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A Non-Feminist Moment ~ by Malachi Edwin Vethamani

And now just for a moment

I want to see you

spared of all labels.

Unburdened of all ideologies

that you don

and that dress you.

Free from the many causes

that the world

has driven you to bear.

Now for one


non-political moment

I long for you to be

all that you chose to be

in a world

that you see

in all its imperfections.

A woman unencumbered;

just you.

[First published 26 August 2018 in Business Mirror]

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Full Moon statement issued on the eve of 11.11.11 (repost)

Spy vs Spy by Antonio Prohias

It's becoming clear that the economic and political games humans have been playing out in these holographic fields for thousands of years are now totally passé.

We have no choice but to look within ourselves and recognize that these problems are externalizations of erroneous beliefs passed down the generations through the cultural matrix.

Our financial institutions are far too recalcitrant to be redeemed and our political systems too corrupt and intertwined with the corporate mafia to be effective instruments of the people's will.

And even the people - or at least a great proportion of them - are still trapped in analog mode, reacting with fear to every artificial crisis, instead of responding with love, compassion and understanding.

More and more I'm convinced that we can only liberate ourselves as individuals - one at a time - by our own efforts. How? By consciously upgrading our operating systems and software.

Uninstalling irrelevant, divisive and stultifying beliefs and replacing them with open-ended, inclusive, and holistic sensory and neurological perceptions.

In other words, it's time to outgrow beliefs that limit and confine us - and define us by nationality, race and religious affiliation.

[Extracted from a blogpost published 7 November 2010. Originally posted 10 November 2011]

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Stories Old and New... That's Right, Folks... It's Just Stories... Stories Within Stories!

My Family Constellation
(with 3 missing siblings who didn't survive entry)
HIStory is just the story of the Father Principle - which, many thousands of years ago supplanted HERstory, the story of the Mother Principle. When the Father and Mother Principles realign, reattune and reharmonize - we experience the Sacred Union of Sun and Moon, Yang and Yin, Male and Female. 

Then the world - or our collective experience of reality - becomes OURstory (although such a word and such a world does not yet exist, but as soon you have read and understood this sentence, it shall!)... and then I can continue to write MYstory, which has always been, and shall always be, a Mystery.

On the fourth day of the 11th Gate Master Cylinder, Solara got all of us into small groups so we could write the closing chapter of our Old Stories. Then one day after the Activation Ceremony, we got together again to write the first chapter of our New Stories. Every one of us is essentially a Story - either well or badly told but nonetheless a Story. A Story badly told can be rewritten so it becomes readable. A Story well told will eventually be made into a Blockbuster!


Blessings upon my Godfather (Dr Peter Tong Kwok Kee) for pointing out the stars to me when I was just a few months old - and for igniting in me the spark of intelligence.

I was pretty normal until my 18th year when I stumbled upon the Book of Tao, read the first verse, and had goosebumps.

A year later I realized - much to my surprise and delight - that I was, in truth, God incarnate.

That got me in the mental asylum for three months. The only way I could secure my release was to renounce my divinity.

The next 20 years of my life were a slow process of reassembling the scattered pieces of the gigantic jjgsaw puzzle of my multidimensional being.

Finally most of the pieces fell into place and I regained access to the whole enchilada.

The problem now was, I was afraid to reveal who I truly was - in case I got put away again.

Just as well, because my 40 years in the desert gave other aspects of myself time to awaken and reclaim their vastness - so it became safe to finally proclaim my Godhood - safety in numbers!

But the greatest joke of all, it was no longer necessary, no longer important nor significant to be "divine" or to even identify with any primordial, deific, or noble lineage.

I was content to simply be a human being.

I still am. And although I'm a little curious about how it might feel to NOT exist, I'm in no hurry to experience the Ultimate Nothingness - since that's where it all began.

End of my old story. Time for tea. And, yes, a cigarette break is always welcome.

Antares Maitreya
(formerly known as the Ancient of Days)
18 November 2012


What next? Who knows and who cares? Well, I do.

I know the meaning and purpose of my life - all Life! And I care for every living atom of it. Why? Simply because all of it is ME.

On a more "personal" level I want nothing - and everything. I know that acceptance, recognition and reward for being what I am and who I am is already flowing in, like the first rush of water from taps that have long been dry (or just dripping).

I know that whatever happens - or doesn't - to the financial system will make no difference to the abundance that I have finally, consciously, learned to receive - and to recirculate freely and universally.

I know that the planetary awakening of which my own has been an integral part will accelerate at the speed of love.

As more souls emerge from their cocoons, they will go in search of guidance and advice - and I will be here to serve in my own unique capacity.

I enjoy teaching and also learning. Aeons of ignorance and misapprehension of what Reality is all about have to be cleared. I happily lend my energies towards this joyful task.

I can't think of any specific desires I wish fulfilled - but whatever I wish for will manifest much more swiftly now that I no longer resist being all that I am and more.

At this juncture, it makes little difference whether I continue using my physical vehicle a little longer and then surrender it to the elements - or if I will be among the ones granted immortality through complete transmutation of my molecular structure.

Immortality is only acceptable in a self-regenerating, self-rejuvenating, non-degrading physical body. In a body subject to constant wear and tear, extreme longevity may not be such a  pleasant prospect - unless the body remains capable of enjoying everything bodies were designed to enjoy.


23 November 2012
Huayllabamba, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru

[First posted 6 January 2013, reposted 9 April 2018]


The Journey through the Doorway of the 11:11 has taken 21 years – and though the final and eleventh gate was activated in Peru during a 25-hour ceremony between 21-22 November 2012, the story is far from over…

While I was in the thick of it, I made a million mental notes and couldn’t wait to get back to my laptop so I could put it all down in words. Now I’m at a total loss for what to say about the 11th Gate Activation.

The 11:11 phenomenon isn’t something that can easily be explained. Those who respond to its call often say their hearts spoke to them and made them put aside money so they could physically participate in these Activations, even though their minds couldn’t comprehend why it meant so much to them. You could say the call of the 11:11 is an intensely personal one – and at the same time it’s also entirely transpersonal.

Joyful reunion with my amazing Russian soulbrother Igor Abramov

What happens at these 11:11 Gate Activations?

A whole week is devoted to generating a coherent unified field, which Solara calls our One Being. In Peru there were roughly 130 participants from more than 30 countries – with significant numbers from Russia and Mexico. I was the only Asian representative, though not the only Asian – Sonata Myung (a Korean residing in Canada) and Anastra (a Trinidad-born Indian residing in Melbourne who has been at almost every Activation) were present too, although in such a polyglot company more attention is placed on starry lineages rather than ethnic or national origins. [For those interested, there are 3 major star lineages operating in this 3rd-dimensional reality and they entered into manifestation via the stargates in Orion’s Belt, viz., EL (Mintaka), AN (Al Nilam) and RA (Al Nitak). This information first came to light in Solara’s 1991 novel, EL*AN*RA ~ The Healing of Orion.]

Aliya & Yusuf Gubaydullin from Tatastan were among the youngest participants

Within the first three hours, the One Being began to emerge. A coherent field is generated when a disparate group of humans with open hearts connect on an energetic, emotional level. Solara has had lifetimes of training for the work she does, which is to serve as a conductor and integrator of purified emotional frequencies. The deceptively simple techniques she has developed over many decades mostly involve a series of mudras and starry dances – but it is her magnificent and masterful presence - and her disarming wit and gentle authority - that effectively forms a powerful nucleus around which the coherent field emerges - at first imperceptibly, but by the third day the feeling of loving oneness is absolutely tangible. Clear eyes and wide open hearts dissolve all artificial boundaries in an instant. People you only just met suddenly feel like ancient associates and long-lost soul family members.

Marisa Rego from Brazil: a giant heart on legs

The 11:11 mudras formulated by Solara are uncomplicated and easy to do – but they powerfully and instantly transform one’s state of being.

Amazingly, doing the 11:11 mudras with focused intent effectively recalibrates our energy fields, bypassing the left brain with its customary doubts and unanswered questions. It helps to perform the mudras in a group, as the effects are greatly reinforced and amplified – however, doing them on your own is a very transformative exercise that instantly alters your biochemistry.

At every 11:11 Gate Activation, Solara is beautifully supported by one or more sacred musicians. Omashar has been the resident musician at every recent Gate Activation and his contribution is integral to the process. His songs are inspiring, uplifting and extremely haunting – many reported hearing his soaring melodies playing in their heads for days on end! This is one of Omashar’s Activation hits:

Starry dances are an important part of every 11:11 Gate Activation. As a starry choreographer, Solara has come up with many simple but extremely powerful dances that serve to transform any number of bodies into beautiful, kinetic mandalas. The 22-minute “Starry Processional” (accompanied by profoundly evocative original music by Etherium) – which was performed 38 times over 38 hours at the Giza Pyramids during the First Gate Activation on 11 January 1992 – has a trance-inducing effect on participants, evoking long-buried genetic memories of our original lives as stars, spinning majestically through the aeons in patterns of geometric splendor.

Although many had never before done any of the starry dances, the 11th Gate Master Cylinder was marked by very successful performances which created a deep emotional bond among the participants right from the outset. It’s not something that can be described in words – one has to experience it to know. The roots of ritual theater and sacred dance go all the way back in time and space to ancient mystery schools like the Atlantean, Egyptian and Eleusinian.

Aloisio Ferreira & Mariana Schoeler from Brazil
What never ceases to astound me is the way Solara can get a diverse group of individuals to merge effortlessly into a conscious whole without ever raising her voice or reprimanding anyone. If only the 11:11 techniques can be introduced in all areas of public life, so that our parliamentarians can enter each session as One Being… all problems could then be resolved elegantly, efficiently, and effortlessly - and without energy-squandering ego conflicts!

As a collectivity of strong-minded individuals, 11:11 participants quickly learn to set aside their petty egos in service of a universal agenda - that of attunement and harmonization with unwritten cosmic codes that facilitate conscious reintegration with the entire spectrum of life. In so doing we become a cogent coherent field capable of acting in unison – and that forms an organic key with which to open unseen doors to other dimensional realities. It is a beautiful form of cosmic magick, beyond the schisms of Light and Dark, which reconnects us with the Whole of Creation and restores our long-buried memories of countless lifetimes dedicated to the reintegration of our fragmented existences across time and space and multiple dimensions.

Akyuna Akish, 18, White Dragon and Star Commander. Remember the cosmic fetus at the end of
Stanley Kubrick's
2001: A Space Odyssey? That's him, he's arrived!

We are the One that became the Many that must become One again… to proceed to the next step in our unique and universal journey as conscious souls in form.

On a more mundane level, Solara takes pains to ensure the comfort and safety of every participant. The 5-star Aranwa spa resort, located amid cornfields at the foot of the towering Andes in the tiny village of Huayllabamba, was where the group stayed for all 10 days of the 11th Gate Master Cylinder (except during the Activation Ceremony when the group was encamped on an open field overlooked by mountains). The lushly landscaped Aranwa (which means "legend" in Quecha) was a setting fit for kings and queens - and the menagerie of peacocks, colorful (and very noisy) macaws, and inquisitive alpacas added to the regal atmosphere. Considering the de luxe quality of the meals and lodging – and the heavenly, serene setting – the participation fee of $1,744 for 10 days of a fantastic working holiday beyond spacetime is an entirely reasonable price to pay for what many subsequently stated was the most important experience of their lives.

When the 11:11 Doorway was activated in January 1992, I served as the anchor in Malaysia. I am completely amazed by Solara’s superhuman stamina and dedication, over the last 21 years, to her earthly mission of clearing a return path back to the stars for all humanity. Now that the 11th and final Gate has been activated, the incoming stellar codes will soon catalyze a fresh evolutionary surge throughout the planet, freeing all life from artificial boundaries created by false dogmas and limiting beliefs. As Solara puts it, the True Ones will emerge from camouflage and concealment to reclaim our True Lives among True Peoples, to achieve our True Purpose.

Sacred Lotus dance under the magenta rays of the Inca Sun
(pic courtesy of Sebastian Purelove)
The reappearance and reintegration of the Family of AN – a starry lineage which has always been a stabilizing and harmonizing force for conscious evolution but which became scattered and almost completely vanished from the collective memory – signals the end of duality-based ideological conflicts, root cause of so much misery and suffering on our precious planet. Each of us who was physically present at the 11th Gate – and all those who participated in one of nearly 600 anchor groups in 62 countries – have downloaded new apps for creative, conscious living which will serve us well as we return to our various realities as empowered Seeds of AN.

Solara says that AN is characterized by the sacred union of Sun and Moon, the male and female polarities – intellect fused with intuition, giving rise to true compassion and emotional maturity. The Activation Ceremony ended with the Aslan Dance in which we danced as matched pairs – hearts shining like a million suns, radiating joy and nobility – finally breaking free from the endless circle of life-death-rebirth and going forth in all directions, carrying the truth of our divine essence wherever our human destinies may take us.

Rainbow round the midday Sun with the colors of the El*An*Ra

In her Surf Update of 26 November, Solara says:

We have written the final chapter of our old stories and closed our old book. Our new stories have now begun. We can create the lives that we truly want. The ones that are most suited to who we are. We can step free of all our old limiting behaviors and beliefs. We can live True Lives as True Ones.

The final 11:11 Activation of the Eleventh Gate was absolutely magnificent. Here at the Master Cylinder in Peru, we began in the afternoon of November 21 and continued through the night until the afternoon of November 22.

As we began our ceremony, there were two rainbows in the sky directly above us, with the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other. Soon, a condor blessed us with his appearance. This was a very rare occurrence as condors rarely are seen in the Sacred Valley. During the first afternoon, there was a large Sunbow around the Sun.

Blue & orange dusk @ activation site, 21 November 2012
Although we were in the rainy season and it had poured with rain for several nights preceding the ceremony, our night was without rain. We had called upon the Apus, the Peruvian mountain Gods, for good weather. Until the Moon descended behind the mountains in the middle of the night, it was encircled by a huge Moonbow. All the auspicious signs were there. We keep the ceremony going throughout the night with two people in charge of every hour.

What was truly noteworthy is that I did not have to hold the ceremony together as I usually do. Instead, I spent much of the long night lying down and being very still, immersing myself in the energies. It was a profound passing of the scepters....

Indigo Raffel has been an integral part of the 11:11 Journey from the very beginning

In the morning at 6:11, just after finishing doing the 11:11 Mudras in ultra, slow motion, we danced the Eye of AN Dance. Suddenly, energy came pouring in and we knew that the Activation of Eleventh Gate had begun.

But it was not until 1:11 that afternoon that the full Activation began. The Dragons of the Elements merged with the White Dragons and became one large Dragon. Then they took positions as Guardians, while the White Lotus moved into the center of our sacred circle. The rest of us did the Eleventh Gate Mudra over and over. Then suddenly, the Eleventh Gate energies began pouring in. The wind Wayra surged through our ceremonial site and the Eleventh Gate opened wider and wider. This continued for 40 minutes or so with the loud roar of the wind and such strong, true energy. So much joy and wonder was felt by all of us. Then we danced the final Starry Procession of the entire Doorway of the 11:11.

Ya! and Ankasha at the Crystal Cave, Macchu Pichu
The next day was filled with constant sessions and meetings. The Heart of AN is coming alive and many are jumping in and offering their support for its physical manifestation. Our final evening session was a sweet and deep celebration, as we honored our entire journey through the 11:11 Doorway.

A colorful new story begins... (pic by Alizac Leos Pantoja)
Viviane Madureira & Lisandra from Brazil

Crystal heart of the Andes 

[First posted 1 December 2012]

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Don't give two hoots about Halloween... but I'm into pumpkins!

[Courtesy of Olivia de Haulleville]

And now a word from our sponsor...

[First posted 31 October 2014, reposted 31 October 2016]

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Why I should be Minister of Phynance (revisited)

"It is the artist/scientist/architect who is the mover of history. Under our present nation-state system, the artist/scientist/architect is enslaved in a world where the politicians are entropically concerned with their own fragmented power and wealth. The visionary is unemployed and finds it difficult to fit into the rigid educational system that is becoming more financially exclusive each semester." ~ Libby Hubbard, paraphrasing Buckminster Fuller

"We find all the no-life-support-wealth-producing people going to their jobs in their cars or buses, spending trillions of dollars' worth of petroleum daily to get to their no-wealth-producing jobs. It doesn't take a computer to tell you that it will save both Universe and humanity trillions of dollars a day to pay them handsomely to stay at home." ~ Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path (1981)

First of all, I readily admit that I know next to nothing about money. The word “economics” leaves me cold. The concept of busyness (as in business) makes me yawn.

Second of all, if you look at the self-appointed phynancial wizards who have each claimed to be some sort of “foremost authority” in his field (and it’s still pretty much a male precinct; can’t think of any female economic advisors offhand) it’s obvious they have completely screwed up at every turn.

If these economic experts were worth their own weight in salt, would there be so many starving children in some countries – and so many obese ones in others?

Doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out that these “economic strategists” are essentially a bunch of conmen who serve the narrow interests of a tiny elite cabal and not humanity as a whole.

The deep background to this out-of-whack state of affairs makes a fascinating study but I won’t delve into it here. Those interested are encouraged to do a bit of Googling on the Anunnaki colonization of Planet Earth and how they manufactured a slavish subspecies (Homo sapiens sapiens aka the Adama) to perform menial tasks - and inadvertently got genetically entangled with Adamic humanity’s evolution towards autonomy and spiritual consciousness.

Coming back to my appointment as Minister of Phynance, here are some good reasons why I feel I’m the best person for the job.

For a start, I’ve become expert at minimizing overheads. I quit my last full-time job on April 1st, 1977, and have managed to live modestly but comfortably since. In those 40-odd years I’ve acquired intimate knowledge of the true value of everything.

If you‘ve been trekking up and down several hills through the forest for four hours, you most certainly will appreciate what shelter means: to arrive finally at a cosy lodge with facilities for boiling water and making tea, and to be able to put your weary feet up and sip sweet black tea and listen to the jungle – that’s certainly an enriching experience. Moments like these, what’s a cup of tea worth to you? Or a warm bed to lie in? How about the company and conversation of a few good friends?

In the real world – and I don’t mean the dog-eat-dog “real world” cynically alluded to by moneyed folk and crime syndicates – where nature reigns supreme, our understanding of what constitutes wealth becomes grounded in tangible experience. For instance, if you find yourself lost in the desert and you’ve been trudging in circles up and down sand dunes under a blazing sun for hours on end, which would you rather stumble upon – a well containing potable water or a bag stuffed with currency notes or even uncut diamonds?

Our sense of values has become distorted over many generations with the introduction of money as a symbol of wealth. To a hungry man, a bunch of bananas and a pitcher of cool, sweet water are worth infinitely more than a gleaming new Porsche or a platinum credit card with unlimited access.

As Minister of Phynance I would shut down the stock exchange and turn it into a budget hostel for young travelers. It’s totally absurd that people think it’s okay to make money with money. It’s not okay, folks – because money isn’t real!

It’s just a puerile game wherein folks with surplus cash are lured into investing it in big corporations, thereby giving them sufficient financial clout to wreak total havoc with their endless expansion schemes. Giant corporations are an unhealthy phenomenon as they tend to grow and grow like a cancer, devouring everything of genuine value – especially natural ecosystems - in their path.

What do people with surplus cash do with the stuff then? Well, they can donate it to a community trust fund managed by a panel of respected citizens and this trust fund will supersede the parasitic insurance companies and the Employees Provident Fund. Anyone who requires financial support and funding for adventurous and worthwhile projects may apply for a grant from this fund. If they accrue a financial surplus from any of these projects, they are expected to donate it to the fund so others can benefit from it.

What constitutes a financial surplus? If we calculate the cost of supporting an adult human for a single day and multiply the amount by ten to make sure that his or her quality of life is at least ten times better than basic – anything above that amount would be considered as surplus.

For example, I estimate that an adult human can manage comfortably on a budget of RM50 or €10 a day. Ten times that is RM500 or €100. So in a month of 30 days an adult human would be more than comfortably supported on a income of RM15,000 or €3,000. If he or she lives frugally, at least half the monthly income can be saved in an interest-free account. This way, those who tend to be spendthrift will end up with hardly any surplus; whilst the thrifty ones will have plenty of surplus to donate to the community trust fund.

Those who donate their surplus to the community trust fund will acquire the status of community elders and therefore share the responsibility of governing their communities. By living well within their means and managing to accumulate a monthly or annual surplus, they would have demonstrated their maturity, inner discipline and freedom from self-indulgent habits and addictions.

Essentially, this will help resolve destabilizing imbalances resulting from generations of financial mismanagement at the hands of those who tend to be most extravagant and undisciplined in their misuse of energy. To be sure, they won’t be overjoyed about this – since this class of humans has traditionally set themselves up as the ruling elite by dint of the fact that they were descended from the Anunnaki creator gods – or were able to become leaders of armed gangs that routinely plundered the land, terrorized the populace, and proclaimed themselves overlords.

And where will the guaranteed income come from? It will accrue from harvesting free energy and effectively converting and rechanneling it for specific tasks. Back in the early 1970s, whole systems thinker Buckminster Fuller calculated that if we could efficiently tap the daily universal income of raw energy from our nearest star, Sol or Ra, and convert it to its monetary equivalent in US dollars – we would receive sufficient energy from the Sun alone to pay every living human on Spaceship Earth a daily wage of approximately USD400,000.

Now that is way beyond my recommended basic daily wage of RM500 or €100. Buckminster Fuller was merely stating a point in very broad terms. It’s unlikely that we could harvest 100% of the daily energy income we receive from the Sun. 60-70% would already be more than sufficient to provide a daily energy income to each human worth approximately USD280,000. And since each human will be guaranteed only RM500 (approximately USD142) per day, it means that at least USD279,858 per human would accrue to the planetary energy pool for infrastructural design, development and maintenance.

In effect, after deducting the basic daily cost of maintaining each adult human, there would still be an enormous amount held in reserve for large-scale operations like the building and maintenance of transport systems, ecosystem rehabilitation projects, educational networks and a state-of-the-art planetary communications grid.

Notice that I have omitted any mention of defence systems or military forces. We really don’t need these archaic institutions anymore. If we haven’t matured enough as a species to resolve our conceptual differences through philosophical engagement, interpersonal interaction and conflict resolution, then Homo sapiens sapiens truly deserves to become extinct. And the rest of the universe won’t shed a single tear to be rid of such a virulent and warlike lifeform.

In order to make such a planetary scale transformation possible, it would of course be much easier if there existed an enlightened planetary administrative body modeled after the United Nations – but minus the political bullying that currently makes the UN a mere symbolic gesture rather than an authoritative unifying and coordinating force.

Many of us are disturbed by talk of a New World Order or One World Government and rightly so – because the ones pushing this nefarious agenda are merely perpetuating the ancient caste system wherein the most aggressive egos form themselves into an overpowering elite cabal and systematically exploit and enslave the rest of humanity.

What I’m discussing here is the cosmically kosher counterforce to the Illuminati’s One World Order agenda. In effect, the most aggressive and immature egos will no longer be allowed to plunder the Earth for their own aggrandizement and the enslavement of the ignorant masses.

Instead, because of their lack of self-control, they will be allowed to do what they wish within the generous means granted them – but will have no say in the management of their communities, since that responsibility will be assigned only to those who have developed sufficient inner discipline and wisdom to accumulate a surplus and donate it to the community trust fund.

Give this some serious thought and if you still think I don’t deserve to be appointed Minister of Phynance, I shall be forced to use the pschittapump on you.

Literary footnote: The spelling of “finance” as “phynance” and the introduction of the pschittapump were inspired by the pataphysical works of Alfred Jarry (1873-1907), originator of the infamous Ubu plays.

APPENDIX: Notes by Libby Hubbard

Wealth is defined by Buckminster Fuller as the "technological ability to protect, nurture, support, and accommodate all growth needs of life." The computer will show us that at least 70% of jobs in Western private-enterprise countries are work that creates no life support, therefore no real wealth. Examples of these jobs are: "inspectors of inspectors, reunderwriters of insurance reinsurers, Obnoxico promoters, spies and counterspies, military personnel, gunmakers, etc." It is more economical to pay these people to stay at home and not drive their cars to work since it cost "nature well over a million dollars to produce each gallon of petroleum."

The Sun does not make us pay for the energy the Earth imports. It wants to us succeed in the cosmic scheme by using what Fuller calls "cosmic costing accounts." Cosmic accounting can never go bankrupt, since the sun is always shining, accept when humans make the mistake of withdrawing our critical "capital" assets as we are doing presently with fossil fuels. So one can see how we are living in a bankrupt state of affairs, wasting our fossil fuels and burning fusion and fission nuclear energy which Fuller says is "burning our terrestrial production equipment," when we should be living syntropically by the sunlight being imported to Earth.

When we begin living in a syntropic way on a "cosmic-energy wealth income" by wind, wave, and solar power, big businesses will see no way for putting a meter on these forms of energy to run their bureaucracies and war machines. National governments and big business continue to use up "nature's energy savings account," that is, fossil fuels and by atomic energy which is what Fuller calls "Spaceship Earth's physical hull," even though scientists can find no solution to the problem of nuclear waste. (Fuller thinks we should rocket the waste back into the sun). But because of our intuitive wisdom strongly forming an anti-nuclear energy movement, the energy owners have turned back to the coal and shale mines to convert them into meterable and pipeable liquid fuels. Fuller writes: "This selfishly exploitable energy fuel strategy will inexorably destroy the atmosphere's capability of supporting biological life on planet Earth."

[First posted 26 November 2009, reposted 20 July 2015]