Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Take two tablets twice daily..."

The Tablets of Stone, Stone Tablets, Tablets of Law, or Tablets of Testimony (in Hebrew: לוחות הברית Luchot HaBrit - "the tablets [of] the covenant") in the Bible, were the two pieces of special stone inscribed with the Ten Commandments when Moses ascended Mount Sinai as recorded in the Book of Exodus. Exodus 31:18 refers to the tablets as the "Tablets of Testimony."[Source: Wikipedia]

"But... but... we're still in the Analog Era!"

"How much should we retail these for?"
Only 30 centuries down the line... Time flies!
Moses presents the latest Tablet of Testimony 
(15th century painting by Andrea Mantegna)

"Moses with his Tablet" (by Michelangelo)

Steve "Moses" Jobs, the street-savvy dude 
who offered an Apple to Eve in 1976, 
now attempts to seduce her 
with something even sexier...

It must be the onset of womenopause...
(That's another name for "male menopause," my dear).
Lately, I've been thinking about TABLETS...

But the idea of being online wherever I go strikes me as
rather dangerous. 
After all, the whole point of traveling away from
my comfort zone is to get away from the internet!

At this point in time, I have yet to decide 
whether to treat myself 
to a smartphone or a tablet 
(in anticipation of some unexpected windfall).

I'd like to get some feedback from 

those of you who own smartphones as well as tablets: 
if you had space for only one device,
which would you lug around with you?

Early manifestations of The Tablet...

It has been around for eons... 

It just wasn't commercially viable... 
until Adam took a bite of the Apple 
and decided it was pretty cool.