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The Journey through the Doorway of the 11:11 has taken 21 years – and though the final and eleventh gate was activated in Peru during a 25-hour ceremony between 21-22 November 2012, the story is far from over…

While I was in the thick of it, I made a million mental notes and couldn’t wait to get back to my laptop so I could put it all down in words. Now I’m at a total loss for what to say about the 11th Gate Activation.

The 11:11 phenomenon isn’t something that can easily be explained. Those who respond to its call often say their hearts spoke to them and made them put aside money so they could physically participate in these Activations, even though their minds couldn’t comprehend why it meant so much to them. You could say the call of the 11:11 is an intensely personal one – and at the same time it’s also entirely transpersonal.

Joyful reunion with my amazing Russian soulbrother Igor Abramov

What happens at these 11:11 Gate Activations?

A whole week is devoted to generating a coherent unified field, which Solara calls our One Being. In Peru there were roughly 130 participants from more than 30 countries – with significant numbers from Russia and Mexico. I was the only Asian representative, though not the only Asian – Sonata Myung (a Korean residing in Canada) and Anastra (a Trinidad-born Indian residing in Melbourne who has been at almost every Activation) were present too, although in such a polyglot company more attention is placed on starry lineages rather than ethnic or national origins. [For those interested, there are 3 major star lineages operating in this 3rd-dimensional reality and they entered into manifestation via the stargates in Orion’s Belt, viz., EL (Mintaka), AN (Al Nilam) and RA (Al Nitak). This information first came to light in Solara’s 1991 novel, EL*AN*RA ~ The Healing of Orion.]

Aliya & Yusuf Gubaydullin from Tatastan were among the youngest participants

Within the first three hours, the One Being began to emerge. A coherent field is generated when a disparate group of humans with open hearts connect on an energetic, emotional level. Solara has had lifetimes of training for the work she does, which is to serve as a conductor and integrator of purified emotional frequencies. The deceptively simple techniques she has developed over many decades mostly involve a series of mudras and starry dances – but it is her magnificent and masterful presence - and her disarming wit and gentle authority - that effectively forms a powerful nucleus around which the coherent field emerges - at first imperceptibly, but by the third day the feeling of loving oneness is absolutely tangible. Clear eyes and wide open hearts dissolve all artificial boundaries in an instant. People you only just met suddenly feel like ancient associates and long-lost soul family members.

Marisa Rego from Brazil: a giant heart on legs

The 11:11 mudras formulated by Solara are uncomplicated and easy to do – but they powerfully and instantly transform one’s state of being.

Amazingly, doing the 11:11 mudras with focused intent effectively recalibrates our energy fields, bypassing the left brain with its customary doubts and unanswered questions. It helps to perform the mudras in a group, as the effects are greatly reinforced and amplified – however, doing them on your own is a very transformative exercise that instantly alters your biochemistry.

At every 11:11 Gate Activation, Solara is beautifully supported by one or more sacred musicians. Omashar has been the resident musician at every recent Gate Activation and his contribution is integral to the process. His songs are inspiring, uplifting and extremely haunting – many reported hearing his soaring melodies playing in their heads for days on end! This is one of Omashar’s Activation hits:

Starry dances are an important part of every 11:11 Gate Activation. As a starry choreographer, Solara has come up with many simple but extremely powerful dances that serve to transform any number of bodies into beautiful, kinetic mandalas. The 22-minute “Starry Processional” (accompanied by profoundly evocative original music by Etherium) – which was performed 38 times over 38 hours at the Giza Pyramids during the First Gate Activation on 11 January 1992 – has a trance-inducing effect on participants, evoking long-buried genetic memories of our original lives as stars, spinning majestically through the aeons in patterns of geometric splendor.

Although many had never before done any of the starry dances, the 11th Gate Master Cylinder was marked by very successful performances which created a deep emotional bond among the participants right from the outset. It’s not something that can be described in words – one has to experience it to know. The roots of ritual theater and sacred dance go all the way back in time and space to ancient mystery schools like the Atlantean, Egyptian and Eleusinian.

Aloisio Ferreira & Mariana Schoeler from Brazil
What never ceases to astound me is the way Solara can get a diverse group of individuals to merge effortlessly into a conscious whole without ever raising her voice or reprimanding anyone. If only the 11:11 techniques can be introduced in all areas of public life, so that our parliamentarians can enter each session as One Being… all problems could then be resolved elegantly, efficiently, and effortlessly - and without energy-squandering ego conflicts!

As a collectivity of strong-minded individuals, 11:11 participants quickly learn to set aside their petty egos in service of a universal agenda - that of attunement and harmonization with unwritten cosmic codes that facilitate conscious reintegration with the entire spectrum of life. In so doing we become a cogent coherent field capable of acting in unison – and that forms an organic key with which to open unseen doors to other dimensional realities. It is a beautiful form of cosmic magick, beyond the schisms of Light and Dark, which reconnects us with the Whole of Creation and restores our long-buried memories of countless lifetimes dedicated to the reintegration of our fragmented existences across time and space and multiple dimensions.

Akyuna Akish, 18, White Dragon and Star Commander. Remember the cosmic fetus at the end of
Stanley Kubrick's
2001: A Space Odyssey? That's him, he's arrived!

We are the One that became the Many that must become One again… to proceed to the next step in our unique and universal journey as conscious souls in form.

On a more mundane level, Solara takes pains to ensure the comfort and safety of every participant. The 5-star Aranwa spa resort, located amid cornfields at the foot of the towering Andes in the tiny village of Huayllabamba, was where the group stayed for all 10 days of the 11th Gate Master Cylinder (except during the Activation Ceremony when the group was encamped on an open field overlooked by mountains). The lushly landscaped Aranwa (which means "legend" in Quecha) was a setting fit for kings and queens - and the menagerie of peacocks, colorful (and very noisy) macaws, and inquisitive alpacas added to the regal atmosphere. Considering the de luxe quality of the meals and lodging – and the heavenly, serene setting – the participation fee of $1,744 for 10 days of a fantastic working holiday beyond spacetime is an entirely reasonable price to pay for what many subsequently stated was the most important experience of their lives.

When the 11:11 Doorway was activated in January 1992, I served as the anchor in Malaysia. I am completely amazed by Solara’s superhuman stamina and dedication, over the last 21 years, to her earthly mission of clearing a return path back to the stars for all humanity. Now that the 11th and final Gate has been activated, the incoming stellar codes will soon catalyze a fresh evolutionary surge throughout the planet, freeing all life from artificial boundaries created by false dogmas and limiting beliefs. As Solara puts it, the True Ones will emerge from camouflage and concealment to reclaim our True Lives among True Peoples, to achieve our True Purpose.

Sacred Lotus dance under the magenta rays of the Inca Sun
(pic courtesy of Sebastian Purelove)
The reappearance and reintegration of the Family of AN – a starry lineage which has always been a stabilizing and harmonizing force for conscious evolution but which became scattered and almost completely vanished from the collective memory – signals the end of duality-based ideological conflicts, root cause of so much misery and suffering on our precious planet. Each of us who was physically present at the 11th Gate – and all those who participated in one of nearly 600 anchor groups in 62 countries – have downloaded new apps for creative, conscious living which will serve us well as we return to our various realities as empowered Seeds of AN.

Solara says that AN is characterized by the sacred union of Sun and Moon, the male and female polarities – intellect fused with intuition, giving rise to true compassion and emotional maturity. The Activation Ceremony ended with the Aslan Dance in which we danced as matched pairs – hearts shining like a million suns, radiating joy and nobility – finally breaking free from the endless circle of life-death-rebirth and going forth in all directions, carrying the truth of our divine essence wherever our human destinies may take us.

Rainbow round the midday Sun with the colors of the El*An*Ra

In her Surf Update of 26 November, Solara says:

We have written the final chapter of our old stories and closed our old book. Our new stories have now begun. We can create the lives that we truly want. The ones that are most suited to who we are. We can step free of all our old limiting behaviors and beliefs. We can live True Lives as True Ones.

The final 11:11 Activation of the Eleventh Gate was absolutely magnificent. Here at the Master Cylinder in Peru, we began in the afternoon of November 21 and continued through the night until the afternoon of November 22.

As we began our ceremony, there were two rainbows in the sky directly above us, with the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other. Soon, a condor blessed us with his appearance. This was a very rare occurrence as condors rarely are seen in the Sacred Valley. During the first afternoon, there was a large Sunbow around the Sun.

Blue & orange dusk @ activation site, 21 November 2012
Although we were in the rainy season and it had poured with rain for several nights preceding the ceremony, our night was without rain. We had called upon the Apus, the Peruvian mountain Gods, for good weather. Until the Moon descended behind the mountains in the middle of the night, it was encircled by a huge Moonbow. All the auspicious signs were there. We keep the ceremony going throughout the night with two people in charge of every hour.

What was truly noteworthy is that I did not have to hold the ceremony together as I usually do. Instead, I spent much of the long night lying down and being very still, immersing myself in the energies. It was a profound passing of the scepters....

Indigo Raffel has been an integral part of the 11:11 Journey from the very beginning

In the morning at 6:11, just after finishing doing the 11:11 Mudras in ultra, slow motion, we danced the Eye of AN Dance. Suddenly, energy came pouring in and we knew that the Activation of Eleventh Gate had begun.

But it was not until 1:11 that afternoon that the full Activation began. The Dragons of the Elements merged with the White Dragons and became one large Dragon. Then they took positions as Guardians, while the White Lotus moved into the center of our sacred circle. The rest of us did the Eleventh Gate Mudra over and over. Then suddenly, the Eleventh Gate energies began pouring in. The wind Wayra surged through our ceremonial site and the Eleventh Gate opened wider and wider. This continued for 40 minutes or so with the loud roar of the wind and such strong, true energy. So much joy and wonder was felt by all of us. Then we danced the final Starry Procession of the entire Doorway of the 11:11.

Ya! and Ankasha at the Crystal Cave, Macchu Pichu
The next day was filled with constant sessions and meetings. The Heart of AN is coming alive and many are jumping in and offering their support for its physical manifestation. Our final evening session was a sweet and deep celebration, as we honored our entire journey through the 11:11 Doorway.

A colorful new story begins... (pic by Alizac Leos Pantoja)
Viviane Madureira & Lisandra from Brazil

Crystal heart of the Andes 

[First posted 1 December 2012]