Thursday, November 1, 2012

Flashback ~ a visit from Kinky Blue Fairy & Deepsomaniac!

Kinky Blue Fairy aka Joyce Kirsten Wong has made a name for herself as a lifestyle blogger. I first bumped into this vivacious and extremely high-voltage creature in Sarawak at the Rainforest World Music Festival many years ago. She was with her beer buddy Deep the Deepsomaniac.

Since then I've looked forward to visits from both of them - because they both know how to completely chill and just enjoy being here. Also, being bloggers, they often take funky photos and create amusing blogposts about their experience, which I relish reading.

I just revisited Joyce's report from February 2010 a week after she attended a kenduri at Magick River on 18 February 2010, organized to celebrate my return from a near-death episode - and to honor the spirit of  Minah Angong, who was summoned by her sister Indah and her niece Anoora from the spirit realms to assist in my recovery.

A few days after emerging from a 5-day induced coma, I had no idea they had invoked Mak Minah with a simple sawai ceremony at my house. But I actually saw Minah Angong at the hospital in the form of a 10-year-old girl. She kept her distance and we didn't interact but somehow I knew it was Minah because she had died on 21 September 1999 and in her new spirit body she was only 10. It was only when I told Mary Maguire about seeing Mak Minah that I found out that she had indeed been summoned to keep an eye on me while I was hanging around the astral.

Indah said the kenduri was necessary to send her departed sister back to the spirit realms. Sometimes, it's good to just do as you're told - especially if all you're told to do is invite some good friends around for a sweet little party!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Funky Halloween (in sympathy with those rendered powerless by Sandy)...

Halloween holds no meaning for me but people need an excuse to be silly... which is a lot funkier than being stupid!

[Post inspired by Estrelita Soliano Grosse]

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thanks, Rob Whitworth, for making KL look prettier than I've ever seen it!

Kuala Lumpur: super-modern buildings juxtaposed with various cultural enclaves and with a little of Asia’s chaos thrown in. My time lapse explores how the city changes from day to night highlighting how spaces dramatically alter during the course of a few hours. ~ Rob Whitworth

“5 months. 400 hours of solid work. 4 cameras. 40 shoots. 640 gigabytes of data. 19,997 photographs.”

[Brought to my attention by Michelle Gunaselan]