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Youssou N'Dour is one of my favorite male vocalists. Watching him perform never fails to inspire and uplift. Blessings to all in the new spiral of evolution!

Umnesty, The Best Policy? (revisited)

The New Straits Times Group, fully owned by Umno, have a travel-and-tours subsidiary called Enesty - which once led to my flippantly suggesting they adopt as a corporate tagline, "Enesty is the best policy."

Since the exhilarating results of GE12 - which might have been far more exciting if BN had been reduced to playing the role of Opposition, instead of still clinging on to the reins of federal power (a feat accomplished through massive electoral fraud, gerrymandering and devious manipulation of postal votes) - Umno has been misbehaving so hideously the party has become a bad joke in very poor taste.

As things stand - with between 70-80% of the rakyat pushing for REFORMASI under a Pakatan Rakyat government, led by the increasingly popular Anwar Ibrahim - the entire nation seems to be in a political deadlock.

Anwar Ibrahim at the Kelana Jaya Stadium, 6 July 2008 (Photo courtesy of TV Smith)
The Pakatan Rakyat cannot move forward without a sizeable section of BN parliamentarians crossing over. And BN is paralyzed by its abject fear of non-survival - for its survival as a political party now depends entirely on holding on desperately to the primary tools of governance, viz., control of the mass media, the police force, the treasury, judiciary, and the armed forces.

BN's fear is very real and understandable. Once it loses power, anything can happen. A brand new government would abolish the repressive laws that have all but stifled dissent since the Mahathir era. With the complete overhaul of the judiciary and police force, replacing the contaminated elements with politically neutral and professionally qualified personnel in key positions, thousands of Umno skeletons will surely come tumbling out of the closet.

Not just Umno misdeeds perpetrated by members of the present cabinet, but the lifting of the lid on issues of criminal mismanagement will unearth reprehensible acts carried out by former Umno warlords like (to name but a tiny handful) former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, former home minister Megat Junid, former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik, and scores of their cronies in the corporate sector.

Former finance minister & Umno mafia don
Tun Daim Zainuddin
Would the rakyat be content to let bygones be bygones? Personally, I think not. Simply because the magnitude of the criminal excesses committed by various Umno, MCA and MIC leaders (particularly during the Mahathir era) must be exposed to the light of day. The poison must be pumped out of the system once and for all or it will work its evil again on any administration, especially since the backbone of government is the civil service - and old, entrenched ways are hard to weed out without some sort of ritual, Greek theatre style, catharsis.

The problem is that these miscreants are extremely well-connected. Like a rainforest ecosystem the complex intertwinings of political and financial power reach far and wide and, ultimately, impact on millions of lives. In America a similar situation prevails wherein influential political families like the Bushes, Kennedys, Rockefellers, and so on are genetically and economically linked with a plethora of other powerful lobbies - not the least of which is the Zionist-Israeli-Khazarian lobby which cohabits openly with the rightwing fundamentalist Christian lobby and heavy-duty media owners, defense contractors, the Pentagon top brass, US Airforce, and the Office of Naval Research.

In effect, yanking out a Godfather-like entity like Daim Zainuddin will reveal an entire root system of corruption, greed and corporate misdeeds stretching across the region and back in time over generations. The Status Quo cannot be forcibly and too hastily demolished, lest the ceiling itself collapses around us and kills some of our family members and friends.

Name the dirty deed. These characters in Umno, MCA and MIC have done it one time or another. From straightforward CBT (criminal breach of trust) and barefaced lying to outright theft, rape, incest, pedophilia, abduction, blackmail, and murder - the accumulation of BN's sins is monumental. Indeed, pile them up in a heap and even Mount Kinabalu would be dwarfed.

What I propose is that we take a page out of South Africa's book at the end of the Apartheid era. There was a period of National Reconciliation during which Special Commissions were allowed to investigate and expose a broad spectrum of abuses - particularly on the part of the secret police - and perpetrators were offered the opportunity to publicly apologize for their crimes. The most serious ones were then imprisoned for a spell before being paroled, while most were absolved and released from public service. In other words, many hardcore criminals received little more than a slap on the wrist.

This approach suits me fine as I personally do not believe that vengeance is all that healthy. Where forgiveness is possible, it has to be the option we choose. However, forgiveness is impossible without public revelation, full disclosure, and a heartfelt expression of remorse. The stubbornly recalcitrant understand only one thing: harsh justice. So we have to give them what they want - but in gentle, measured doses. For we don't want to become like our enemies. "You become what you hate" is indeed a sagely observation.

So let's consider a period of Umnesty - when we allow Umno warlords and senior lackeys the chance to come clean, so to speak, with the proviso that they will not be too sternly judged and punished for past misdeeds. Once the terror of severe punishment is allayed, we may witness a collective sigh of relief such as has never been heard in the entire spectrum of time. Those who have misappropriated the rakyat's money will be required to voluntarily return at least two-thirds of it. A wag of the public finger, a sharp slap on the wrist, perhaps a token jail sentence and/or fine. More serious crimes - like blackmail, conspiracy to defraud the public, and even cold-blooded murder will, under the terms of our Umnesty, be handled with genuine compassion and mercy.

For example, if Najib and Rosmah confess to their complicity in the abduction and gruesome murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, we shall not demand that they be "hanged by their necks till they die." We shall give them the chance to buy their freedom by returning 90% of the ill-gotten gains acquired through abuse of their privileged positions - and then allow them to live their lives out undisturbed in any country that will offer them permanent residence. They will only be allowed to visit Malaysia after a minimum cooling-off period of seven years; and, even then, they can only stay for a maximum of three months each time, like any other tourists.

As for Dr Mahathir, perhaps the best punishment is to simply ignore him. In any case, I'm pretty certain that the day Anwar Ibrahim takes his oath of office as Malaysia's new prime minister, the foxy old coot will suffer his final, fatal heart attack. He will be given a modest-scale funeral and buried in an unmarked grave - so nobody will be tempted to defecate on it. As a human being, he deserves at least that much respect.

[First posted 24 July 2008]


As these lectures are quite long, I shall present only brief excerpts from each one, leaving it up to you whether you would like to read all seven in their entirety from The Reconnections website.

Part One

As the vibrations of earthquakes and tsunamis resonate all around your world, we must now take some time to share with you certain insights concerning the emotional core of your Planetary Oneself. It is these issues, being suppressed on the Inner Planes of Consciousness, that are causing most of the trembling down below.

The topic of Sexuality has always been a stormy one - particularly in cultures whose religious traditions gather themselves around a Masculine Deity. Ever since the Temples of the Goddess were toppled, way back when - a wedge has been placed between your spiritual nature and various core levels of innate sexuality that dwell within each of you.

Granted, there has always been a strong religious emphasis placed upon the holiness and beauty of sex in marriage, and the blessing that comes with a house that is filled with children. But the rest of the energy, sourced within your sexual nature (the sensorial and erotic aspects) has oft been relegated either to the subconscious, or to houses of "ill repute" - presided over by those who are openly reviled by members of "decent society" in the light of day - yet earnestly sought after when sunlight fades into a twilight of secret desire.

What people are saying they've been doing, sexually, does not always match what they are doing. And even when it does, there is often a divergence between what folks are experiencing and what they long to be experiencing. The evidence for this is everywhere - in your television, movies, print media, and even in lively conversation at the office or factory. You are fixated... obsexed (if you will), and many of you do not even realize it, or acknowledge it. Therefore, nature must sometimes take up that task, bringing forth rumblings from the Earth that correspond to dark rumblings going on inside many of you.

The "as above, so below" dictum is now applying itself to your physical body. It is reconstructing your human vehicle, from the inside out. "As in the greater, so in the lesser." The micro is entraining itself with the macro. The Earth Mother and Her Human Family are now becoming ONE.

Not everyone will experience this transformation at the same time or in the same way. But all will experience it. If they don't feel it in themselves, they will see it in their wives, their husbands, their children, friends, neighbors, and so on. It will soon be going on all around you. What has been hidden for centuries... for millennia, even... must now be brought to light. It must be unsealed, and healed in the sunlight of conscious awareness. The pressure inside you has become too great. And yet, what we will share with you, about this process, may be far from what you'd expect.


The Goddess Religions were founded upon many of these hidden elements of which we speak. The power of the Goddess rests, not merely in her mastery over nature, but also in her deep knowledge of what motivates and stimulates the heart of humanity - what makes it glow, and what keeps it healthy and strong. Is it any wonder that heart disease is a major killer in your world today? When the pillars of Her Temples were knocked down, a good deal more than a religion was lost.

We speak now... ultimately... of the Divine Feminine, as she re-establishes Her relationship to the Masculine Dominance that currently fills your planet. What will shine forth in humans, on a small scale, is but a faint glimmer of the bigger picture, which is now playing itself out in a whole host of ways. [MORE...]

Part Two

The worlds from which you are now transitioning are part of that spectrum of universes whose foundation rests heavily upon a masculine view of reality. Because of this, the prevailing attitudes about sexuality are strongly colored by that view as well. The feminine has existed here, of course, but its influence is still considerably repressed.

Masculine energy tends to separate life issues and focus upon them. Feminine Energy tends to gather them together and intuit them. Masculinity is individuated, femininity is familial. Masculinity is logical, and runs on reason. Femininity is emotional, and sources its power in relationship.

Sex, in a masculine-dominant environment, would be defined as an ACT, a moment-in-time experience that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. In a feminine-dominant environment, sex is an ATTITUDE, a "connective force" that holds people together, like tendons and cartilage hold together a body structure.

The masculine wants to "penetrate, inseminate, and emigrate" from each connection as quickly and easily as possible. The feminine wants to "collaborate, consolidate, and administrate" each connection so that deeper needs are recognized and addressed. Masculinity falls in love with something specific - a focus, an essence, a trait. Femininity falls in love with potential - a direction, a vision, an anticipated way of life.

Both genders carry both sides of the energy spectrum, in a physical Game Format. The males, at any given point, can be seen as embodying (or wearing) the current status of masculine energy in that Game. The females will wear the current status of the feminine. The judgment of each state is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, if a woman looks at a man and judges him - she is really judging her own inner masculine. If a man looks at a woman and judges her, he is naming the current state of his own inner feminine.

And so it goes. Each gender becomes a reflector for the other - a mirror for what's happening in the life of whoever beholds it. And each society of humans becomes a reflection of the Creator God/Goddess Force that has formed and infused it. Every part of the Game needs every other part, at some point. Nothing can be eliminated, even though both "sides" in the dance have attempted to do this, across time and history.

The pendulum swing from masculine dominance to feminine dominance has been played out to the hilt. Now is the time of resting. Now is the time of integration of BOTH FORCES into One Congruous Whole.


Sexuality, within a masculine-dominant paradigm, will always take on the form of a battle. This is because masculine energy is so filled with the essences of hunters and warriors. Even when two partners say: "I am tired of this battle," they are doing battle. They are challenging WHAT IS, in order to bring about WHAT COULD BE. We spoke earlier about the urge of the masculine to "penetrate, inseminate, and emigrate." This pretty much characterizes all the life functions that are handled in a masculine way. And, if it doesn't emigrate immediately, the secondary urge of the masculine would be to possess and control. [MORE...]

Part Three

If any of you are feeling disturbed about the connection we are building, between children and sex, it is probably because humanity has placed a corona of honor around that time in your lives when things were simple, and everything was about laughter, play, and sweet innocence. Some of you may feel that those times were all too short in duration (so do we!), or worse... they never really came around for you at all.

Our purpose for offering this series of transmissions is not to encourage adults to have sex with children. Rather, we are suggesting that you return to the beauty of having sex AS children... and see where that takes you. It is possible, you know... regardless of age. Being an adult seems very much the art of putting on masks and facades, convincing yourself and society that you are: (a) worthy of their trust, and (b) able to live among them in a thoughtful and responsible way. All the while, you are still grappling with the same fears, dreams, and repressed desires - left over from when you stood, steadying yourself at your father's knee.

Before we can continue with our comparison of a child's view of sex and an adult's view, there is some clearing that must take place in your perceptions about adulthood.


The oft-heard admonition: "Act like an ADULT, will you?" is very telling. And your endless expositions on and descriptions of healthy adult sex, couched in terms of "sexual performance" is also quite interesting, is it not? Is all of it an ACT? A Performance?

A wise man once expressed: "Always BE what you wish to seem." These words were never truer in history than they are now, My Friends! The vibratory pulse of your planet has reached such a pitch that your bodies and minds can scarcely withstand the weight of your incoming awareness, let alone the burden of carrying facades and picture postcards concerning who you would like people to think you are. What was once seen as an ideal (be what you wish to seem) is rapidly becoming a crucial skill for maintaining mental and emotional survival.

One of the primary meanings for your word "adulterated" is: "To make impure by adding extraneous, improper, or inferior ingredients." And yet, your word "adult" is said to mean: "To become mature. To grow up." Even allowing for the fact that someone might be able to dive deep into ancient language derivatives to explain away the similarity of these two words, they seem to offer us all some powerful insights, do they not? [MORE...]

Part Four

Let us temporarily change our emphasis from the natural, pure expression of Spiritual Sexuality in Children to healing some difficulties that are confronting the adults in society today. Even though there are many souls who still feel quite energized and excited by "Sex Games" that are being played all over the planet, there are many more who have grown tired of all those manipulations and ploys - seeking to infuse their lives with a new kind of joy... a place in consciousness where Spirituality and Sexuality meet and mingle, sharing powers and gifts that will take humanity to a new place altogether.

When committed couples, in your current culture, go in for "Sex Therapy," it is often because one or both of them feels that sex has become "dull and flat." The frequency of their lovemaking has, perhaps, dwindled down to almost nothing, in comparison to the beginning of the relationship.

It is not unusual for a Sex Therapist, beginning work with just such a couple, to actually require that they cease, for a time, any practice of "normal sexual relations," in favor of softening the nature and quality of their interactions together. We are speaking here about simple touch, staring into each other's eyes, being together in romantic settings. Simple touching, no "sex" by your present standards. In this way, a couple learns to de-emphasize the issue of "performance" or the repetition of certain "acts," in favor of expanding and adjusting their overall sexual attitude towards each other.

In a more liberal and non-traditional environment, a Sex Therapist may be replaced by a Priest or Priestess of the Goddess Traditions, seeking to install a new viewpoint about making love (which is also a very old one). As mentioned in Part 1, the newest evolution of sexual expression and appreciation will be to expand localized focus and sensitivity from specified "sexual areas" in yourselves and diffuse it throughout the whole body.

Those who are "Tantric" in their orientation, will seek to use sexual arousal to produce Kundalini Activation in the root chakra and carry that energy up the spinal canal to the heart, throat, and intuitive areas, rather than ejaculate it into another person. In this way, one's overall spiritual connection can be enhanced and amplified, creating a clear channel of unfettered communication between the intuitive and primal levels of human energy.


What we will speak about now may be quite alarming to some of the 3D cultures in which you live. In fact, there are some cultures in which what we will describe might be considered illegal and immoral. So be it. We do not mention these things as an initiative to make political changes to the world(s) you inhabit, or to break the law. Instead, we are seeking to open another window into the Multiverse, so that you may become aware of alternative universes, where things are handled differently than here. These universes are REAL, right now. If you want to visit them, all you have to do is believe, and you'll be there.

Let the Old Paradigm of Separation and Control move away from you. Drop it, like a butterfly sheds its cocoon, or a human spirit lets go of a body whose life cycle has run its course. You are more than those attitudes, and you are far more than one single body. Unlike the "sexual revolution" that was attempted in the 60s, and then moved back again into fear and judgment - this current shift will be meaningful and fruitful, because it is sourced in each human heart, rather than legislated in books of law, or part of some outward revolution. [MORE...]

Part Five

Adults represent those who claim to know things. Children admit that they don't know, but are open to discover. A child's genius is found, not in what he knows, but in the way he learns and why. We will cover this at length in a future transmission. Young people focus primarily on what interests them, or seems relevant to their Now. Adults spend time trying to "master" subjects, gathering and collating knowledge in order to establish themselves as "experts," usually to gain respect and influence. And, indeed, they may gain some respect, but many of them trade their childlike openness in order to sustain it.

An adult who is pretending to know is really just a child who is hiding behind a facade. The effort that is taken to conceal his naiveté not only blocks him from enjoying the inner child, but it also keeps him from truly becoming an adult. After all, one of the primary steps for becoming enlightened is a realization that one is in the dark, is it not?

The Return to Oneness is a dance of trading places between positions on these Universal Game Boards. Sometimes, you are this, and sometimes you are that. Moving from 3D to 4D, the Game continues, albeit at a more expanded level. As you break away from dependence on time, chronological age, or human personality to define and contain you, you begin "phase shifting" up and down the time continuum. You can be anywhere, anywhen, or anyone... because, deep in your core, you know that you are EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE.


That which has been termed "abuse" in your society, particularly sexual abuse, stems from a Soul Contract, between two or more individuals - designed to assist them as they sustain whatever energy essence is required to complete their Journeys here.

Were it not for the presence of these "Soul Contracts," what you think of as "abuse" could never take place. Regardless of age, you are far more sovereign in planning and executing your life that most of you realize. In the most expanded sense, there are no "victims." There are only participants and volunteers, every step of the way! This may be hard to believe, and if you like, it is okay to remain skeptical about it for as long as you need to do so. [MORE...]

Part Six

All across the land, there are those who will continue, for a season, to wear a stern and reckoning gaze of rejection and condemnation, especially in regard to various liberties and social practices that arise from life styles built on the concepts of innocence and freedom.

We are The Reconnections. We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human. We've never really been far from you... just far enough. Within our ranks are included all of those necessary Bridge Concepts that will connect you with what is known as The Multiverse, that compilation of possible/probable realities ALL OF WHICH represent levels of YOU, the Oneself Dreamer.

In regards to Spirituality and Sex, there are trends afoot, which seek to lead humanity to return to its "traditional" FAMILY VALUES and SOCIAL ORDER - which certain individuals equate with narrowly defined ways of living and being... RULES, that embody whatever divine qualities are revered in the minds of those who currently hold power. However, as humanity's vain attempts at personal "brainwashing" continue, the awakenings of primal energy (primary life force) are also in motion - nurtured, in no small part, by a continuing bombardment of LIGHT ENERGY which is arriving into your physical space via Soul-ar Rain, originating from both your Central Sun and also from that 3D symbol of Universal Light and Heat. (For more imagery around this, please see our transmission "Aids and Planetary Healing.")

In Part Two, we demonstrated that whatever is focused upon, yet held at a distance, becomes an object of obsession. And, what's more... it becomes fixated most clearly on the minds and hearts of those who are attempting to restrain that focus. Even though their intention clearly states: "We want to put an end to this practice," their Magical Manifesting Mind will not recognize the command line "put an end to it," since they are words of negativity and exclusion. Your mind was not created to operate in that way. That which is denied will always be multiplied. What you resist will always persist. As Obi-Wan Kenobe put it, to Darth Vader: "If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you could ever imagine." This is equally true of what you call "Dark Forces" as it is of those you consider to be "Light."

The current drama surrounding pedophilia in many of your cultures is proof of this. Your stated concerns about the molestation of children has become your newest form of "Salem Witch Trials." As we demonstrated in Part Three of this series, ANY initiation into a child's space, with design to regulate or manipulate that person's life functions, is a form of ABUSE, and deserves close scrutiny. Your current focuses on "keeping children safe" from predators are mere political screens - highlighting a statistical increase of illicit sexual contact or intercourse with minor children - while completely overlooking the manifold OTHER ways that children are MOLESTED and MANIPULATED to fit the needs of your "dominator" societal model.

Whatever is popularly considered to be the height of shame and degradation will eventually metastasize into the mainstream because the only cure for SHAME is the realization of SAME that exists in all of you. The proliferation of these "shameful acts," within popular media and knowledge, illustrates how any attempt to hush something up only adds gasoline to the firestorm surrounding it.

The only way to resolve your concerns about "ruining the lives of children," through improper and premature contact with adults, would be to stop "screwing with them" on ALL LEVELS, not just the issue of forced (or coerced) sex.

As people begin to let go of their walls of separation, they will go through some necessary rites of initiation that will return Goddess Energy to their specific "mix" of transformative energy. The elements of "form" and "function" need not be lost, however. All that is needed would be the addition of an element of FEELING to balance things out. This necessary component moves beyond a mere hunger for orgasm, or titillation of the senses. It will bring with it an expanded form of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY that always accompanies a truly compassionate ability to "love your neighbor as yourself." [MORE...]

Part Seven

The planetary rumblings continue, as your collective Dance of Awakening becomes more focused and intense. The Winds of Destruction - which shattered your Gulf Coast in America are simply one of many powerful ramifications that will flow from your recent decision to shine light into those dark corners of your consciousness, finally exploring what has been hidden within you for so long. The Solar Flares which preceded this turbulence also symbolize this. Little by little, you are dropping the Veil - exposing, on many levels, the YOU that has existed since the very foundations of time.

In Oneness, there is no such thing as "evil" or "malevolence." There are simply varying degrees of unconsciousness. What appears as cruelty or heartlessness, in the heat of the moment, often reveals itself to simply be the product of an emotional disconnect, created through times of early childhood trauma. Emotional disconnect... cradled by an overwhelming drive to discover and recover that which was stolen, so long ago.


Let us speak now about Demons, Scapegoats, Sacrificial Lambs, and other storage receptacles for Supernatural Power, whether they be deemed Light or Dark. We build our commentary here on certain knowledge that was previously set forth in transmissions such as "Dealing With Psychic Disturbances" and commentaries such as "In the Cleft of the Rock." If you haven't had a chance to review those yet, you may want to do so now.

We are The Reconnections. We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human. We've never been very far from you, just far enough. Within our ranks are contained all those necessary Bridge Concepts that will connect you to what is called The Multiverse, the infinite storehouse of possible/probable realities, all of which represent levels of YOU.

You are so much more than you think you are. But you have forgotten it. And, in your restless thrashing about - tossing and turning in your third dimensional dream - you have cast off many of your powers, giving them separate form and function, according to your individual need for emotional and/or mental stimulation.

Included among those disowned energies, which so many have laid aside and abandoned, are raw emotional states which are essential building blocks for personal passion, and key components for your soon-to-be-expanded Spirituality and Sex Interface. To deny the intensity of these raw emotional states is to deny yourself the power they are here to deliver. They stand as both Inquisitor and Deliverer for those who are ready to invoke their presence. [MORE...]

[First posted 15 July 2009]

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The politics of xenophobia (or the short happy life of a dog named Senget)...

This is the tale of an odd-looking little dog I rescued from the street early in 2010...

I saw this rat-like creature running on spindly legs after a motorbike. A few moments later it was chasing a 4-wheel drive in the opposite direction. It must have got separated from its siblings and mother, I thought. So I picked the critter up and took him out of harm's way, intending to investigate where he came from and return him to his family.

Prudence, one of the Magick River bitches, had just given birth to eight healthy pups - actually seven, as she slept on one of them overnight and the poor thing suffocated. The spindly-legged mutt was about the same size as Prudence's own pups even though his features looked more mature. Prudence herself had been rescued a year earlier from Kuala Kubu Bharu where I'd spotted her with a noose around her neck, being dragged along the road by a fireman. I stopped and asked why he was using a noose on a puppy and he explained that the dog was pissing inside the fire station, so he had to drag her as far away as possible before releasing her. The noose on a stick was improvised so he could handle the mutt without touching her.

Two of my dogs had recently been murdered by some drunken Orang Asli, so I decided to adopt this street urchin who looked like a Prudence to me. Roger was delighted to welcome her into the menagerie and treated her like a princess, constantly grooming her. Anyway, as it turned out, Roger didn't get to deflower Prudence. Mary's macho dog Baggins got in first.

And now, Prudence had her full quota of eight pups again. After rejecting the newcomer initially, she relented and allowed him to join the other pups whenever they suckled. A few days later the foundling appeared sufficiently well-fed, so I took him over to a neighbor's house where a few spindly-legged pups had been spotted. It was obvious that the runaway had been part of that litter. However, the neighbor vehemently denied that the pup belonged to her. Looking at the four other pups under her house, it was impossible not to conclude they were from the same mother. Yet, this woman was telling me an outright lie without flinching.

Sad to say, there are lots of people who tell lies as a matter of course. It's a survival mechanism young children acquire to avoid punishment or deflect responsibility. Those who become compulsive liars often believe their own lies, once the tendency becomes ingrained in the chromosomes. Hence we have to deal with entire communities of congenital liars who assume everybody else also lies, and that's it's perfectly okay to lie. When their own tribal chiefs are in the habit of lying their way out of tight spots, honesty becomes an extremely rare commodity. But I digress.

After asking around and getting no satisfactory leads, it became obvious that we were stuck with the little foundling. He adapted fast to his new reality and soon charmed his way into Mary's heart and onto her veranda and furniture. She named him Senget ("slanting" in Malay) because he had a habit of looking at people with one ear up and the other down.

While Senget was happily romping with the other pups, the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (now renamed Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli or JAKOA, in line with Barisan Nasional's policy of sneakily acquiring control of all Orang Asli Reserve Lands) was working overtime doing what they do best...

In April 2010 JAKOA had been busy campaigning on behalf of the Barisan Nasional (anyone who feels government agencies should be politically neutral might wish to consider migrating - unless we succeed in forcibly removing these deadbeats from the catbird seat they've occupied for 60 years through an electoral force majeure). They had arranged for Umno members and pro-Umno NGOs to encamp themselves for nearly a whole week in Pertak Village just prior to the 25 April by-election.

During the campaign period JAKOA was acutely irked by the fact that a couple of houses at the far end of the village were proudly displaying Pakatan Rakyat insignia.

Traditionally, all Orang Asli communities could be counted upon to vote Barisan Nasional - they really were given no choice, since JAKOA officials physically escort them to their voting booths - and pay them a cash incentive in two instalments - one before casting their ballot, another afterwards, provided they voted "correctly."

The Batin or Headman of Pertak Village was incensed that this time around the Barisan Nasional had totally bypassed him and handed at least RM7,000 to one of the junior village officials under the JAKOA's tutelage. The money was supposed to be distributed amongst 70 registered voters to reward their voting for the political status quo. There could have been an extra RM1,000 to buy his personal loyalty and support. However, the guy decided to keep mum and pocket all the cash - and that's what infuriated the Headman, not the fact that serious corruption was involved. RM100 can buy quite a few bottles of unbranded whiskey.

Barisan Nasional won this by-election (by hook and by crook) and that's when JAKOA began plotting to pull out as many thorns from its side as possible. They filed a report to Selangor JAKOA complaining that "outsiders" were influencing the Orang Asli against the government. Some of these "outsiders" had actually embedded themselves within Pertak Village by renting a few empty houses from Orang Asli families.

I got wind of this (and a rather stinky wind it was too) when a Special Branch officer called me, politely inviting me to have a friendly chat with him and his colleagues. From this I learnt that JAKOA had been unhappy about the presence of large numbers of "outsiders" in what they continue to view as their fiefdom. Apart from the anti-BN campaigners during the by-election, they also disapproved of the constant stream of "Mat Sallehs" arriving and departing from Magick River.

JAKOA were referring specifically to the Love Bus, who represent all the positive human qualities they themselves desperately lack. The Love Bus phenomenon is, in effect, part of the manifestation of Heaven on Earth - and this really scares all those who have been programmed to serve as mindless agents of Hell on Earth (any reality where you can get thrown in jail for 20 years for eating pussy, sucking dick, or lubricating your butthole- and risk getting caned for knocking back a couple of beers or getting clobbered to death in police custody for being dark-skinned - is undoubtedly Hell on Earth).

That's right. It's really all about marking one's territory and protecting one's own culture from deleterious western influences, isn't it? Every redneck rabble-rouser knows how to scare his rustic audiences into fearing the pendatang (immigrant) bogeyman. What JAKOA has been systematically doing over the last 60 and specifically over the last 30 years is to encourage the new generation of Orang Asli to think and feel and react like pathologically insecure and aggressively territorial Umno Malays.

The embracing Islam bit is difficult to pull off as no Orang Asli will ever give up eating the flesh of recently killed wild boar. Nor are the menfolk likely to become teetotalers. Indeed, alcoholism has taken a turn for the worse since one of the villagers began selling cheap plonk at RM3 a bottle. In the old days, they had to go all the way to town (8 miles away) to replenish their supply. Now they can score another round of brain-pickling brew just by staggering a few yards up the road.

This is the generation of Orang Asli that grew up being entertained by TV3 and RTM instead of listening in rapture to grandmother and grandfather's stories. All the young ones now own cellphones and motorbikes; a few drive secondhand Proton Wiras, Nissans, and even Pajeros (if they happen to have worked in JAKOA and acquired the art of pocketing commissions from loggers and developers).

Long story short, JAKOA instigated a small cabal of Orang Asli in their mid-30s into putting pressure on my brother-in-law Ali to terminate the rental agreement that had existed since 2003 with friends from KL who appreciated access to an idyllic weekend retreat. They also browbeat another family into not accepting rent from a Canadian musician who had been using one of the houses as a Southeast Asian base for a couple of years. The families were informed that these houses belonged to the government - and the Orang Asli required clearance from JAKOA if they wished to sublease their homes to anybody. Complete crap, of course, since the Orang Asli have been issued 99-year leases on their homes and they are at liberty to sublease any houses they don't actually occupy.

Anoora Chapek with Colette Paterson, who was part of the Love Bus
The upshot of this sudden surge of xenophobia and unfriendliness towards orang asing (literally, "aliens") was that the house next to mine was handed over by the JAKOA to Wati - a single mother who reportedly converted to Islam a few years ago. I've known this woman since she was 13 years old and she has always been friendly and sweet-natured. However, she met an Orang Asli guy named Man from a different village about a year ago and he moved in with her. They now have several kids and two houses in the same village. I didn't know Man was a Muslim convert till I saw his wife and even their young daughters wearing hijabs.

Within hours of becoming our neighbors, Man began to cause ill feeling. Every time any of our dogs barked at him, he would confront them with maximum aggression rather than attempt to befriend them. Orang Asli are used to dogs. They have kept dogs for thousands of years. Surely they know that dogs react to body language. If they show no fear and send out friendly vibes, the mutts will immediately regard them as persona grata. Whipping out a can of insect spray and blasting the vile poison in the dogs' faces is certainly no way to establish good relations with one's new neighbors.

One morning I heard a loud yelping and as I went out to investigate I saw Senget running away with an intensely traumatized look on his face. Man was holding a catapult, his face contorted by unmitigated hate.

"Why did you shoot the dog?" I asked and he gestured towards a small tree he had just planted in the front garden. "The dog was disturbing the plant," he muttered. Well, there was no plant in that spot the day before, so how would any of the dogs know to avoid running into the tiny tree? He could have put a low fence around the seedling to protect it, which is what anyone with a functional brain would do. I shook my head in utter disbelief that this guy could be so dumb. It seemed as if he was going out of his way to be a hostile neighbor. This had never happened in the village in all the years I had lived here.

A few hours later my wife announced that Senget had died. I found him rigid beneath a clump of banana trees. His tiny body was already in an advanced state of rigor mortis. We found no visible wounds on his body, so Man must have aimed for his head and released the stone from his catapult with such unrestrained violence the dog suffered brain hemorrhage and collapsed. Senget was buried just before dusk. I felt angry and sad that he had been so cruelly punished for doing what any young dog would do. We discussed the possibility that Senget might have been a nature spirit in a dog's body. When Mary saw Man walk past the next day, she asked if he knew he had killed our dog, and he just turned his head away without answering. He has avoided looking us in the eye since. His wife informed me she had scolded him for being such an unthinking hothead.

Not much good that did. In the following weeks Man persisted in antagonizing my mutts by coming home tipsy late at night; waking me up with his bushcutter on a Sunday morning, and conspicuously leaving a tiny clump of grass uncut just because it was growing a couple of feet on our side of the garden; and, saddest of all, advertising his poor choice of role models by sporting a Barisan Nasional T-shirt. [As fate would have it, our Neighbor from Hell was forced to move out less than a year later - after he attempted to rape my wife's 11-year-old niece.]

All this negative energy that has been injected into what used to be a fairly contented and peaceful village can be felt throughout the entire country. The insidious pall of dark energy became a tangible sense of evil in early 2009, when an innocent 20-year-old named A. Kugan was pummeled to death in police custody and the entire government went into overdrive to cover up the atrocity. Nothing has been resolved.

Within weeks a popularly elected state government in Perak was toppled by utterly devious means (with royal connivance); and on April 3rd, a pink-lipped crime minister and his ruthlessly ambitious wife were foisted upon us by 191 Umno division chiefs (again with royal acquiescence). Three months after that, a 30-year-old political secretary named Teoh Beng Hock was found dead outside the Selangor headquarters of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission after a totally unjustifiable late-night interrogation over a RM2,400 accounting discrepancy. Nearly eight years later, nothing has been resolved either. The MACC officers who "interrogated" Beng Hock to death weren't even sacked. Indeed, their leader was transferred to another state and promoted!

Indeed, if you consider the unfortunate turn of events that have befallen this country since 20 October 2006, you're likely to conclude that the ghost of a brutally murdered Mongolian woman will not rest until she sees justice done - and that won't happen till all the thieves and murderers are removed from public office- and all the bigots too.

Thanks for the fond memories, dear Senget.

[First published in September 2010, reposted 4 August 2013]