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ETHICS ~ by R. Buckminster Fuller (repost)

(12 July 1895 ~ 1 July 1983)
IN THE EVOLUTION of political economics
Of the late 20th century
There is an emerging pattern
In which yesterday's virtues
Become today's vices
And vice versa
Vices virtues.

We hope this signals the demise
Of either dollar or gun manipulated
Political puppetry's
Overwhelmment of humanity.

Throughout the past state
Of innate ignorance of the many,
The informed few
Told the uninformed many
What to do
So that the many's coordinated efforts
Could produce most effectively
The objectives of the few.

An omniwell-informed humanity
Does not need to be told
What needs to be done
Nor how to cooperate synergetically;
It does so spontaneously.

History demonstrates without exception
That successful sovereign power seizers
And successfully self-perpetuating,
Supreme physical power holders in general
Will always attempt to divide the opposition
In order to conquer them
And thereafter keep the conquered divided
To keep them conquered.

Controlling the sources
Of production and distribution
The self-advantaging power systems
Keep the conquered divided
By their uncontestable fiat
That the individual's right to live
Must be earned
To the power structure's satisfaction
By performing one of the ruling system's
Myriad of specialized functions.

The top-gun, self-serving power structure
Also claims outright ownership
Of the lives of all those born
Within their sovereignly claimed
Geographical bounds
And can forfeit their citizens' lives
In their official warfaring,
Which of psychological necessity
Is always waged in terms
Of moral rectitude
While covertly protecting and fostering
Their special self-interests.

To keep the conquered
Controllably disintegrated
And fearfully dependent
"They" also foster perpetuation or increase
Of religious, ethnic, linguistic,
And skin-color differentiations
As obvious conditioned-reflex exploitabilities.

Special-interest sovereignty will always
Attempt to monopolize and control
All strategic information (intelligence),
Thus to keep the divided specializing world
Innocently controlled by its propaganda
And dependent exclusively upon its dictum.

Youth has discovered all this
And is countering with comprehensivity and synergy.
Youth will win overwhelmingly
For truth
Is eternally regenerative
In youth.

Youth's love
Embracingly integrates,
Successfully frustrates
And holds together,
Often unwittingly,
All that hate, fear, and selfishness
Attempt to disintegrate.

Copyright 1973 © R. Buckminster Fuller and Saturday Review


“For the first time in history it is now possible to take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. Only ten years ago the ‘more with less’ technology reached the point where this could be done. All humanity now has the option to become enduringly successful.” – R. Buckminster Fuller, 1980

This confident assertion was made in 1980 by the late R. Buckminster Fuller – inventor, architect, engineer, mathematician, poet and cosmologist. As early as 1959, Newsweek reported that Fuller predicted the conquest of poverty by the year 2000.

In 1977, almost twenty years later, the National Academy of Sciences confirmed Fuller’s prediction. Their World Food and Nutrition Study, prepared by 1,500 scientists, concluded:

“If there is the political will in this country and abroad... it should be possible to overcome the worst aspects of widespread hunger and malnutrition within one generation.”

Even with tragedies like Ethiopia and Somalia, it is becoming clear that, as Fuller predicted, we have arrived at the possibility of eliminating hunger and poverty in all the world within our lifetime.

[First posted 12 July 2013, reposted 19 June 2021]

Viktor Schauberger: NATURE WAS MY TEACHER (reprise)


Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was a natural scientist whose ideas were way ahead of the time. As a young man he worked as a 'forest-master' in the Austrian Alps when they were still a true wilderness. His remarkable observations of Nature-in-the-raw were to influence his entire life's work.

Schauberger's insights into Nature's ways pivoted around the essential characteristics of water as a living substance that energizes all life, both organic and inorganic. He frequently asserted "water is a living organism" - an idea to which poets and philosophers have subscribed, but which has escaped conventional science.

He was passionate about trees, and natural forests as the cradle of water. He warned how deforestation would deplete the world of water and destroy fertility, causing deserts and climatic chaos. He argued that when the natural eco-systems are in balance and diversity rules, there is great creativity and the evolution of higher and more complex life forms, but there is also order and stability.

When humanity walked lightly on the Earth, we cooperated with Nature. Although we are still part of Nature, we behave as though we are not, but above it, dominating and exploiting it. Viktor warned that the more we continued to go against Nature, the whole eco-system would become sick, the climate destructive, and human society would break down, with extreme violence, greed and pandemic illnesses.

"How else should it be done", he was asked. His answer was straightforward and uncompromising - "Exactly in the opposite way that it is done today!"

[Thanks to Gabriel Herbst for introducing me to Viktor Schauberger. First postede 1 July 2008]

Tuesday, July 11, 2023


8-9 NOVEMBER 2003

Great Mother Earth...
Gracious Embodiment of Gaia:
I embrace your beauty and bounty with all my heart!
With profound gratitude and sublime joy,
I sing your praises with every breath -
You are the Divine Matrix of Life,
The Sacred Being that knows no death!
You are beyond struggle and strife,
The promise of Paradise regained;
Vision of glory, power, and love reclaimed!

Great Mother Earth...
Gracious Embodiment of Gaia:
Your blessings are infinite and rainbow-hued!
For our sake you have known pain and sorrow -
You have been pillaged, plundered and raped -
But the sins of yesterday will not stain tomorrow!
Your children are all awakening now to truth:
We solemnly vow to honor you
And your many-splendored biosphere,
As we plant on your lips true love's first kiss.

Gaia by Sabrina Moles
Great Mother Earth...
Gracious Embodiment of Gaia:
O Sleeping Beauty... Awake and Ascend
In peace, harmony, and perfection!
Peace, Harmony, and Perfection!
Peace, Harmony, and Perfection!

Great Mother Earth... you are my Home!
Great Mother Earth... we have Come Home!
Great Mother Earth... Our Beloved Home...
Is where the Heart is!
Is where the Heart is!
And so it is.
So it is.


28 October 2003

[First posted 2 DECEMBER 2006]

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Two short and sweet films by Constantin Pilavios (repost)

This is a short film made in 2007 by Constantin Pilavios. It says everything there is to say about father-and-son relationships. Thanks to Yasinaly, on whose YouTube channel I found it.

Father: Nikos Zoiopoulos
Son: Panagiotis Bougiouris

Directed by: Constantin Pilavios
Written by: Nikos & Constantin Pilavios
Director of photgraphy: Zoe Manta
Music by: Christos Triantafillou
Sound by: Teo Babouris
Mixed by: Kostas Varibobiotis
Produced by: MovieTeller films

Lefteris Eleftheriou
Evgenia Deliali

Narrated by: Makis Revmatas

Directed by: Constantin Pilavios
Written by: Despina Ladi
Director of photography: Zoe Manta
Music by: Christos Triantafillou
Sound Design by: Teo Babouris
Mixed by: Kostas Varibobiotis
Produced by: MovieTeller films

Less is, more often than not, better!

[First posted 29 July 2011, reposted 31 May 2014 & 13 August 2016]