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These sketches are so hilariously inspired they deserve to be immortalized...

I don't know who drew these brilliant cartoons or I'd have included a link to his site (it's almost 100% certain the artist is male). My darling daughter forwarded these to me many, many years ago. Guess I'm an archivist at heart! First posted 14 December 2011]

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"DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?" ~ An age-old question re-examined (repost)

I get asked this question quite often. 

But it isn't very often that the enquirer has the patience or the time to stay around for my response, which involves deconstructing the unquestioned assumptions of conceptual semantics. As far as I know nobody has ever come up with a definition of "God" acceptable to all.

The notion that the physical universe was created by an all-knowing, all-powerful, ubiquitously existing Maker is fairly common, especially amongst the more conservative, more traditional - and therefore less adventurous - thinkers.

When I gaze upon any object - be it a butterfly, a banana, or a blossom - it doesn't occur to me that some humanoid with deft hands wielding clever tools actually sat down at a workbench one morning and fabricated  these wondrous forms that are able to self-replicate and perpetuate their own species, ad infinitum.

I'm more inclined to admire the hidden geometries, complex architecture, and ingenious mechanisms underlying these forms which are also discernible in other forms that constitute our physical environment. A healthy appreciation for the miraculous nature of all forms ultimately leads one to focus on the mystery that is oneself.

For each of us is every bit as amazingly designed and constructed as a grasshopper or dungbeetle or seahorse or giraffe or walrus or duckbill platypus or an entire coral reef. The interlocking biochemistries and interwoven electromagnetic patterns that give rise to living forms are at once complex and simple.

Inevitably, one is compelled to marvel at the breakthrough discoveries in recent decades of the fractal nature of the holographic universe - and the curious effect that consciousness appears to have on how it evolves and mutates. It is, indeed, as cutting-edge physicists declare, "an observer-created universe."

Pioneering researchers have detected micro-macro consonances between the subatomic and the supergalactic realms, wherein the essential architecture of a single atom is echoed in that of a galaxy. This fact alone ought to qualify as a theophany that can yield an endless quantity of eureka moments - enough at any rate to induce an ecstatic vision in anyone who spontaneously comprehends the divinity and perfection of all that exists.

You could call this approach to answering the age-old question of God's existence (or otherwise) the way of the mystic-scientist. It's not dependent on culturally or genetically implanted beliefs or on faith. Rather, it is a metaconceptual gestalt formed from free associating a random sequence of sensory inputs with a variety of analogies drawn from personal experience as well as what C.G. Jung called the Collective Unconscious.

Anyone who has, by chance or design, embarked on the quest for meaning and significance must pay attention to signs, omens, auditory, visual and perceptual clues left as a legacy by thousands upon thousands of conscious thinkers who lived and died and whose insights were recorded externally in the form of artefacts - or internally through subtle alterations of the chromosomal data banks.

Each new pilgrim on the journey towards enlightenment will have a unique experience, though universal truths have a habit of recurring like strangely familiar motifs. In effect, any authentic attempt to grapple with the question of God is necessarily an individual process. Other people's narratives of "divine revelation" most certainly constitute a valuable reference - but they can never be a substitute for direct knowing, distilled from unique, personal experience.

This is why at an early age I found myself unsubscribing from prescribed belief systems passed down the generations. All the conflicting doctrines that constitute man-made religion serve merely to anesthetize the masses against the anguish of fully accepting our human limitations, in order that we might ultimately transcend them.

Religions are packaged and processed forms of accumulated mystical insight; and although there will always be precious glimmers of truth to be found in the crude ore of inherited or acquired beliefs, the unthinking and unquestioning acceptance of these dogmas is akin to condemning oneself to a lifelong diet of junk food bought off the shelves of a cosmic convenience store.

To visualize God as an eternal parent figure is to forever infantilize our apprehension of reality in simplistic terms of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong. These opposite polarities represent extreme ends of the moral spectrum; but as the sum-total of all existence, God embodies the entire spectrum of possibilities and is therefore beyond categorization and classification. In analogous terms, God is not just the Father but also the Mother and  the Child borne of their primordial union.

In ancient days when the majority of humans were illiterate, an elite corps of Scribes arose that took it upon themselves to interpret on behalf of the others what was purportedly the Word of God. This special breed of human we call the Priesthood. In India the priests established themselves as the Brahmin caste and exalted themselves above the ordinary folk.

An effective division of labor developed wherein the priestly caste collaborated with the kingly caste to form the earliest governments. The priests took on responsibility for the spiritual affairs of men while the kings ruled over the material domain, as evidenced in the political pact between the Bishop of Rome and the Emperor Constantine.

In the Book of Exodus we saw the same partnership in action with the brothers Aaron and Moses: Aaron took charge of administrative and logistical matters, while Moses played the role of divine visionary, receiving direct instructions from on high.

To this day the Mormon church classifies its membership as either of the Aaronic or the Melchizedek lineage. Those of the Aaronic Order undertake the day-to-day management of church affairs, like the raising of funds and the construction of temples; and those of the Melchizedek Order propagate the spiritual message of the founder, Joseph Smith, who received his revelation through an angelic messenger named Moroni.

What I'm waffling on about, then, is the sheer futility of identifying oneself with any particular religious doctrine. Our understanding of life matures with experience - or, at least, it ought to. It's fine to believe in Santa Claus when you're five years old and thrilled to bits at the prospect of finding a stack of prettily giftwrapped presents under the Christmas tree. However, by the time you're fifteen, you really ought to have realized that the fat guy in a red suit is actually your own dad - or some guy hired by the department store to lure kids and their parents into a ritual shopping spree.

I'm not going to denounce or deconstruct all the institutionalized religions in our midst. It's generally a waste of breath anyway. Many people cling desperately to their beliefs because they fear the bottomless abyss of uncertainty. Some will violently strike out at or even kill anyone who attempts to shatter their faith or so much as joke about it.

With some folks, loyalty to the faith into which they happened to be born can be even stronger and more fanatical than their loyalty to a favorite soccer team. Just as there are soccer hooligans at every game, you will encounter violent mobs of the religiously intoxicated. Best to stay clear of them rather than attempt to engage them in rational discourse.

These mobs constitute what you might term the bottom rung of consciousness. Everybody goes through such a phase - though many today express their fanatical urges via ardent hero-worship of a particular popstar or screen actor. Left to their own devices, most people eventually outgrow these obsessions.

I'm absolutely convinced that Malaysians of all creeds will co-exist in sweet harmony when jingoistic politicians stop stirring up the shit. Is there any way we can compel them to cease their pseudo-religious rabble-rousing? None that I can think of, short of maintaining some barbaric law like the ISA for exclusive use against those who exploit racial and religious differences for their own political advantage.

Nevertheless, I don't advocate such quick-fix methods. Censorship of any kind is anathema to me. I'm utterly convinced that when people are regularly exposed to all kinds of ideas - no matter how lunatic or extreme - they will swiftly learn to discern what's palatable and what's poisonous in the way of opinions.

So instead of cringing at the absurd utterances of rabid religious reactionaries, all we really have to do is ignore them. And, if they refuse to stop after a decent interval, we could simply pull the plug on them, switch off their microphones, so to speak. That harms nobody at all - and they will eventually fall silent when their voices grow hoarse from shouting at the wind.

And in that brief silence the first seeds of wisdom just might germinate.

[Originally posted 18 April 2009 as Part 5 of "Where Malaysia is headed" Reposted 22 December 2013, 13 May 2018 & 1 December 2020]

Where Malaysia is headed (Part 6)

Monday, December 4, 2023

The Road To Radiant Health (revisited)

On his deathbed Tim Leary was asked if he had any regrets whatsoever. His candid answer: "I really should have done a lot more fucking."

The 1980s saw a puritanical backlash that came in the guise of a new scare - AIDS. In the late 1970s herpes was the "in-thing"... but somehow it didn't really catch on as a deterrent to guilt-free and uninhibited eroticism. AIDS, on the other hand, was sufficiently life-threatening to frighten a whole new generation of teenagers into accepting "safe sex" as routine practice.

There are women now in their late 30s and early 40s who have NEVER once experienced lovemaking WITHOUT a condom! How sad. Follow the money and who's laughing all the way to the bank? That's right... the condom manufacturers (who have inflated prices about 600% since the AIDS scare started).

I want to state in print that this puritanical backlash has generated a dangerous level of psychopathology amongst the overall human population - which may explain why violence, rape, and sexual murders seem to be dramatically on the rise. More police patrols and electronic surveillance are DEFINITELY not the solution.... and the rapid proliferation of porn sites won't solve the problem either. Indeed, it completely defeats the purpose of healthy erotic practice, which is Nature's most powerful prophylactic. When you're getting well and truly and ecstatically laid (in other words, utterly without fear or guilt) your immune system gets a real shot in the arm. Your hair looks and feels better, and your breath is always fresh. And you regain a wholesome perspective on LIFE... which means you will no longer tolerate any form of external authority. In short, you attain psychic and emotional maturity. I know Wilhelm Reich said pretty much the same thing 80 years ago... and was MURDERED while under custody in a U.S. jail for his efforts to free humanity of its State-induced robotism. Bless you, Willy. Long live the Fourth Reich!!!!

[First posted 3 January 2007, reposted 3 December 2018, 4 December 2019 & 1 December 2021]

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"Antisemitic" Rap

[In response to Rey Buono and Kathy Rowland's accusation that I was posting "antisemitic" notions on the ArtisProActiv forum...]

Actually, Rey, reading your concise resume of who you are, there seems to be only one divergence in our worldviews: you're more comfortable in the realm of liberal-rational humanism, while my briar patch happens to be the woolly-feely dimensions beyond the 3D matrix. You'd probably ridicule and dismiss many of the "esoteric" subjects that intrigue and fascinate me - topics like ET intervention in planetary affairs, the multidimensionality of consciousness, and the occult subtext of geopolitical history (e.g., the idea that astral/extradimensional agencies exert a significant influence on human destiny, whether they be called the gods or the Fates; and the suppressed evidence that the Adamic race was manufactured in the laboratory by a technically sophisticated subrace with ancestral roots in the Orion-Sirius systems).

I'm also fascinated by cosmomythology and the Grail mysteries - and the evolution of secret societies and quasi-mystical brotherhoods like the Knights Templar, the Mithras Society, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and the plethora of clandestine splinter groups such as the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis), the Thule Society (of which Hitler was a patron and member), and the Skull & Bones society (co-founded by Prescott Bush, one of Hitler's financiers and paternal grandfather of the Mickey Mouse president).

Your quickness in shooting down some off-the-beaten-track info on pagan "Jewish" rites that have crept into Masonic ritual doesn't befit anyone claiming to support free speech. Like the mainstream historians who have banded together to pooh-pooh the 40-year research of maverick Mesopotamian scholar Zecharia Sitchin, you can only bray your vigorous disapproval when something beyond your ken crops up. Instead of doing some research on your own or asking if I am in possession of other info that might shed further light on the mythic thread I'm weaving, you immediately start calling me names. I don't take offence at anything anyone calls me, Rey. I have called many people all kinds of names myself, it's a great way to draw the temporary boundaries between ideas I'm ready to embrace and ideas that repel.

Since your feathers seem to have been ruffled by information you view as "antisemitic" (what a curious word: sounds like a pharmacological term, ummm, so may we describe the New World Disorder cabal as "antibiotic"? Makes sense, they kill organic life and benefit only the pharmaceutical giants that flog them through their white-smocked, stethoscope-wielding sales agents) - how about coming up with a new name for folks like me who find it hard to accept the aggressive, destructive, and genocidal Israeli national ego? "Do unto others as you have been done by," is that their credo? Okay, so call me "anti-Israelic" But even that begs further deconstruction, (to coin a phrase).

The word ISRA-EL has many layers of meaning, exoteric and esoteric. In the geopolitical matrix, the modern nation of Israel is a strategic concept, borrowing on Mosaic traditions originating from Mesopotamia and Egypt. Bluntly put, an instant country installed by military and diplomatic means in potentially hostile territory - an effective way to ensure future flashpoints and the opportunity to wage perpetual war in Israel's defence. Modern Israelis are no different than Singaporeans (or for that matter most Americans, Britons, Malaysians, Taiwanese, or Russians) whose primary faith is materialistic consumerism or scientific materialism, no matter what names they give their gods. The majority seem to be unaware of their leaders' hidden agenda, and only need to be primed with pseudo-patriotic passions and kept in perpetual fear of non-survival for them to acquiesce to all manner of brutalities committed in their name.

However, I prefer the arcane or mystical interpretation of ISRA-EL: Abode of the Gods, or something to that effect. When the 12 tribes unite as a harmonious whole - and we reactivate our 12-strand DNA potential - an age of peace and plenty will arrive on this earth, and humans will reclaim their divinity. The reconsecrated earth will be known as ISRA-EL - and her centre will be called JERU-SALEM, City of Peace. I take the 12 tribes as projections of the 12 constellations in the zodiac or the 12 notes in the octave. Those of Hebrew ancestry aren't going to be the only tribe inhabiting Heaven on Earth - we're ALL welcome, as we are not merely sons and daughters of "God" but holographic emanations of Prime Creator. ALL the human tribes, all genetic attributes, are required to fulfil the evolutionary process which may be likened to the alchemical quest to transmute lead into gold.

Because of interpretative distortions applied to various scriptures, humanity is now divided along religious and racial lines - which suits the devious purposes of those who would wield absolute control over others. True spiritual gnosis facilitates fusion rather than confusion. In every religious tradition you'll find a mystical essence that seeks unity in diversity rather than ideological unanimity. Put a Jewish mystic together with an esoteric Christian, a Sufi master, a Zen monk, Hindu rishi, Tibetan rinpoche, and a follower of the Tao - and they will end up partying in celebration of life's beauty and glory. However, during the outgoing Age of Darkness (known to Hindus as Kali yuga), greedy priesthoods seized the opportunity to manipulate the masses with divisive doctrines - hence the disintegrative effects of competing dogmas.

These wicked priesthoods are today incarnate as presidential grand viziers, corporate lawyers, and international banking consultants. The gods they worship are Mammon, Moloch, and Marduk (the unholy trinity of Economics, Politics, and Military Might) - though they claim devotion and loyalty to Yahweh or his incarnation Yeshuah, or Allah and his earthly messenger Muhammad. Indeed, our planet has been hijacked by a shrewd bunch of compulsive schemers and plotters - call them the Phynancial Elite or NWO Cabal of Cosmic Criminals - who lack the ability to empathize with the rest of life, and therefore have turned into cancer cells in the Corpus Christi (Divine Body of Cosmos). These wannabe Evil Emperors recognize no ethnic loyalties, national boundaries, nor do they subscribe to any theologies - although they actively encourage religiosity (pious belief in external deities) among the populace because it keeps the masses narcotized and complacent in unquestioning conformity.

When "God" is internalized as one's Core Self, worship will become effortless service to one's fellow creatures in our abundant and diverse planetary biosphere - not to some invisible, bloodthirsty and jealous deity that demands human sacrifice to feed its egoic deficiencies or fear of non-existence. Each of us who reclaims our divinity will automatically become a self-governing, adult entity, no longer in need of judgmental Father or Mother figures - and consequently no longer part of the problem of interreligious antagonisms.

Out the window will go Zionist doctrine, Christian and Islamic eschatology: heaven will be redefined as a condition of infinite possibility and hell, of absolute impossibility. We will no longer need to die physically before graduating to "heaven" - nor will we fear being assigned to "hell" - because we would know ourselves as autonomous beings blessed with free will and the ability to safely and ecstatically navigate the entire multidimensional spectrum of reality options.

In any case: thanks, Rey and Kathy, for raising objections to my forwarding of Israel Shamir's article. It has provided me an opportunity to mouth off on the cosmomythological context in which such information (or disinformation) has become fuel for ongoing discussion, research, and discovery.

Pax Antares
4 December 2006

David Icke's 30-minute lecture on money... and how humans have been enslaved (repost)

This information has been around for years but not everybody knows exactly how we've all been enslaved for generations by the Shylockian scheissters who invented banking and worthless money. Please pass the link around to your network of friends, thank you.

[Brought to my attention by Walter Smith]

Some background information from a 2009 lecture...

[First posted 3 December 2011, reposted 21 October 2017]


In March 2009 I received a message via Facebook from someone I hadn't been in contact with since 1989. I'd known her as Virginia Kelly and she had been traveling with her bosom pal Jane when I met the duo on Tioman Island. Jane and Virginia accepted my invitation to visit when they were in KL and I recall we had a real jolly time. Then they left for Australia and there was an exchange of letters for a period, but that eventually fizzled out.

Virginia sent me a lovely, chatty email along with a whole bunch of scanned images that effectively collapsed the 20-year gap. It was truly delightful to view photos taken in 1989 that I had never seen. Whatever happened to my youthful good looks? 😥

Anyway, I just felt like sharing this recently retrieved fragment of my past...

The Rt. Hon. Armpit or Nutopian Embassy Residence 
@ 7 Pesiaran Ampang Hilir where I lived from 1970-1991. 
Looked like a hovel from the outside but it felt like a palace to me!
The-Pyramid-That-Xandi-Built was located behind 'The Armpit'
and served as an exotic guestroom
The cluttered living room where I received a broad spectrum of visitors:
from junkies and prostitutes to princes, princesses, sages, wizards, kings
and queens in exile, and goddesses of all shapes and sizes
The cap was a present from Denis Hewett.
It's still lying around somewhere!
Roxanne, the neurotic dog I inherited from former housemate Jeanne Donven
Virginia's attempt at low-light portraiture...
or perhaps I was completely stoned at the time?
Jane and Virginia (wearing my Balinese jacket) dining at the Bangles
Mary, Virginia and Jane at CJ's pub
Aha! It appears I was there too...
Who dat Dancin' Fool?
Now he's making a monkey of himself on the drumkit...
Imbi Road was a favorite haunt (oops, whose earring am I wearing?)
Camera on self-timer. Sorry, my hand got in the way, Mary!
Warding off Virginia's pheromones (or zapping her with chi,
not sure exactly what I was up to)

The 1972 Fiat Polski I inherited from Xandi Hoesch, the famous pyramid builder

Hello dear Antares,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply to my message on facebook. I was so happy to hear from you. Sorry I have taken so long to reply, you must think me very slack...

When I told Jane that I had googled you on the net and had actually found you.... she was amazed and said “so did he remember us”? I said to her well he didn’t actually say if he did... I think he did... but I can’t be sure ha ha ha ha!!! 

You were a very popular, extremely charismatic and fascinating special being then with loads of friends, and I can see that continues with over 1,100 friends on facebook. Wow!!! So I think for you to remember 2 young Aussie girls that briefly passed through would be pretty amazing... although I do think we kept in touch for a little while - you wrote to me in London... I do remember you sent me that pic of you and Marilia (the one you have on your bio). So then I dug out my ‘ol travel pics and found some of us and thought I would send them to you. I assume you have broadband with all your blogging with loads of pics etc. (I do hope you do... apologies in advance for the large email if you haven’t!!! but I think somehow you must to do what you do on the net???)

Anyway none of the pics are fabulous shots but some are funny with the expressions on some of our faces!!! Anyway I hope that the pics jog your memory (apologies for the blurry ones!! but I still thought they were worth sending even if they were blurry!!)

Oh there was another thing I thought was funny and wanted to share with you... Jane & I were both reminiscing - about lots of things... then we started talking about the little presents that you gave each of us the day we left your place in KL. The little round tin you gave me with the dice in it. The blue scarab beetle you gave Jane. I have my tin sitting on top of my fridge and frequently give it a little shake of the die and I have a code for different numbers... for some answers to some questions... strange I know... but I have always had it not far from me all these years... and Jane (who is extremely minimalist) still has her scarab beetle in her bedside drawer... I was so surprised about that... She rents a little building on this guy's place (he had originally built it for his wife to use to massage clients... (she left him... for a client I think!!) anyway it’s just a room with another room with a small kitchen and small bathroom... So being so small she doesn’t have very much with her... I guess what I am saying that I think it amazing that 2 old women (I can’t believe I said that about Jane and I ha ha ha !!!) still have those gifts from so long ago and they both still mean so much to us both... Hmmm ain’t that nice... Got a nice warm feeling now have you!!! ha ha ha!!! Well you should - you deserve it!!

Well it is a couple of days later and I still haven’t finished this email... Andy and I just got back from Brisbane today... We went down to go see the band ‘Coldplay’ it was a good night... We both really enjoy our music. I like most of the music he likes but he doesn’t like a lot of music I do... I recently went down on my own to Brisbane to see Leonard Cohen... You’d know him wouldn’t you? He is more of a poet than a singer. I just couldn’t miss this tour... At 74 he decided to tour again... and said quite honestly it was because he needed the money. I love his music, in fact I can say it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Andy makes fun of him saying his music is depressing and he calls his music wrist slashing music to die to,,. I say if you think that you just “don’t get it” Ha ha ha!!!

I have so enjoyed looking through the pics you have on facebook and also the family pod pics... through other links. I see Mary is there... We met Mary, I am sure it is the same Mary... she is in the pictures I am sending you. What is she up to now? What about your girls... All grown up and have children of their own now... Jane reminded me that we met one of your daughters whilst we were staying at your place... and haven’t you got some gorgeous grandchildren... Sexy grandad indeed!!!!!!... And now you have a young son with Anoora... wow!!! I love touching base with old friends and getting the gaps filled in... what useful things have they done... and how have they spent their time. It looks to me that you have had a wonderful life (and still do!!)... Full of connecting with people from all over the place and through your blog informing and stimulating awareness and conversation about important issues... You are a very special being Antares!!!

The Moossajee Family: Ryan, Andy & Gemma

I am also sending a fairly recent pic of Andy and Gemma and Ryan. Andy was born in England (Gloucester) but his Mum is Welsh (living in Australia now) and his Father was born in Mauritius (but has been living in Switzerland for the last 35 or so years) so in case you are wondering where the colourful surname ‘Moossajee’ came from. There are only 6 of us in Australia... Andy & I and our kids and Andy’s brother in Melbourne and his wife... so it is a little unusual over here... it is pronounced Moose-a gee!!! I never had to spell or pronounce Kelly (my maiden name) ha ha ha!!!

Anyway I want to get this sent to you so you can see the pics and see if you remember us... be honest!!! We won’t be offended... As I see it you have 1000’s of people pass through your life and you can’t possibly remember everyone...

Take care and I will be continuing to read your blog so I can get a picture and be informed about these issues that you write about... hopefully when you have time you can drop me a line (part of me feels like you have so many people to keep in touch with already that another will only burden your already overloaded cyber correspondence) but I will be happy to hear from you if/when you have time...

With love and cyber hugs x Virg

[First posted 18 March 2009. Reposted 22 November 2019]