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2008 State of the Universe Address

Swami Beyondananda predicts

Every year at this time, I am asked to make predictions, and each time I politely refuse because I don’t want to jeopardize my nonprophet status. But this year is different. With 2012 just one quantum leap year away, we humans might finally be ready for a quantum leap of our own. The message is coming in loud and clear. Time to shift or get off the pot.

In order to upshift our karma into surpassing gear, however, we must shift our awareness downward from the static of the head to the ecstatic of the heart. If we are to have an awakening instead of a wake, I predict heart times ahead.

Disheartenment in the Heartland

Heartenment, after all, is just the thing to counteract the disheartenment in the heartland. Take the economy — please! After years of untreated Deficit Inattention Disorder, the U.S. dollar is now worth less than a dollar of Monopoly money. As the most recent Greenspan report tells us, the average American family barely has enough green to span the average month. Meanwhile, trickle down economics has proved true to its name, leaving a growing class of pee-ons at the bottom.

Then there’s electile dysfunction. Instead of transparency around how votes are cast and counted, we have an apparent trance. The secret ballot has been taken to the next level, and now voting machines with secret software count the votes in secret. This is called “faith-based” vote counting. Hey, some of those new “smart” voting machines are so smart, that they don’t even need voters! This makes perfect sense because government of, by and for the people has now been efficiently transformed to government of, by and for the very, very few people. Talk about minority representation. We are now governed by a smaller minority than ever in our history!

Even when we do manage to get an election, the body politic still suffers from impotence. As we learned after the 2006 election, just because we vote for someone doesn’t mean they are going to vote for us. Instead of canceling the Iraqi Horror Picture Show, the Democratic misleadership has gone along with the same basic neocon con, only with a cosmetic makeover – sort of a wolfawitz in sheepawitz’s clothing.

Though the upwising continues, irony deficiency and truth decay still plague the body politic. Instead of forums that shine light on political issues, the media has encouraged againstums where incendiary phrases spark heated arguments. So, while red tribe Republicans and blue tribe Democrats argue whether it’s wronger to kill the born or the unborn, the born keep dying while the not-yet-born are stuck with the bill. No wonder our moral compass has gone south.

As if global warring isn’t enough to worry about, now there’s global warming. It would be sad indeed to have come this far, only to see the headline: “Human Race Ends In a Dead Heat.”

No wonder so many people are scared shiftless. The good news is, this is the State of the Universe Address and I am happy to report that the state of the Universe is copasetic – ever changing, same as always. This is particularly heartening when we realize that that universal state is also our own.

Universe Knows Best

When it comes to universal wisdom, you can’t beat the Universe. First of all, the Universe is everywhere all at once. Talk about being on top of things. Even as it keeps expanding, the Universe has it together — which means, as part of the universe, a part of us has it all together too. We are inextricably connected to the Universe. It is inescapable. Without the Universe, we’d be nowhere.

Here is more amazing news. We are all descended from the same Big Bang! When the Big Bang went boom, all of the Universe’s parts departed from one particle. And that includes us. So, we might as well proclaim it proudly. “The Big Bang is my pop. Well, I’ll be a son of a gun!”

The Big Bang is everybody’s pop, which means we are all related. If we are indeed a fractal chip off the old block, Universe-wise … then somewhere we must be as wise as the Universe. For millennia, spiritual teachers have told us to look inside for this universal wisdom. It turns out, they were right. The real spiritual pilgrimage is actually a journey of about twenty-four inches, roughly the distance from the head to the heart.

The Heart of the Matter is the Matter of the Heart

Yes, everyone is equipped to attune to universal wisdom because everyone has been given a heart. And yet, the heart seems to be the last gift we open. The most underdeveloped resource on the planet is the treasure inside our own treasured chest! Given all the craziness in the world, maybe if we invested in expanding our hearts, we’d have less need to shrink our heads.

And less of a need to be so all-consumed by consumerism. We have learned to spend so much energy pursuing happiness that we never stop to think what would happen if we actually caught it — or rather, if it caught us. With all this hot pursuit, we have left real happiness in the dust. It is sad indeed that we end up jealous that someone else’s happiness might be bigger than our own. Freud called this “happiness envy.”

As the saying goes, money can’t buy happiness, although it can buy anti-depressants. But if you are seeking more out of life than not being depressed, the key to happiness is to grow your own. Every one of us should be asking, “What good am I?” What good can I add to the greater goodness? Maybe if we had greater goodness, we’d need fewer goods. As human beings, our biggest asset is love, so now is the time to get up off our big fat assets, and practice supply-side spirituality. Because we aren’t here to earn God’s love, we are here to spend it. We are here to re-grow the Garden from the grassroots up, and have a heaven of a time doing it!

Heartland Security

Now while the solution is simple, no one said it was going to be easy. Just as the human potential movement has made great gains over the past 25 years, the inhuman potential movement has more than kept up. Everywhere I go, the little David’s I meet all ask the same question: How can we get Goliath to go lieth down? I have good news and I have other news, and they are both the same: It’s up to us. We must lead ourselves out of the bewilderness. Yes, we’ve been politically abused, so the first step is to disabuse ourselves. We must start overseeing instead of overlooking.

By overlooking what we should have been overseeing, we have become enablers for the lowest common dominator. Whether it’s called globalization or gobble-ization, it’s the same old mining operation — that’s mine, that’s mine, that’s mine. Because we’ve allowed ourselves to imagine that someday that “mine” will be ours, we have agreed to a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with our government. We promise not to ask them what they are doing, and they promise not to tell us. That way, we can pretend to believe we are invading a country to keep the peace, when we are really there to keep the pieces.

Meanwhile, back at home, they’ve given last rites to the Bill of Rights, and newspeak has become the new spoken language of the mainstream media. Now before we just shrug and say, “Orwell, what can we do about it?” we need to see the only way to overgrow Big Brother is with bigger brotherhood — and even bigger sisterhood. Time to heal our spiritual dyslexia, and realize our natural state is sacred, not scared. The scared masculine and the scared feminine have given us the dysfunctional dance of abusers and enablers. Now we must empower the sacred masculine and sacred feminine to come together and conceive what has been inconceivable – the truly evolved human.

We need to amplify the love and light to counterbalance the darkness and fear, and that is why we need a nongovernmental Department of Heartland Security to secure the heartland and let the powers in power know in no uncertain terms, “Bigger brotherhood is watching you.”

To do that, we must migrate en masse –regardless of political or spiritual affiliation — to the land of the heart. Instead of squabbling over the differences that separate us, we must cohere around the heart-core values we share in common. That is the only way we can trade our insecurity for inner security. No matter where we stand on climate change, one thing is clear. Global heartwarming is bound to change the political climate for the better.

Whatever the problems, we have the wherewithal to address them. Now all we need is the aware-with-all. Whether you call yourself a creationist or an evolutionist, or take the simplest approach of all to the Great Unknown — not knowing — one thing is undeniable: We are all one with the same One. The story of separation, survival of the fittest, and lowest common dominator –that is the old story.

Only we have the power to close the book on the old story once and for all, by declaring: And they all lived happily ever after.

And happily ever after begins now.

© Copyright 2008 by Steve Bhaerman. All rights reserved.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Operation Desert Slaughter

Thoughts on Holocaust Memorial Day
By Felicity Arbuthnot

Global Research, January 28, 2008

It is seventeen years since America and Britain embarked on their 'Final Solution' for the population of Iraq.

The forty two day carpet bombing, enjoined by thirty two other countries, against a country of just twenty five million souls, with a youthful, conscript army, with broadly half the population under sixteen, and no air force, was just the beginning of a United Nations led, global siege of near mediaeval ferocity.

Having, as James Baker boasted they would, reduced 'Iraq to a pre-industrial age', the country was denied all normality: trade, aid, telecommunications, power, sanitation, water repairs, seeds, foods, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment.

As I write, seventeen years ago, Iraq would be entering the second week of a barbaric, near twenty four hour a day, carpet bombing, which, then, as now (lest we forget - yet again) scrupulously ignored Protocol 1, Additional to the Geneva Convention of 1977:

It is prohibited to attack, destroy, remove or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population, such as foodstuffs, agricultural areas for the production of foodstuffs, crops, livestock, drinking water installations and supplies such as irrigation works (denying them) to the civilian population or to the adverse Party ... for any motive.

The Blitzkrieg on Iraq deliberately targeted all 'indispensable to survival.'

Within twenty four hours, most was destroyed. The electricity went off within two hours, leaving patients on life support machines and vital equipment, babies in incubators, or those on oxygen to die.

Refrigerators defrosted, all medicine needing refrigeration, blood banks and vital saline solutions for the injured were destroyed. Food rotted and between the bombing and the bank closures (latter for fear of looting) replacements were scarce to unbuyable.

In Najav, seventy dialysis patients, 'old friends,' said the senior nurse in charge of the unit, died for want of electricity. The water supply was deliberately destroyed, parts denied subsequently by the pathetic, US-UK dominated Sanctions Committee - a Committee without a backbone between them - and remains lethal to this day.

This was the plan by US Central Command, it seems, all along. The destruction of Iraq's water system has been described by Professor Nagy and Stephanie Miller as: 'a slow motion holocaust.' Few could have put it better.

[See: How the US deliberately destroyed Iraq's water by Thomas J Nagy]

The telecommunications tower was also one of the earliest casualties, an elegant, soaring, structure on the edge of Baghdad's Mansur district. It lay, broken and crumpled, as did the remains of those who worked inside it. Iraq was thus cut off from the world, the extent of the bombing and atrocities largely unknown for considerable time. Iraqis throughout the world had no way of knowing if their families, friends, loves, were dead or alive. Radio and television stations across Iraq were blitzed so no warnings to populace could be given (journalists too have special protection in wars, but decision makers, seemingly are not only illiterate, but ignore legalities.)

Hospitals, health clinics, schools and kindergartens were bombed, education eradicated so totally that the stores for educational materials, in buildings separate from the schools (usually in a central distribution point some miles away) were also bombed.

Agriculture in all forms was deliberately targeted.

Chicken farms bombed, flocks of sheep and goats, broadly half of all buffalo were killed, dairy farms obliterated.

Crops, food processing factories reduced to rubble. A war crime stupendous in its immensity, for which not one murderous, genocidal, infanticidal, decision maker or pilot has stood trial.

Pharmaceutical factories were bombed, the medical syringe factory was destroyed.

And in an especially psychotic policy, the countries who were Iraq's trading partners and had built factories and installations for the country, bombed those which they had built. America's gung-ho goons whooped over bombing the Pepsi and Coca Cola factories. 'Bravery' doesn't come more deviant, sub-normal and retarded than that.

Due to the use of defoliants and napalm, half of all Iraq's trees, including the great, ancient palms, died. Remaining palms did not bear their succulent fruit for about five years.

In the tranquil, family farming settlements, amongst the palms, women and livestock alike aborted and often died.

Survivors consistently described a 'vapor' coming from the 'planes, then the horrific aftermath, affecting those living in the shelter of the palm groves or copses of trees, where dwellers settled for relative cool from Iraq's searing summers.

And, of course, in this decimation from above, which dropped more ordinance daily than was dropped daily in the second world war, five times more explosive power was dropped than on Hiroshima.

The slaughter on the Basra Road, after the ceasefire, the fleeing civilians and retreating troops, ripped to pieces, or incinerated in General Norman Schwarzkopf's 'turkey shoot.'

The weapons used were depleted uranium, which continues to irradiate Iraq and the region, the people, flora and fauna - and will continue to do so for four and a half billion years. ' of the natural environment against widespread, long term and severe damage' is another absolute dictate under the Geneva Convention. It proscribes absolutely '... damage to the natural environment (prejudicing) the health and survival of the population.'

Contraventions don't come bigger than condemning inestimable generations yet unborn, to death and deformity. The Nuremberg Principles are exercised by the treatment of both civilians and prisoners and the: '... murder or ill treatment ...of prisoners of war ... further, extermination ... and other inhuman acts against any civilian population.'

The 'inhuman acts' committed against the Iraqi people in 1991 constitute war crimes which, since no one was brought to justice, one can only hope haunt those responsible for all time.

The whole war, of course, was nothing else. Saddam Hussein had offered, indeed, started to retreat from Kuwait before the carnage began, but as ever, for the United States, conciliation was 'too late.' Buses, lorries, cars were also targeted throughout the forty two day massacre. Lorries carrying medicines, meat, essentials were burned, with their drivers. Western troops took their repulsive 'trophy photos', with the pathetic remains of the incinerated and dismembered.

When the (UK) Observer, to its credit, printed the picture which became the symbol of the 1991 atrocities, the Iraqi soldier, with his near melted face welded to the windscreen of his vehicle, there was an outcry.

The sensitivities of readers should not be exposed to such horrors. Maggie O'Kane, writing in the Guardian Weekly (16th December 1995) describes searingly, reality. Relatives, praying, hope against hope, that those they loved, had somehow miraculously survived the hadean inferno that was the Basra Road massacre. "On the day the war ended, at a bus station south of Baghdad, dusk was falling and the road was covered with weeping women.

The Iraqi survivors of the `turkey shoot' on the Basra Road were crawling home with fresh running wounds. Their women were throwing themselves at the battered minibuses and trucks, pulling, pleading, begging. "Where is he, have you seen him? Is he not with you?" Some fell to their knees on the road when they heard the news.

Others kept running from bus, to truck, to car, looking for their husbands, their sons or their lovers - the 37,000 Iraqi soldiers who would not come back. It went on all night and it was the most desperate and moving scene I have ever witnessed." There was worse. Think of the excesses of horrors the Western media has deluged its readers with over the years, those perpetrated by people of other cultures, with other features: Stalin, Pol Pot, indeed Saddam Hussein and consider this in Maggie O'Kane's article: '

When Sergeant Joe Queen returned to his home town of Bryson City North California, after the Gulf war, the first thing he saw was a huge banner draped outside Hardees Burger Restaurant, which read: `Welcome Home Joe Queen.' Joe Queen, who'd been awarded a bronze star, wanted to chill out after the war, but Bryson City wouldn't let him Joe, 19-years old, had gone straight from Desert Storm to become one of the first American troops to cross the Saudi border in an armored bulldozer. His job was to bury the Iraqis alive in their trenches and then cover over the trenches real smooth so the rest of the Big Red One, as The First Armored Mechanized Brigade is called, could come nice and easy behind him. Joe Queen doesn't know how many Iraqi troops he buried alive on the front line. But five years later, in his military base in Georgia, he remembers well how it worked:

"The sand was so soft that once the blade hits the sand it just caves in right on the sides, so we never did go back and forth. So you are traveling at five, six, seven miles an hour just moving along the trench... You don't see him. You're up there in the half hatch and you know what you got to do. You did it so much you could close your eyes and do it... I don't think they had any idea because the look on their faces as we came through the berm was just a look of shock. `While I was retreating, I saw some of the soldiers trying to surrender, but they were buried. There were two kinds of bulldozers, real ones, actual ones, and also they had tanks and they put something like a bulldozer blade in front of them. Some of the soldiers were walking towards the troops holding their arms up to surrender and the tanks moved in and killed them. They dug a hole in the ground and then they buried the soldiers and leveled it.' One survivor described the friends buried alive, who he had laughed with, eaten with ...'I really don't know how to describe it. We were friends. I ate with some of them. I talked to some of them. I cannot express how I felt at that moment..... I saw one soldier and his body was just torn apart by a bulldozer. The upper part was on one side and the lower on the other side."

I hope your nightmares and those of your colleagues haunt for all time, Joe Queen. May the specter of those for whose live burial you and your murderous colleagues were responsible, follow in all your footsteps, for all time.

These mass graves also carry the names of the leaders who ordered the decimation of Iraq in 1991, their military Commanders and soldiers, on every one of them. Ironically, the mass graves of Saddam Hussein have seemingly not materialized, just war graves and those from the uprising encouraged by the US and UK at the end of the 1991 decimation. The war, of course, never ended. The thirteen year subsequent embargo cost maybe one and a quarter million lives.

Additionally, the US and UK, bombed Iraq (illegally) until the (illegal) invasion of 2003. In 2002, they stepped up their destruction of life, limb and of entire housing projects with families within, children playing, doing homework, flocks of sheep and goats with their child shepherds.

'Approximately a year before the United States initiated Operation Southern Focus, as a change to its response strategy, by increasing the overall number of missions and selecting targets throughout the no-fly zones to disrupt the military command structure in Iraq. The weight of bombs dropped increased from none in March 2002 and 0.3 in April 2002 to between 8 and 14 tons per month in May-August, reaching a pre-war peak of 54.6 tons in September 2002.' (Wikipedia)

A recent study by the Centre for Public Integrity, has also uncovered lies of impeachable stature, leading to invasion, by the Bush Administration:

The study counted 935 false statements in the two-year period. It found that in speeches, briefings, interviews and other venues, Bush and administration officials stated unequivocally on at least 532 occasions that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or was trying to produce or obtain them, or had links to al Qaeda, or both. "Bush lied with 259 false statements, 231 about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and 28 about Iraq’s links to al Qaeda," the study found. That was second only to Powell’s 244 false statements about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and 10 about Iraq and al Qaeda.' []

Iraq's post invasion (2003-2007) excess under-five mortality has been estimated at over one million. In Afghanistan, post invasion, at 1.9 million (2001-2007.)

For another humanitarian abomination of our time, the Israeli siege of the Gaza strip (June 2007 and ongoing) total excess death figures are elusive.

CIA figures for infant mortality, however (2004) are woeful at 23.54 per thousand births. Sweden (2007) just 2.76 per thousand births. Given Israel's withdrawal of electricity and just about all needed to sustain life since last June, some serious statistical data is needed - and relentless and absolute demands for humanity and human rights for our global neighbors in Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan, the forgotten of Lebanon's 'Simmer Rain' decimation, by 'we the people ...'

Like Joe Queen's genocidal actions, the atrocities committed in these countries are being carried out in our name. 'Silence is complicity.' (For much more shameful complicity - since 1950 - please see Dr Gideon Polya: Body Count, an academic, key and indispensable work).

"There was no one left to kill," declared General Norman Schwarzkopf after the Basra Road bloodbath, where even the injured holding white flags, and doctors accompanying them were obliterated.

"Morally, we won," an Iraqi doctor told me shortly afterwards. Indeed. "We are the new Jews," is an oft heard, Arab refrain now.

As I write, on Holocaust Memorial Day, it is impossible not to reflect that is does not take forced labor camps, forced transport and Zyklon B to create a holocaust. When the figures of the dead in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza, reach six million, as the world stands by, will they too get their own Holocaust Memorial Day?

Will we all, regardless of color or creed, ever learn, before it is too late?

[Felicity Arbuthnot is a frequent contributor to Global Research]

Yes... "Holocaust Denial" is a Jailable Offence!

"Zündel, a respected artist who lived peacefully in Canada and then in America with his American-citizen wife, Ingrid Rimland Zundel, was jailed in 2003 and deported back to Canada after Jewish groups pressured American immigration to get him out of the United States. Canada imprisoned him under an Orwellian-type of law that declared him a danger to public order. All this simply for writing books and articles that intellectually contested some of the war crime allegations against Germany." - David Duke

Why I admire Ernst Zündel
By Curt Maynard

How could anyone admire a man that publicly admits admiration for Adolf Hitler, that openly acknowledges himself to be a "Holocaust skeptic," and who never apologizes for his political incorrectness and nonconformist views? Who could possibly approve of a man who has put his personal freedom and indeed life on the line countless times in order to do nothing more than bring the world’s attention to what he believes to be an honest, albeit alternative view of history? Who could appreciate anyone bold enough to literally carry a cross on his own back, on behalf of all the world’s Germans for no other reason than to at least partially exonerate them of the collective guilt forced upon them after the Second World War?

Who could possibly admire a man that has sustained nothing but continuous persecution from society at large, who has been the victim of an ongoing smear campaigns launched more than three decades ago, who has suffered from every conceivable attack on his character, finances, family and even on his life? Who could think highly of man who despite all these things, and despite the fact that he is in prison at this very moment, not for a crime, no… no…. but because he questions certain aspects of the holocaust story?

Again, I ask, who could ever appreciate a man who for the last several decades has devoted himself to bringing forth the unpopular views of hard working academics, who were it not for Ernst Zündel, may be unknown today, and their work tossed into the sea of forgettable historiography, not based upon its undeniable merit, but based upon the fact that it didn’t sit well with mainstream and politically acceptable views?

If I were interested in apologists and hesitant stands on ambiguous issues, I’d have plenty of heroes to admire, right here in the United States. Being an academic, I could seek out other academics to idolize and/or admire, there are so many courageous examples, although I can’t think of one right now. Some of you might shout, "Hey, what about Noam Chomsky?" I’d just say, been there done that, and found the esteemed professor "sympathetic" to Ernst Zündel’s plight, "outrageous," he even exclaimed, but in the end, he felt that it wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interests, if he were to speak out too vocally on Ernst’s behalf. Academic cowardice?

What about all the gutsy journalists working for the prestigious networks and newspapers? Certainly, these bold "defenders" of truth and justice would write an article on the illegal nature in which Ernst was deported from the United States to Canada, where he was subsequently thrown quietly into a solitary confinement cell in the Toronto West detention Center, in Toronto Canada. Or how in 2005 he was quietly deported from Canada to his native Germany where he now sits more than a year later after numerous trial delays initiated by his persecutors. These brave journalists would definitely be interested in an expose on how the new terrorism laws are already being abused to silence dissent.

The idea that Mr Zündel is a threat to any nation's national Security is ridiculous. The man hasn’t committed a violent crime in his entire life and has never been convicted of a crime that wasn’t later overturned in Canada’s highest court. The brave and courageous purveyors of "fair and balanced" news haven’t written an article yet, that even approached an equitable portrayal of Mr Zündel.

Ernst Zündel’s crime is that he is politically incorrect, a nonconformist and no matter what the powers that be throw at him, he just won’t apologize and prostrate himself in feigned humility like so many of our illustrious leaders. He is dangerous only to the status quo, and they know it, that in fact is why he currently languishes in prison, not because he actually represents a danger to society.

Ernst Zündel admires Adolf Hitler, so what? Ernst Zündel doesn’t believe any Jews were gassed at Auschwitz, so what? Ernst Zündel is and has been for some time; extremely critical of Zionism and its designs on the world, by God… it is too damned bad more people aren’t behind him on this! Zündel is unafraid to do what Jim Moran didn’t have the guts to do, and that is to stand up to and challenge the State of Israel, and the undisputed influence Zionists have in the United States and Canada today.

Don’t fool yourself, this disproportionate influence is very real, Congressmen have written books about it, as have Senators. Viktor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent wrote a tell all book about Israeli espionage in the United States and how the Israelis could "count on" American Jews to do much of their work for them, after all it was a Jewish thing, and had nothing to do with patriotism. It is an undisputed fact that more than one hundred Israelis were detained for espionage in the United States immediately following September 11th, and inexplicably deported back to Israel before charges could filed, and more importantly before the American people were informed. It is an undisputed, empirical fact that five Israeli’s were arrested on 9-11 for filming the actual impact of the jetliners as they hit the World Trade Centers and laughing and clapping each other on the back in a congratulatory manner while filming the event. It is an absolute fact that on January 2, 2004 a Jew named Asher Karni was arrested at Denver’s International Airport for having sold [past tense] more than sixty nuclear weapon detonators to Pakistan, a country that is without a doubt the most unstable Islamic Republic in the world. Despite having committed what might be the greatest terrorist incident in modern memory, Karni remains unknown to most Americans, largely because the Jewish mainstream media has suppressed the story. Karni was sentenced to three years for selling nuclear weapon detonators to Pakistan; Zündel has yet to be tried, despite having served more than three years in prison. Go figure.

So, is it possible to admire a man like Zündel? During his infamous 1988 Holocaust Trial, a trial in which his opponents love to mention his conviction, but never mention the fact that this unjust conviction was later overturned by Canada’s highest court. Zündel apparently impressed another young man named Jürgen Neumann who had this to say about Ernst Zündel, "he is a very sincere individual. He actually seemed to believe exactly what he said… He never avoided any questions asked of him." This was what impressed Neumann at the time and impressed him during the 1988 trial. According to Neumann, Zündel asked him to do many things that a mere propagandist would never request, i.e. continue to independently research the topic. This indicated to Neumann that Zündel was sincere about the subject and that he continually attempted to widen his field of factual knowledge as any historian would. Imagine that, admiring a man that believes what he says. Certainly an odd concept in this day and age, being that we are so often exposed to a tremendous number of people more than willing to take whatever position they are told to take, or in the case of the politicians, whichever way the winds blow, as manifested by poll results. Incidentally, does anyone really trust our polls any longer?

In a recent article entitled "Why I admire David Irving," another historical revisionist current imprisoned in Austria for his views, a gentleman by the name of Nick Herbert had this to say about the "notorious" author, "I am not a professional historian and my knowledge of what went on in WW II is not extensive but for most of my life I have been trained in the methods of rational thinking and can follow an argument like a rat terrier. I recognize a good argument when I see one and have familiarized myself with most of the rhetorical counterfeits of reasoning. I consider myself an expert truth-seeker." Herbert then went on to say, "As a scientist, seeking truth is part of my profession." What Herbert was essentially saying is that Irving’s research should be examined as it has merit, the revisionist point of view must not be discounted in the name of political correctness.

An interesting detail about both Ernst Zündel and David Irving is that neither holds a degree in history, yet both men are infinitely better versed in just about every aspect of history than I am, and I hold a masters degree in history and politics. Of this, there is no doubt whatsoever. I have come to know Mr Zündel through correspondence and am literally amazed at his ability to recall the smallest details out of the thousands of texts he has read. I have been told that Mr Irving has a photographic memory, which may be true, and could explain his phenomenal ability to deliver the most rational, well-conceived and coordinated presentations I have ever heard from any historian, including my former illustrious professors.

It has become abundantly clear to me that our allegedly fair and balanced mainstream media has seriously misrepresented both Irving and Zündel. When my wife and I met Mrs Ingrid Zündel for the first time, we didn’t meet the "yellow-eyed Hun, black widow spider, virulent racist," that the media might have led us believe, no… we met one of the most intelligent, kindly and concerned women we had ever met. My family and I quickly became enamored with her, and she said, what should have been more than obvious at that point, "If only people would get to know Ernst, they would find that he is one of the kindest people in the world." In fact, that is exactly what I have found by corresponding with him, rather than relying on highly biased media reports and/or ADL [Anti-Defamation League] profiles of the man.

Ernst is a threat to the ADL because he not only denies that there was ever a systematic plan to gas Jews during World War II, but also implicates Zionism and its appendages, like the ADL, as the exploiters of this myth, for the purposes of fleecing the world’s Gentile population and the imposition of unreasonable, and often dubious political demands, something Congressman Jim Moran was once quick to note, and even quicker to apologize for.

One must wonder if perhaps Ernst Zündel isn’t far more important than anyone ever imagined, after all, someone went to a great deal of trouble to quietly and quickly deport him from the United States to a country where they could be sure he would be effectively silenced during a period of crisis following September 11th, in the United States. In fact, Zündel, may have been one of the more vociferous whistleblowers in North America following the attack in New York, honestly pointing out undeniable, albeit uncomfortable facts, like the surreptitious deportation of more than a hundred Israeli spies from the US following the attack, as well as the extremely unpopular view that Israel was really the only entity with anything to gain from a preemptive war in Iraq. If Zündel were free today, and not under the news blackout employed to further marginalize his most rational views, he’d be unapologetically implicating Israel as the soul beneficiary of any further hostilities in Iran or Syria.

So inevitably the question arises, was Ernst Zündel ever a threat to Canada’s National Security because he was allegedly the "patriarch" of a virulent and violently racist subculture, or was he a threat because there is a great deal of merit to his arguments? The aforementioned Noam Chomsky is attributed with having once said, "If you don’t believe in freedom of expression for those you most despise, you don’t believe in freedom of expression." Such an incredibly simple idea, yet contemporary Americans can’t seem to accept its pure unadulterated logic, despite paying it lip service continuously, citing it as perhaps our most important Constitutional right.

The problem in America isn’t that we have no theoretical understanding of the importance of our Constitution; it’s in our application of the principles espoused within that document that we fail. Our government through the media propagates its agenda by providing us with its simple foundation, never its entire structure, and it reinforces this agenda by demonizing and marginalizing its opponents. Being that we are almost completely at the mercy of our television, oh come on, admit it, we tend to believe what is broadcast, and therefore we become the indoctrinated, not the educated, no matter what Fox news says, and we then reject, often out of hand dissenting views. This is known as "selective distortion," in advertising circles, and is a well-known concept throughout the entire media apparatus. In social psychology the tendency to accept what one is told, no matter whether or not it is accurate, and then reject later information is known as "belief perseverance." In either case, it reinforces what a well known cosmologist and top thinker named Stephen Hawking had to say about knowledge and that was, "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge."

The way in which the mainstream media has portrayed Ernst Zündel over these last several decades is absolutely erroneous. The man is not the "hate monger," he has been depicted as. Ernst Zündel is dedicated, he is honest, intelligent, even frighteningly so and has a tremendous amount of integrity. I admire Ernst Zündel, despite his views, because he himself is an admirable individual. I do not necessarily care so much that his views offend other people; I don’t have to. If they don’t like him or his views, I know for a fact; Ernst isn’t going to make them listen; he only wants to be free to speak his mind to those interested in what he has to say. Unlike the current governments of Canada, Germany and the United States, Zündel, the so-called bigot believes in freedom of expression, and has never espoused otherwise.

We must remember that it wasn’t so long ago that the powers that be were referring to James Ennes, the author of Assault on the Liberty as an "anti-Semite, a racist and a Nazi," merely for telling the world that in 1967 the Israelis intentionally attacked an American ship killing dozens and wounding nearly a hundred American sailors. The facts behind this case have been known for decades, yet, quite honestly, the same powers that seek to silence Zündel today silenced Ennes twenty some years ago in the same manner they have traditionally attacked the purveyors of truth forever, by slandering them, and going after their livelihood, reputation, family, etc… Fortunately for Ennes, Mr. Ward Boston, the military officer in charge of the USS Liberty investigation in 1967 recently came forward signing affidavits testifying to the fact that Lyndon B. Johnson ordered the attack on the USS Liberty "covered up," so that the American people, his theoretical boss, would never learn the details of what really happened. Ennes was "rehabilitated," as Zündel will one day be, but Ennes was fortunate in that his ideas didn’t land him behind bars. We can no longer afford to allow media created leper Pariah’s like Zündel, and Ennes to suffer for speaking out, when we are either too ignorant or afraid to do so ourselves.

Ernst Zündel should never have been illegally arrested and unconstitutionally deported from the United States for having an opinion that differed from others. He should not have been thrown into a solitary confinement cell, denied access to the media and simple items, like blankets, chairs, and writing material, but he was. As previously mentioned, the man has not been charged with a crime, he is being held because his ideas implicate individuals belonging to a powerful and wealthy minority within our population in the commission of crimes. Crimes that they are in fact guilty of, and know that they are guilty of, for this reason they must imprison and silence courageous and incorruptible individuals out there like Zündel, who won’t sell out the truth, no matter what these people do to silence them. Zündel had a chance to sell out but refused.

It is for all of the above reasons that I admire Ernst Zündel, a man that refuses to apologize for having an educated opinion, a man that remains willing to sacrifice everything for others, even if they do not recognize or appreciate his efforts. Ernst Zündel is an oddity in our contemporary world, a man unwilling to accept the lies that have become such common fare in our nation – he believes in what he says, and therefore he will "never surrender," and we ought to thank him for it.

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