Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Response dated 20 November 2007 to a posting from an American friend about "Peak Oil" and a looming "Energy Crisis"...

Thanks very much for passing this info on. Allow me to comment on this highly topical issue. Since the age of 19 I've been aware of the deliberate and systematic obfuscation inflicted on humanity by various institutions - from the mass media and professional PR agencies to academia and a plethora of "experts." All of this is undoubtedly designed to disempower us through undermining our self-confidence and optimism - and it is entirely founded on manipulating the FEAR factor.

This is my take on ENERGY: quantum physicists have been studying the interchangeability of energy and matter for decades and have suggested that at the most fundamental level EVERYTHING is a dynamic fusion and fission of possibilities in a seemingly infinite electromagnetic dance. This makes fossil fuels - petroleum, uranium, coal, and so on - only a minute - indeed, inconsequential - part of a whole unexplored and unknown spectrum of potential energy sources.

Robber Baron types have called the shots from the beginning of human societies. They do so by controlling through brute force all resources, commodities, and the means of distribution (see Buckminster Fuller's astute 1973 poem, Ethics). Obviously, this sort of heavy-handed, club-footed and unjust system can only occur amongst an immature and ethically-challenged species, for whom fang-and-claw politics is the norm.

Seems to be a Catch-22 here. The genetic legacy of ruthless ambition and aggressive warlordism we have inherited from our progenitor gods, the Anunnaki - of whom so little is known and about whom almost all records have been obliterated or hidden from public view, notwithstanding the somewhat distorted cosmomythology resurrected in the mid 1970s by maverick scholars like Zecharia Sitchin - has kept humanity in an artificially prolonged Dark Age.

When you consider corporate and political leaders like Dick Cheney, Robert Mugabe, and many others of similar ilk, it's easy to understand why atrocities such as Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay - indeed, the obscene squandering of such a staggering amount of energy on warfaring rather than welfaring - can even occur. No matter how many decent folk oppose this barbaric and utterly primitive misuse of resources - and this diabolical distortion of all morphogenetic fields on the planet - nothing will change so long as a corrupt priesthood of self-serving scribes remains in control of the mass media.

What I'm saying, is that there is absolutely no "energy crisis" anywhere within the entire spectrum of existence. The "crisis" is manufactured by those who specialize in "crisis management." These are the same giant oil companies that have violently suppressed the emergence of alternative energy systems for decades. Apart from the obvious alternatives like solar, wind, thermal, and hydro - there are many hitherto unknown technologies just waiting for humanity to break free of its "demonic possession" and obsession with violence before they can be safely introduced to Earth.

The subtler forms of energy harvesting and conserving are not intended for use by a warlike species with unstable emotional bodies and infected, disintegrative egos.

You're perfectly right, my friend. We ARE all in trouble. Not because oil is running out (how many are aware that the present instability of the tectonic plates is partially caused by our reckless depletion of the Earth's body fats, her lubricants?). But because we have yet to reclaim our power and sovereignty from those who would impose external, centralized, and despotic rule on us.

For those of you open to science-fiction scenarios, this is what I envision: as each of us refocuses attention on our inner reality rather than allow our energies to be dissipated by the bad news "out there," we shall in no time find ourselves waking up from our robotic trance and emerging into full Buddha consciousness. From that fresh perspective, hitherto unimagined new options and possibilities will unfold before us like a 9D Pisgah vision! The word "crisis" will vanish from the collective memory.

Infinite Rainbow Blessings to All,

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kakistocracy. Learn a new word today.

Kakistocracy: Governance by a clique representing the worst elements of society, from the Greek, kakos, meaning foul, or filthy.


Starting 2008 with a BANG!

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