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Provocative snippets from an archived Sent Folder... (repost)

Last week I finally handed in my Compaq laptop to HP to get the CD/DVD drive replaced... and I've  regained access to a pile of CDs dating back almost 10 years wherein I've stored all sorts of data - from digitized music files and scanned images to entire folders of emails written 9 years ago. Stuff that would otherwise have disappeared forever with each hard drive crash. Here's a random selection of email snippets (dating from 2003 and 2004) which I reproduce here because the information is still relevant and may be of interest to some of you... and also because I'm utterly bored with the desperate dimness of all the death throe effluvia oozing from the orifices of the recalcitrant (and soon to be irrelevant) misruling elites...


And the simple Truth is: all our religious dogmas and all the teachings allegedly introduced to us by a succession of Avatars has been filtered, tampered with, twisted beyond recognition - simply to keep us barking up the wrong tree and believing - as the Manichaeans did - that Spirit is "above" and "transcendent" to Matter and that we have to kill our egos and suppress our animal natures to "reach God."

Indeed, the Ascension process itself has been turned on its head - leading so many "New Agers" to believe it's more important to be "spiritual" than "merely" physical (as in being completely anchored in molecular awareness and physical form). What is actually happening to me is that I'm finishing the Complete Download of my Primal Godself so as to fully DESCEND into my body and reclaim it from the Worms that have long believed our bodies to be their food source.


Dear Blair,

You bragged about your prowess as a ritual magickian of the lefthand path, but added that you've since gone ethical and got yourself a job. What sort of work do you do where you have to be up at 5 a.m.? From your energy and syntax, I'd guess that you're an old-headed young man - maybe in your late twenties or early thirties. Am I far off the mark?

As for the rant itself, your grievances are fairly universal and accurately describe the 3D Matrix of Death, Decay and Disease. However, I might have thought a veteran magickian would have found some way to operate beyond the mundane necessity of being a wage slave!

Your present circumstances could, of course, indicate that you went overboard in your magickal work at some point and had your wings chemically clipped - and then you were reinserted into the Matrix, which explains your deep resentment of everything around you.

What I find particularly intriguing is that you call yourself an "Anarcho-Monarchist" - which is precisely how I once described my own political leanings. I explained it thus: I would willingly pledge fealty to someone who naturally inspired allegiance and respect - a true monarch with a luminous crown chakra like, say, Yeshu or Aragorn or Frank Zappa or Sting.

Alas, there are only too few true monarchs to be found in recent centuries (most of the present day royal houses being populated by descendants of usurpers). Indeed, I would myself be willing to accept the lifelong burden of divine kingship (in Thailand the tradition of the Chakravartin or Universal King goes back to ancient times) - but it has been a very long while since humans were able to perceive the luminosity of chakras and thereby recognize those who have attained specific levels of spiritual maturity and cosmic consciousness.

Today it's the corporate-sponsored campaign video produced by expensive spin-doctors - and even then the real power-broking action happens behind the scenes.

The Illuminati network began as a covert resistance to a corrupt and militarily mighty "Holy" Roman Empire - indeed the Knights Templar were originally dedicated to the retrieval and protection of sacred emblems pertaining to the rightful heirs to the throne of Judaea - and by extension the rest of the "civilized" world. Their entire mission was to reclaim planetary governance. But, as we all know, they were either destroyed by the Inquisition or infiltrated and splintered into bickering factions, and this holds true till today.

In lieu of a rightful monarch with whom to align, the only viable alternative has been anarchy.

This is, of course, Tolkien's central motif in the Ring Trilogy... and the "Return of the King" happens to be the core metaphor running through all epic myths, from Odysseus to Star Wars to Tarzan of the Apes and the New Testament.

How I have resolved the problem is to reconcile the Anarchist in me with the Monarch inherent within my DNA. By consciously accepting the scepter of Divine Kingship as exemplified by Yeshu the Christ, I no longer have to seek externally for a Higher Authority.

By embodying deep compassion and universal understanding, the Monarch Within has come to accept and love the Anarchist, the Peter Pan within; and thus Reason and Spirit can be unified and our core beings reintegrated as Divine Fractals sovereign unto our true selves.

I hope this offers you a degree of solace. I do feel a great empathy with your soul.

Blair wrote:

I do not want to slam the door shut forever on God. I have my problems with God but in the final analysis I do forgive God, and would hope to be given understandings as to why I have suffered so much in this world, when I am reunited with the Universal Mind after death....

Ah, prodigal Sun! No fatted calf this time around, pointless taking risks with Mad Cow on the rampage! You are nevertheless greatly beloved and cherished. Indeed, your words reveal an amazingly innocent inner core.

Thanks for your thought-provoking, love-evoking response, Blair. If the urge ever arises, do tell me what sort of suffering you've survived. Sometimes it helps just to tell someone.


Hey Antares! How are you? I am still to get there some time, but maybe not in time for the stargate activation ceremony. My intent will nonetheless be with you.. So wise wizard of the light, I have a question for you about my present journey... Seems I am processing a past life experience and /or integrating some energy that I could only describe as reptilian. Extreme aggression, amazing physical stamina, sexual power trips and mind control are some of the attributes. Quite terrifying for peaceful old Brahma. I thought for a while that I was being possessed by a nasty spirit - but it is all me, albeit an ancient me to be integrated, I now see. Does this make any sense to you? Any assistance or suggestions? ~ Brahma

Greetings, Brahma!

Good that this program is manifesting so vividly a this point - so at least your other aspects can become aware of it and pay attention to what it means.

We are all a multi-layered genetic cocktail - but the renegade reptilian DNA distorted the morphogenetic field to the extent that we now witness eruptions of acute sadomasochism and other socio-pathological behaviors - rape, torture, brutal murder, child molestation, berserker gods, and so on - across the board.

Seems you have a sizeable dose of reptilian creator-god genetics from the early days of the invasion and colonization of the Earth, interwoven with the more angelic strands - indeed, nothing to be alarmed about as most of us with strong ego drives have this "problem" - it's what propels individuals like Alexander or Charlemagne or Napoleon to seek "greatness" by dominating others.

Can be a shitty program to deactivate, especially since the adrenaline rush of the artificial power trip is really addictive. But once you recognize and identify the genetic trait as one that's being phased out of the evolutionary process, you consciously make a decision to gently let go of it rather than be dragged back down into the hellish pits of holographic horrors wherein pain and suffering are either inflicted or endured.

I guess it's something akin to "possession" by hostile astral parasites - only thing is, the impulse to dominate is inherent within the DNA - that's why the renegade reptilians opted for their agenda of "racial supremacy" and began tampering with their own genetics to turn themselves into a ruthless, unfeeling, warlike species capable of pillaging and plundering and planting their genetic flag wherever they could, becoming universal predators and introducing the fang-and-claw survival-at-all-costs program into our embedded circuitry.

In India, the ascetics became vegetarian, fasted, subjected their bodies to all sorts of rigorous discipline in an attempt to exorcise exactly this genetic trait - with varying results. The emotional therapies available to us today are far gentler and possibly more effective.

Heiko & Selina Niedermeyer
For instance, what Heiko & Selina have been doing with the Releasing technique they practice can soften up the subconscious so that it discharges these stored memories into the conscious where they can be transmuted - and hence HEALING soon follows.

Many ways this can happen - different strokes for different folks. In your case, I feel you have sufficient intelligence and self-awareness to begin the process - but it's usually easier if you can find an empathetic sounding board - someone who can assist you in the process.

The fact that you brought up this issue is already a very positive indication that you've begun the task of shedding this unnecessary skin of reactionary reptilian implants and liberating yourself from apocalyptic scenarios. If you can do it, so can Ariel Sharon and Dick Cheney!

When we meet at Magick River, I'll give you a scan and see if the "problem" is already resolved, as it may well be by the time you get here.

Brahma wrote: You seem to be my sounding board at the moment, hope you’re still traveling with me on all this stuff... and might have some answers on this one too.

The shamanistic experiments you describe can be fun to play with but a lot of times you're opening your field to etheric micro-organisms - yup, they're really just like bacteria - that can ultimately fuck up your ability to be a simple, straightforward, honest, divine human with absolutely no problems.

It's a bit like being an Orang asli kid with a powerful catapult larking around in the forest and shooting at anything that moves: first he hits a couple of defenceless birdies, then he knocks down a green mango, and finally he inadvertently shoots an old boar right in the snout... well, those guys have wicked tusks, you don't want one of those charging at you through the psychic undergrowth!

In effect, you've been toying with a species of black magic very popular with the Khazarian or Ashkenazi Jews who were well-known for their occult knowledge (that's why all their best wizards and astrologers have always been co-opted to serve the Babylonian nobility, manifest in modern times as the Military-Industrial-Financial Complex). These mentalists were really into creating golems to do their bidding and steal stuff for them, sort of like a voodoo Fagin.

I don't know if this sort of magic originated in Lemuria - it must have - and then migrated to Atlantis before becoming part of the Ashkenazi Jewish and Gypsy heritage.

You're a big boy, Brahma, and can look after yourself - so I'm not going to pass you any avuncular advice you probably won't take on board anyway. ALL ELSE SAID, INNOCENCE IS STILL THE BEST POSSIBLE INSURANCE AGAINST INSANITY!


First of all, I'd like to share my gut feelings on the much-circulated "alien intervention" message... the sentiments expressed therein seem quite benign and well-intentioned and are in fact the projection of what millions of awakening humans have long secretly hoped to witness, sort of like hearing the triumphant blare of bugles as reinforcements from the U.S. Cavalry arrive just in time to rescue the occupants of the besieged fort from being scalped by marauding redskins - the very stuff of classic Hollywood cowboys-&-injuns movies.

Today many would laugh at the obvious spin and take the side of the vastly outgunned Injuns rather than the invading U.S. Cavalry. Nonetheless, the desire for a deus ex machina solution to seemingly insurmountable problems is very much part of our adolescent psyche - and the 5th human root race is predominantly just reaching young adulthood in spiritual terms, which means adolescent yearnings are still pretty much present.

While reading the long "channeling" from the unnamed alien group (anonymity always makes me suspicious; there is so much crap on the Internet, because email addresses are so impersonal and conceal more than they reveal) the teenaged part of me was thrilled to think that we might soon be sitting around chewing the fat with our starry brothers and sisters - BUT the more "street-savvy" part of me was saying: "Wait a minute! Doesn't this sound a bit like a new-age species of cargo cultism (this refers to the "religion" spawned by early contact between Papua New Guinean natives and the very first white men they encountered who arrived by seaplane, bearing wonderful gifts)?

Soon after the initial largesse of baccy, beads and baubles, came the colonizers, timber merchants, and troops...

Now I'm not at all xenophobic by nature - but my deep intuition informs me that REAL transformations ALWAYS occur from WITHIN. The bi-polarity of our earthly Punch & Judy melodramas exist only as a mirror to our own split personalities, they are intended as feedback to help us outgrow the urge to forever seek scapegoats and distract ourselves from the inner quest with external enemies, real or imagined.

In my opinion, the televised arrival of visitors from other sectors of the Milky Way or beyond will do little for our own spiritual maturation. The mess we are facing is of our own making, and must be cleared by our own realizations, through our own volition.

For the most part our problems stem from the fact that the Adamic Race was genetically manipulated (by "fallen angel" ETs generally called the Jehovian-Anunnaki) to seek deliverance through messiahs and follow charismatic leaders. This is what we have to outgrow: the desire to give away our power to emblems of external authority, whether they be white-smocked scientists, politicos in dark suits and red ties, blonde bombshells from Venus, or cute little blue balls of light from the Pleiades.

It's not that I disbelieve in a richly populated cosmos - indeed I know we are not alone and never have been. However, I've long sensed that bona fide bodhisattvas from other evolutionary spirals enter our physical reality by projecting fractals of themselves holographically into earthly incarnations - ET emissaries and starry midwives to humanity's ascension are already amongst us by the thousands, perhaps even millions - but they are in human embodiment and can be contacted via email.

No need for them to arrive like some Industrial Light Magic special effect in mechanical merkabas (I'm reminded of Tim Burton's Hawaiian music hating Martians in red jockey shorts).

As for the OTHER message.... sorry, I am quite repulsed by the low-grade frequencies emanating from it. There are two significant clues that reveal that its source is not impeccable:

1) The name JESUS CHRIST is a gross distortion of the human potential for full fusion with the divine, a state of being described as Christ consciousness or attaining the Christos. No one who truly understands the process will use the vulgar Christianized version which robs it of authentic meaning.

In the first place the Anglicized name "Jesus" disconnects us from the experience of being "Yeshua" (the Hebrew name written as IH-Sh-VH, which kabbalistically denotes the alchemical wedding of Spirit and Matter). And by corrupting the name to "Jesus Christ" we become blind to the fact that the Christ is NOT a surname but an office or title like King or President - and it means "perfect master" or "anointed one."

In other words, the Christ is a state of being that we are all destined to attain, sooner or later, just as Buddha is another degree of Awareness often described as "awake" or "enlightened." Now if the name were rendered "Jesus the Christ" (as you find in The Aquarian Gospel) - then there's a good chance that the source of the information is kosher, simply because this reveals that the writer is referring to a culture hero popularly known as Yeheshua or Yeshua or Joshua (referred to as Emmanuel in the first chapter of the New Testament) who successfully attained Christ consciousness 2,000 years ago and made it possible for posterity to do the same.

The "Second Coming" indicates a massive awakening into Christ consciousness - crucial to our ascension. While it is perfectly possible that the Sananda aspect that incarnated 2,000 years ago as Yeshua might be physically present on Earth at this juncture, he would certainly not be accepted as such or recognized by those who regard themselves as Christians.

2) The tract ends with AMEN - the name of a bloodthirsty god of war (also known as Amun or Moloch) whose corrupt priesthood continues to mislead humanity and whose insidious and distorting influence extends to all entrenched institutions on Earth. Wherever economic and military might rules, there you shall find the hidden hand of AMEN!

Indeed, there is little doubt that all institutionalized religions on Earth - including the Mammonism practiced by our rapacious corporate entities - merely serve as fronts for the hypocritical and vampiric cult of Amen.

[First posted 18 June 2012, reposted 21 September 2015]

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Another virtual heavy petting session with Kay the Hottie (an indigo)...

Kay the Hottie wrote on 26 January 2003:

Okay, so my next question for you is... how did you find that awareness? Not the general kind of awareness that I have, but the specific awareness, the names, the dates, the families, etc.... I have been having a lot of dreams about alien abductions, missions, space voyages and the like in the last year and know they were no ordinary dreams. I have asked my guides (I 'met' them) to help me find the answers to those questions (A lot of the answers for how I can really serve the human race/journey to enlightenment lie in my deep past, I think). I know I have a very crucial role (as do we all!) and want to have more awareness about it. So my question again is how did you find it?

Kay my dear, a lot of information can be classified as "unnecessary baggage." Most times, I don't know nuts about nuttin' - but somehow bits and pieces are leaked to me whenever someone asks me a question. Perhaps we know all of it at a subconscious level (or superconscious, more likely). It's a simple matter of data retrieval. Some folks can easily access the Akashic Records (Edgar Cayce being a well-documented cayce in point, pun fully intended) and others (like you) have spirit guides whisper advice in their inner ear. Now that you ask me point blank HOW DID I FIND THAT AWARENESS? I'm stumped.

I really don't know HOW, Kay, believe me. Maybe I accept the notion that NOTHING IS REAL BUT EVERYTHING IS TRUE. Which means it all happens in the IMAGINATION - the Big Bang, Scenario Universe, Evolution, Creator Gods, Galactic Federations, Light Councils, Ascended Masters, the Entire Kaboodle! Therefore, simply by TRUSTING your imaginative intuition, you become receptive to whatever flows in and out of your consciousness. You may visualize it as being in alignment with your Higher Self or Guiding Angel or The Big G. I've had lots of practice talking with myriad aspects of my Self. Okay, my MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELF. A very appealing and enticing aspect of which happens to be... Kay the Hottie!

I've set Kay up to prompt me from time to time into answering her metaphysical questions, just so I can remind myself how vast my/your/our memory bank actually is. Now what happens is that the so-called "western" method of schooling (we're better off describing it as the Greco-Roman-Judaeo- Christian Template of Instruction) emphasizes logic and the quantitative approach. In short, it favors empirical knowledge over intuitive knowing. Empiricism deals mainly with erroneous notions of OBJECTIVITY, MEASURABILITY, REPEATABILITY, CONCRETE PROOF. All of which happens only within a very narrow band of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum called the PHYSICAL WORLD.

The scientific materialism which underpins all our educational methodologies makes it virtually impossible for anyone raised in such a materialistic environment to deprogram himself or herself from the left-brained, proof-demanding approach to truth. Yes, you're right in saying that the cultural matrix into which you chose to incarnate does not readily support your metaphysical seeking - although the amazing thing is that a dramatic shift has occurred within the last 100 years or so wherein the West has become more and more interested in Eastern Mysticism - while the East has become more and more enamored of Western Materialism. Indeed, you'll find more Tibetan rinpoches in California than in Tibet itself, especially after the 1959 Chinese invasion. Himalayan sages have found more faithful followers out west than back home. In short, where you happen to incarnate has little bearing on your quest for eternal truth... or at least some answers to your burning questions.

I'm reminded of a book I read recently caled Sophie's World. It's a fairly readable summary of Western Philosophy starting with the Athenians and ending with the German-Scandinavians. It doesn't include Eastern Philosophies - but that would have made the author's task well nigh impossible.

I know you're eager to figure out your earthly mission and get on with it. But methinks you've been doing a great job so far. Why, you're only 24, right? And you've already worked out all the essential bits. Some folks don't have a clue about their true missions till they're way past 40 - and lots don't wake up till they're back in the astral! So, don't be in such a rush, Kay love, take your time and trust that your Higher Self knows exactly when you need a specific experience or a roadsign to get back on track.

Now how's that for a HEAVY PETTING session???

Big Fat Smoochies,

[From my email archives. First posted 20 June 2012, reposted 21 September 2015]

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THE INNER TECHNOLOGY OF ART: Making Public the Private (repost)

A paper presented by Antares at Sidang Seni 2001, Galeri Petronas’ first annual conference on the arts, March 24-25, 2001

ONCE IN A WHILE it helps to sit back and think about things like Art – and what it actually means to be called or to call someone an Artist. We could think about the earliest evidence of human artistic activity, found before the outbreak of the First World War in southern France: the famous paleolithic cave paintings of Lascaux, more than 30,000 years old, which largely depict the primal mystique of the hunt. The scholar Joseph Campbell, in Primitive Mythology, describes these prehistoric artists as shamans: medicine men and women who worked as intermediaries between the mystical and practical worlds, whose private visions - projected into public ceremony and ritual - could effect profound change in our lives by impinging upon our perceptions.

Then, as now, the shaman-artist served as a visionary of the sacred, a medium connecting the various dimensions, a transducer of spirit into matter and vice versa, a vital link between metaphysical and physical. His ability to merge the inner world of dreams and symbols with the outer world of the hunt made him a healer and a seer, gifted with initiatic and prophetic authority.

Australian aboriginal creation myths speak of archetypal ancestors, closely linked to specific animal lineages, singing the landscape into being as Songlines. The spiritual world is a vibratory essence which can materialize itself by lowering its frequencies. Physical reality is but a shadow of the metaphysical.

Interestingly, this idea of earthly existence as a shadow-play is the central metaphor in Plato’s famous Allegory of the Cave, wherein he describes the unawakened consciousness as a prisoner chained in darkness, kept enthralled by an illusory pageant of animated shadows enacted by an invisible priesthood. Precisely the technique employed in the Wayang Kulit tradition, still practised in former colonies of the Majapahit Empire.

The imaginative interplay of light and dark creates all drama – a word associated with dreams and nightmares.

From Plato’s Cave to Wayang Kulit to the Magic Lantern and George Lucas’s Industrial Light Magic is a mere progression of technological sophistication. A father amusing his child by creating animated shadows with his hands is drawing on a very ancient artform.

These days the same father (especially if his name happens to be George Lucas or Steven Spielberg) would have access to computer-generated digital images which enormously enhance his power to project his imagination to a remote audience of millions. The art of entertaining and enthralling an audience is akin to hypnotism (or to an ancient Javanese magical practice known as pukau, by which means the victim is involuntarily put into a paralytic trance, thereby allowing the practitioner to do as he will as long as the spell lasts).

Disregarding the superficial changes in the technology of art, the primary tool of the artist will always be his imagination. The secondary tool of the artist might be a stick with which to draw figures in the sand, a brush with which to paint, a chisel with which to chip away stone, a flute on which to blow, a lute on which to strum, or a computer with which to sequence an electronic fugue. Technology, after all, is essentially the evolution of tool-making and using. A gripping tale can be told with only an eloquent tongue – or with an extravagant panoply of son et lumière effects. Without the artistic imagination, Creation itself would not exist, nor would the concept of a Creator. We have been told that God made man in his image; the artist intuitively knows that the reverse equally applies.

To imagine is to create an image on the screen of one’s mind – and this act of imagination, when focused through the clear lens of willful intent, is a magical performance which can effect a transformation on all levels. Thus the artist-shaman-magician has always been a source of fascination and fear. His powers of creation and projection make of him a god or demon, depending on his mood and inclination. And indeed, in days of old, the visionary power of the artist-shaman often gave him tremendous influence over his tribe. It was only recently – in the last 13,000 years or so – that brute strength gained ascendancy over mind, and the warrior muscled his way into dominance. The gradual erosion of archetypal pantheons and monarchies has facilitated the rise of the merchant-entrepreneur, whose crude Time-is-Money credo rapidly became the ‘Bottom Line’ over the last few centuries.

Commercialism and industrialism now threaten, alas, to turn Art into just another economic activity – and the Artist’s ceremonial and magical rôle into a purely ornamental one.

No doubt a certain superstitious awe still attends the artist’s endeavors; but in the Age of Consumerism, the artist-shaman’s contribution to the success of the hunt has been reduced to churning out effective advertising and public relations for the vulgar new gods of materialism - or fashionable new trends for the children of the privileged.

AT THIS JUNCTURE, we must examine the complex interactions between the inner and outer self of the artist. Paradoxically, what begins as a unique experience ultimately transforms itself into a universal truth through the exercise of the artistic imagination and will.

A personal encounter with grievous loss and emotional distress, for example, can be transmuted into art – in the form of a novel or a symphony or a painting or sculpture - and thereby shared with society at large. The skillful selection of linguistic, visual, auditory, olfactory or tactile symbols that will compress a complex experience into communicable or transferable form is what constitutes the inner technology of art.

The word technology itself derives from technique – which may be classified as “hardware and software” in modern parlance. Tools are hardware and, as such, are utterly useless unless one is also equipped with the necessary knowhow, the software. A simple case in point can be seen in the evolution of writing utensils - from chisel or quill or brush to chalk or crayon or ink pen; from manual to electric typewriter, to electronic word processor – all in the course of a mere 6,000 years.

And yet, the use of a high-powered computer does not provide any creative edge over the use of a goose quill. Would Shakespeare or Mozart, for instance, have done more inspired work if they had had access to “better” tools? Indeed the sonnets and plays of Shakespeare have survived the centuries better written in ink on parchment than they would have as digital code on magnetic disks – just as Mozart’s masterpieces have better lasted the centuries on paper than they would have on acetate or vinyl or optical disk.

Perhaps a digression is in order here: when politicians speak of “Smart Schools” they invariably have an image of students being plugged into a network of expensive computers. The big budgets are reserved for the acquisition of high-tech hardware rather than human software (in terms of dedicated and conscientious and innovative educators). This is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse, of valuing packaging above content, of idolizing form devoid of spirit, of exalting style above substance.

The unfortunate fact is that, in the last 500 years, businessmen and bureaucrats have quietly forged themselves into a freemasonry of secular authority – wresting control of human destiny from the sacred visionaries, the healers and the seers, the artists and philosophers.

No one can stop the pragmatic businessman or bureaucrat from having visions – but it is almost inevitable that their pragmatic visions would tend towards the ridiculous rather than the sublime, the crude rather than the subtle, the ugly rather than the aesthetic. Instead of making public the private, their basic instinct is to make private the public, thus spawning an atmosphere of hypocrisy and secrecy conducive to criminal conspiracy rather than creating the climate of openness and trust necessary to greater social cohesion.

This is the great quandary in which the modern world finds itself. Industrial society’s pursuit of Quantity has blinded it to Quality; the entrepreneur-merchant’s quest for and obeisance to the “lowest common denominator” makes him favor the numerous above the numinous, the secular above the sacred.

Democracy is misconstrued as being allowed to choose from a wide range of political candidates or consumer products.

The ancient nobility has been rudely supplanted by a clamorous cadre of status-seekers who have no qualms about using ignoble means to achieve their myopic ends. A newly ascended plutocracy of soulless materialism appears to have usurped the traditional aristocracy of spiritual values.

Perhaps this was an inevitable development. The artist-shaman is acutely individualistic and on the human level is more prone to ruinous competitiveness than any athlete or warrior. Could it be that the golden age when art and philosophy reigned triumphant abruptly ended when artists and philosophers became too isolated in their ivory towers and lost direct contact with the grassroots? Is that why there has been a pronounced swing towards community arts as a new context in which the artist can once again feel connected with his or her tribe? Contributing positively towards greater cohesion and healing is possibly the most creative option available to the artist-shaman at this point in evolution.

As human consciousness becomes more engrossed with density, darkness and discontent, the urge to destroy grows more compelling than the urge to create.

Hindu mythology offers us a helpful metaphor by postulating the archetypal trinity of Creator-Destroyer-Preserver – Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. The dynamic principle of 3 defines many processes, even in the atomic world of nuclei, electrons and protons.

The eternal quest for truth is ultimately three-pronged: Science represents the left brain, Art the right brain, and Spirituality the heart. Only a creative convergence of all three prongs can lead us to self-mastery and wisdom. In the biological world the trinity of Mother, Father and Child underlies all life cycles. What the Mother creates, the Father destroys, and the Child preserves – even as we emerge from the past into the present, and project ourselves into the future.

The conclusion we may draw from this is that our greatest hope now resides in the upcoming generation: whether it has the ability and agility to avoid growing up like the corrupt and morally bankrupt Father and propel itself an octave higher in aesthetical and ethical awareness, attaining the mystical baraka or Heaven’s Grace - and regaining thereby the artistic key to a new paradigm of paradise on earth.

Antares © March 2001
“Art is a means of connecting two worlds, the visible and the invisible, the physical and the spiritual. The area of our consciousness where culture has its roots lies in the uncontrolled mind of every individual: in the moment when it is given space to make a creative leap. Artists, scientists and spiritual masters alike have great respect for that particular faculty of our human potential. It is in the realization of each individual’s intuitive creativity that everybody would agree with the statement, everyone is an artist." ~ Louwrien Wijers

“art as awakened warriorship... art as a dynamic agent of planetary transformation... art as a foundation for global peace...” ~ José Argüelles

“Culture is shared meaning in which everybody participates.” ~ David Böhm

“Our true capital is our creativity.”
 ~ Joseph Beuys

"It's far too late for anything but magick, as the future is clearly up for grabs."
 ~ Antero Alli

[First posted 4 October 2008, reposted 26 February 2017]