Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Loosely Speaking: A Compilation of Facebook Comments Worth Archiving

Response to a virtual friend's Facebook video on how shaken she felt after being diagnosed with cancer

The predominant paradigms of Western "civilization" (founded on the Abrahamic Agenda, i.e., the Book Religions) have effectively severed our minds from our bodies and infected our souls with the concept of sin, of Judgement Day, external saviors and scary talk of hellfire and brimstone.

Fear and Guilt have proved to be powerful tools of control, blinding us to our own mysterious origins, the fractal nature of everything, our intimate, electromagnetic interconnectedness with the entire spectrum of life. It has produced money-driven, relentlessly expanding cities that devour the natural environment, destroying intricate ecosystems, literally turning paradises into parking lots, lush landscapes into spiritual wastelands, shopping malls, battlefields, toxic zones.

That's what cancer is really about - cell growth that has gone out of whack with our own coherent fields and become incoherent, subject to entropy and disintegration. I have long viewed cancer as a manifestation of human psychopathy on a massive scale. Imagine a species that meekly allows governments to spend a million times more money on warfare than welfare, that glorifies extravagant lifestyles even as homelessness and hunger proliferate all around. Well, that's one perspective on what cancer symbolizes and how we might go about reversing entropy within our psyches and physical bodies.

There are many other factors to consider - including unresolved emotional trauma, genetic and karmic legacies, even ancestral parasitism. It's alarming that humans have been systematically disempowered by disingenuous institutions to rely almost exclusively, allopathically, on the surgical and pharmacological solutions to health problems - while pooh-poohing or ignoring far more profound and meaningful approaches to restoring our emotional, psychological, physical and metaphysical equilibrium.

I'm so impressed by your courage and honesty... to do a facebook video openly confessing to your bouts of depression and fear is the mark of a true warrior and reveals that you're well positioned to demonstrate the veracity of that old adage: what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

Please do a bit of research into the benefits of detoxing with C60 and if you're willing to consider a session or two of deep emotional healing, I know a few masterful practitioners of cellular and soulular releasing and reintegration. Yes, I'm an unabashed advocate of "hippy-dippy" notions that true healing must include the realignment of left brain, right brain and heart into a coherent organic vision of wholeness regained. Please consider yourself seriously hugged.

On life extension, population culling & immortality

We live in an era when cell regeneration and rejuvenation, age reversal methods and so on are emerging from the realm of sci-fi and slowly becoming available to humans at large.

It wouldn't surprise me that in the next 10 years (perhaps less) you will find the average human lifespan extendable beyond 150. What's hindering this possibility is that the Elite Cabal are obsessed with culling the population (which they consider cannon fodder and "useless eaters" - rather than nurturing and upgrading human intelligence). Believe me, humans will achieve "genius" potential when someone enlightened and benevolent is put in charge of the education system.

The Polarizing Effect of Two-Party Politics

Perhaps it has to do with age - though I choose to label it maturity - but in recent years I find the self-righteous rhetoric of "leftwing liberals" becoming increasingly abrasive, divisive, judgmental, even hysterical. They pretend to condemn identity politics, but they are themselves the most vociferous promoters of political factionalism (often, alas, in the guise of "minority rights").

I bet they're mostly intractable Trump-deplorers, which suggests that they continue to be mesmerized by the sophisticated mendacity of the Zionist/CIA shill media, blind to the fake progressiveness of the Clinton/Obama camp.

Cunning versus Cleverness

Too bad so many here continue to mistake cunning for cleverness. They seem incapable of independent or original thought, and so they constantly plagiarize, steal and misappropriate.

They are too shallow to have mystical visions, so they settle for superstition and taboos handed down from generations past. They neither have the courage nor the determination to stand on their own, so they hide under the sarongs of those they perceive as the high-and-mighty... who, in truth, are their enemies and oppressors.

Epiphany over Apocalypse

We URGENTLY need to look within, explore, and retrieve our own cellular memory banks; and experience epiphany upon epiphany... as a counterforce to the apocalyptic deathwish implanted in our collective psyches by astral parasites that feed off our negative emotional discharge.

Fake News Alert!

No concrete evidence that Mr & Mrs MO1 are in any way linked to Kevin Morais's grisly murder. And the malicious story that Hussain Najadi was gunned down for sounding the alarm about Najib's AMB accounts is full of holes. Altantuya Shaariibuu executed for trying to blackmail her corrupt lovers? Blown all out of proportion.

Mammon & Moloch

For thousands upon thousands of generations humankind has been seduced (or hijacked) into worshiping the Archdemons Mammon and Moloch (Money and Power) while pretending to fear or love an invisible off-planet (or otherworldly) jealous male god they refer to as Allah, Yahweh, Heavenly Father, Our Lord, or simply Him.

The ancient visionaries (pre-Abrahamic era) had a mystical heart connection with the breathing fertile land that birthed and nourished them and knew her as the Great Mother Goddess (originally from the Galactic Core). I am of that lineage, have always been (even if I did seem to lose my bearings in several incarnations but it turns out the detours were necessary field research).

Politics as we know it is all about Money and Power. Those who remain true to their life purpose follow the call of Beauty and Truth, nothing else. In a world infested with ugly lies, we are the keepers of the immortal spark. Our task is to anchor the primordial vision of E pluribus unum (Unity in Diversity), serving as conscious conduits for the mystical experience of One Becoming Many and Many Becoming One.

So please don't ask me to enter the political fray. You want me to put on a suit and a fake grin and shake the hands of the unawake for a few paltry bucks a month? As the Sultan of Johor famously roared: "Do you expect me to survive on a measly RM27,000 a month?"

Please listen to this intense conversation all the way and you'll understand better where I'm coming from!

Truth is beauty, beauty truth

I am instinctively, naturally drawn to all things beautiful, and continue to maintain, like John Keats, that Beauty and Truth are inextricably entwined, just as Ethics and Aesthetics serve as concave and convex surfaces of a sphere.

Tragically, the long-term effects of Archontization of the Human Psyche has led to ugly urbanization with dull, angular, inorganic structures - monuments to corporate greed that cast a deep shadow of poverty and ghettodom - not to forget the crudification (and crucifixion) of the physical senses (and sensuousness) that has resulted in "scientific materialism" and the modern priesthood of Evil Empiricism that Stephen Hawking perfectly personified.

In defence of Katy Perry

In the last few years I've noticed that "issues" we discuss on social media are revolving more and more narrowly around memes generated as red-herring topics concocted by corporate shills churning out well-crafted magazine features which promote political correctness and "progressive" revisionism.

This has the observable effect of catalyzing heated and hostile debate on Facebook, bringing out the worst in argumentative ego-driven humans who now have the easy option of unfriending each other and enjoying a daily fix of adrenaline and dopamine.

Meanwhile, the forest gets obscured by the trees - truly crucial issues get sidelined, ignored and forgotten - issues that have the potential to unify humanity in a collective effort to address and resolve them, e.g., the radioactive pollution of the oceans from Fukushima and the increasing use of false flag operations to distract the masses from grotesque corruption and to pump up fear and paranoia on a global scale.

What about Google's sneaky use of algorithms to influence popular opinion and Facebook's complicity with covert agencies to gather data on users? Instead, we get incensed when a 19-year-old boy whose desire to save his kisses for some fictional one true love is traumatized and violated by a tantalizingly debauched celebrity cougar on a talent show. We must unite and pass new laws against such insensitive public behavior!

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When Sukhbir began posting in binary

Of late, I have become fearful to share my opinions out in the open. Because having differing views can lead the world to ostracize, vilify, demonize, criticize, and, hilariously, unfriend me. It's like we're all children again. Only, a lot less carefree and more politically correct about the usage of words and how we frame our questions to the world. It's sad because deep, deep down we all want "a better world" to live in and yet we are all divided about how the ideal world should be. From now on, I'll be sharing my thoughts in binary. If the world is really interested, it will make an effort to convert my words into ASCII text. 

Androids are incapable of original thought and independent action, unlike human beings. They are programmed from birth to conform and adopt consensus opinions as their own. Once a young child is formatted to decode alphanumeric symbols, the rest is easy. It's called school, college, or university.

Just be glad we are NOT androids. You can tell right away from three key issues whether someone is capable of independent thought: first is whether they unquestioningly accept the validity of vaccinations (because scientists says so)... second is whether they are easily drawn into identity politics (issues of race, religion, gender, even football club affiliation)... third is whether they feel guilty about their own sexuality and social "vices" like smoking in public.

The Globalist Cabal has primed the millennial mind to be easily influenced by cleverly constructed "street savvy" magazine features (especially of the type you find in BuzzFeed or Huffington Post). Just to be accepted by their peers, they become afraid to express what they really feel about things. In the guise of ersatz "liberalism" an insidious and zombifying totalitarianism has been creeping in since the advent of social media.

Stories, Folklore, Legends, Mythology

Over the many decades I have been researching the esoteric (no less than 50 years) I have encountered and temporarily adopted many different stories - about how Existence came to be, how the Universe began, the age of our Solar System, whether life on earth spontaneously appeared as an anomaly, or we as a species evolved from the primates or were genetically modified by technologically advanced time or space traveling races. Interestingly, the more I learn, the less I know.

All I know for sure is that everything is a story. Our lives are stories and "history" has been a feeble attempt to document the briefest span of time (no more than 13,000 terrestrial years or so) from the male perspective - that's why it's called "his story" - which mostly revolves around invasion (penetration), domination (might-as-right) and colonization (impregnation), hence the supremacy of warlord bloodlines on this planet and the ridiculous amount of energy and resources squandered on unnecessary, mutually destructive conflict.

In effect, once we acknowledge that it's all just stories, we can begin to reclaim our inner authority as creators of our own stories - and our freedom to rewrite, edit and modify those stories. So as one who by nature prefers Happy Endings, I am in the process of rewriting my own story, and as I expand my sense of Self to include and incorporate the entire Cosmos, I am also rewriting the Story of Life.

And I can attest that I am 100% convinced that all religions and priesthoods serve only one purpose - that is to shock and awe the innocent, gullible human psyche into an inherited fear of invisible and almighty forces or powers, so humans will never gain enough self-mastery to rebel against established external authority, i.e., God, Government and Gurus.

In short, I totally reject all scriptures - especially the so-called Book Religions or Abrahamic Agenda - as puerile nonsense nobody in their right mind needs to waste their time taking seriously.

My personal credo can be summed up thus: the only true god/goddess is the one you see in the mirror. All other representations of "divinity" must be questioned - but you may take for granted that All Life Is Sacred, as it is generated from a Supersentient Galactic Matrix - or what some might call the Sacred Feminine or Aeonic Creator known to the Gnostics as Sophia - better known today as Gaia-Sophia.