Monday, October 22, 2007

Time of the Sixth Sun

Time of the Sixth Sun is a multi-platform film project about the awakening and transformation of global consciousness. It is a witnessing of these times through the eyes of the world's Wisdom Keepers as we approach the year 2012.

In Time of the Sixth Sun, our protagonist guides us on a journey of awakening into a long prophesized new age. Civilizations throughout the ages have indicated through ancient calendars and visions that 2012 will be a pinnacle time in the evolution of mankind. In the West, many are noticing an increase in life's synchronicities and are experiencing time as speeding up. Scientists accept that global warming is a reality but how are these changes affecting our internal world? Increasingly the world is seeking answers and the clock is ticking...

[The producers of this important film require additional funds to complete the project by the fall equinox of 2008. If you're inspired to contribute please visit their homepage and donate whatever you can, thanks!]

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This began its life in the mid-1980s as an ink sketch for a political cartoon contest organized by Aliran. It later reincarnated in 1996 as a color illustration for Journal One.

Can't remember if this was also for the Aliran cartoon contest - but it also ended up in Journal One in 1996. If you can't read the words click on image to enlarge!

One of a series commissioned in 1990 by Australian author Ken Pinches for his unpublished book on how the brain works.

This one also appeared in Journal One, I think.

Part of the Ken Pinches collection. In the original black-&-white version the girl appears without her bikini, which had to be added so it could appear in Journal One - but I forgot to draw a bikini for the mutt!

Harry and Sheila were created to demonstrate the intricacies of amoeba sex but ended up illustrating an article on male-female polarities.

Part of a series commissioned in 1991 by the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MICCI) for an illustrated booklet on how the local business environment works. Later reappeared in color in Journal One.

Another for the MICCI booklet that subsequently appeared in Journal One.

From the Ken Pinches collection, first published in Journal One.

Can't recall why I did this one but I think it also appeared in Journal One. Enlarge by clicking on image, the details are worth the effort!

My tribute to Umno and its mastery of the propaganda machine, never before published except online.

Created this as an avatar for my shortlived "Agony Ant" column on (where at least a hundred of my reviews are archived).

[Illustrations © Antares]