Friday, December 21, 2012

My Journey through the 11:11 Doorway (Part One)

Mary Maguire and a bunyip named Ahau
1989 was for me a pivotal year. My first book, ADOI!, came out in April and it was at the launch that I met Mary Maguire – my lifelong buddy who’s now my neighbor. In any case, a great deal of psychic excitement happened when Mary and I got together which led to a spontaneous retrieval of many “reincarnational” memories – though I prefer to describe it as a realignment of parallel lives.

With Marilya at Magick River (1990)
This was also the year I collaborated musically with Marilya Corbot – a Brazilian-born shamanic performance artist who divided her time between Tokyo, Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur (where I recorded the many hours of music she commissioned). It was Marilya who passed me a copy of a shiny book called The Star-Borne ~ A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones by Solara. Marilya suggested I read it quickly because she was leaving in a week and wanted the book back.

I went through Solara’s book over the next couple of days, felt absolutely no resistance to what she was saying, and photocopied it for leisurely reference. Months later, when I decided to re-read Star-Borne, I discovered more than a dozen pages missing – the photocopy shop had done a very sloppy job. However, the credits page was intact and it had a postal address for Star-Borne Unlimited, so I decided on an impulse to write Solara, apologizing for having had to photocopy her book and asking her very sweetly if she would kindly send me photocopies of the missing pages. Cheeky, huh?

In this instance, audacity paid off handsomely. A few weeks later I got a parcel in the post. It bore the shiny Star-Borne logo on the return address sticker. With quiet elation I opened the package and found three books and a booklet by Solara Antara Amaa-Ra, with a beautiful handwritten note enclosed. The energy emanating from the parcel was unlike anything I had ever felt. It felt new, completely new, like something that had never before existed on this planet. And it felt lovingly true and real.

Solara had generously chosen to gift all her published works to me, starting with Invoking Your Celestial Guardians (a booklet published in 1986); The Legend of Altazar: A Fragment of the True History of Planet Earth (1987); EL*AN*RA ~ The Healing of Orion (1988); and, of course, The Star-Borne~ A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones (1989, updated and reissued in 2012).

Needless to say, I read them all in rapid succession and felt deeply comforted by them. I remember writing a nice long letter to thank Solara and we may have corresponded, off and on, for a while. Those were snail-mail days and people often wrote long, lyrical letters – sometimes by hand, though I generally preferred to use my trusty typewriter, to spare my readers’ eyesight. Around that time word processors began taking over, along with floppy disks and dot-matrix printers. I remember Mary’s first Toshiba laptop with a metallic blue screen and blinking cursor… but let’s not digress too much.

The very next year, 1991, saw me off on a 23-day whirlwind tour of 5 Australian cities (Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne) sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs. It was what they call a Cultural Award, aimed at fostering closer ties between Malaysian and Australian arts practitioners. In Adelaide, my host was a poet named Anne-Marie Mykyta who had planned a small dinner party, so I could meet some of her friends. She even cooked a green curry in my honor. I subsequently learnt that Anne-Marie and her affable husband Irush Mykyta (a Ukrainian migrant) had suffered the worst imaginable family tragedy in 1977 when their 16-year-old daughter Julie became the third victim of a psychopathic serial killer who managed to murder another 4 young women before he got killed in a car accident a month later.

Among Anne-Marie’s friends was a buxom blonde who introduced herself to me as Beylara Ra. “Is that an angelic name?” I asked, whereupon Beylara’s baby blue eyes widened in astonishment and she performed an elegant and elaborate mudra. As she was doing so, I had a fleeting glimpse of an 18-foot tall golden winged being. When she heard I would be in Melbourne next, Beylara passed me the address and phone number of someone named Azuria Luminaria, who she said was Solara’s 11:11 coordinator in Australia. “In fact, Solara just did a workshop in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago!”

Azuria as a "good witch"
Well, how could I not call on Azuria Luminaria when I had some time off in Melbourne? My old friend Harb Gill (formerly from KL) kindly chauffeured me to the quiet suburb where Azuria lived with her 19-year-old son. As her name would suggest, Azuria turned out to be the gentlest, sweetest good witch anyone could ever hope to meet. Her library was spilling over with metaphysical works, notably all of H.P. Blavatsky’s massive tomes (Isis Unveiled, The Secret Doctrine), and she had also baked the best butter cake I ever tasted. We had a wonderful chat over tea and Azuria handed me some leaflets announcing the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway in Egypt at the Giza Pyramids on 11 January 1992.

Mario Schoenmaker (1929-1997)
Before I left Melbourne, Harb also introduced me to the Rev.Mario Schoenmaker, founder of the Independent Church of Australia, and his impressive daughter Antoinette. Harb told me Mario Schoenmaker was a gifted clairvoyant, particularly good at reading auras. She also said there was a long waiting list of people wanting their auras read, but since I was on a short stay, she hoped he might let me jump the queue. In the end there was no aura reading but the meeting with Mario and Antoinette led to a long friendship which endured till his death on 12 January 1997.

Colin S. Read (1944-1999)
In 1994 Mario and his closest colleague, the Rev. Colin Read, chartered a taxi all the way from KL to visit me at Magick River. It was a memorable visit from two immensely elevated souls, special emissaries from the Order of Melchizedek, who came to bestow a blessing on me in lieu of the aura reading Mario had promised (he explained that he had stopped doing such work some time ago, as it was too draining). I was very touched to be invited by the Rev. Colin Read to contribute a personal eulogy to a special issue of the Church’s journal celebrating Mario Schoenmaker’s extraordinary life and work. Two years later, Antoinette wrote me about Colin Read’s passing. Two great human angels were finally reunited.

Magick River ~ hologram of heaven on earth!

Magick River Phase III ~ Bamboo Palace in 2006
Anyway, towards the end of 1991, Mary Maguire and I decided to initiate an alternative community called Magick River – to be located on an exquisite 3½-acre property overlooking the Chiling River in Pertak, where Mavis and Clifford D’Cruz had built their dream house, Maycliff, in 1984. As they had relocated to Melbourne to be closer to their granddaughters, they were willing to rent the spacious bungalow to us. The lease was to begin in April 1992 but we arranged to use the property for a week, so I could celebrate my birthday on January 7th as well as anchor the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway on the 11th.

What an amazing, life-changing week that was!