Friday, December 10, 2010

Meanwhile, back at Magick River...

It's been a bit wet for the past few weeks. This is how the forest looks after a storm. 
Can you hear the roar of the river?

Roger Reginald Putra in his usual Lion King pose.

The Bamboo Palace on a sunny afternoon (pic by Meesh)

Village kids Koi and Kuku pretending to be savages. One day they painted 
their hands bright blue. What's that all about, I asked. "We are Na'vi!" they solemnly declared.

Atamuna or Atan for short - cute but incorrigibly mischievous!

Climbing all over Pierrick, erstwhile manager of the Bamboo Palace 
and the last member of the Love Bus to leave...

Pierrick became part of the landscape after he arrived in April. 
He finally packed his stuff and left for Cambodia at the end of November...

... but he might return pretty soon to clear up some unfinished business! 
That's Tiphaine next to Pierrick. A fairy princess he found in Batu Arang, of all places...

Flashback to April 2010 when Pierrick arrived at Magick River 
to meet Love Bus buddies Moses and Mitch.

After 4 years away, Arakah returns to Magick River with a new look and a new name.

Sexy tree spotted by Marissa Giannake

My internet was down from midnight, 30 November, till around noon on 9 December. I did consider drafting a heavy-duty essay to upload from the cybercafe... but life and love got in the way... sorry! Maybe it's just as well I didn't force myself to address some of the murky issues oozing out of the political sewers. Others like Dean Johns and Mariam Mokhtar are already doing so diligently and eloquently - and I feel no compulsion to go over the same old ground.

However, I must say something about the utterly messed-up situation in Malaysia - and the US government's outrageous attempt to silence WikiLeaks by arresting site founder Julian Assange on absurd rape charges - reminiscent of the ludicrous sodomy trials of Anwar Ibrahim.

Murder can never be justified as a means to any end. What WikiLeaks has achieved with its bold disclosure of the absolute barbarity and monstrosity of the US-led military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq is that there can no longer be the slightest shred of doubt that Anglo-American Imperialism is so out-of-sync with humanity's spiritual evolution it has turned into a putrefying corpse whose reek can be smelt throughout the universe. There can be no more business-as-usual justification for the cynical spin and diabolical misbehavior so many have exposed but nobody has better documented than WikiLeaks.

The New World Order agenda must be resisted and derailed by the majority of awakening humans - or we shall be consigning ourselves, our children and grandchildren to Hell - literally!

Similarly, we in Malaysia must resolve right now to vote Barisan Najis out of power in the upcoming elections. We have no other option - believe me, folks. Murder has become the modus operandi of Najib Razak's desperate regime - murder, not only of human individuals but also of all possibility of democratic government ever arising in this country.

Zero tolerance for tyrannical leaders with blood on their hands! 
Let that be our battlecry for 2011!