORY was included as another way to explore LOVE and HARMONY, the world would blossom into a spiritually wholesome and truth-valuing place - where deceit, hypocrisy, guilt, and vindictiveness cannot flourish, and destructive jealousy will be seen for what it is: an emotional disease!

As I approach my seventh decade in human embodiment, I feel sufficiently seasoned to declare myself a pantheistic pansexual. That's right, folks: everything and everybody is actually quite edible if your perception is pristinely unclouded.


*Since this essay was first posted, a whole lot has changed with regard to Anoora. In January 2013, with the help of two masterful emotional healers, I was able to clearly visualize the source of my wife's insane possessiveness: it was a demonic entity, an etheric fungus, tightly wrapped around her lower spine, feeding off her negative emotional discharge and her addiction to drama. It had become an integral part of her being and had to be gently detached with psychic surgery. Since then, Anoora has become far more cheerful and open to befriending most women who visit - well, at least 80% of the time!

[First posted 10 November 2009]

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


By Lee Bee Doh

MR H.S. LOH stood in line, hands in his pockets, twiddling his thumbs. He had a habit of playing with himself whenever there was nothing else to do. Fondling his privates in public was particularly appealing, because he had to be careful not to get himself too excited, which usually got him even more aroused.

He smiled secretly thinking about the few occasions he had developed a full-blown hard-on while standing in a queue. One time he managed to conceal his bulge behind a copy of Utusan Malaysia (not that he actually read the rabidly racist rag, but he enjoyed walking around with a copy under his arm or over his crotch just to annoy people). It also came in handy whenever he felt the compulsion to idly swat a few rent-seeking flies.

Another time he happened to be standing behind his plump-rumped girlfriend, Lascivia Lum, and was able to good-humoredly goose her till she had to trot off giggling to the ladies and plug her overflow with tissue paper.

H.S. (as he preferred to be called, because his father had perversely named him Hum Sup, weird sense of humor) was a congenital erotomaniac. In Cantonese, Hum Sup literally means “salty and moist.” In plain English, H.S. was addicted to sex. In other words, he chose to attain Oneness through physical conjugation rather than transcendental meditation. In fact, the only constant in his life was to fuck and wank at every opportunity.

Eating and sleeping served only to recharge his batteries between battering ram episodes when he would attempt to break down the fortified gates of feigned prudery. Indeed, H.S. Loh sometimes saw himself as a crusader for the suppressed libido, tilting at windmills of false piety and genuine hypocrisy.

Those who knew H.S. suspected that he enjoyed shocking erotophobes (making their auras shrink in dismay) even more than indulging his congenital erotomania. His current squeeze, Lascivia, was cute and cuddly enough – but the fact that her father was a Baptist preacher added spice to their love affair.

AS A KID at Sunday school, H.S. had been intrigued by the story of humanity’s “Fall from Grace.” The watered-down official version made it seem like Adam and Eve were tossed out of Heaven for disobeying God and eating the Forbidden Fruit. Why God would plant a “forbidden” fruit in the Garden of Eden was beyond human comprehension. And to then tell these innocent babes in the wood they could do whatever they liked except taste that particular fruit made it clear that God was setting them up big time.

He probably had a stopwatch in hand, waiting to see how long it would take Adam and Eve to discover the exquisite pleasures of fornication and commit their Original Sin. (I bet God had at least four CCTV cameras installed to record the event, just in case He needed to resort to blackmail somewhere down the line. Or maybe He just liked to watch.)

Preachers call it “illicit sex” because Adam had yet to propose to Eve, and she hadn’t even considered signing a contract agreeing to be physically and emotionally bound to him for life. Anyway, if Adam and Eve were the First Couple and there were no other humans around, then neither could contemplate carnal intimacy with anybody else, could they? Being promiscuous would be a complete waste of time in the Garden of Eden.

Unless Eve was kinky enough to be turned on by the Serpent’s slinky muscularity and allowed it to perform cunnilingus on her with its forked tongue and Barry White voice. You may not know this, but male snakes do have penises – not one, but two. Okay, some biologists say the snake’s hemipenes are in fact a bifurcated penis, rather than two separate organs. So it’s quite possible that the Serpent may have ventured beyond foreplay and penetrated Eve with one, or both, of its reptilian penises.

It’s also entirely possible that when Eve says she was tempted by the Serpent, she was merely waxing lyrical about Adam’s morning erection. I mean, if you’re a newly minted woman and have never seen a fully erect male organ, your first close encounter with one in all its glory might well cause you to spontaneously lubricate and cream yourself.

Whatever actually happened in the Garden of Eden, you can be sure of one thing: it had to do with sex.

And that’s why H.S. Loh was obsessed with the subject. Any activity that can get one evicted from paradise must be well worth investigating. Yet, how could it possibly be “paradise” if sex is forbidden? Are there different categories of paradise, some XXX-rated and others approved for General Audiences?

However, sex wasn’t the only thing on his mind – though one might argue that everything would look sexy to a man named Hum Sup Loh.

As a student of philosophy, H.S. had always preferred Socrates (right) to Plato; Laotzu to Confucius. People often speak of “platonic” love but how come they never boast about their passion being “socratic”? Socrates was officially married to Xanthippe, who gave him three sons. But he was, like most Athenian nobles, also known to enjoy the company of young and handsome male athletes. Umno would most certainly disapprove and attempt to fitnah him left, right and center.

Laotzu was a legendary sage who lived in forested hills far from civilization and successfully avoided being awarded titles and positions by the palace. It is recorded that Confucius, hearing of Laotzu’s great wisdom, found Laotzu after many months of searching, and asked if he would accept Confucius as his humble student. Laotzu simply said: “Why waste your time and mine? Go back to your job as an academic!” To his credit, Confucius never spoke ill of Laotzu; indeed, he described him as a cosmic phenomenon, awesome and unreachable as a dragon flying through the clouds.

But to H.S. Loh the most admirable contemporary philosopher was a fellow named Hugh Marston Hefner (left), better known as the chief editor and publisher of Playboy magazine. Launching the first issue in December 1953 on $8,000 of borrowed capital, Hefner not only became a multi-millionaire entrepreneur – but he also planted the seeds of the sexual revolution that swept across the world in the 1960s (bypassing Malaysia and the Middle East, some will be relieved to know).

Many of Hefner’s monumental accomplishments were unknown to the hordes of salivating appreciators of Playboy’s monthly centerfolds. Hefner was a vigorous crusader for free speech and civil liberties; he stood by stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce when the government was harassing him and later produced recordings and a feature-length film documenting Lenny Bruce’s turbulent career (Lenny, starring Dustin Hoffman, 1974).

Hugh M. Hefner preached what he practiced. He loved beautiful bodies, fast cars, good food, fine clothes, freedom and lofty ideas – and that’s exactly what he promoted in Playboy. At the ripe old age of 86, Hefner married a buxom 26-year-old hottie named Crystal Harris. That’s not half-bad by anybody’s reckoning, especially H.S. Loh’s… so what if the whole affair was doomed to failure from the start? [Harris later revealed, in a candid interview with Howard Stern, that she and Hefner had only had sex once: "He’s had so much sex, he’s kind of over it. It lasted two seconds. It was an out-of-body experience."]

And so what if Hugh M. Hefner was exposed, after his death at 91 in September 2017, as having been part of a CIA honeypot operation aimed at video-recording prominent figures in compromising positions for blackmail purposes? Most famous people have secret lives we know nothing about until after they're dead.

These were some of the random thoughts drifting lazily through H.S. Loh's mind as he waited in line at the KTM Komuter ticket counter. By the time he got to his turn, his willy was more than half-erect. “Kuala Kubu Bharu,” he said, giving his throbbing dickhead a friendly rub while fishing around for some loose change in his left trouser pocket.

H.S. was thrilled to finally be meeting his childhood hero, a man who had made a career out of priapic prose, and who fancied himself a latter-day incarnation of the nature god Pan. As the train pulled out of the station, H.S. sent a text message ahead, alerting the recipient to his estimated time of arrival. Hope he likes the present I got for him, H.S. smiled, fingering the beautifully gift-wrapped box of super-strength tongkat ali capsules in his shoulder bag.

Lee Bee Doh is just another alias of that elusive entity, erstwhile known as Kit Leee (actor, author, cartoonist, arts reviewer and producer), who vanished into the woods, only to reappear in cyberspace as Antares (blogger, musician and jungle chef). [Originally published on LoyarBurok. First posted here 19 May 2011, reposted 4 June 2014 & 28 July 2016].

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Excerpts from Matthew's Message received by Suzanne Ward on 16 May 2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin with a reader’s comments about a topic that several others have questioned:

“North Korea’s former peace gestures never came to anything. Analysts I’ve heard don’t expect that pattern to change. I’d like to know Matthew’s perspective.”

Analysts derive a situation’s likely outcome by looking back at history, and for millennia that worked. It no longer does. All third density patterns that once well served the peoples as learning and growth experiences have become obsolete, and that includes assessing a developing situation based on the past. Change throughout your world is soaring on wings of accelerating vibrations, and this is without precedence in your recorded history. Talks about the reunification of North and South Korea will move forward, albeit in fits and starts if egos arise, and families separated decades ago will be reunited. Peace processes in all areas of conflict will be getting underway incrementally—countries where many still are working on karmic lessons will be the laggards in ending the battling—and history will be relegated to the past where it belongs.

“Please ask Matthew what the United States’ withdrawal from the multinational agreement with Iran portends for world safety."

We feel that the threatening rhetoric from Iran will give way to reasoning minds in that country because the other nations in the agreement are honoring it and global respect for the United States has greatly diminished. But if Iranian “hard-liners” do choose to speed development of nuclear weaponry, it will be to no avail. As vibrations on the planet keep rising, all nuclear weaponry will be destroyed and nuclear power abandoned—both emit the low vibrations that cannot exist in the astral planes where Earth is heading.

“My question is in regard to the asteroid, Apophis, that is said to pass by Earth in 2029 and 2036. The asteroid trajectory has been tracked to hit the Earth. I have heard of multiple timelines/possibilities as well. Please ask Matthew to address this issue.”

We have addressed the same catastrophic prediction about other asteroids, comets, Nibiru and “Planet X.” Our answer is the same and so it shall remain if other fear-based predictions pop up: NO astral body will collide with Earth. The planet’s destiny is the return to its original paradise self.

“Am I putting the pieces together correctly—are we living all our lifetimes at the same time?" 

Yes, in the continuum they all are happening at the same time, but only in the highest vibratory planes does each personage have conscious awareness of all the others, and not simultaneously. Experiencing every one of the personage lifetimes in the same moment would be akin to watching 1,000 movies on that many screens - it would be overwhelming. However, all lifetimes are known at soul level - that is what enables information to be revealed in past-life regression sessions and psychic readings, if such are accurate. And, the more you evolve, the more often you consciously connect with other personages in experiences you now think of as déjà vu.

"I recently read that the rate of autism in the 1980's was 1 in 10,000, now it is 1 in 68. The rate of Alzheimers and mental decline seems to have soared off the charts as well. Can Matthew please address these issues?"

Almost all diagnoses of autism are wrong. The symptoms these young children present are similar to that very rare condition, which is chosen in the soul contract and is part of the family’s pre-birth agreement, but they are caused by toxins in vaccines that severely damage brain cells. We honor the physicians who have publicized the dangers of vaccines in reports on the Internet and in clinical papers that are far more widely read and given more credibility than our numerous messages that include the same alerts. It is heartening indeed to see that more and more parents are heeding those physicians’ advice to forego the inoculations routinely given to infants and toddlers.

One more word about vaccines. The first were developed with good intention, but the dark ones saw that what were meant to prevent disease could be adulterated to spread it instead, and that is what they did. And, as years went by, numerous kinds of vaccines were concocted expressly to cause whatever conditions were claimed they would prevent.

Although genetic predisposition to Alzheimers and other forms of dementia cannot be discounted, the decline in mental faculties is greatly exacerbated by chemicals in food, fertilizers, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemtrails and other pollution in your air, water and soil; and individuals whose immune system has been weakened are considerably more susceptible than those with more robust immunity. Chemicals also compound the condition of children diagnosed, correctly or incorrectly, as autistic.

Knowledgeable healthcare specialists can suggest nutritious diets, proper supplements and mental exercises that can ameliorate the toxins’ effects and perhaps even reverse some of the brain damage they caused. Rising vibrations will reduce the symptoms of all mental and physical conditions, and eventually the civilization will reach the state of consciousness in which no form of dis-ease exists.

"There seems to be growing internet chatter that the corporate or maybe the centuries-old cabal is being dismantled? That we are in the darkest hours of this holocaust we are in right now. Can Matthew speak to that?"

Suzanne Ward
Long before a secret group was labeled cabal or Illuminati, elitists, Shadow Government, New World Order or some other designation, the masses lived under the control of recognized groups - Khazarians, Vatican hierarchy, Viking warriors, dynasties in the Far East, European royalty—and “dark hours” abounded throughout those centuries. Many of you lived during those times and experienced extreme hardships, but you don’t remember, so happenings today may seem like the darkest hours not only for people in the United States, but around the globe.

However tumultuous the world may seem as the civilization is being released from long, long ages of virtual captivity, only the cabal is in its darkest hours: They are furious that their international network is being dismantled and they fear what will become of them when justice systems no longer are under their collective thumbs and they are held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Monday, May 28, 2018



Why so? Simply because the Buddha represents the Awakened Soul incarnate in human form. The Buddha is nobody's personal name, it denotes an enlightened state of consciousness that is now available to all souls in physical bodies - thanks to the brilliant accomplishment of Prince Siddhartha 2,500 years ago, who left a privileged existence within a royal palace and the creature comforts of home in quest of truth and deeper wisdom.

It's utterly pointless to be a Buddhist. Might as well strip off your clothes and become a Nudist. At least you would have nothing to hide!

This Vesak Day, in honor of Siddhartha's enlightenment quest, I beseech all who consider themselves Buddhists to forsake their text-book Buddhism - and go straight for Buddhahood instead. You can attain enlightenment at the snap of a finger, in the blink of an eye, in a single heartbeat. Being enlightened simply means you become aware of your own robotism, your own mechanical behavior, your own cultural and social programming... and therefore are able to successfully transcend it.

I would like also to convey my deepest love and admiration for my first daughter, Moonlake Love Lee, born 28 May 1969 - and to celebrate her birthday by sharing how her name was revealed to me in a vision. You see, she's a Gemini - the astrological sign of the Twins - and what I saw was the full moon vividly reflected in a tranquil lake, so that it looked like twin moons.

One moon shines brightly from the surface of the still water, reflecting the real moon in the night sky, orbiting the earth. The real moon is a celestial entity, the one on earth a mere reflection - albeit an entirely beauteous and pure one. Luminous though the moon's reflection in the still waters of the lake be, the true moon itself is numinous!

P.S. To all Umnoputra and BN eunuchs, I wish a candid and cleansing “We Suck” Day.

[First posted 27 May 2010]

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tunku Vic ~ tribute to a true prince among men (revisited 6 years later)

Y.M. Tunku Aamash bin Tunku Adnan (6 June 1954 ~ 27 May 2012)

Tunku Vic relaxing at his beach house in Port Dickson
The original Prince Charming, Vic ~ a good friend to all!

27 May 2012 was another of those days I found it impossible to get out of bed. There were no visitors, so I was able to indulge myself. By the time I finally forced myself out of bed it was already 4PM - I broke my own record for sluggishness!

First word I heard about the sudden departure of my friend Tunku Vic was from Bernard Khoo's Zorro-Unmasked blog (Bernard himself checked out 4 April 2014, we suspect to party with Vic and another beloved friend, Jane D'Cruz who left 4 days after Vic). I was stunned, to say the least. Last time I saw Vic was on 28 December 2011 in Port Dickson, at a grand beachfront birthday party he kindly hosted for Mary Maguire. He was in top form, beaming good vibes and making all his guests feel relaxed and welcome. We didn't converse much on that occasion. We rarely have to. Tunku Vic of the Negri Sembilan royal house is a soul-brother - and one of the few royals who carries his lineage with dignity, intelligence, wit, wisdom and integrity.

I first got to know Vic through RPK, one of his childhood buddies. Vic really loved RPK and was extremely supportive throughout the trials and tribulations of the maverick Blogger King. When RPK was miraculously released from Kamunting on 7 November 2008, a maroon Rolls-Royce was waiting outside the Shah Alam Court to whisk RPK and his wife Marina directly to a big celebration hosted by Tunku Vic.

Subsequently I kept bumping into Tunku Vic and his exquisite consort Tengku Sharifah Mahiran (a princess from Perlis so friendly and unassuming she insists on being addressed by her nickname, Ms Mo) at various by-elections and every time there was an Abolish-the-ISA candlelight vigil or an event like the Bar Council's Walk for Liberty. These were true aristocrats who felt strongly about restoring civil liberties, human rights, and social justice to Malaysia. They were appalled by the corrupt practices and heavy-handed injustice of the Umno/BN regime - and were unafraid to show their support for the rakyat.

This is why the untimely demise of Tunku Vic is a deep personal loss to me, as well as a major loss to the entire nation. I didn't know that Vic had been diagnosed with leukemia some weeks ago. At some level Vic probably suspected his days were numbered but, stoically, he never once displayed the slightest signs of anxiety - at least not in public - and was irresistibly charming, good-humored and warm every time we had a chat.

Vic, I do wish I had been informed that you were ready to leave. I would have liked to hold your hand and bless your generous heart for showing us what being a true aristocrat is really all about. 

May your ongoing adventures be endlessly joyful. Your friends and family, and all your descendants, will remember you with pride and profound love.

[First posted 27 May 2012]