Saturday, January 20, 2018

ENEMIES OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE! (updated & revisited)

Abdul Gani Patail, the slimiest Attorney-General Malaysia has had to endure 
(at least until Mohamed Apandi Ali took over!)

Look at these faces closely, folks. Some you already know, only too well - like the Famous Anus pictured right, pretending piety while oozing semen and lying through every orifice...

A few you wouldn't recognize even if they were sitting next to you on the train. If overzealous investigating officer DSP Jude Blacious Pereira (below, left) wasn't in uniform, would you recognize him on the street? Why are the Malaysian police going all out to convict one guy for "consensual sex" - while thousands of serious crimes, including the cold-blooded murder of foreign nationals, continue to remain unsolved?

They all have one thing in common: their involvement in the obscene plot to put Anwar Ibrahim back behind bars over a nonsensical charge of sodomy - in the hope that with Anwar locked away, the opposition coalition called Pakatan Rakyat will lose its impetus to replace Barisan Najis as the government of the day in Malaysia.

The statutes against anal and oral sex are a relic of Victorian era colonial rule. Whereas in Britain these statutes have long fallen into disuse and died a natural death, in Malaysia they have been dusted off and abused, twice, to persecute one particular individual - a charismatic political figure named Anwar Ibrahim, whose greatest crime was to challenge the extended dictatorial reign of Mahathir Mohamad, who became prime minister in 1981 and only stepped down on 31 October 2003 under pressure from his political party, Umno.

Anwar Ibrahim has the dubious distinction of being the only Malaysian to be publicly humiliated by accusations of pederasty, and forced to endure tortuous and twisted mock trials presided over by kangaroo judges - like the late unlamented Augustine Paul; the gormless Zabidin Mohd Diah (who redeemed himself by acquitting Anwar on 9 January 2012); and the grand inquisitorial Bahia Yusof Wahi (pictured left, who presided over the Court of Appeals' farcical decision to find Anwar guilty on 7 March 2014 and sentence him to 5 years' imprisonment - in what was clearly seen as a political maneuver executed in unholy haste to disqualify Anwar from standing for an important by-election scheduled on 23 March).

Anwar had been imprisoned for 6 years in 1999 and an insidious attempt was made on his life while serving out his sentence through gradual arsenic poisoning. All this occurred under Mahathir Mohamad's watch - and the same old shit is happening again to Anwar Ibrahim under Najib Razak's insufferable crime ministership.

Dr Seah Lay Hong, government forensic chemist, seems less concerned with the truth 
than keeping her job...
And we the public seem capable of only watching this perverse abuse of the law and shaking our heads in utter disbelief.

Shafee Abdullah, appointed  DPP,
demanded an even stiffer jail term
We owe it to ourselves - and our own posterity - to stop this gross mockery of rule of law and massive insult to our intelligence. The fact that the Attorney-General insisted on appealing Anwar's acquittal  - and even appointed a freelance mercenary to lead the prosecution - reveals the unmitigated malice with which the federal government has pressed for a conviction that would effectively take the Opposition Leader off the political gameboard. Not satisfied with a 5-year prison term, the prosecution is hell-bent on demanding a harsher sentence.

Saiful the Accuser stated in open court that he had visited the then deputy prime minister, Najib Razak, and his flamboyant wife Rosmah Mansor, at their private residence a couple of days before lodging a police report against Anwar. Najib himself was forced to admit as much during a press conference on 3 July 2008. This fact alone is enough to cast an opague shadow of serious doubt over the entire political charade.

If we allow this illustrious son of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, to be imprisoned again for a completely anachronistic "crime" - and it's absolutely irrelevant whether or not the accusation leveled against him has any basis whatsoever - then we as citizens of this nation fully deserve to be mentally shackled, morally deformed, and condemned to neverending BN mismanagement unto forever.

Najib Razak and his spendthrift spouse Rosmah Mansor: 
Goodbye... begone... and please don't come back!

[First posted 22 February 2011, reposted 30 October 2014]