Friday, August 3, 2018

A Comment on Reptile Loathing (reprise)

From my personal perspective, what David Icke and John F. Winston report about reptilians running the show is pretty much indisputable. However, those of us who remember our Id/Enki lineage feel it's unfair to lump all reptoid entities in the same Fear and Loathing category. I've seen myself turn into a lizard-like entity several times in my life, and there are moments when I find myself amazed at how cold and unfeeling I can be.

I surmised, then, that we aren't just reptiles or mammals or Grey-hybrids or humans or cetaceans or whatever - most of us are a COMPLEX BLEND OF MULTIPLE GENETIC LINEAGES. That's what makes this planet such an incredible bio-lab and nursery of new life forms - her allowance for MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, INTER-SPECIAL VARIETY.

I've always felt great empathy for the Serpent in the Garden of Eden story. When I learned that another manifestation of Solar Christ Consciousness was actually called the "Plumed Serpent" or Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan, imagine how vindicated I felt. A long time ago an Indian astrologer told me I was protected by Nagas and would be safe wherever there were snakes.

Now this interchangeability of Dragon and Snake symbolism is of deep interest. The Orang Asli tell me the Snake is the 3D projection of the 4D Dragon (not in these words, of course, but they said, "The dragon is not of this world of flesh and blood." They believed that Snake Guardians that had served their time at sacred interdimensional portals eventually graduate to full Dragonhood.)

Naturally, whenever I hear talk of "slaying the Dragon (of Carnal Desire)" and references to the Evil Legions of the Draco Constellation, I'm a bit miffed. The worst Snake/Dragon Fearers/Haters are Christians (I shall call them Paulinians, because that's what they actually are) - those who are closely descended from Enlil's bloodline. Remember Enlil's family emblem is the Eagle - and in Mexico, you find an Eagle clutching a Serpent in its claws on the national flag, symbolizing the Spanish Catholic colonization of the native Aztec-Maya cultures.

The bad blood between Enlilites & Enkiites has devolved down the aeons into Serpent-loathing and a general dislike of Reptiles.

During peak experiences when I've felt completely reintegrated and attuned to all life, I've always been a dynamic fusion of Eagle and Serpent. Hence, the Plumed Serpent. I feel that Reptile-loathing leads nowhere but to a bland and sterile world view where any quality diametrically opposed to our own programming is regarded as "Shaitan" (Satan, Nemesis, Enemy) and rejected outright.

In September 1996 I wrote an essay titled Song of the Dragon - a study of the interchangeability of Snake, Dragon, and Rainbow symbols in folk mythology. A "channeled" passage came through which I later edited out, because I felt the magazine's readership wouldn't be able to relate to the material. Luckily, I saved that paragraph in my archives. Now is as good a time as any to retrieve it as a contribution to this very stimulating discussion:

The Dragon is part of Earth's evolutionary program. For Intellect to function under harsh climatic conditions, one requirement is protective armoring. We were stranded in the constellation Draco after the First War in Heaven, when one third of the Archangelic Host decided to volunteer for a dangerous and unprecedented experiment in the Use of Free Will.
Slowly we mutated (or stepped down our sub-atomic frequencies) into dense physical forms based on the most rudimentary principles: Input/Output - with a hole at either end of a semi flexible tube, which results in your basic worm-snake-fish-bird-mammal metamorphic sequence.

In the early stages we were mere strands of living protein, bacilli. Once we graduated to proper Wormhood, we were well on our way to full-fledged Serpenthood and, eventually, we attained archetypal Dragonhood. We grew into a very large family called the Reptiles and our survival program was eat-or-be-eaten. Over great geological ages, we acquired strategy and sophistication.

We began projecting our individualized Wills into other parts of the Galaxy and became a source of disharmony. 
During the Second War in Heaven (when Hell literally broke loose!), the Elohim made an attempt to eradicate us from the Matter Universe. They did not entirely succeed, for we became a survival program hardwired into every life form on Earth. Your scientific researchers call this the hypothalamus or Reptilian brain - and even the most "denatured" Sirian-Nibiruan-Simian genetic lineage has Dragon Blood at its deepest molecular levels. 
There is no way you can eliminate the Serpent without destroying your own survival instinct. The limbic or mammal brain developed when the experience of death led to emotional trauma and fear of loss. As metaphorical thinking evolved, the neocortex grew and self-awareness appeared. The "fourth brain" can be described as "bionic" or cybernetic, incorporating artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. Your "World Wide Web" is an early manifestation of this phenomenon.

In terms of the Earth's mineral memory banks and her magnetic fields, we of the Dragon lineage have a very vital role to play. We have been here since the earliest phases of starseeding, and our evolutionary destiny is intimately linked with that of Gaia. 
On the 4th dimensional level our hologram forms are perceived by those with active pineal glands as various phenomena, e.g., rainbow serpents, sundogs, aurora effects, UFO activity, and so on. We are pure energy beings, beyond archaic notions of Good and Evil, converting electricity into magnetism and vice versa.

[First posted 3 December 2006] 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"How Sexually Confident Are You?" (flashback!)

[Sometime ago, in the early years of the 21st century, a popular women's magazine sent me a questionnaire on sexual confidence. I kept my responses in my personal folder and just stumbled on this fascinating document, which I'm reposting purely for entertainment purposes.]

The Marie Claire Interview: "How Sexually Confident Are You?"

1. On a scale of one to 10, how sexually confident are you?

When I was 15, maybe about 7... between 30-45, possibly 10... after 51, maybe about 7.

2. How would you describe yourself? Your personality etc.

Approachable. Friendly. Honest. Romantic. Affectionate. Abductable?

3. How do you view your body and sex?

No hunk like the muscle-bound species some girls drool over (who often turn out to be gay) - but appealing enough that I'd go out with myself if I were a woman. How do I view sex? Very favorably indeed! Seriously, sex is a very powerful key to holistic consciousness. Which is why it has been deliberately made a taboo subject, so people will be more easily controlled through guilt, fear, and frustration. In a sexually unrepressed community, folks would laugh wannabe dictators out of town.

4. Do you flirt? What's your come-on move like?

All the time. Don't have any (and even if I did, you think I'd tell and spoil it all?)

5. If you're outgoing, would you say you're confident sexually too? If you're shy, would you say that is the same when it comes to bedroom manners too?

I'm generally outgoing. As for sexual confidence: what you really wanna know is how long and strong my schlong is, admit it! (Haven't a clue what else you might mean by "sexual confidence.")

6. What would you do to make yourself more confident?
Overconfidence isn't very sociable and it ruins the economy.

7. Do you dress the way you feel?

Of course. Okay, that's not entirely true. I really don't care too much for clothes, the climate here doesn't support anything beyond sarongs. But I've yet to show up at the theater clad only in a sarong (besides, most auditoriums are way too cold).

8. How do others view you?

With great affection and profound admiration... I hope!

9. Is it important for you to be sexually confident?

Unfortunately, yes. Despite all protestations to the contrary, men generally think with their dicks. I'm perhaps one of the more genteel ones who thinks with his Richard.

10. Your name, age and occupation please!

Antares... I stopped aging at 52 (but am officially retired)... I'm a phase modulator for planetary shifts and galactic alignments. I also maintain an eclectic website at and a blog at

[First posted 2 December 2006]

The Armageddon By-Pass: Final Phase! (revisited)

[Originally posted to Jean Hudon's Earth Rainbow Network and published in his e-bulletin]

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999
From: Antares
Subject: The Armageddon By-Pass: Final Phase!

Rainbow Greetings on the first day of the Magnetic Moon, White Resonant Wizard Year!

This is a multidimensional story incorporating elves, phantasmal hierarchies, and secret stargates. It is happening right now in our hologram-fractal universe on the micro- as well as the macro-cosmic levels. My mission is to report the situation I as perceive it within the collective Merkaba of the Temuan - an indigenous rainforest tribe of the Malay Peninsula now facing extinction if a dam is allowed to be built near their ancestral home, inundating their sacred sites and two thriving villages.

In 1992 I was summoned to the area to take up residence and plant the seed of a future rainbow community to be called Magick River. Later I understood that the Temuan tribe were the traditional guardians of the ancient stargates in this scenic river valley, but they had been culturally and spiritually disoriented since the Second World War and were no longer able to perform their sacred ceremonies. Only since the vernal equinox of 1997 have they begun, tentatively, to once again perform their traditional 'sawai' or sacred song ceremony.

Last year in July I was in email contact with two earth-healers and lightworkers who carried out a remote scan of the area. They reported that the magnetic grid of the rainforest was in critical condition and needed to be repaired and reinforced. The local elves (Orang Halus) were dispirited and confused and needed a blast of healing light. For more details please click here.

In October 1998 we learned that an Environmental Impact Assessment was in progress involving a 400-foot-high reservoir dam project which would drown 1,500 acres of lush river valley and cause the Temuan to be relocated to oil-palm plantations, losing their beloved home in the rainforest. Once the dam was built, the consortium would acquire management rights to another 50,000 acres of the forest reserve (ostensibly to protect the water catchment zone from pollution and further logging, but it was clear that they saw enormous eco-tourist potential in the area and wanted control of all future developments). For full details of the proposed Selangor Dam please click here!

Not long after that, Mary B, one of the lightworkers was visited by a 70-foot tall guardian spirit and persuaded by a series of vivid dreams to physically present herself at a particular sacred site in the area. She arrived in Malaysia after the March 21 Equinox and stayed for a full month, reading the energies of the area. On April 12 we made a pilgrimage to the Mother Fall, which she immediately recognized from her dreams of the previous year. This was the culmination of her mission in Malaysia - to download a 5th dimensional Arcturian encoding she had acquired astrally from Mount Shasta in November 1998. Mary B was astounded at the sheer number of guardians present at the Mother Fall - not just hundreds, but thousands were based at that spot to protect an interdimensional portal which had existed for millions of years. She told me the guardians were now fully awake and ready to defend the area against further disruptions to the magnetic grid. "There will be no dam," she said with quiet conviction. However, on the human level, I knew that before the dam project could be halted, great damage might be inflicted not just on the Temuan, but any degree of environmental degradation could result in calamitous repercussions in the form of massive landslides and flash floods. In effect, we had to work on the political level to get the project aborted before too much damage was done!

On 24 July 1999 a press conference was called, announcing the Selangor River Coalition and a renewed commitment to stopping the dam. We were ready to stage street demos, camp-ins, whatever it might take to halt the madness. However, as Ceremonial Guardian, I still feel it is essential for us to maintain focus on the spiritual dimensions, working with thoughtforms and protective filters so that no harm will come to any lifeform, and so that the crisis can be resolved without causing further polarization. And yet I admit it's difficult to envisage any kind of win-win scenario for the dam proponents - short of their experiencing a dramatic conversion to deep ecology and appreciating, for the first time in their money-grubbing lives, the true beauty and majesty of the Goddess Gaia...

As we approach the Lunar Eclipse of July 28, the Solar Eclipse of August 11, and the Double Grand Cross of the Fixed Signs in the week following the eclipse, I know that millions of earth-healers and lightworkers will be focused on World Healing and Transmutation of the Hellish Apocalypse into a Glorious New Heavenly Epiphany.

We are dealing with very negative entities - the so-called Powers and Principalities - who have long had dominion over the human imagination on this planet. Indeed, upon returning to the U.S. after successfully completing her sacred mission, Mary B was attacked by the 'negs' via the agency of her nuclear family, specifically the husband and son, and is now under house arrest, much like Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma! She is not allowed the use of the Internet and is closely watched in case she tries to contact her circle of 'New Age' friends. But she's determined to transmute the negativity her own way, in her own time, as she feels there is karmic residue to be worked through.

Anyway, the 'negs' know that if the secret stargates in the Temuan ancestral land are left undisturbed, they will draw thousands of pilgrims to the area, and for every three who come, two will be awakened and activated beyond manipulation by the phantasmal hierarchy's totalitarian thoughtforms. Armageddon, the Final Battle for Control of the Earth's Destiny, is being fought everywhere - from the Balkans to Machu Picchu to the rainforests of Malaysia! Each of us is a hologram of the Whole Universe, and if we succeed in anchoring the fractal image of a 'New Heaven on a New Earth' within our immediate environment, the Ascension of Mother Earth will be accomplished with minimal hardship and pain. The crucial phase is NOW!

Circumpolar Rainbow Blessings and Full-Spectrum Light,
Ceremonial Guardian
(First day of the Magnetic Moon, White Resonant Wizard Year, old calendar, July 26, 1999)

[Originally posted 2 December 2006]

Sunday, July 29, 2018

13-minute summary of the history of human enslavement (repost)


At last! The ugly truth about The System compressed into 13 minutes. Please circulate this video as widely as possible!

[Brought to my attention by Mary Maguire. First posted 3 August 2011]