Tuesday, June 10, 2008


How heartened and happy I am to read of the unwavering resolve and shining courage of all those who gathered outside Kamunting to bring an end to the evil ISA. Malaysiakini reported at least 1,000 braved the police cordons and the FRU to light their symbolic candles at the vigil. When people are fearless and united in a noble cause, no armed force in the universe can deter them from expressing their burning desire for freedom from oppression and tyranny.

I am also extremely relieved and reassured to note that there are a few level-headed police officers who, when ordered to perform an unpleasant and unjust task, are able and willing to walk the line between obeying orders and further antagonizing the public.

Kudos to the Pakatan Rakyat state governments who openly lent their support to the June 7 anti-ISA rally at Kamunting. All of us who voted them into power are fully confident that as soon as they take over the federal government, abolishing archaic tyrannical laws will have top priority on their political agenda.

This triumph for human dignity and justice is yet another moral defeat for the no longer relevant and irredeemably rotten BN whose every action and reaction since March 8, 2008 has only estranged them further from the Malaysian voter.

Each day the ISA detainees remain behind bars is one more reason to abolish such evil and unnecessary laws - and the Barisan Nasional along with them. These oppressive laws serve only one purpose: to prop up a corrupt, benighted, piratic and parasitic political party that has mismanaged the land for 50 years.

[Photos courtesy of Malaysiakini]