Thursday, February 22, 2024


In 1999 or thereabouts, via the internet, I became aware of a wonderful soul named Michael who felt very much like an old friend. I discovered many similarities between us and we developed an etheric bond over the years. As a young man Michael had seen service with the British army in Malaya soon after the Japanese Occupation (he's now in his late seventies or early eighties and still sprightly as a wizard). Back in England Michael ran an actor's studio training actors for the camera and came close to being cast as Jesus (or was it Moses?) in a Dino de Laurentiis epic.

Later Michael became an author and wrote several books set in Avalon and Camelot about the secret life of Arthur Pendragon. He also co-authored a book with Princess Diana - after she was killed in a mystery-shrouded "accident" in Paris. Yes, my friend Michael is also a channel, spiritualist and a lifelong student of the esoteric.

Michael often mentioned a very close friend of his named Peter, an ally from many lifetimes. I suspected that I had inadvertently made contact with members of a modern-day circle of Archdruids and Atlantean magicians. My suspicions were confirmed when Michael sent me a photo of Peter looking like The Merlin.

Since early childhood, I have been fascinated by the Pendragon bloodline, of which Arthur - "The Once and Future King" - was the last known manifestation. Aficionados of Arthurian legend formed the Pendragon Society in 1959. Among their pet beliefs is that the Pendragon lineage is an extension of the Grail bloodline issuing from the sacred union of Yeshua and the Magdalene. Pendragonians do not accept the Windsors as the rightful rulers of Britain. Indeed, they point out that the Windsor family originated from the vampiric Saxe-Coburg-Gotha bloodline and must be regarded as usurpers. Just as in Christian mythology, Pendragonians anticipate the Return of the Pendragon at the close of this chapter of human evolution.

The Pendragon's return will be heralded by the reappearance of The Merlin - in Druidism the title given to the Supreme Bard.

This belief resonates well with me, for I too believe that all reigning monarchies on this planet are descended from the Anunnaki colonists who manufactured Homo sapiens specifically to perform menial tasks and mine for gold.

In effect, the present power hierarchy may be described as "the spawn of lesser gods." As such, they do not have any authority or jurisdiction over any lifeform indigenous to Planet Earth. The only way they are able to maintain their misrule is through force of arms and systematic mind control. In other words, their only hold on humanity is through skilful manipulation of our hardwired fear and guilt programs. Unsubscribe from their spin and their deathgrip on your imagination immediately loosens. You will no longer be trapped in their apocalyptic hell-on-earth scenarios.

With this little preamble out of the way, let me share with you a dream my dear friend Michael jotted down very recently...


I am sitting on a shelf of rock, overlooking a vast plain, when I hear someone approaching. He is about fourteen – but don’t let that fool you, I think to myself.

"Hi," he says, and hunkers down beside me.

I wait for him to speak, and eventually he does so: "I have been asked to give you some news," he says, gazing out over the plain. "The day you have been longing for, working for, all your life – and many previous lifetimes – is almost here."

"Alle-bloody-luiah!" springs to mind – and that’s the cleaned up version – but I don’t say it out loud. "That’s very good news," I reply. "But we’ve been hearing that for at least thirty years – and still nothing has happened." I immediately regret my churlishness, but the lad just smiles.

"Sorry, but I don’t live in your time frame," he replies. "Thirty, even a hundred Earth years are but a moment where I come from."

"And where do you come from?" I ask.

"I work in the IP centre." He senses that I’m about to ask him what the 'IP centre’ is, and forestalls me: "Incoming Prayer centre. All human prayers are downloaded onto a central computer, and my department is responsible for organizing them into topics and degrees of relevance and urgency – taking into account the hundreds of different languages in which they are transmitted, and the many degrees of precision of thought and visualization with which they have been expressed.

"The prayer that now outnumbers almost all the others put together is:


"During the last few years – in your time – critical mass has been reached, so this simple, one-word prayer, which is often spoken aloud, or whispered, or uttered silently, but is far more often sent subconsciously - even by those who don’t believe in prayer! - has earned the rare and almost unprecedented status of 'a prayer from all mankind’.

"Such a prayer merits a response – and the response is on its way."

This news restores my good humour – and my good manners – somewhat. "Alleluiah,”I say with a smile.

The lad gets to his feet. "Tell your friends and fellow workers that D Day is now very close."

"'D Day'?" I enquire.

"You tell me," says the news-bearer. "You who have spent so many years searching, identifying, defining and refining precisely what is required."

I get to my feet. "Deliverance Day."

The boy nods. "Deliverance Day." He lifts a hand in an informal salute and goes on his way.

I wake up, and reach for pencil and paper.

[First posted 8 March 2009, reposted 12 March 2016]