Saturday, June 5, 2021

Isengard launches an assault on Rivendell (TNB Orcs invade Pertak Village)!


View from the bridge over the Selangor Dam Lake. 
I call it Rivendell, Home of the High Elves

Towards the end of May 2021 I experienced a relapse of the back pain that had  bugged me between 2011-2013. I knew it was triggered by intense anger and frustration. Then came the stomachaches and diarrhea. I asked my body to tell me what was distressing it, and the answer came to me in a flash of profound horror: the natural spring water thousands have come from far and near to collect since 2003 has been contaminated! 

The water flows freely from the base of a magnificent hill, filtered by layers of rock and gravel and it's so pure it doesn't require boiling. At least it didn't until now...

The hideous sight of earthmoving machinery right above the springs! 😠

Directly below the scarred hillslope is where we collect pure mineral water.

Pains my heart & wounds my soul to witness the obscene barbarity of this public rape of a sensitive ecosystem by the money-driven planners of this ugly project.

The prime contractor of this objectionable destruction is Larico Infrastructure, (whose Orcish track record includes the violent rape of the Borneo rainforest on behalf of Sarawak Energy).

Bad enough to see a cellphone tower (installed 16 years ago) but now there are these heavy metal monsters proclaiming the corporate might they represent.

If they manage to string the power cables the EMF generated will negatively impact on the flora & fauna & lower the vibrational tone of the entire area. This is a sacred site they have desecrated. May those who financially benefited from this reprehensible outrage live to regret their insensitivity.

The Reality we inhabit as a species has always been architectured by hereditary elites employing wizards to execute their agendas. 

These wizards appear as engineers, chemists, programmers (of the collective psyche) and they are skilled at molding public perception and opinion. 

The horrendous destruction they have wrought to gratify their masters' vanity and their own professional egos has always been justified in the name of progress and development. 

Each of us is already in the process of awakening from this dark trance and reclaiming our individual autonomy and visionary power. When enough of us break the mental shackles (put on us via religious and academic indoctrination and the soul-destroying media) we shall find ourselves no longer subscribed to superstitious belief in false gods like Progress & Development, dictated by the rich and powerful (whose motives are rarely beautiful and honest). 

We shall focus instead on our own conscious evolution as Divine Fractals of the Whole, attuning and harmonizing with all that surrounds and supports our well-being (instead of continuing to acquire and protect as our prime imperatives). 

Archontically Induced Erotophobia, Mass Deception & Behavior Modification

The species of Fuckery we're dealing with has got nothing to do with sex (you might incorrectly assume) - it's about mass deception and behavior modification on an unprecedented scale. 

Don't forget this: the reason Wilhelm Reich was hounded out of every nation for his heterodoxy (and believed to have been murdered while in custody by the FBI) was simply because he had put his finger on the root cause of our susceptibility to being programmed via religious, academic and journalistic indoctrination. 

In his seminal book, The Function of the Orgasm (in which he postulated that once we are free of sexual fear, guilt and shame, we will never accept or tolerate institutional tyranny), Reich describes the intimate nexus between neurosis, psychosis and erotophobia (association of sensual pleasure with sin causing us to equate pain with virtue). 

The notion of penance, punishment, self-inflicted torture as somehow purifying ultimately spawns a collective BDSM culture (just look at the symbol the Reptilian Church picked for its glorification of human suffering)!

5 June 2021


i’m looking for a needle no one ever lost
in a haystack that never was,
a haystack that never will be

influenced only by my own inertia
trying to find the why of because:

i watch the blood fall from the sky
i see angels rise from the mud;
like fish that swim in an ocean of pain
people drown themselves in pleasure

too much of everything
and too little else
is enough for me and more,
is enough for me and more

all should be well,
all should be heavenly,
if I didn’t have to go through hell,
if I didn’t have to go through hell

sniffing roses in the garden at sunset (sniff sniff)
plucking daisies in the morning dew (pluck pluck)
there’s a vast black thing poised like a crow over the moon
there are things that are false and things that are true…

i found you in the nick of time
you left me at the crack of doom
all alone in a lonely world
the oyster dreams of a pearl,
the oyster dreams of a pearl

19 June 1979

Quite a few lines are borrowed from, or inspired by, Charles Fort – eccentric genius, independent researcher, ephemeralist of the highest order. 
He wrote three books: Lo!, Wild Talents, and The Book of the Damned.

[First posted 22 August 2015]

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Original Sin & The Messianic Myth Revisited

The orthodox Catholic concept of "original sin" was inserted into the official dogma about 300 years after the advent of Yeshua (Jesus the Christ) at the Council of Nicaea. Those who disagreed were either excommunicated (if they were lucky)... or imprisoned or poisoned (or both). 

Christian dogma postulates disobedience as the Original Sin - an euphemistic allusion to Eve's succumbing to temptation and tasting of the Forbidden Fruit. My general worldview may, here and there, correspond with what you might term "Christian" - but there the comparison must stop. 

I have always been inspired and influenced by the archetypal figure of Yeshua and do not shy away from referring occasionally to a state of being some call Christ consciousness. However, I feel that those who consider themselves Christians are greatly mistaken, for their theology issues for the most part from the rantings of a neurotic - nay, psychotic - named Saul of Tarsus (who subsequently became canonized as St. Paul). In that respect they are better off calling themselves Paulinians. 

Anyone who has experienced to any degree what Christ consciousness means becomes a Christed soul - not merely a "Christian." In effect, the Christ refers to a STATE OF BEING, like "the King" or "the President" or "the Chairman" - that's right, it's actually an office to which anyone may - indeed must - aspire, even if some prefer to use a different terminology, e.g., "Bodhisattva" instead of "Christ."

You could say that Christ consciousness is just a religious-flavored way of describing an exalted state of conscious compassion wherein one's heart chakra becomes activated and one experiences a spontaneous expansion of pure, transpersonal love for all of Life. I must add: so-called Christians pass the buck of redemption and salvation to an external authority they name "Lord Jesus Christ" - they are taught that they will be saved and granted Eternal Life just by accepting Jesus as Savior and by believing Jesus to be the only (immaculately conceived) Son of God. 

I say: only YOU can "redeem and save" yourself, by consciously choosing truth over falsehood, honesty and honor over deceit and cowardice. In other words, by reclaiming your integrity and sovereignty as lord or lady of your own domain - your physical form. And, furthermore, if you wish to believe in God... then all living beings are manifestations of the Divine, whether or not they realize it. 

Monotheism kills! 

Antares Maitreya 

(7 November 2011)