Saturday, May 5, 2012

Antares Stargate Activation 2012

Calling All Crop Circle Decoders!

This crop circle represents the Star Gate in the Antares System. How we got this image is pretty strange. My friend has a protege who had a red thumb drive (USB Flash Drive) disappear from a locked drawer. He couldn't find it anywhere. He was having lots of strange electrical activity in his home only to find out his airconditioner went out. Upon going outside to check on his air conditioner, his red thumb drive had reappeared hours later (teleported?), standing on the ground next to the air conditioner. 

When he picked it up and took it inside, his air conditioner resumed operation. From prior experiences, he has learned to leave such things for a few hours so that these strange electrical energies have time to dissipate. Good way to fry a computer if one is not careful. When he examined the thumb drive it had the original files along with three additional images. One was a picture of the Antares Star System, this crop circle image represents the Antares Stargate, there is another symbolic earth esoteric image (not yet released). The thumb drive has again disappeared and we are awaiting what new information will come.

There are some pretty good crop circle decoders out there on the internet, perhaps some read this blog? Anyway if you have any insights on the embedded math and encoding in this crop circle please leave a comment on this post for everyone.

P.S.: I think this has something to do with the Event coming up in May or June. Cobra has mentioned several times the "Antarion Conversion" (from Antares?) and the "AN Conversion" being a direct energy transfer from Source. I don't claim to know how this fits. This is an evolving story. You will recall about a month ago a triangle shaped star gate appeared on our Sun. So geometry plays a big role in all this.

[Borrowed from American Kabuki; brought to my attention by Shalamee Campbell]

Courtesy of American Kabuki

Thursday, May 3, 2012

LIBERATION OF EARTH DAY 5-5-5 (2+0+1+2 = 5)


Take a moment to envision a beautiful world: What would your health be like? Your finances? Your family? What would your community be like? Your neighborhood? Your government? How can our representatives be responsible? How can we re-create the way we do life? Free energy? Healthy Food? Clean Water? Access to all?

If the Entire Universe is trying to contribute to you, what can you receive? What else is possible?

Please share this information with friends to create a wave of a new reality across our beautiful planet.


Almach is the brightest star in the Andromedan Galaxy, it is sighted before the Sun on the horizon on this day. The Andromedan Galaxy is important to us as it is merging with our Galaxy and is also a key system for beings walking-in the human bodies to assist in the shift into the higher dimensions and Andromeda is in unified consciousness and aligned with divine will. A Star Essence of Almach "I am Divine Will and Plan" is available at Evenstar Creations.


The Eta Aquarids are a light shower, usually producing about 10 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower's peak usually occurs on May 5 & 6, however viewing should be good on any morning from May 4-7. The full moon will probably ruin the show this year, washing out all but the brightest meteors with its glare. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Aquarius. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight, far from city lights.


PERIGEE OF THE MOON when it is closest to the Earth at NZ 3.23pm EST AUST 1.23pm GMT 3.23am ~ A perigee causes tension and possible earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather. This tension can be utilized in positive ways: stay centered and hold the beam in the stillness and oneness for all humanity and life. The Moon will be at its closest point to the Earth, so this will be the largest full moon of the year.

[Notes from my astromancer friend Soluntra King]

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hazlan Zakaria poses an important question about what actually happened on 28 April 2012...

Why did this police car plow through the crowds near Sogo, injuring several protesters?
Was there a police riot at Bersih 3.0?
Hazlan Zakaria | 1 May 2012 | Malaysiakini

"Police riot" was an expression coined by The Walker Commission, formed to investigate the events surrounding incidents of police brutality during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, also known as The Windy City.

It literally means a riot carried out by the police, or mass police action violently undertaken against members of a legitimate public protest for the purpose of political suppression instead of for the maintenance of public order.

A riot that the police are responsible for instigating, escalating or sustaining as a violent confrontation, characterised by extreme police brutality.

Specific to the Walker Report, it described "unrestrained and indiscriminate" violence by police "inflicted upon persons who had broken no law, disobeyed no order, made no threat".

The report, though did recognise that members of the public taking part in the 1968 protest also engaged in acts of extreme provocation.

While many disputed the slant of the contents of the report and the political ambitions of its chairperson Daniel Walker, who was then also Chicago Crime Commission chief and later Illinois governor, details used in the report have been quoted to describe that while not all the police were involved in the brutality, the actions of the few bad apples really did amount to a police riot.

And none disputed the fact that the blanket of brutal police actions extended beyond the provocateurs, unto the many innocent and genuine protesters, and more sadly, towards the members of the press as well.

Extreme brutality by police

If we are to calmly look at events surrounding Bersih 3.0, one cannot but make the honest call that what happened during Bersih 3.0 pro-electoral reform rally, especially at the tail end of that day, may indeed have amounted to a police riot.

Reports emerged of extreme brutality by police officers, of line rushes and police charges at retreating demonstrators. Of bleeding heads and bruised bodies.

News of potent tear gas fired indiscriminately against the crowds amid reports of widespread beatings, not only upon fleeing protesters but against detainees under police custody or control.

Members of the press also had their persons assaulted, injured and their equipment confiscated or savagely damaged.

Many were ordered not to take pictures or even eye the brutal behaviour of those who are supposed to be upholding the law and maintaining public order.

And one wonders if the police have to be more transparent with the way they conduct "riot control", for a minister claims that it is their standard operating procedure to confiscate equipment from members of the press during such times.

We must ask "why and what for"? Or else the only reason one can logically arrive at, coupled with the warning not to take pictures, is that this is suppression of the media.

Yes, there were also tales of provocative actions by some protesters, but also tales of undercover police doing the instigating.

But in the main, it is the duty of the police to be professional and keep public order. There must be a distinction between crowd control at a demonstration and suppressing a riot.

Sadly, from observing testimonies of police riot control unit officers in court, it perks up one's ears when the word they use to describe protesters is usually "perusuh" or rioters.

Even if a few 'bad apples' were really instigated during the protest and not the many more upstanding men and women of our "Blue Tiger" force, it may indeed be law enforcement running wild and rampantly riot.

But worse of all, if it was indeed police actions taken after "orders from up top," then it would mean that the events on Saturday were not a police riot but the actions of an autocratic and totalitarian government against it own people.

Adrian Hoe
Not much different from Egypt and Syria then, for not only did the protesters face the same barbed wire fencing, but also the same brutal police and autocratic dictates.

Indeed, one might ask if the barbed wire fencing and brutal police tactics are no different from what the Palestinians suffered at the hands of their Israeli invaders, albeit maybe several more degrees less.

My mind wanders to a picture circulated in social media of the barbed wire barricade surrounding the iconic Dataran Merdeka, to someone had attached a handwritten note that reads "Welcome to Tel Aviv."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A heartfelt tribute to Bersih 3.0

The Malaysian Insider
I salute you, Bersih 3.0 ~ by Sam Peh

MAY 1 — I salute you Ambiga Sreenevasan, Samad Said and all the other people behind Bersih 3.0 because you have shown us that when common people unite, there is nothing that can stop us.

When common people unite, threats, violence and mass propaganda by the country's slavish media lose their sting. I salute the people of Bersih because they have been quick to admit that their crowd control could have been better.

I salute them because they have come out and supported tough action against those who perpetrated the violence and even called for an independent Suhakam inquiry into Bersih 3.0.

I salute you because that gathering on Saturday gave many Malaysians a taste of oneness and camaraderie which they have not felt for a long time. I dare say that the level of patriotism of many who turned up is at an all-time high.

Yes, I understand that Najib and company are calling you all sorts of names and actually believe they have the upper hand.

But I invite my dear Malaysians to consider these facts.

Who would you trust? Leaders who acknowledge their human weakness or those who are too big to say sorry? Would you trust Samad Said, Chin Huat, Ambiga or Najib, Muhyiddin, Khairy Jamaluddin, Chua Soi Lek or Palanivel?

Who would you trust? Leaders who have put their lives, reputations and incomes on the line for cleaner elections or the fat cats in their RM15,000 suits and linen shirts who milk the country.

Who would you trust? The hundreds of witness accounts and YouTube clips and pix on Instagram or cops who seized cameras, etc ?

I salute you the people of Bersih because you have given the common citizen an opportunity to be heard, seen and fight against evil.

Carl Boudreau ~ The Astrology of May 2012

A horoscope for the merry month of May by Carl Boudreau - "a rather over-educated 'older guy.'"


Can somebody please read my palms? Yes, they're clean! (Photo by Samsul Said/Reuters)

28 April 2012 shall go down in the nation’s history as Merdeka Rakyat when 300,000 rakyat spoke in one voice to demand a free and fair election.

The women, youth and men of all races and ages who came down in full force were encouraged by a sense of justice to demand liberation from usurpers. Their message cannot be mistaken – a free country cannot be enslaved anymore.

The people want a genuine democratic process

BERSIH3.0 represents the hopes and dreams of all Malaysians that the political legitimacy of any government in the future can only be attained through a genuine democratic process.

The authorities' response to BERSIH3.0 participants who represent million others across the country is thus an utter disappointment. It is a classic statecraft of authoritarian regimes using the state controlled media to turn the masses who are victims of oppression and brutalities into criminals.

I bear witness to the political awakening of the rakyat as I marched with them from Masjid Negara. The atmosphere was one of enlightenment, rejuvenation and hope. It was an exemplary conduct of a peaceful assembly; a celebration of freedom and unity in the truest sense.

The day Malaysia woke up

This is the achievement of BERSIH3.0 that will stand the test of time. The rakyat will commemorate 28 April 2012 as the day Malaysia woke up and marched for liberation in one voice.

We shall not be intimidated by continuous lies spawned by the state media. We have a much potent and effective media in our hands as the 300,000 rakyat carry the messages of BERSIH3.0 and liberation to every corner of the nation.

Let the rakyat speak and justice prevail.

The Malaysian Insider

The R.A.H.M.A.N Prophecy Fulfilled? ~ by M. Bakri Musa

This brilliant essay by M. Bakri Musa was first published shortly after Najib Abdul Razak was appointed crime minister by 191 corrupt Umno division chiefs. Now is as good a time as any to re-read it...

By M. Bakri Musa
12 April 2009

Newly-sworn-in Prime Minister Najib Razak created a buzz when he released 13 prisoners detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) and lifted the ban on Harakah and Suara Keadilan, publications of the opposition parties. He also promised “a comprehensive review” of the ISA, a statute long abused to silence the government’s critics. Malaysians long yearning for a change applauded him. There were skeptics, of course.

Alas that was last week. This week the hopes of those citizens were cruelly crushed when they saw the real Najib with the announcement of his new cabinet. Far from being a team that would wow Malaysians, Najib’s cabinet was, as Tunku Aziz put it, “a team of recycled political expendables.” And a bloated one at that!

The skeptics were right; Najib’s earlier act was nothing but a big and cruel tease.

This roster of “political expendables” was the best that the man could offer, from a leader who only a week earlier warned his party that it should “change or be changed.” When given the ultimate freedom to choose his own team, Najib stuck to the tried and true, or what he thought to be so. So this was Najib’s brave version of “Berani Berubah!” (Dare to Change!).

Najib is incapable of change; there is nothing in him to suggest otherwise. He could not even recognize the need for one, much less respond to it. Change would be totally out of character for the man. Far from welcoming or be invigorated by it, change would threaten him.

Unfortunately for Najib, Malaysia has changed. Incapable of change, he is doomed to be changed come the next general elections, from Prime Minister to Leader of the Opposition. He will be our shortest serving chief executive, our Gerald Ford. Ford was the unelected American President who assumed office following Nixon’s forced resignation over the Watergate scandal. Like Ford, Najib too was not elected to the highest office. Ford was subsequently rejected by voters; the same fate awaits Najib.

For Malaysia, that would truly be a wasted decade, with the first half already being squandered by Najib’s predecessor, Abdullah Badawi.

The True Najib

Najib is the obedient first son, the loyal subordinate, and the traditionalist aristocrat. He even inherited his father’s ancient tribal title, Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar! How quaint in this 21st Century! His career path has been straight and narrow, on a track that had been conveniently laid down for him by others who felt indebted or grateful to his illustrious father.

Najib has never shown a talent for striking new paths. Even his ascendance to the Prime Minister’s office was paved by others, in particular Tun Mahathir and Muhyiddin Yassin. Najib must remember that a favor offered is a favor owed.

Just as he was the obedient son, Najib was also the dutiful and loyal subordinate. His blind obedience to Abdullah Badawi drew the wrath of Tun Mahathir. As for experience, Najib has been dependent on paychecks from the public purse all his adult life. He never had to meet a payroll; he has no idea of the trials and challenges of that endeavor; nor does he appreciate the sense of accomplishments and independence of those who have.

This is not the profile of a leader capable of making radical changes that Malaysia so desperately needs now.

Unfortunately the track Najib is on now ends at his office. Ahead, for him and the nation, is uncharted territory, with steep hills to climb and wide canyons to traverse. Turning back is not an option, as that path so carefully crafted by earlier leaders is now destroyed for lack of maintenance and prudent use.

That Najib is now portrayed as an agent for change is more a tribute to his highly-paid public relations operatives and the all-too-eager-to-please toadies in the mainstream media. However, you can peddle a dud only for so long; sooner or later the ugly reality will emerge and the bubble burst.

When that inevitability happens, beware! Voters react with vengeance when they feel that they have been hoodwinked by their leaders. Ask Najib’s immediate predecessor, Abdullah. The by-election results since the last general elections are portends for Najib and his party.

Totally Inept and Inadequately Prepared

Najib assembled his cabinet only last week. Even then he spent that limited time talking with leaders of his Barisan coalition instead of with potential candidates. He is clearly being negligent. He knew he will be Prime Minster months ago; he should have been interviewing and short-listing candidates all along. Being unopposed as president of UMNO and thus freed from having to campaign, he had plenty of time to preview his choices prior to last week.

I am particularly concerned with the choice of his deputy. Did Najib have a private session with Muhyiddin before selecting him? Nowhere is it written that UMNO Deputy President should also be the Deputy Prime Minister. Najib is trapped by tradition.

Najib should have done a “Khairy Jamaluddin” on Muhyiddin, that is, keep him out of the cabinet and make him focus on rebuilding the party. God knows, UMNO needs intensive rehabilitation as much as its Youth wing, if not more so. Dispensing with Muhyyudin would strengthen Najib’s image as a reformer, quite apart from taking the sting out of having singly excluded Khairy from the cabinet.

Najib gave the very important Education portfolio to Muhyiddin. Is Najib assured that Muhyiddin agrees with him on the major policy issues, in particular the highly contentious matter of continuing the teaching of science and mathematics in English? Muhyiddin is unusually quiet on this.

It is equally hard to be enthusiastic on the rest of Najib’s team. This is what happens when you choose your cabinet based on pleasing others, especially those whom you owe favors. Najib struggled to get his team, just like Abdullah and Mahathir before him. Like them, he too found the pickings slim as he fished only in the same polluted and shallow puddle of UMNO and Barisan. He did not have the courage to venture beyond.

Najib unwittingly revealed much in his first few days as Prime Minister. Thanks to his PR team, Najib managed to sound very positive, at with his promise of “a comprehensive review” of the ISA. That sent orgies of praise for the man in the mainstream media and elsewhere. The more perceptive (or skeptical) would note that he specifically did not mention anything about repealing it.

Then there was his announcement on the release of the 13 ISA prisoners “with immediate effect.” In Najib’s lexicon, “with immediate effect” means at least three days later! This shows how much he is in tune with the actual workings of the civil service.

If I had been Najib’s communications director, this is what I would have done. Knowing how easily our civil servants could screw things up, I would first check with the Home Ministry, specifically the Chief of Police and Prison Director, to arrange for the release of the prisoners.Send them to the nearby rest house at government expense if their families were not yet ready to receive them. I would then alert television stations and other news media so they would be there to cover it.

Only after assuring myself that all those meticulous preparations are in place would I have Najib make his announcement. Imagine the dramatic impact when the split screen on the nation’s television screens would also show the prisoners being released as he made the announcement.It would also showcase the crispness of Najib’s new administration. Had he done so, he would have been spared the embarrassment of his orders being delayed for days because of – you guessed it! – paperwork!

On the day Najib announced his new cabinet, the judge in the long running Mongolian model murder trial rendered his judgment. Najib had been trying hard to ignore the grisly tragedy, but it kept cropping up at the most inopportune times. His strategy is to stonewall, banking that the success of his policies would make citizens forget the gruesome crime.

Najib is gravely mistaken in this. Even if his ethics were beyond reproach, Najib would find his policies a tough sell. Conversely, if he could clear up those sordid allegations (assuming of course he is innocent, a huge supposition) he would find that with his personal credibility now enhanced, the public would more likely buy into his policies. Stonewalling is no strategy.

As it now stands, Najib is doomed to be the last UMNO Prime Minister. He will not be even a “one-termer.” He will go down in history as our shortest-serving Prime Minister. Worse, it will be recorded for posterity that he was the Malay leader who brought down a once glorious organization, UMNO, an institution his late father was so instrumental in setting up. All destroyed in just two generations; the first to build it, the second to destroy. Truly a very Malay story!

For those who warmly applauded Najib on his first few days in office thinking that his was the dawn of a new day for the nation, I hope they would translate their disappointment into effective action. Deliver to Najib his own KPI (Key Performance Index) at the next general elections. It will be less than four years away; plenty of time to lay and grease the track for Najib’s (and UMNO’s) exit.

M. Bakri Musa © 2009

Huh? Naif Ton Rasa? 
Bernama Press Release dated 9 April 2009

Monday, April 30, 2012

Rallying for clean and fair elections: WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO STOP US?

Listen up, Bersih Bashing Morons!
By Emmanuel Joseph

Listen up, morons.

250,000 us went down to KL to walk and we walked for a variety of reasons. WHY we walked is not as important is WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO STOP US? We’re citizens, we’re taxpayers. Our tax dollars paid for the tear gas they shot at us, the water the sprayed us, the barbwire they put around Dataran Merdeka and the train services denied to us! WHO THE FUCK are you to stop me from wearing yellow, taking a train, joining a rally? It was rallies that got your asses into the comfy seats in which you now sit in, the keyboard you are typing to condemn us with, the monitor in which you sink your beady eyes and give us your self righteous comments with.

Listen up, morons.

We were not there to kill anyone, whack anyone, crash any car. Don’t judge the actions of 99.99% on the few who did; that too evidence is fast appearing that they may not be protestors after all! If you used your heads to think, we were already there for umpteen hours, for the third time - you think we would ‘lose it’ just like that? If we were to judge everyone by the actions of a few, every cop loves his baton too much, every MCA member sleeps with women on video, and every PERKASA member is short and has a limited vocabulary.
[Read the rest here.]

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Face the facts, Election Commission... and dismantle yourself. No point holding elections otherwise!

Malaysian Election Commission found seriously flawed, backward and dysfunctional. Umno stubbornly clinging to authoritarian attitudes, as reflected in the opinions of its secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

Members of the fact-finding mission from Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Australia and Germany were invited to Malaysia by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim - but they came at their own or their country's expense. They were appalled at the violent police action against defenceless and peaceful protesters towards the end of Saturday's mammoth Bersih 3.0 rally for clean and fair elections.


Of evil emperor wannabes and farting storm troopers...

"A word in your aristocratic ear, Your Pinkish and Puissant Petulance..."

"The pay's lousy but I just lurve the smell of uniforms..."

Brave men-in-blue ganging up on a ferocious and deadly Yellow Pig
(photo: Adrian Hoe)

Finally... the robots rebel!

Fabulous cartoon in the long-haired guy's hands (photo: Lily Fu)

The Spirit of Bersih 3.0: From the mountain heights...

... to the ocean depths!

Small section of the colorful crowd near Masjid Jamek (photo: Lily Fu)

A surging sea of determination to reclaim our electoral destiny (photo: Harakah Daily)

Birthpangs of a new nation, free of BN robber barons... (photo: source unknown)

Censorship, jackboots, thuggish intimidation, water cannons, tear gas, storm troopers, secret police... so fucking primitive! So ludicrously shtupid! So utterly futile in the age of digital tech and instant interconnectivity!

The biggest showing ever for clean and fair elections (Harakah Daily)
My guess is between 150,000-200,000 were at Bersih 3.0 (Harakah Daily)
Always a reassuring sight: The Yellow Geeks from DiGi!