Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Journey through the 11:11 Doorway (Part Four)

Most of my life I’ve been a bit of a lone ranger. 

I guess the idea of the herd mind has always put me off. Nevertheless, in 1992 when we initiated the Magick River project, I was ready to work with others in a community context. Before long I realized that the greatest challenge was how to get a disparate group of strong egos to generate a coherent, unified field – without resorting to despotic forms of control.

Watching Solara in action at Star-Borne Reunion #8 (in March 1993, at Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia) was powerful, instructive and inspiring. Her ability to orchestrate the energies of a large group (72 if I recall correctly) just by her charismatic, queenly presence – and her consummate communication skills – were simply awesome to behold. I’m tempted to describe Solara as the Busby Berkeley of Sacred Ceremony. (Those of you who have no idea who the late great Busby Berkeley was, do check out this video!) Anyone who was at the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway in January 1992, when Solara conducted a 38-hour sacred ceremony at the Giza Pyramids with more than 500 participants will attest to her ability to choreograph cosmic-scale productions.

Solara in 1992 at the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway
11:11:11 AM on 22 November 2012 @ the 11th Gate Activation (Walter Pullen) 

Diamond of the Unseen: mandala by Solara
The mudras and starry dances Solara taught the group were elegant and simple, ancient yet fresh, energetically precise and effective. We were gently molded into kinetic mandalas (if only someone could have videotaped the dances from an aerial perspective). In between mudras and dances, Solara would tell us stories, awakening genetic memories of our own mythological origins. As she spoke, I observed that from the back she suddenly took on the aspect of a great master like Yeshua; yet the moment she turned around, she was transformed into a compassionate Magdalene or Isis figure. In effect, her male-female polarities were in perfect balance.

Although Solara makes use of very simple memes like the Sacred Lotus, Pure Heart Love, One Being, Diamond of the Unseen, and Ultra Greater Reality – there is hardly any doctrine in her approach, which is centered around our physical participation in the ceremonies, wherein our individual egos are subsumed by the emotional and energetic synergies of the entire group. Ancient tribal memories are evoked as we move together as One Being, and the joy of full immersion in a rippling pool of pure love begins to trigger spontaneous healing – with people bursting into tears or expanding into their original vastness.

The One Being gazes upon Mother Earth with deep affection (Thilo Vasanael Vierhuff)

The people you meet at an 11:11 event are likely to be a motley assortment of magicians, shamans, healers, angels, starpriestesses, wizards, witches, fairies, landlocked cetaceans, funky walk-ins, newly awakened starseeds, rainbow crystal kids, human-ET hybrids, star commanders, retired dark lords, former emperors and empresses, high elves, gnomes, hobbits – even former mountains, trees, and entire constellations! To be in the midst of such a vast and diverse range of frequencies has the effect of freeing us from the programmed constraints of the 3D Matrix, allowing our Essence Selves the space and freedom to manifest.

Solara enjoying a coca tea break with an old friend, AArela (Igor Abramov) 

Solara speaks of the emergence of the True Ones – our authentic core selves divested of survival camouflage and hypocrisy, no longer hiding our beauty and magnificence and infinite potential. It’s an experiential thing, not at all theoretical, when you encounter another aspect of yourself with open heart and eyes shining with love. The bonding is permanent, albeit tenuous, since we are only together for a week or so before scattering in all directions back to our everyday lives. However, for those willing to let down their guard and surrender to the possibility of transformation, massive inner shifts can occur at these 11:11 sessions.

Absorbing the heightened frequencies towards the end of the Activation (Sebastian PureLove)

These 11:11 gatherings are also pretty addictive – because one invariably finds it difficult to adjust to being back amongst semi-conscious humans and their culturally imprinted protective shields and programmed behavior. We are ritualistically inclined as a species, although we no longer recognize our daily routines as ritual, being so accustomed to functioning on autopilot as we wake up, wash up, get dressed, gulp down some coffee, go to work, and so on.

The mudra of pure heart love (Ankasha)

The elegant rituals one integrates at an 11:11 Reunion or Activation serve clearly defined purposes. For example, as we enter the hall where sessions are held, we encounter guardians at the doorway, standing with their hands in a mudra expressing pure heart love. One greets them with the same mudra and for an instant there is an energetic interaction of mutual recognition, respect and love – reminding one to be at one’s best when entering the sacred space within.

Anastra and Indigo are natural-born Guardians (Emanáku Ku)

The power of this simple ritual is undeniable. People who were only a minute ago happily chatting, drinking tea and smoking instantly set aside all petty ego concerns and consciously attune and harmonize with the collective energy of the group. When everyone is seated with their hands over their hearts to establish a circle of love, Solara glances around to ensure that the group is focused, and then she performs the heart opening mudra and the “Go!” which grounds us firmly in our bodies while connecting us to the Earth’s core and our nearest star, the Sun.

The One Being in session at the 11th Gate Master Cylinder (Thilo Vasanael Vierhuff)

Although I tend to be averse to social rituals, I realize it’s not so much the rituals I detest – but most human rituals tend to become shallow, superficial, mechanical and meaningless. However, these 11:11 rituals have the effect of bringing out our noblest, clearest intentions and facilitating a tangible sense of connectedness with every other individual present. Every time I am at a gathering of the Star-Borne, deep memories are activated of solemn and majestic Starry Councils wherein issues of cosmic import are discussed and resolved. It would truly be excellent if all administrators were to be thus schooled in how to attune and harmonize as a collective mind whenever they gather in formal council to decide the destiny of those who elected them as representatives.

After a "non-ceremony" at Moray, with Solara & Emanáku 
(Igor Abramov)
In the fast-fading realm of duality, our congresses and parliaments tend to be monkey houses of conflicting agendas and incorrigible one-upmanship - which explains why planetary affairs have thus far been largely a nightmarish mess.

The predominance of left-brained egghead technocrats in leadership positions has led to an acute insufficiency of emotional wisdom and empathy, as cold-blooded logic and ego-driven ambition displace compassion, generosity and inclusiveness.

There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of enlightened masters like Solara already incarnate on the planet. They each have their particular function and their own following. Many have succumbed, in recent memory, to the pitfalls of being adulated as Gurus and even worshiped as Divinities.

But that was part of the outgoing pattern. Here we are in a brand new spiral of evolution, with completely fresh options to redesign and restructure the way we perceive and interact with other humans – and with every other expression of life around us. This moment is the best possible opportunity for us to “begin again together,” as suggested by Dane Rudhyar, the visionary astrologer-sage, back in the mid-1970s.

A new story begins for all of us - as individuals, as families, as nations, as a planet, and as an entire galaxy of possibilities.

[Part Five]

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Journey through the 11:11 Doorway (Part Three)

The ability to enjoy solitude is a characteristic common to all explorers of inner space.

Since my early teens I have been intrigued by the esoteric far more than the exoteric. Being the youngest in the family with an 8-year gap between me and my next brother afforded me the luxury of inhabiting my own space with no siblings to distract me. I grew up with plenty of solitude, especially in the afternoons when both my parents were at work. 

I learnt how to entertain myself for hours, exploring our back garden with its four mango trees and a thick morning glory hedge acrawl with ants, ladybirds and spiders. Just beyond the hedge was a narrow drainage ditch with a fascinating ecosystem of tadpoles, baby fishes, water snails and weeds. I could spend hours in the back garden, alone with my thoughts or capturing ladybirds for my miniature circus (putting them on their backs and watching them roll their eggs round and round with their legs). When I grew bored with this game, I’d release them in the garden. 

Sometimes I would just lie on the couch and daydream about making epic movies, visualizing the opening sequences and composing the soundtrack music in my head. Other times I would hang out in the kitchen with our China-born housekeeper and bombard her with questions about her life.

A major event occurred when I was 11 that totally altered my destiny. I was in Primary Six and one day a teacher stepped into the classroom and called out a few names, mine included. He said we were to assemble outside the headmaster’s office in the next few minutes. I was thrilled, thinking we had been handpicked for some special honor, like designing and painting a new mural or initiating a school magazine. Instead, we were hectored by a stern-faced, cane-wielding headmaster who declared us to be the “bad hats” of the school. Me a “bad hat”? I couldn’t believe that anyone could possibly see me as a “bad hat.” Okay, I was among the talkative ones in class, and was fond of making wisecracks – but that was as far as my sense of mischief went. To me a “bad hat” meant a hooligan, school bully, someone who got involved in gangfights and vandalism. 

Anyway, there was no one to defend us and we weren’t allowed to argue our own case. The headmaster acted as jury, judge and executioner. Each of us received a few strokes of the cane and were instructed to hand a sealed letter to our parents. I was deeply wounded in my soul by this incident – but, in retrospect, it served me well in later life – because the profound sense of injustice I felt completely shattered any illusion I may have had about the wisdom of authority figures. Thereafter, I consciously chose to be my own best authority on everything. I no longer looked to emblems of external authority for guidance.

It was around this time that I made contact with my own Atman or Oversoul. Buckminster Fuller calls it the Phantom Captain – he was on the verge of suicide at the age of 32 when his Phantom Captain spoke to him. Whatever name you prefer, I thought of it as “Jesus” at the time. So I would have long chats with “Jesus” every night and it was a calm, clear, supportive intelligence that was never harsh or judgmental. 

Eventually, there came a moment when I merged with this “Jesus” entity and fully integrated it within my operating system. My attempts to persuade others to do the same weren’t particularly successful. In most instances, hardcore believers accused me of blasphemy or spiritual arrogance. 

Or else they simply assumed, as my parents did, that I had gone mad. And so I found myself in an asylum for 3 months (which proved to be an entirely educational experience for a 19-year-old). After that I learned to keep my mouth shut – unless asked for my opinion by someone genuinely interested in hearing my personal insights.

I also realized that the intellect, with language as its tool, was an astonishingly devious device which could, using cold logic, rationalize just about anything – including cruelty, torture, social injustice and tyranny. So I learned to rely more and more on intuition, and to trust my gut feelings over other people’s learned opinions.

This is why when I came across Solara’s writings on Guardian Angels and 11:11 Doorways, my intellect didn’t get in the way and dismiss it all as pure fantasy or poppycock. Indeed, the wide ground covered in her writings convinced me that she had explored many different paths and was able to integrate all of it into her own personal cosmomythology in an enchantingly feminine, imaginative and undogmatic manner. Solara’s ability to speak from an angelic as well as entirely human perspective was most impressive. Although my mind was unable to understand the significance of the 11:11, my entire being accepted it as a cosmic wake-up call – and I began to see 11:11 more and more often, in digital clocks, car licence plates, hidden in the most obvious places.

I had spent years devouring whatever material I could find that might shed some light on the mystery of existence. My interests were eclectic in that I enjoyed science fiction as much as historical works. The question of extraterrestrial intervention in planetary affairs was as cogent to me as speculations on the nature of Consciousness.

I delved into books on Zen, was inspired by the Tao Te Ching, collected a set of Alice Bailey’s writings, joined a Tantric cult, consumed classic studies on the occult like Pauwels and Bergier’s The Morning of the Magicians, and Colin Wilson’s encyclopedic research into a wide spectrum of metaphysical phenomena. I enjoyed reading about fairies and pagan magick, and was fascinated by the Arthurian legends and the mystery of the Holy Grail.

I investigated Aleister Crowley, Alan Watts, Bertrand Russell, Robert Anton Wilson, Tim Leary, John C. Lilly, Terence McKenna, G. Spencer Brown, and Buckminster Fuller. I also read all of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series, Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan stories, and Robert A. Heinlein’s brave explorations of alternative relationship scenarios. 

That’s how I was able to maintain my own left-brain, right-brain balance; a keen sense of adventure and, most importantly, a healthy sense of humor. It wasn’t till March 1993 that I finally met Solara and experienced a complete emotional body clearing and a whole new high that lasted several years. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Journey through the 11:11 Doorway (Part Two)

Harmonic Concordance Full Moon Eclipse @ Magick River, 9 November 2003 (Henner Wankhausen)

At 11 to 11AM on January 7th, 1992, I was crouched on a narrow ledge behind a waterfall, ready to begin my 42nd solar orbit. There was nobody else around. The others were either enjoying a late breakfast or lazing on the other side of the river. As I launched out in my birthday suit through the waterfall’s powerful cascade, I was consciously rebirthed as Antares.

The starry name was, needless to say, inspired by a chapter in Solara’s Star-Borne book describing how to merge with your solar angel and reclaim your stellar lineages. Solara, at the time, was using “Antara” as a middle name – which, in Sanskrit, means “inter” or “link” – and I guess that was what drew the name to me. At the time I took an entirely serious view of what I felt was a new direction in my life – preparing to relocate from Kuala Lumpur to Magick River and redirecting my attention from a checkered but fun career in the performing arts to serving Mother Earth as a Ceremonial Guardian.

The week climaxed with anchoring the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway, assisted by a motley group of friends who were mostly there because the spot was so gobsmackingly beautiful. A few had asked me to explain the 11:11 Doorway and were open to the idea of evolutionary shifts triggered by stellar encodings funneled into the earth’s crystalline core, stepped down, integrated, processed into memes, and redistributed through conscious human vessels. The others were mainly there for an extended picnic – but they were nevertheless part of the 11:11 Anchor Group, simply by being there for the duration. They were fascinated by my intense focus on performing mudras at specific times and what appeared to them as my deep communion with the nature spirits, devas and elemental beings.

Ceremonial magick was then a new practice to me, so I must have appeared a great deal more gung-ho than I am these days. My task was made much easier by the fact that Solara had only downloaded the First Gate mudra – Healing the Heart – and each subsequent Gate Activation was accompanied by a new mudra, so the mudra cycle gradually grew more complex over the years.

Antarion Conversion within the
Diamond of the Unseen
I was experiencing a natural high the whole week we were in Maycliff Bungalow, exploring different sections of the river. On the morning of 11th January, I was already performing the First Gate mudra atop the 13-foot high Baby Fall at 7:11AM; again at 11:11; and so forth, each time becoming more aware of the mysterious geometries of the river in relation to the terrain. For instance, I suddenly noticed that the pool below the Baby Fall was a perfect diamond (such as you find within the Zone of Overlap in an Antarion Conversion), and that the river made a precise 90-degree turn at that spot, making it a natural transformational vortex as the rushing waters flowed endlessly past ancient granite boulders encrusted with tiny quartz crystals.

The more open and receptive I let myself become, the more epiphanies revealed themselves to me. After the morning ceremony atop the Diamond Pool, a small party of us decided to explore upstream in quest of the Mother Falls (of which we had heard reports from a few locals). After a 40-minute trek we were rewarded with a sight I shall never forget. 

Mother Falls with Lady Gaia and Hanuman visible
The first glimpse of the Mother Falls (known to the Temuan as Lata Chehek) never fails to awe the observer. It’s absolutely stunning to see a majestic column of crystal clear waters tumbling 50 feet into a womb or heart shaped cauldron. Above this a much higher cascade, perhaps 150 feet or more, pours into a football field sized octagonal pool (which I discovered on a subsequent trek to the upper part of the Mother Falls). Almost immediately I noticed the Goddess figure emerging from the womb-shaped cauldron, sculpted over millions of years by moving water flowing over a massive rockface. 

As I gazed upon the Goddess (which I tentatively named Gaia) many other animal shapes began to appear – the most prominent being the huge head of an ape (the Ape of Thoth came to mind for some reason but it could also represent Hanuman the monkey god whose presence is strongly felt in the area). Others have identified dolphins, dragons, tigers, crocodiles, elephants - indeed, with a vivid imagination one might spot an entire Noah’s Ark of animal forms around the Mother Falls alone. Many years later, in 1999, a clairvoyant friend informed me that she was astonished to detect the presence of thousands of guardian spirits there, some so ancient they were quite beyond human comprehension.

On the Throne of Pan (photo: Ana Lewis)

A few months later, when we had settled in at the Magick River headquarters, I began to sense that the entire landscape was the work of the Elohim. The air above the octagonal pool at the Mother Falls had a distinct energy field, suggesting the presence of a gigantic etheric crystal and I suspected that this had once been an interdimensional portal used in the holographic formation of a wide spectrum of flora and fauna. The idea of the Elohim as manifestors or co-creators of the Divine Imagination suggested itself to me. All this information was, to be sure, nebulous and purely intuitive. 

Meditating on the Altar Rock at the Cathedral Falls (above the Mother)

However, I was excited to receive a measure of corroboration when, 10 years later, my friends Heiko and Selina Niedermeyer participated in the Magickfest – a 9-day celebration of Magick River’s 10th anniversary – and Heiko (who passes off perfectly as a human-ET hybrid) began chanting in angelic tongues (he was at the time very much into Jim Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch and often used magical mantras like Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai 'Tsebayoth and Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh). Both Heiko and Selina experienced powerful deep memory activations while at Magick River which convinced me that my intuition about the Elohim connection was reliable – and that the whole area was once the westernmost outpost of the Lemurian (or more likely, the Muvian) civilization.