Thursday, March 5, 2020

Padmasambhava was charged with murder at age 10! (reprise)

Drama is the interplay of light and dark... and death is the shadow life casts. Humans are way too addicted to drama... and to rigid tradition.

Padmasambhava was only 10 when he was arrested and hauled to court for killing a 14-year-old boy with a stone aimed directly at his forehead. In his own defence the 10-year-old explained to the magistrate that his was an act of pure compassion.

A fly had landed on the 14-year-old boy's forehead, directly over his pineal gland. In a flash of clairsentience, Padmasambhava saw a unique opportunity to liberate two souls with a single transpersonal act.

Padma explained that he had recognized the fly as the reincarnation of a former human burdened with an enormous karmic debt, doomed to an infinity of sorrowful lifetimes.

The 14-year-old boy was poised to embark on a criminal career that would leave a long wake of hardship and suffering.

It was a one-in-a-billion chance to eradicate all their negative karma and liberate two souls from ignorance and countless horrors.

Without hesitation or malice, Padmasambhava picked up a stone and hurled it at the fly on the 14-year-old's forehead, killing both instantly and painlessly. As a living Buddha he had the authority and power to enlighten and liberate others. Neither the fly nor 14-year-old boy suffered but were, indeed, extremely grateful for the unique favor of instant liberation granted them.

The magistrate was thoroughly impressed with the 10-year-old murderer’s explanation and immediately acquitted him. But soon after that, Padmasambhava had to relocate from the area, not wishing to acquire a cult following or be challenged by competitive egos.


[First posted 21 March 2019]

How about some pork with your porn? (repost)

It appears that in certain Third World countries with First World infrastructures, a sure way of finding yourself in prison is to publish pork-flavored porn.

Indeed, it doesn't even have to be real pork, as Alvin Tan (26) and Vivian Lee (25) recently discovered. You could post a photo of yourself enjoying some tonic bone soup and wishing your Muslim friends a happy breaking of fast during the month of Ramadan - and the assumption would be, because you happen to be of Chinese descent, you must be making fun of other people's religion by advertising the virtues of pork.

This perky young couple are enjoying some fried bean curd (or yu-char-kway) served in tonic bone soup

By now most Malaysians would have seen that ill-conceived photo of Alvivi (as the outrageous young couple call themselves) smiling happily as they dine on what looks like fried bean curd or crisp doughsticks (yu-char-kway) served in bak-kut-teh - a popular tonic bone soup made with whatever meat one fancies, though the commonest variety features various parts of a pig's anatomy. Some say bak-kut-teh is a genuinely Malaysian delicacy as the dish is apparently unknown in China.

I'm generally carnivorous myself - but if some militant vegan decides to post images of raw celery, carrots and beet on her facebook timeline, should I interpret that as an attempt to annoy me? I can imagine a hardcore vegetarian being repulsed by the sight of a sizzling steak, but is that enough reason to arrest anybody and accuse them of sedition? To make a huge fuss out of one's dietary taboos - whether based on religious dictates or personal preference - seems to me utterly absurd.

A year ago Alvivi raised eyebrows and blood pressures with their erotic blog where they had uploaded homemade videos of themselves having a romp or two in bed. For that Alvin Tan had his scholarship cancelled by the National University of Singapore (where he was studying law) and he and his faithful sidekick Vivian Lee subsequently returned to live in Malaysia. The couple has received an equal amount of brickbats as well as bouquets.

The more conservative were quick to condemn them for "bringing shame to their families." While many others openly expressed their admiration for the couple's derring-do and sheer cheek. I was among those who found myself marveling at these youngsters for having the nerve to act out what many people only dare fantasize about. They were, I felt, deliberately testing the limits - seeing how far they could go in their advocacy of sexual liberation and freedom of expression.

After all, it's no secret that at least 90% of the male population (the other 10% being congenital liars) - and perhaps 30% of females - regularly watches online porn. Before digital tech came along we had easy access to porn through pirate VCDs and DVDs. In my father's time, we had to be content with girlie magazines and naughty playing cards - unless we lived abroad in societies where commercialized sex has long been a major part of the national economy.

Compared to what is accessible online 24/7, Alvivi's homemade sex videos were amateurish and rated at most a single X, not XXX. What made Alvivi's porn blog titillating was the fact that they looked like the kids next door - and not some massive breasted Latina or Blonde shagging some black hunk with an 11-inch dick. Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee resembled a couple of energetic, fun-loving youngsters you might find yourself seated next to on the commuter train or at the cinema.

I was amused at the vehemence with which some traditionalists bayed for their blood. The overreaction was akin to witnessing a frenzied mob burn down a cinema just because someone had reported catching a fleeting glimpse of female nipples in some arty foreign film.

Stomping on a severed cow's head on 28 August 2009 to protest construction of a Hindu temple in their area

What is truly obscene, to me, is displaying the severed head of a cow - and even stomping on it - to express displeasure at the prospect of having a Hindu temple built in one's neighborhood. Not only is such a virulent species of intolerance intolerable in a multicultural reality, the act is akin to cursing the benevolence and generosity of Mother Nature - which is what the cow symbolizes in many ancient cultures, not just Hindu.

It all boils down to sheer hypocrisy. The same angry mob will then disperse and go home to download porn on their laptops.

As many have pointed out: if you serve the right political masters, you may screen pornographic material in a public place and get away with only a playful slap on the wrist. But if you happen to have the wrong skin color or religion, expect to have a whole library - or a 200-ton concrete structure - dumped on your head.

In a milieu where political correctness dictates that one is not allowed to use words like "dwarf" or "midget" in the presence of vertically challenged humans, being too tall can be deemed a punishable offence.

Trust the beansized-brain bozos in Umno to offer, as a possible remedy for cultural insensitivity, compulsory classes in Islamic civilization. Now if they had the good sense to be more inclusive and suggest that all civilizations are worthy of study, we would soon be enjoying heaven on earth.

Nobody likes having anything shoved down their throats. That's the clumsiest, stupidest and most obnoxious way of changing other people's mindsets. Young people will always gravitate towards ideas and information they find stimulating, exciting, funky, cool. Absolutely no way you can dig up a chunk of frozen mammoth dung and repackage it for the youth market as ice cream.

[First posted 21 July 2013, reposted 12 March 2015]

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Merging & Emerging as True Ones...

~ by Antares ~

Be at-one with the One that is Many

And know yourself as Every One and Every Being

Yes, Everything is ALIVE (even those long dead!)

Be fully conscious in the body (or your hardware)

And be aware what software (or belief systems)
run you
So you can be free

To disengage and disable

Whichever programs do not serve

Your greater purpose, your freedom and your truth

Be royally REAL and find the Grail
Within your own bloodline
And stay honest to your own Core Self -
The Fractal of Totality

Feel the wholeness and holiness of Life

And reconnect with the full spectrum
Of All Being
That means:
Reintegrate and become an Integer

Embody Integrity and love it All

From Now to Eternity

From Here to Infinity

And back!

Solara with her pillars of strength, purity and wisdom - Sebastian and Emanáku

Welcome to Solara's Cosmic Kindergarten! There are a large number of Ancient Ones at this 11:11 Activation. Many of us have been Masters for a very long time. However, as we approach the final Gate Activations and feel the onrush of newborn frequencies hitherto unknown, we find ourselves like cosmic toddlers in the New Octave of Being.

One cannot possibly ask for a more accomplished, impeccable, inspiring, creative and innovative Cosmic Kindergarten facilitator than Solara - whose gentle, playful approach, profound compassion and endearing sense of humor make her an incomparable teacher, wayshower and companion on our multidimensional journey to the cutting edge of spiritual consciousness - beyond games of Us-versus-Them and Twains-That-Never-Meet.

Indeed, I see Solara as the silver angel on the Rolls Royce of our journey home to Source - or the beautiful and intrepid mermaid on the prow of the ship of humanity's evolution - experiencing the uncharted and unknown just a few moments, or several lifetimes, ahead of the rest. Her innovative and original work in celestial and terrestrial shamanism convinced me from the outset that she is truly an oracle of our collective destiny - a future that holds a glorious promise way beyond our wildest dreams.

Witnessing the daily miracles that unfold as all 115 of us assemble and breathe and dance as One Being in the Grand Ballroom of the Pan Pacific Nirwana Resort at Tanah Lot, Bali, I wonder if words and pictures can possibly convey a sense of the massive transformations occurring throughout all fields of reality - and the role humanity plays in shaping the New Arc of Conscious Evolution heralded by the imminent end of the current cycle of Time.

Together as a coherent and integrated whole, we shall midwife the birth of a New Heaven on a New Earth. We can accomplish this only by clearing our circuitry of emotional blockages, reclaiming our freedom and sovereignty as True Ones.

As we each enter the Sacred Space created through subtle mudras in the Grand Ballroom and find our place amongst the Splendid Council of Emerging True Ones, it's impossible not to feel entirely privileged to be present in the body at this august Activation.

Sacred musician Omashar's captive audience adores his catchy uplifting songs

With a little bit of help from Solara every one of us is expanding to our true magnificence as fractal Embodiments of the Ultra Greater Reality; as a coherent field of loving and mature souls. Everybody begins to express the majesty and nobility of our core beings as our social egos, masks, cultural imprints and layers of illusion effortlessly fall away in the supercharged atmosphere of simple authenticity and pure heart love.

My adopted daughter Alaktum (now Aroha Fa) from Mexico with Activation Coordinator Sebastian from Germany
Star Commander Tzaris from Sweden and his serene partner Arisbey

KeRa (Christy Tice, whom I met 17 years ago at Star-Borne Reunion #8) with her 16-year-old Starchild Akyuna Akish
Perfect roommates Raphael (Germany) & Mauricio (Bolivia)

Mariana & Aloisio from Brazil: beautiful & noble souls

Maria & Kiana from Hungary

Grounding the powerful energies...

The lovable Isabel (now Keenuane Umai), 11:11 Anchor and country coordinator for Mexico

Elara (Sara) & Nova, Solara's starry daughters, love the Starry Dances

Petra from the Czech Republic: change is the only constant

Ramala from Canada: a towering Guardian

At least 3 Karins are at the Ninth Gate: this huggable one is from California

The elegant and mysterious Saaniya, Russian diva

The luminous Maria Angela from Spain

If you think Tonatiuh (Mexico) is good-looking, wait till you see his new bride Taisia (Russia)...
This gorgeous pair got married a month ago and now live in Germany, 
where they embody the sacred union between Northern and Southern hemispheres
Helia Anura from Germany channels angelic songs

Portugal-born Fernando grew up in Macau, is now based in East Timor

Me and my easygoing roommate Fernando

Sacred Dances remind us what stars do in space ~ that's right, they dance!

Fun, fun, fun for every One!

Edinburgh-based Anthony with starbaby Eilidh...

At 10 months the youngest member of the Master Cylinder and already a veteran

Emanáku holds the incoming frequencies with impeccable clarity

Andrey, part of the huge Russian contingent

Elena & Anayatsin brilliantly translated for the Russian & Spanish speaking members
Starry-Eyed Tanja from Germany

The gracious Ilda from Mexico City

Ku*Man from Mexico & Svetlana from Russia showing true attitude

3 starry hotties from Sweden, Mexico & the USA: Anna, Sajim & KeRa

Arbaline & Alanah from the USA: expert Aslan Dancers

UK-born Elyssia arrived with a dislocated shoulder but soon felt good enough to dance
Everybody turns into a kid on the watery slide...

Victor & Luzshma from Mexico express how glad the Master Cylinder feels to be able to serve
Our resort is visible on the left above the black sands of Tanah Lot

Gazing at the koi over lunch

Tightly-woven Balinese thatch roof on all the gazebos

Calling all Starseeds, Awakened & Awakening Ones! Please align your heart with the earth as she receives the new stellar codes that will facilitate her ascension to the fifth dimension.

Break free of fear, scarcity conditioning, and false notions of who you are and step smiling and shining into the Ultra Greater Reality as True Ones. Let our One Being grow as big as a Brand New Universe!

If you feel prompted to form an anchor group on Monday, 25 October 2010, from 1PM till 5:30PM, just email Solara about it now. Just do the simple Ninth Gate mudra and let our One Love flow through your whole being! Check for a video on how to do the mudra by clicking the link below...

Ninth Gate Activation
25 October 2010

Tanah Lot, Bali

[First posted 22 October 2010]