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More Words of Wisdom from my friend Swami Beyondananda

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June 13, 2013
America's Tiananmen Square 
Confronting Not-Seeism
By Steve Bhaerman
"Not-Seeism: A dangerous state of denial where, despite all of the evidence, people insist on not seeing the obvious truth."
-- Swami Beyondananda's Political Dictionary

The upwising continues, and the "irony curtain" is becoming more transparent than ever. The veils are being lifted on the "security state", the cancerous growth that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about more than half a century ago that has all but taken over our government and governance.

  bush-obamaThis viral photo says it all. Bush or Obama, whoever is at the helm of the American empire, is ultimately answerable to the same dark lords. Swami put it a bit more bluntly four years ago when it became apparent that Barack Obama's allegiance was with the banking industry: "The empire has a new face, but it still has the same big fat ass."

So ... America is waking up left and right, even as the mainstream media continues to distract and divert, willfully ignorant that we stand at a most significant moment in modern American history.

Edward Snowden stepping forward to expose the NSA's comprehensive surveillance measures is America's Tiananmen Square moment.

He has had the courage to put himself in front of the biggest tank in the world -- America's military industrial complex.

Naturally -- or unnaturally -- most of the pimps in the so-called "press" have either focused on Snowden's pole-dancer girlfriend or dismissed him as one of those tinfoil-wearing Ron Paul supporters. The dismissal attacks have begun, and this is how violence is done in the "soft totalitarian state" we live in now. If character assassination works, it's less messy than the other kind, right? (Of course, the other kind is still an option, just in case.)

That's why the likes of Jon Stewart , Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher are so important today. By "pumping ironies" and speaking truth through humor, they are shining light on the endarkened corridors of power, and are using laughter to awaken a body politic that has hit the snooze button way too often.

Interesting to remember that one of the first things Hitler did when he came to power was round up and imprison the cabaret comedians. Humor is the ultimate weapon of mass-deconstruction with the power to break any totalitarian trance.

From Nazism to Not-Seeism

So let's fast-forward 80 years, as the dark forces that embodied as Nazism have a new enabler ally -- "Not-seeism."

My wife Trudy was born in Germany, and came to the United States at the age of three. She returned there in her late teens for a year to live and work. As she began to reacquaint herself with family members, she felt bold and comfortable enough to ask them the difficult questions: How was it that the Holocaust could happen? What had they known? What had they done?

Most of them replied, "We heard rumors. We were told it was American propaganda, and frankly to believe anything else would have been unthinkable."

I recall a conversation several years ago where a woman was being told about some nefarious doings on the part of our government. She got very huffy and defensive and actually said, "Well ... it may be true, but I don't believe it."

And there we have it, folks.

That is what is holding our current political "reality" together. It's hanging by a thread. Or actually, hanging by a "threat."

Because after all, if we are on a fast-track toward totalitarianism, who wants to stand in front of a tank, right? Better to focus on the guy's pole-dancer girlfriend ...

This is a tough gulp to swallow, but if you look at the direction the corporate state has been taking us -- less visibly prior to 911, more obviously since then -- it's totalitarianism.

Yep ... that's the word I have purposely chosen. The powers in power (whether you consider it a nefarious conspiracy or simply an unchecked and unbalanced sociopath's playground) are determined to control every aspect of our lives and the world: Food ... energy ... health care ... the very information we receive. Evidence abounds if we look past our own "not see" tendencies:

Monsanto wants to own the patent to every seed on the planet. Should their plan go forward, organic farming will still exist -- in an organic farming museum somewhere where people can marvel about how quaint and old-fashioned being in harmony with the web of life was.

The oil companies have made their own plans for the future, and alternative fuels will be developed only when they are good and ready. They don't care if the general public is opposed to fracking. They've already fixed the game, so ... frack you, public.

The medical industrial complex will continue to fight holistic alternatives as "quackery" or buy natural vitamin companies up. Herbal remedies have already been banned in the EU.  

The media will continue to marginalize everything that stands in the way of the corporate state. How long will it be before those who oppose GMO food or fracking will be assigned the same tinfoil hats that have been given to those who have reported election stealing or who question the official 911 story? You know ... first they came for the 911 debunkers ... etc.

The surveillance state will be the tip of the iceberg. The governance that was established 225 years ago to serve we the people will serve us up on a silver platter as consumer-slaves in one big Company Store. (It reminds me of the classic Twilight Zone episode I saw as a kid where ET's land and declare their purpose is to "serve mankind." Too late, earthlings realize that "To Serve Mankind" is a cookbook.)

The Twilight Zone reference calls forth a moment of awakening from the same era, "Stranded In the Jungle" by the Cadets: "I smelled something cooking and I looked to see ... that's when I found out they was a-cooking me ... GREAT GOOGA-MOOGA LEMME OUTTA HERE!" 

It is now time for a critical mass of the heretofore-uncritical masses to shout in unison ... " GREAT GOOGA-MOOGA LEMME OUTTA HERE!"

And Now For the Good News

The good news is that every bit of bad news being revealed about the "legalized lawlessness" that has become the norm is ultimately good news. It puts an otherwise anesthetized public into the more awakened state of cognitive dissonance. To quote Swami, "The truth shall upset you free."

Part of the awakening is to step out of the usual left-right political conversation and take a meta-view of what is happening now. Daniel Ellsberg, who knows a thing or two about blowing the whistle on nefarious doings says it quite eloquently here:

The NSA, FBI and CIA have, with the new digital technology, surveillance powers over our own citizens that the Stasi - the secret police in the former "democratic republic" of East Germany - could scarcely have dreamed of. Snowden reveals that the so-called intelligence community has become the United Stasi of America.

Back when Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers, he too was faced with prosecution. What saved him ultimately was that the press -- yes, we had a real one at the time -- decided to back him up and simultaneously published the papers.

In recent weeks, the press has expressed concern -- outrage, even -- over those who've been spying on THEM, and now we the people must encourage their courage.

How? Through three realizations.

First, we must understand that the power behind the power is hell-bent on totalitarianism ... and the rest of us must be heaven-bent on freedom. Bucky Fuller anticipated this moment of choice in his book title, Utopia or Oblivion. Because there is the technological ability to try to control everything, unchecked and unbalanced power can seek to establish totalitarian control. The evolutionary alternative is to trust ourselves to govern ourselves, and recognize that our "security issues" are really "insecurity issues."

Second, we must recognize that totalitarianism is anti-life, anti-nature and ultimately impossible. Of course, they will defend to our death their right to try! Knowing these insane and misguided forces CANNOT WIN will sustain our faith through times when it does indeed look like they are winning.

Finally, we have the ultimate antidote -- the virtues and values that 90% of us hold in common, that the corporate state and corporate media have been trying to program out of us. As they now seek to discredit Edward Snowden, the last thing they want is for us to recognize Edward Snowden's act for what it is -- an act of profound courage.

In school, we Americans learned to celebrate Patrick Henry's fabled quote, "Give me liberty or give me death."

Snowden has put his ass on the line saying essentially the same thing. We must stand up with him and behind him at this key moment, and encourage the bravest members of the press and establishment to take a stand as well.

Finally, the issue of the surveillance state is the perfect opportunity for awakening progressives and aware conservative libertarians to find common cause around the one issue that stands above all others -- who's in charge of who's in charge?

If enough of us take this one bold step toward political maturity, the media will have no choice but to follow as WE BECOME the news.


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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why the Deliberate Trashing of Planet Earth? ~ by Zen Gardner

"Entropy" by Alexiuss

Ultimately those who awaken invariably come up against the big question: why would the so-called “elite” self-appointed rulers of this planet bring the house down around their own ears?

Don’t they get irradiated, chemtrailed and ultimately modified like the rest of us? Aren’t their children in peril just like ours?

Underground bunkers or not, the rapid deterioration of our environment is leading toward a dead planet if their machinations aren’t halted some time very soon.

What these manipulators are up to is not life giving, it is death dealing. For humanity and all of nature. Why would anyone/anything do such a thing? To answer that, people first need to realise that that’s what they’re doing. Deliberately trashing our planet.

Utter Insanity

It’s beyond our comprehension how these entities think and operate because of the difference in vibrational understanding.

To us, they’re insane; to them, we’re dumb sheep. Someone said the reptilians told them to trash the environment but don’t worry, their greys will restore everything. Neat little package, but it always makes me wonder since they’re doing exactly that, trashing the place.

"Good versus Evil" by Saibel

The oceans are being deliberately killed off. The Macondo oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico never ended. It’s still gushing oil and other toxic elements which work their way around the gulf and then take the Atlantic current up the US coast and over to Europe, screwing that whole system up. What did they expect would happen when you drill miles down into a known volcanic undersea region? And oil leaks and spills continue worldwide with hardly a mention any more. To then spray the banned dispersant Corexit over the area so it wouldn’t look so bad, further killing off sea life and dangerously toxifying the entire region is even further insanity.

Sewage and waste, much of which won’t decompose for centuries, is flooded into the seas and tributaries in gargantuan amounts. On top of that the US Navy is “experimenting” with huge algae blooms that starve sea life of oxygen and disturb the natural life-cycles of the sea, while they’re also playing with sonic warfare equipment that also results in mass fish and other sea life die-offs.

Add chemtrails to the mix now, and weather manipulation and earthquake induction. How about genetic modification of just about anything that’s alive. To top it off, the irradiation of our planet - from hundreds of atom bomb tests, reactor meltdowns and even medical and so-called security usage. Remember, Fukushima, like the Macondo well, is still spewing, and our atmosphere and oceans are getting massive amounts of radiation. With hundreds of reactors reaching deterioration point and a mad world on the verge of a nuclear holocaust, the outlook is, what you might say, a little tenuous.

That’s the state of our home. The planet on which we live.

Feeding Off Accelerated Entropy

 At the very least, these manipulative forces imposing their schemes upon the Earth and her inhabitants are an utterly anti-creative force, a form of relative darkness that feeds off of the entropic breakdown they engineer and exacerbate. Instead of the magnificent creative growing complex force of life, entropy is the breakdown of organized structures into lower, simpler forms which in turn releases energy.

In Nature this happens as living forms decay, giving off heat and water vapor and replenishing the soil with nutrients for the next cycle of growth of living, wonderfully complex organisms. All natural.

Engineering entropy is another thing. While harnessing a river’s energy via electric generators may seem innocent enough, the by-product of man’s actions are cumulative. Damming up the world’s rivers has changed the natural flow and distribution of water. Drilling for oil to burn and mining massive amounts of other natural resources is changing the make up of the Earth’s interior and the balance of nature as well. Asphalting and paving the surface of the Earth is literally turning the world inside out. That cannot bode well.

This entropic reduction for power can be dramatically seen in an atomic explosion, which only results in death, destruction and the lingering of deadly radiation for many hundreds of years. Other forms of massive energy releases such as other weapons of war are using entropy for power and control. Fluoridating our water, chemtrailing our skies and altering our food are other forms of this.

Besides organic and even inorganic structures breaking down unnaturally, these and other toxins and drugs are making humanity stupid and dazed - chemically lobotomized and unable to function properly.

In addition, our geo-engineered skies are also precipitating increased methane releases, more entropic breakdowns, that seriously threaten our planet’s very existence. EMFs from cell masts, GWEN towers and massive antenna arrays such as HAARP further break down the natural magnetic resonance of the planet, ourselves and everything on it.

The entire biodiversity of the planet is shrinking drastically as plant and animal species are disappearing at an exponential rate. All a designed breakdown to harvest energy and bring the planet to a lower vibrational state.

Who is behind all this?

New World Order

This is where it becomes apparent who is engineering all of this. We’re dealing with a force not natural to our environment, something we often call other worldly that exists in another dimension and seeks to transform and take over the world we inhabit. It is not only from another plane of existence, it is parasitic in nature and seeks the complete subjugation of our planet and our species.

Ultimately It’s psycho-spiritual Vampirism. Similar to the chemical and biological programs, breaking down the human spirit for psychic energy harvesting is another exercise in entropy. This is the big one, their drug of choice. We know that the entities that guide and motivate the dark rulers of this world feed off of fear, violence, pain, suffering and even death. For them the more heightened the intensity, the better, which is why drugs, perverted sex, human sacrifice and energy-sucking satanic rituals are so madly pursued by these dark energy vampires.

During recent years, the saturation of the film and television industries, literature, the press, comic books and the Internet by vampires and zombies and ‘the living dead’ has their signature all over it.

The breakdown in society’s complexity and the cultural variety of the planet has always been important to them. Our natural tendency as conscious beings is to love and care for each other, unite in cause and purpose for the betterment of all. This creative force generates spiritual awareness and empowerment and re-creation, like crystals spontaneously growing beautiful fractal structures as consciousness taps into infinite potential.

That sinister forces and entities have always fought against this for the empowerment of unseen energy/control freaks has been our planet’s plight for hundreds of thousands of years.

Our connection to infinite, conscious creative awareness is diametrically opposed to the world they come from. While we revel in empathy, compassion and love they have no such affinity. It is not just foreign to them, but anathema.

Their cold, calculated realm runs purely on self gratification, which extends from sexual lust to the perverted ecstasy of having control over the lives of others. It is two-dimensional. They wish they had what we have, but wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway. That is why they fear and hate us. They know the only control they can have over a superior consciousness is fear, which shuts off our connection to Source.

Where the Hell are we?

Is this planet a playing field, designed to see who wakes up and who doesn’t? Are the unawakened destined to constantly recycle into this strange arena called Earth until they get the point, wake up and make an effort to help get this planet on its true track of conscious awareness and a society based on love and co-operation?

You can see why the custodial religions have a field day with this. People want to know, they want these question answered. Even if it’s only a belief, they want to lay it to rest. Unfortunately they play right into the controllers’ hands when they do so.

“Back to sleep now. Don’t want you to ask too many questions.”

Even the dualism we see being played out is part of the game. While there is a struggle between what we call light and dark forces, these dualities we see being played out at different levels are illusions, distractions from the core principle of life - conscious awareness.


There are a lot of very interesting theories as to what’s really going on here. Knowing there are infinite parallel worlds at play makes it all the more absorbing. Our particular 3-D theatre is quite macabre at the moment and about to get a lot worse if and when these entities unleash the big stuff. That there’s an ongoing ascension of the awakened could be true at some level, but last I checked I’m still here.

However, things are shifting vibrationally and continue to shift, so it should be exciting wherever we’re headed. If there is a cavalry to be sent in, it sure should have happened a LONG time ago. Don’t hold your breath - this is up to us. That’s how they got away with it, by continually berating and intimidating humanity via lies and deception. The enforcement trip is mainly a ruse, as there’s no way they could stop all of humanity if we all rose up to throw them out. The problem is centuries of dumbing down, physical weakening and spirit breaking.

That we’re being terraformed for habitation by an alien life form isn’t that far-fetched to me. Those who’ve yielded to and carried out the programs of these parasitic entities are clearly no longer human by the natural, spiritual definition, so they are carving out their own hell to say the least, no matter the expense to the races that populate the planet.

One thing for sure: knowing the realities outlined above will help us find an answer to our current predicament. But much more profound than that, discovering and awakening to the infinite true nature of who we really are is the ongoing solution to it all. From there everything makes sense. We may not have every answer to every individual question, but we know what’s important. And that’s important:

Stay awake and aware, conscious and acting accordingly. We do our part first and foremost; Universe will lead us one step at a time.

Enjoy the ride!

Zen Gardner
April 30, 2013

[Brought to my attention by Michael Dean]