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Mother Earth is rapidly ascending to a subtler level of atomic frequency and will NOT support any lifeform that is not in its full integrity.

Najib Razak and his Umno/BN regime are obviously NOT in their full integrity. Their malignant scheme to parasite off honest, decent citizens is DOOMED TO UTTER FAILURE.


Street action pics courtesy of Malaysiakini]

Swami Beyondananda on "Godless Capitalism" and Banana Republicans

Notes From the Trail
July 29, 2009

Close Encounters With a "Republican"
My Personal Introduction to Godless Capitalism

by Steve Bhaerman

I recently had a close encounter with a "Republican."

I put quote marks around the word for two reasons. First, because the man used the word to describe himself. Second, because I'm old enough to remember when Republicans were more than the top-hatted guy from the Monopoly game or Mr. Potter from "It's A Wonderful Life." They were the pillars of small town communities, and in larger cities - like New York - they were honest, racket-busting counterparts to the corrupt "political machines" run by the Democrats. They personified noblesse oblige, expressed in the Gospel of Luke as:

"From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded."

No, this guy wasn't that kind of Republican. He could best be described as an Enron Republican. Like the Enron energy traders who took joy in the pain of grandmothers gone bankrupt, here was a guy without an ounce of noblesse, nor a smidgeon of oblige. He cheerfully presented himself as a pure "Darwinist."

I first encountered this brand of "Republicanism" while watching the Republican convention in 2000. A descendant of Theodore Roosevelt was being introduced to talk about preserving the environment. A group of "Republicans" from Texas hooted and booed him, in utter disregard and disrespect. Anything that didn't pad their personal bank accounts had no value.

Trudy and I met our "Republican" friend on a walk through a nearby neighborhood. We stopped to admire a huge oak tree right by his house. This was a relatively new subdivision, where fortunately the old trees had been left standing. It was close to dusk, and the crows had gathered over his house, squawking and fussing.

"I hate the crows," he volunteered. "They crap all over everything." He was a pleasant, clean cut guy in his late 30s, and we began a conversation. There were two homes for sale on the street, and he told us they were foreclosures. He had no sympathy for the foreclosees. "It's survival of the fittest," he said. "They obviously didn't have what it takes."

He, on the other hand, had been smart enough to buy gold. He had figured out that he could buy up to $20,000 worth of gold through his business each year (as a nontaxable business expense), then sell the gold at a profit to local coin stores. "Why do you think there are so many coin stores in this town?" he winked. "It's certainly not because we have a lot of coin collectors."

He then went on to lay out his complete Darwinist case for how life on the planet works. "It's the law of the jungle. It's me or you. That's life, and that's that." He was absolutely convinced that he was absolutely right. His well-rehearsed argument had the veneer of sophistication, and he had the "science" to back it up. When I suggested that Darwinism has been modified - if not debunked - by the latest science showing that an organism's "fitness" is ultimately determined by its "fittingness" (how well it fits into an environment), he dismissed this as "a belief" that he simply doesn't believe.

The Golden Rule? There have been a minority of people who've suggested this throughout history, he told us, but they're "just plain wrong." Remember how the right wing used to rail about "godless communists?" Well, here was an honest-to-badness godless capitalist. He reminded me of Jeffrey Skilling, former CEO of Enron, who considered Richard Dawkins' book The Selfish Gene, as his atheistic Bible. Skilling would actually announce that the bottom ten percent of producers at Enron would be fired each month, and each month he would follow through. This created a fiercely competitive, cutthroat attitude in his sales people - the same trait they would need to ruthlessly screw the marketplace.

It's not clear exactly when Ayn Rand supplanted Abe Lincoln as Republicanism personified, but this passage must be duly marked if we are to understand American and world politics properly. Enron Republicanism is now the official operating system of empire. While the Olympia Snowes and Arlen Specters might seek to soften and mitigate it, while Obama speaks of hope and being "all in this together," the godless god of the power of money now forces all knees to bend.

The good news in this bad news is that more and more "conservative" religious folks are seeing the contradiction. As author Paul Ray suggests, a major realignment is already taking place, as evidenced by the shift of many social conservatives to Obama in the 2008 election. Of course, that raises the question ... whither (or more accurately, wither) the Democrats?

While individual Democrats and even Democratic Party caucuses have attempted to stand up to the power of big oil, big pharma, big banking and agribusiness, the Democratic Party as an entity has shown no willingness to make the transformational changes necessary. They are simply here to soften the blow of pure, brutal capitalism, to be "not as bad as the other guys," and to ultimately be the final resting place for progressive votes.

This distinction is important for the same reason that I am putting heart and soul into launching the Department of Heartland Security. I would have to describe my neighbor's "Republicanism" as heartless. Cheerfully heartless, but heartless nonetheless. This gentleman had no use whatsoever for any form of nurturance, which he thought of as weakness. When I suggested that in an emergency he would help a neighbor, he looked at me funny.

What's even more insidious about this heartlessness - some might even call it borderline sociopathy - is that its perpetrators represent it as "natural." Adding injurious insult to insulting injury, these folks have sought to convince the rest of us that their "inhuman nature" is the true human nature. Of course they lie. Why wouldn't they? You can read this astute article on the Great Tax Con Job by Thom Hartmann, to see how this self-serving mind set is used to convince us that our self-interest is aligned with those of the predators.

So, what is to be done? First, we must understand that what we call "human nature" is a choice. At the effect of invisible programming, we may not realize we have a choice. However, as we awaken - individually and en masse - to see how we have been and are being manipulated (and even more importantly, how we've bought in to the manipulation), we can choose one or the other. Science is now showing us that much of what we dismiss as "human nature" is really human nurture (or, too often, lack of such), learned behaviors that can be unlearned and replaced.

In this awareness, we can see clearly how those who benefit from heartless exploitation would want to convince the rest of us that we are just like they are, only not as skilled. Along with the awareness, there is one remedy: Heartfulness.

In this global local community where - like it or not - we are all in this together, our task is to bring together the coherent forces of heartfulness, of love, sanity, and nurturance for mutual benefit, and to proclaim that we choose to put "human" in human nature. As Heartland Security officially launches some six weeks from now, we hope to facilitate putting this new world view into practice to "weave a web of mass construction."

And how about our "Republican" friend? So secure in his certainty, so convinced his view of nature is correct, he couldn't see his relationship with the web of life his world view threatens. It was beyond his imagination that the crows who plagued and taunted him were trying to tell him something. Native American lore associates the crows with "natural law." Their caws had no effect. Here was someone who staked his claim through unnatural law, and didn't even know it.

And yet...

We had been talking for nearly a half hour when the man's wife emerged from the open garage. "Hey," she told him, "we have company. Remember?"

"My in-laws," he explained. And as she took him by the arm and trundled him back into the house, he turned to us a bit wistfully and mouthed the words: "You are much more interesting."

... and Speaking of Heartland Security

What if ...

... all facets of a healthy world - physical, economic, political and planetary - were woven together into one community that strengthened and empowered each and all?

... there was an effortless and obvious way for individuals to match their mission and talents with the needs and desires of a growing "global local" community?

... a new healthy and sane economy was being born, and anyone with value to offer could become a part of it, and flourish?

... a worldwide, non-coercive moral authority was emerging based on the virtues and "heart core" values that 90% of humans share?

... all this was being done in the spirit of joy, play and humor?

What if we shifted the attention, energy and resource from "homeland security," and focused on Heartland Security instead?

This is exactly what is happening now ... and you are invited to become a part of it. If you'd like to find out more, please respond to this post and put "Heartland" in the subject line, and if you haven't already done so, join the Heartland community here.

It's free.

Swami’s 2009 State of the Universe Address
Department of Heartland Security Blog

Friday, July 31, 2009

Put an end to tyranny on 1 August 2009!

Najib: ISA rallies pointless
Rahmah Ghazali
July 31, 2009 | 7:46pm

The two ISA demonstrations planned for tomorrow are pointless since the government is already in the process of reviewing the security law, said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today.

He also said the rallies will not bring about any benefit.

"The most important thing is for them to give their ideas and feedback on how the government should improve the Act.

"Demonstrations will not solve any problems," he told reporters after chairing the Umno supreme council meeting at the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Tomorrow, two groups - one opposing and the other supporting the ISA - will take to the streets in Kuala Lumpur.

The Abolish ISA Movement (GMI by its Malay abbreviation) and Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) have separately said they would go ahead with their gatherings despite stern police warnings.

Starting today, the police have also set up roadblocks at major traffic arteries throughout the Klang Valley towards Kuala Lumpur ahead of these two mass rallies. [Source: Malaysiakini]


Photomontage courtesy of Mowadana (modified by Antares)

Such a sick, twisted mind our pathetic pink-lipped crime minister has! He thinks tomorrow's protest is against the ISA! The obnoxious ISA is merely symbolic of a repressive regime, you pompous poltroon. What the rakyat are really protesting is... YOU! We don't accept or acknowledge YOU, Najib Abdul Razak, as the leader of the nation. You were NOT elected by the majority of the voters - only by 190 corrupt Umno division chiefs (and a few retired but still evil Umno warlords) who pushed you into power so they can continue to plunder the wealth of the country and rape the environment and behave as if they are God's gift to Malaysia.

The sooner you get the message, the better for all of us. Don't waste OUR money on your expensive spin-doctors, Jibby. Can you hear the rakyat sniggering and/or cursing every time you appear in the news? Nobody loves you except your mama - and she's long dead. Your fat witch wife doesn't really love you. She only used you to climb the social ladder and taste the worldly power she craves. The moment you're out of office, she will treat you worse than a pack mule. It's written on her face.

And by the way, Jibby, please tell your beloved cousin the homo minister... he'd better keep a tight rein on his Rottweilers in Blue. If any of my buddies get hurt or arrested tomorrow... there will be VERY NASTY KARMA multiplied by 100,000 on your receding hairline. I'm dead serious, bub. You bunch of braindead twits in Putrajaya have no clue what hideous danger you are putting yourselves in. When the voodoo that keeps you in power backfires.... boy, I would HATE to be in your skin!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IGP, AG, Homo Minister... RESIGN or be BOOED & BOOTED OUT!

Detainee dead, family suspects foul play
Andrew Ong | Malaysiakini
July 28, 2009

A woman has disputed the official account of her brother's death, who died in police custody at the Sentul police station on July 16.

According to the police, R Gunasegaran, 31, had died from a drug abuse.

His sister, R Ganga Gowri, 32 (right), disagreed with this version in her police report today in which she alleged that he may have died after being assaulted.

This was claimed by three witnesses who were said to be detained in the same lockup with Gunasegaran, she stated in her police report.

In view of this, Ganga Gowri is urging the authorities to perform a thorough and transparent investigation into the allegations.

She is also demanding that hospital authorities release the autopsy report if there is one, and for the police to initiate an inquest.

She was speaking at a press conference, organised by lawyer Haris Ibrahim and attended by six other lawyers.

"These (witnesses) are very afraid. They do not wish the authorities breathing down on them and shall remain anonymous.

"Should there be a transparent inquest, I have been given assurances that these people will surface," said Ganga Gowri's counsel M Visvanathan.

Visvanathan, said the witnesses alleged that Gunasegaran died within two to three hours of his arrest at about 7.30pm.

He added that the witnesses said that Gunasegaran was kicked in the chest, hit with a hose and a piece of wood.

However, Ganga Gowri had not examined the body for wounds, which is still at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital mortuary.

Body still not claimed

She will not claim the body until a post-mortem and toxicology report is released.

Visvanathan said that although the standard practice by the authorities is to release the reports after two months, this had to be changed.

"It is insane to have the family claim the body and perform funeral rites and then wait for the post-mortem report, say for instance if the body had evidence of an assault whilst in detention," added Haris.

Haris said the police should be fair and kind to the family of the deceased and allow them access to the reports in order for them to request for a second independent autopsy if necessary.

Bar Council Human Rights Committee chairperson Edmund Bon said there appears to be inconsistencies in the way the government deals with custodial deaths.

He said it was only with sufficient public pressure, where full blown investigations will be carried out, such as in the case of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock, who incidentally was found dead on the same day as Gunasegaran.

He urged the government to heed repeated request by NGOs and civil societies for the establishment of a Coroners Court as magistrates conducting inquest, were not sufficiently trained in this area.

Police chief promises action

Meanwhile, KL police chief Muhammad Sabtu Osman said that the police will investigate the matter thoroughly to find the truth.

"We cannot let this matter just like that. We will investigate thoroughly," he told reporters.

He added the police will have a look at the report lodged by the family.

"We will take action against any person found to have been involved in the detainee's death, even if it involves my personnel," he added.


Since 19 October 2006 - the day Altantuya was abducted by Najib and Rosmah's UTK bodyguards, cruelly tortured, murdered in cold blood and blown to bits with C4 - Umno/BN has been on a downward spiral to HELL.

Are we going to go down with this bunch of emotionally retarded jackbooted hooligans?


Sunday, July 26, 2009



The last time I "spoke" with Yasmin Ahmad was on a Facebook forum. She wanted to know why so many of us were so keen to see an end to BN rule in Malaysia when Pakatan Rakyat leaders had yet to convince her that they could do a better job. I made an attempt to explain why I was putting my hopes on complete regime change, and she remarked that she had seen no evidence that the Opposition was worth betting on.

I understood where she was coming from. She had spent most of her adult life in advertising and had reached the highest altitudes of success within that profession. Not only that, she was the only person I knew in advertising who had then gone on to achieve her personal dream of making memorable feature films with a uniquely Malaysian flavor. Her best work in commercials was for Petronas. Her specialty was producing classy vignettes of Malaysian life with a distinct feel-good factor.

I thought her work as a director was superb - but nonetheless a subtle and therefore dangerous form of spin. Yasmin was rather pissed off with me for saying that. In fact, she was pretty dismissive and arrogant in her response. I wasn't sure if it was funny or sad that Yasmin Ahmad and I could be in such utter disagreement about the political status quo. I told her I didn't think we could ever get along and left it at that.

Afterwards, I felt prompted to add one more comment to the forum, suggesting that since the ice was now effectively broken between us and we each knew where the other stood, maybe we could begin to set aside our public personas and really talk.

But I didn't do that... and now it's too late. She's gone. At only 51.

Yasmin Ahmad, I just want you to know. I really do admire your accomplishments and deeply regret that we never became good friends. I don't dislike you at all. It's just that I detest the advertising world you chose to call your own. Maybe it's just a stale chip on my shoulder, having begun my own uncareer in advertising. I guess I just didn't understand why anyone with your talent and sensitivity to the nuances of the human heart would opt to continue producing commercials that ultimately served only to prop up the status quo by making it look so much better than it actually is.

In any case, I'm glad you did get to make a few feature films for which you will always be remembered with profound affection and gratitude. I sincerely hope that with your newfound freedom from budgetary constraints, you will hover around long enough to help us write a happy ending to the unfolding story of a much more mature Malaysia liberated from gender bias, racial prejudice and religious bigotry.

Fare thee well and infinite blessings upon you, Yasmin Ahmad, storyteller extraordinaire.