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Animals That Accidentally Saw You Naked... (repost)

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France

[Forwarded by Olivia de Haulleville. First posted 25 August 2014]

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

This Has NOTHING To Do With Religion! (revisited)

First published 14 January 2009, but it warrants reposting in view of Kartika Seri Dewi Shukarno's intriguing masochism in requesting to be publicly caned. Is she, apart from being partial to beer, also somewhat kinky? From Malaysiakini, 13 Jan 2009

I was absolutely flabbergasted when I read this report in Malaysiakini. This can't be happening, I thought. It's certainly one of the most absurd - nay, insane - things I've come across thus far outside of Nigeria, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia.


Can't stand the taste of beer myself but I have lots of friends of all colors and creeds who drink - and not one of them is remotely a "bad" person just because they enjoy a couple of beers.

What's going on here is the ugly face of a dying patriarchy, trying to scare people into obedience to benighted, irrelevant, meaningless and barbaric laws invented by the falsely pious for the sole purpose of controlling others.

The question that springs to mind is this: if we're going to practise "tough love" in the interest of running "a tight ship" - then why not cane those found guilty of willfully destroying the environment for private profit? Or those who have been caught demanding kickbacks and bribes? These are far more serious crimes, with long-term negative consequences that affect the entire nation.

Beer-swigging Muslims are in the same category as pot-smoking teenagers. They number in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. There aren't enough canes to go around if we're going to start caning every "offender." The National Fatwa Council could advise all Muslims who prefer to imbibe Al-Kohol rather than Al-Koran to keep a cane handy with which to flagellate themselves when they go home. Nevertheless, I think the hangover from overindulgence suffices as punishment.

Every Muslim on this planet has a sacred duty to speak out and defend the honor and integrity of his or her faith from being so hideously besmirched by fundamentalist bigots and time-warped fanatics such as those who advocate corporal punishment for activities some people deem pleasurable and which don't actually cause any harm to anybody (except to their own health if done in excess).

The worst disease plaguing humanity has always been the deformed consciousness of rabid control freaks who hide behind the fa├žade of "morality" in their obscene lust for power over others.

I'd rather be in the company of a boisterous platoon of beer-drinkers than spend even one minute with any human whose worldview resembles that of a Spanish Inquisitor.

May God in her wisdom terminate once and for all the bloodlines of these hypocritical killjoys - unless their children end up marrying Germans. So be it!

Some quarters are now clamoring for Oktoberfest to be banned. Well, I just have to soothe my nerves with some gratuitous images of buxom beer-swilling Bavarian beauties. Prost!

[Reposted 22 August 2009 & 7 October 2014 & 7 July 2016]

WHY NOT TAKE ALL OF ME? (Turning tragedy into triumph)

Two extraordinary airplane disasters within four months. That’s what Malaysians have had to endure thus far in 2014 (apart from the foul reek of religious bigots spewing forth unmitigated malice in the accursed name of racial supremacy) – and who knows what else is in store for the rest of the world? I have a feeling July 2014 has got a few more surprises up its sleeves… but there are just too many probabilities for me to predict which will manifest on what level.

Debris from Flight MH17 (Reuters)

How reality options unfold is in our own hands – or, rather, our own mindsets and mental attitudes. Remember we inhabit a hologram populated by souls at different degrees of consciousness – and while some are acutely aware that we each experience “reality” according to our perspectives and programming, many others are still looking outside themselves for expert guidance or scientific proof. In these tumultuous times of massive transition, anyone who passes himself or herself off as an expert is more than likely just another spiritual carpetbagger.

Looking for bodies in a field of sunflowers (AP/Dmitry Lovetsky) 

Indeed, these are times when the line between apocalypse and epiphany becomes so fine you might encounter both heavenly and hellish scenarios sitting next to each other on the last train to Clarkesville. On my facebook newsfeed, for instance, I read about a friend’s glorious yacht vacation in the Mediterranean; and the very next post is a video uploaded from Gaza that shows an anguished father hugging the body of his dead daughter who can’t be more than five. Even as some make plans to trance-dance in Koh Phangan or indulge themselves at a luxury spa in Phuket, others in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and the Ukraine are experiencing hell on earth.

When flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing vanished off the radar in the wee hours of March 8th the whole world entered into the Twilight Zone. What began as a routine red-eye flight turned into an episode right out of The X-Files. Many hypotheses (with varying degrees of plausibility) have been circulated on the internet but none has been definitive or conclusive (I personally prefer the most "implausible" ones, simply because the realm of the plausible tends to be thoroughly mundane). The missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 has earned its place among the “10 greatest mysteries in aviation history.” Five years after Flight MH370 disappeared with 239 on board, not a single clue has surfaced as to its whereabouts or exactly what befell the ill-fated aircraft.

At least with Flight MH17 there can be no doubt that somebody launched a villainous attack that took 298 lives – leaving hundreds, even thousands more in shock, grief, and horror. 

Latest reports indicate that at least 80 passengers were children, including 3 infants. Animals too were blown out of the sky – birds, dogs, probably a few cats. Anyone of us could have been on that plane. Air travel has become as routine as hopping on a crosstown bus or taxi. With word spreading at near lightspeed over the internet, billions have surely been impacted – at a deep emotional level – by this terrible man-made calamity. 

While millions have responded by bursting into tears, lighting candles, observing silence, or praying for the dead, many others have focused on cushioning the blow of abrupt and massive loss of life by visualizing the most positive outcome for all.

Lost in transit

Transcending the anguish I feel for friends and relatives traumatized by this horrific bereavement, I open my heart to embrace them all as fragments of my own being.
8-year-old Margaux van den Hende was on MH17
with her parents & two siblings

From the perspective of those whose earthly lives were so rudely ended - once they got over the initial shock of spontaneous release from their physical bodies - nothing tragic occurred.

Indeed, each soul found itself reunited with its astral twin, attaining wholeness and, along with it, perfect clarity. As a bonus, all residual karma was instantly erased, and totally fresh vistas of experience have become available to those who found themselves literally translated into cosmic rapture. They can opt to swiftly return as full-fledged masters and serve as evolutionary guides. Or merge ecstatically with Everything and become Nothing.

The experience of transition is, of course, nothing new. Whether or not each of us is aware of this, all of us have experienced multitudes of embodiments – in one form or another. Those of us who consciously remember parallel incarnations, or who have reconnected with our core essence, will be receptive to the revelation that death is as transient and illusory as life within the manifest worlds.

When the fragile form is shattered, our immortal substance is freed. In ages past a vast majority of souls found themselves harvested and recycled through a cunningly crafted mechanical process akin to what goes on in our factories. Occasionally a few souls were able to escape the endless cycle of death and rebirth, attaining illumination and self-mastery. Many of these would then opt to reinsert themselves into the dense and murky domains of mortal being as spiritual guides and teachers, or bodhisattvas, driven by pure compassion and love.

I can now state with absolute certainty that this scenario no longer applies. The seals have been broken, dimensional portals reactivated and reopened, and souls are free to come and go with minimal interference. To explain how this became possible would require serious effort and a great deal of background information which exceeds the scope of this essay. Suffice to say, those so inclined will find this data resonant with their core beings – and for the hardnosed sceptics, no amount of persuasion will sway them from their doubt and intellectual disdain.

In effect, the so-called Archons of Destiny (whose human agents are known as the Elite Cabals) no longer control the game. They have yet to realize this, but the harder they try to inject more fear into the 3D Matrix, the more malicious destruction they wreak upon Mother Earth and her beloved life-forms, the feebler their stranglehold on the human psyche becomes. Their delinquent actions will merely serve to increase the velocity of metamorphic transformation across the spectrum. Even if they run completely amok and kill a billion people, they will find themselves neutralized by the spiritual awakening of their own descendants, who shall be overlighted by master souls born of their own attempts to retain control.

It’s sometimes exasperating to witness some aspect of your own being cutting off its nose to spite its face, as the old proverb goes. But we must keep reminding ourselves that the vilest evil emanates from our own unresolved traumas and manifests as “the enemy” or “opponent” – which is exactly what shaitan means in Arabic and Hebrew.

Ultimately every single atom is integral to the whole of existence – without exception. We cannot destroy the illusion of Evil. But we can learn to reverse our spells (and our spelling) so we can simply Live.

Why fear the Archons of Destiny? They are no more than a few coagulated clots of our own immature selves that seem to have gone overboard with their Halloween costumes.

Blessings upon All for we are in truth One. As Ol’ Blue Eyes once sang:

“All of me
Why not take all of me
Can't you see
I'm no good without you”

[Originally posted on 20 July 2014]