Thursday, November 20, 2008

Raja Nazrin on Diversity & Multiculturalism

Excerpt of a speech by Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah at the Diversity Matters Forum on Diasporas in the Commonwealth at Monash University, Sunway Campus on November 19th, 2008...

The serious study of diversity and multiculturalism is precisely what the world needs at this critical juncture. I do not believe that we will ever approach the goal of human security until we are able to come to terms with our feelings of hatred, fear and apathy of our differences. If we were to spend but a tiny fraction of the resources poured into waging wars to promoting and appreciating how our differences work in our favour, rather than against it, the world would be an infinitely safer and more prosperous place.

Diversity is not only to be cherished; it is essential. I know this as an educationist for the store of knowledge does not increase until and unless there are differences in thinking. It is when there is stultifying uniformity that stagnation occurs. I know this as a Muslim for Islam recognises other religions. Islam itself is built on a history of myriad traditions. I know this as a Malaysian for what has built this country and made it strong are the contributions of its different communities. Malaysians of different races and religions have come together to put their shoulders to the collective plough despite their differences, something that many countries have not been so fortunate enough to share.

For the full text of Raja Nazrin's speech, go here.

Raja Muda Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and Raja Puan Besar of Perak Zara Salim Davidson were married in a simple ceremony at Istana Iskandariah on 17 May 2007

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Some of you may have viewed ZEITGEIST ~ THE MOVIE (a 2-hour docufeature released more than a year ago and which spread across the planet via the internet like a shift-inducing virus).

On 3 October 2008, Peter Joseph released an Addendum to Zeitgeist. I suggest you make yourself a cup of coffee or tea first, organize some finger food, switch off your mobile, then lean back and soak it all in. It runs for slightly over 2 hours - but it could well save you years of confusion, anxiety, and doubt.