Monday, October 25, 2010

Calling forth the True Ones of the Earth

This beautiful flower mandala around the Earth was lovingly created during a sacred ceremony that lasted almost two hours, with everyone holding the focus and offering pure heart love while Solara and Elara called out the names of every nation on the planet (many of which I had never even heard of).

Solara had spent hours writing these names in magenta ink by hand on individual diamond-shaped cards and arranging them in alphabetical order. After each nation's name was proudly and affectionately proclaimed, one of 22 11:11 messengers would carry the card as an offering to the circle of True Ones seated around the symbolic Earth.

The True Ones would then infuse their memory of the original blueprint of evolution and their voluntary journeys as individualized souls into the dense realms, as they carefully passed each card representing a country from hand to hand, till it finally found its place in the mandala forming around the Earth.

As 11:11 Anchor and country coordinator for Malaysia, I had the great honor of adding my homeland to the flowering mandala of consciousness around the Earth. Calling forth our fellow beings all around the planet to emerge as True Ones is our sacred service to the divine essence of all existence.

Many of us were amnesiac for aeons as we found ourselves in dense dimensions where physical suffering, emotional cruelty, and the illusion of separation were first experienced... and this living hell ruled by demon kings eventually became the only world we knew.

Now is the time of universal liberation from forgetfulness of our soul's original purpose, why we chose to explore our greater potential by incarnating as beings of flesh and blood. To once again be free from fear and ignorance and a cancerous sense of disconnection from the miraculous web of life.

There's a True One ready to emerge within each of us, clear of mind and pure of heart, a vessel of beauty and healing love. As the Ninth Gate activates and opens, we invite all True Ones to awaken and emerge into the visible world as free and conscious fractals of the One Being!

Ayoka! We love you!