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On June 5th, 2009, I attended an 11:11 Activation Ceremony at a local healing center named "Eagle's Nest" in Sungai Penchala Village. It was a difficult spot to locate but scenic enough once I arrived. There were some really sweet folks already gathered there and it promised to be a memorable occasion.

The ceremony proceeded smoothly enough, though the energy was rather low-key throughout. For me the best part was an extended late night supper with three funky women afterwards.

A few days later, to my utmost surprise, both my legs began breaking out in boils. This was something I hadn't experienced in decades. I couldn't figure out what was happening in my body. Where was all this poison coming from?

It so happened that around this time my second daughter paid me one of her rare visits with an empath and energetic healer named Sandra Sweetman in tow. Sandra is extremely sensitive to magnetic fields and in the course of our conversation mentioned that she had recently been to the Eagle's Nest and felt troubled by what she experienced there. She said it was like the scene of a violent murder - the whole place was unsettled and rife with murky frequencies.

I couldn't say for sure that the toxins in my bloodstream erupting as boils on my legs came from the Eagle's Nest. But I had been walking around barefoot part of the time and might have absorbed some of the unwholesome exhalations from the earth. Nevertheless, I was aware that the area was charged with very primitive magic going pretty far back in time. There must have been a large enclave of bomohs (Malay witch-doctors) residing in Sungai Penchala within the last hundred years or so.

It was also clear that ruthless "development" over the last few decades had all but wiped out the original forest, including a thriving Orang Asli community in Bukit Lanjan, leaving tiny patches of green here and there. Perhaps the small hill upon which the Eagle's Nest had been built was the final refuge of all the nature spirits that had been rudely evicted from their forest home by a massive invasion of chainsaws and bulldozers?

A close friend who had been at the June 5th ceremony complained of acute lethargy and went for a medical check-up. It was discovered that she was suffering from severe bacterial infection and required a massive dose of antibiotics. She later had a session with clairvoyant healers who described her condition as a case of vampire attack. Apparently, her body was infested with astral parasites which had to be pulled out like ticks.

The clairvoyants were assisted by a shaman named Ishtar who told my friend he once lived in Sungai Penchala and on one of his walks around the area had noticed a disturbance in the magnetic field. On closer investigation he realized it was a dimensional crack through which many astral and elemental entities were emerging into the physical world. He immediately sealed the portal the best he could - but it appears to have been reopened since.

I tell this anecdote as an example of what happens when humans resort to primitive forms of sorcery to attain petty objectives, e.g., gaining political influence, securing the affections of a desired lover, or attracting heaps of money.

The entire Malay Archipelago is rife with ancient magic and mysterious phenomena. To attain and retain political power in their own countries, many have relied on occult help from professional mystics-for-hire. President Sukarno, for instance, was known to have consulted an old magician who lived in the Elephant Caves of Bali. Even Mahathir, a medical doctor by qualification, was widely rumored to be in possession of a powerful family toyol (gremlin) who did his bidding and protected him from psychic attacks.

By now it's common knowledge that Rosmah Mansor, the crime minister's larger-than-life wife, is particularly fond of magical talismans and charms and that she herself possesses a measure of witchy powers.

On 7 September 2008 I posted a story on my blog with the following commentary:

Oh dear, what is this country coming to? On the eve of the Permatang Pauh by-election, Malaysia Today featured a statutory declaration by one Thangarajoo a/l Thangavelu, former chauffeur of Datuk Kenneth Eswaran, close personal friend of DPM Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor, attesting that he had "on numerous occasions" driven a Hindu mystic named "Mr Ji" to the residence of Najib and Rosmah for the purpose of conducting Hindu prayer rituals "to ward off evil." Swamiji's magic is clearly potent, which might explain why neither Najib nor Rosmah has been subpoenaed to testify at the Altantuya murder trial, despite glaring evidence linking both to the crime.

As Raja Petra Kamarudin rightly pointed out (before he made a dramatic 180-degree turn in 2011 and became Najib's most reviled apologist), if what Mr Thangarajoo stated is true, it would totally invalidate Najib's widely publicized attempt to declare his innocence and non-involvement in the macabre Altantuya murder by swearing on the Koran before a mosque audience that he had "never met that Mongolian woman."

One cannot claim to be a bona fide Muslim and believe in Hindu ritual magic at the same time.

In any case, I must report that ever since the Permatang Pauh by-election in August 2008, which saw Anwar Ibrahim winning massively to become Parliamentary Opposition Leader, the psychic atmosphere in this country has become progressively denser and murkier. The astral gunk became even thicker towards the end of 2008 when Najib's ascension to power came under severe attack on all fronts.

Shortly before Najib took over as prime minister from Abdullah Badawi in April 2009, it was reported in the press that security personnel had stumbled on a mysterious object with Jawi letters written all over it hidden under the PM's chair. What does that mean? As to be expected, there was no follow-up to these reports.

However, I couldn't help but notice that petty squabbles soon began erupting from within the ranks of the Pakatan Rakyat - and every time there was a minor misunderstanding between PKR, DAP or PAS officials, the BN-controlled media would magnify it a hundred times, thereby creating the illusion that the Pakatan Rakyat was on the verge of disintegrating.

Even as spiritual leader of PAS Tok Guru Nik Aziz's health deteriorated, his deputy Abdul Hadi Awang began to push his personal agenda of elbowing out the progressives (who unanimously endorsed Anwar Ibrahim's candidacy as PM-in-waiting) and strengthening his own power base among the rural constituents by renewing the Hudud agenda. Shortly after Nik Aziz died, Hadi Awang's true colors were exposed; he threw out all the progressive leaders in PAS and went all out on Hudud  (with Umno's apparent support). This inevitably led to the break-up of the promising opposition coalition called Pakatan Rakyat - the only hope Malaysians had of booting out the utterly corrupt and reactionary Barisan Nazional.

In the last few years the situation has further deteriorated with the onset of the annual smog caused by oil palm plantations (mostly owned by Malaysian tycoons and their cronies in Umno/BN). I myself have had to make a conscious effort to maintain my emotional equilibrium against a strong tendency towards general irritability, alternating with bouts of despair as I see the forces of darkness and injustice regain ground within the national psyche.

Dzulkifli Ahmad, Umno's new Gestapo Chief
The fact that ever since the obscene Perak power grab people have mostly given up on the Malay rulers as bastions of justice and wisdom doesn't help either. Look around and you will notice that every public institution has been corrupted beyond redemption: first on the list, of course, would be the Polis Di Raja Malaysia, closely followed by the gestapo-like Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the Judiciary (especially the so-called higher courts), and even the Malaysian Medical Council whose director-general, Ismail Merican, has shamelessly revealed himself as a political pawn of the ruling party, particularly over the controversial Saiful and Kugan cases.

Things came to a head in mid-July 2009 with the grotesque death-in-custody of Teoh Beng Hock, a fresh-faced young political secretary with the Democratic Action Party, who was hauled in for "questioning" by the MACC - and never left their premises alive. The inquest is ongoing, albeit at snail's pace.

 Newly appointed Police Inspector General Fuzi Harun
One can easily conclude that the entire nation is now being mismanaged by black magic, just as Haiti was with the entry of the Duvalier family - or Uganda under Idi Amin and Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe.

What can we do to neutralize this extreme negativity?

The most effective method would be to pay close attention to our own personal integrity. Rid your hard drive of corrupted and useless files; uninstall programs you never use; and clear your computer system of any spyware that might have embedded itself in your root directory. In short, cleanse yourself of useless fears, prejudices, and antiquated beliefs.

If you fall ill, look upon it as the body's way of cleansing itself of toxins. I allowed the sores on my legs to run their course in order to rid my body of all the bacteria that had infiltrated my defences. I chose to view it as a special service I was performing for the residents of Eagle's Nest, helping them clear the space for healing.

Awaken the shamanic potential in yourself. Each of us is endowed with a certain amount of psychic sensitivity and the ability to heal ourselves. Now more than ever, these natural gifts are urgently needed - if we are to free ourselves and our beloved land of malignant and vicious parasites that have fattened themselves off our vital energy for generations.

[Originally posted on this blog 13 August 2009; reposted 19 August 2014 & again on 3 July 2015 because of its specific relevance to the present situation]

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John Kaminski on José Argüelles (repost)

José Argüelles: the Pythagoras of our time

Architect of the human future on the path beyond technology


"The finest thing of all is singing." ~ Pythagoras

By John Kaminski

Master and servant. Master of the Law of Time, and servant of the universal vibe.

He was the Pythagoras of our time, whose impact on the future will compare with Newton, Tesla and Jung. Among 20th century philosopher/explorers of new realms of human consciousness, his achievements exceeded even Krishnamurti, who refused to be the Illuminati god, and Castaneda, who confirmed communication with inorganic beings.

José Argüelles, gracious bearer of the gift of natural time, died Wednesday in Australia at the age of 72.

A man's greatness is measured by the duration of his ideas — Euclidean geometry, Newtonian physics, Platonic solids. Pythagoras, for those who don't know, was the ancient Greek who gave us a system of knowledge that developed into modern mathematics and a concept of sacred geometry still ardently practiced today.

Argüelles, this eclectic Mayan mystic artist, rescued us from the unrealized tyranny of artificial time and established a fully functioning system of natural time already well developed among his thousands of followers throughout the world, seeping into people's minds as the obvious truth once you understand what he discovered, which is a clear pathway to a future of delightful and naturally occurring synchronicity and trust.

He left a happy memory of consciousness expanding events across the blazing trail of his life — foundation of Earth Day, 1987 Harmonic Convergence, the Arcturus Probe, the Telektonon prophecies, but best of all, he left us the 13-moon calendar, and the Dreamspell, that smile-generating board game that makes us realize the hollowness of the artificial systems that rule our lives as well as the heights to which our consciousness is about to expand. Argüelles spent his entire life telling us to pay attention to the natural systems we can perceive.

An untiring servant of the universal vibe, Argüelles expanded human consciousness to a degree that will be revered among the highest components of human knowledge in the centuries to come. He leaves us with the gift of natural time, many thousands of followers, and a new, encouraging view of the future.

With a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Chicago, he wrote Earth Ascending in the 1970s. The worldwide celebration of Harmonic Convergence was followed shortly thereafter by the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Dreamspell game became a cult among the very intelligent, whose view of things began to expand greatly with the ever available assistance of universal synchronicity.

In his stunning interview with Regina Meredith just last December ("José Argüelles and the Mayan Calendar"), he left us with a forecast for the future of humanity that can only leave you breathlessly optimistic. We are becoming "biosolar telepaths", whole systems (universes?) unto ourselves who will get our nourishment directly from the Sun yet be connected by telepathy and empathy to everyone and everything.

" . . . our biological nature is totally hooked up to our solar nature. This is what the ancients spoke of as the coming sixth sign of consciousness of the new Solar Age. The new Solar Age is when we realize that our consciousness is intimately related to the Sun, to the solar radiation and the information rays of the Sun. So we are biological nature, that our consciousness is tuned into and regulated by solar pulsations, and that when we integrate the biological and the solar elements we activate our telepathic powers and we become biosolar telepaths."

Son of Mexican immigrants who grew up in Minnesota, the effects of Jung's concept of synchroncity were to mysteriously guide each step in the passage of his life into focusing on the subject of time. As a teenager, he ran all the way to the top of the Teotihuacan pyramid the first time he saw it and experienced a white light he was able to later identify as cosmic knowledge. Shortly thereafter working in a library he chanced across Sylvanus Morley's treatise on Mayan mathematics, and then received a Mayan calendar from Lakota writer Tony Shearer, but the real epiphany came in a clock museum in Geneva, Switzerland.

"I was in the Clock Museum and I realized after two hours that the whole of modern civilization is based on a frequency 12, like the 12 hours that you have on the face of any clock, that you find anywhere; 60 minutes and also the 12-month Gregorian calendar. I knew in a flash; I saw this is the reason why modern civilization is going to fall off the edge of the cliff.

"I was able to see what it was. This Mayan Time is cosmic; it’s universal; it’s endless cycles that put you in the rhythms of Nature.

Artificial time " . . . separates us from Nature. It makes, it separates us from our own souls. It makes us more and more alienated from ourselves. It makes us more and more alienated from Nature. The more alienated from Nature we become the easier it is for us to just deplete the resources and use them for our own goods to make money or to spend our money on. So, I could say that’s just a truck without brakes heading for a brick wall.

"The actual nature of Time is synchronicity, OK. That’s the nature of Time. Everything in the universe is synchronized with itself. The Moon is synchronized going around the Earth; the Earth is synchronized going around the Sun; the Sun is synchronized with its constellation in the local, with the galaxy in going around the galaxy. The whole galaxy cluster is synchronized, and so on, and so forth. So, everything is synchronized. When the birds wake up in the morning, when the first rays of the Sun come up, they stop their tweet-tweet-tweeting when the Sun goes down and everything is a big synchronistic symphony from the point of view of the Earth, the Earth is a whole. If you get out in Space and look at the Earth, sure, one side is dark and one side is light, but it’s always turning. But to the Earth as a whole thing it’s one same moment in Time all the time.

"OK, it’s one same moment in Time all the time. Everything from the Earth’s point of view everything is in a state of synchronicity. But we live in an artificial bubble, so we can’t recognize that. Jung came up with the concept of synchronicity in 1952. That was like starting to scratch at the surface, that the edges were wearing out. You know synchronicity and then we got things like LSD and stuff like that that popped a couple more new holes in the veil there, you know. Then by the time you get to the 1980s, and “The Police” (Rock Music Band) put out an album called Synchronicity, and nowadays people are seeing synchronistic experiences becoming more “normal,” OK, because the fabric of artificial time is wearing out, and people are looking for ways out now. People have synchronistic experiences that’s telling them oh, wait; there is another reality.

"It should be our every day, every moment experience. So, the only way you can get out of it is to stop the clock."

Argüelles thought that the 12:60 system was imposed from without. "Exactly. And in my understanding of it this is precisely, then, why the Mayans incarnated on the other side of the planet to establish the fundamentals of what I call the Mayan Time science.

"Let’s put it this way, that the galactic Mayan surveillance team, let’s say, watching this part of the what I call experimental zone of the universe, this solar system here, they are watching this, they saw that what we might call a karmic stream from a previous world system that wanted to capture, let’s say, a particular planet, inject with this Babylonian/Sumerian idea of Time being based on the 12 and the 60, and that happened.

"And it’s interesting that the Sumerians knew that exactly at what we call the beginning of the Mayan Great Cycle, 3100 BC. So, that’s exactly when that occurred. You have evidence of that existing at that time. So, the Mayans, then, came in at the right time and said OK, well, we have to see where that’s at; we see where that’s going to go. It’s going to create disaster. The only thing that we can do is come down here and plant seeds of the correct timing sensibility, the correct mathematics of Time and pray that like at the right moment all of this gets discovered and that we’ll realize what it is, inject the data in there. I think that they were so uncannily intelligent that they knew that even though what we call 2012 in the Mayan long calendar, mathematically speaking, is They don’t have a fixed starting point date. Everything is different cycles.

"Once we get past this 2012 hump our destiny is to become biosolar telepaths." The key hurdle is realizing this is the wisdom of the ancients. "This is something of what, say for instance, the ancient Mayans or Mexicans or Incas or Egyptians when the so called Sun Worshipers, that they actually knew that the Sun is the regulator of human consciousness, and that’s why they were paying attention to it.

"You know the ancient Mayans knew about this. [That’s] why I refer to them as the galactic wise ones who incarnated here and established themselves as the Mayans, here. They knew about this and they had a very sophisticated language to describe it. And one of the terms that they use is Tinkanata, (sic) which is the paranormal or telepathic powers that the human being has that are directly connected to the solar radiation. Tinkanata. Telepathy and solar radiation have a common ality, they are a kind of media."

Interviewer Regina Meredith asked José: "Looking at technology in the future, there was an interesting event yesterday, where Lynn Roberts led the group into a meditation and you could put yourself into the future and what it looked like. And, I interviewed Barbara Marx Hubbard right after that, and she and I had essentially the same visions, with slight variances, where it was this very organic sense of Time, organic sense of life in close companionship with the Earth, highly telepathic. But, we were in the presence of computer monitors, but it was connecting us with everything that’s possible, is. Anyone you needed to be in communion with anywhere on the planet and beyond was right there. So, it is quite possible, it seemed to me, it seemed quite harmonious and beautiful that even the types of technologies that have in its now primitive form have been given birth to, are going to work very well with the organic sense of Time down the road."

Argüelles agreed and delivered a diagnosis of the technological extravagance run by moral morons that threatens the future of humanity.

" . . . we’ve been too immature to deal with them (high tech inventions); we’ve become infatuated with the clock, developed a runaway system that we never tested, and it’s making morons and obese freaks out of us.

"So, we have to look at that. So, there has to be some kind of moratorium on all of this so we can recalibrate our intelligence and see what it is that we actually do need. Because the thing is, like I always say, wow, that’s really funny for 25,900 years Homo Sapiens did very well without cars and then now can’t do without them.

"So, it’s like you know so hey, wait a minute, we gotta, we have to stop this process. It’s a runaway technology that’s having all sorts of effects on our psyche, on our social psyche and our personal psyche that we can’t even control, and we’re all kind of just like sitting around helpless, you know, and watch our kids go crazy.

"Money is just like an illusion. Don’t worry; we’ve lived without this technology all this time. Just learn to grow a garden and relax. It’s all going to get better."

The doorway to the future is definitely located at the Foundation for the Law of Time.

Jose and I exchanged a few letters back in the early '90s in my pre-destabilization template days, sufficient to make me feel like his younger brother. I had triggered the connection after I read a line in his 1986 book, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology.

The line went: "The key to integrity is admitting your faults." My life took a significant turn for the better once I integrated that into my paradigm. In large part, it has led me to where I am today, telling you all this. In fact, I'd always planned on meeting him on the Rainbow Bridge, and judging by his website, I may still.

So, as the hunch playing pseudoepidemiologist you know I am, I'm making the bold prediction that the sooner the world comprehends and follows the humble directives of this inspirational servant of the universal vibe, better known in some circles at Valum Votan, president of the Foundation of the Law of Time, the better off we all will be. And I say the sooner the better.

Beloved Memnosis, master of cosmic memory (his persona in The Arcturus Probe).

Bon voyáge, José. We're right behind you, and we'll see you there. Thanks for the guidance.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, eternally grateful for the graceful souls who pass through this world and leave gifts that make this life worth living. First posted 26 March 2011.

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Mariam Mokhtar on what happened to Umno after Tunku Abdul Rahman (repost)

The happiest PM in the world

Tunku Abdul Rahman (1903-1990)
The Tunku once described himself as “the happiest prime minister” when he was interviewed in 1983, by Peter Hastings, the foreign editor of the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH).

Today, as we read about Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, and the tactics used against the rakyat, NGOs, civil liberty groups and the opposition, we see a man who resorts to foul play, even breaking the law if necessary, to prolong his political career and that of his party, Umno.

Perhaps, what the Tunku possessed and what his successors lack is a sense of humour. Behind the calm purpose of his jokes, Tunku was able to show his spirit of tolerance.

Tunku laughed when Hastings reminded him of the time an Islamic group had sought the Tunku’s support for adulterers to be stoned to death and he had replied: “There are not enough stones in Malaysia.”

In his biography, ‘Tunku: His Life and Times’, the Tunku is described as looking resplendent in his morning coat and top hat, when he posed with Think Big, the race horse which won the Melbourne Cup in 1975. Just before he went up to receive the winner’s trophy, Tunku swopped his top hat for a black songkok and as the cup was placed in his hands, said: “I thank God for our victory”, a phrase which he repeated later that night at the Victory Cup Ball.

Those who knew Tunku would remember that most of his dinners ended-up on the dance-floor. He revived the Ronggeng (a Malay dance) and foreign dignitaries were invited to dance with their Malay hostesses. With this method, he succeeded in diplomacy, both foreign and domestic, something which would be impossible to replicate in today’s intolerant Malaysia.

The current crop of Malay leaders would never dare emulate Tunku by pursuing their hobbies openly, or even attribute gambling successes to God. They’d rather lie, for the sake of political expediency.

Many Malays of today are two-faced. The pious façade they present to the public is only to advance themselves in politics or to gain commercial advantage. It is widely known that prominent Malays including high-ranking members of the civil service, including the judiciary and police, have private poker sessions. The only time they don’t hide from the public eye, is when they are abroad.

So, why is gaming in casinos and betting on horses prohibited, but corruption allowed? Why should politicians be allowed to play Russian roulette with taxpayer’s money but individual Malays prevented from gambling with their own money?

In the SMH interview, Tunku was asked his views on the Look East policy of the prime minister of the time, Mahathir Mohamad. Tunku said: “Look east? Why should I? I have always liked to look in all directions.”

‘I like people to be happy’

At a birthday party in Kuala Lumpur in 1987, Tunku abandoned his prepared text and towards the end of his speech repeated his scorn for Mahathir: “Whether we look East or West, we shall always be friends with England.”

Tunku told Hastings (SMH) about the influence of the Islamic traditionalists and drinking mores of the Malaysian politicians of the 80s: “It is changing. I used to provide scotch, brandy and champagne at my banquets. The people did not mind. They are tolerant, but Tun Razak, my successor, never liked it. He feared the political consequences. I like people to be happy.”

The Tunku comes across as a normal human being, one the rakyat feels comfortable with. He did not hide behind the veil of hypocrisy, unlike his successors.

Perhaps, the Tunku’s “what you see is what you get” attitude endeared him to the public, rather than the sham public face which many of his successors wear.

When Tunku was advised to stop drinking alcohol at one of the earlier Umno meetings, he said: “People must accept me as I am: my bad habits and my virtues. At the age of 48, I cannot change them.”

Like other prominent Malay families, Tunku sent his daughter to study as a boarder at the Light Street Convent in Penang. Today, church halls have to remove crucifixes and other emblems of Christianity when Umno leaders are present. Umno expects people of other faiths to respect Muslims and Islam, but thinks nothing of trampling on the rights of other faiths, or accusing them of taking over the country, simply to rile the Malays.

Mahathir exploited the vulnerability of the Malays and gave the Umno Malays legal protection, in the same way that wildlife organisations protect endangered plants and animals. Mahathir made it an offence for anyone to threaten the Umno Malays by changing the environmental, or other parameters, in which the Umno Malays would thrive.

Two weeks ago, Najib argued that successful Malaysian women risked making men “an endangered species”. He is wrong. What he meant was that Umno Malays are the world’s most protected species.

Didn’t Mahathir and Najib learn in school, that if you take an animal from the wild and domesticate it, the animal soon forgets to fend for itself?

Bred in captivity

Successive generations of Umno Malays have been bred in captivity and have become dependent on the food from their keeper. If released into their natural settings, Umno Malays will die. Like most caged animals, they have become lazy and obese. Their mental processes deteriorate because they lack the stimuli necessary for survival. Umno Malays could be weaned off their bad habits, but Umno will never allow that to happen.

If the zookeepers (Umno leaders) have no animals (Umno Malays) to take care of, then they are out of a job.

In today’s Malaysia, the fund for maintaining the Umno zoo is running low. The keepers have siphoned off most of the takings from the zoo. With food stocks running low, portions are small and feeding is erratic. The animals are distressed. They have been used to large meals, at any time of day, not just at feeding times.

These are dangerous times. The animals are waiting to pounce. One wrong move and the keeper becomes their next meal. Those of us watching from outside the cage would then be happiest. If Umno Malays refuse to be mentally liberated now, they run the risk of extinction.

MARIAM MOKHTAR is a non-conformist traditionalist from Perak, a bucket chemist and an armchair eco-warrior. In ‘real-speak', this translates into that she comes from Ipoh, values change but respects culture, is a petroleum chemist and also an environmental pollution-control scientist.

[Published 15 October 2012 in Malaysiakini. Posted here 16 October. Thanks, Mariam! You are indeed a precious gem.]