Thursday, April 24, 2008

Message from Matthew

MATTHEW WARD was killed in a freak accident on 17 April 1980 when he was only 17. His mother Suzanne (Suzy) was understandably distraught. She called a medium with whom she had become friendly three years before, when they had lived in the same city, and asked about her son. The medium told her that he was in "deep rest"; she would receive an unmistakable sign when he was ready to send her a message, and when that time came, she would be led to a trustworthy medium. Nine months later Suzy had a dream about Matthew, and soon after that she found several mediums who put her in touch with her beloved son.

In February 1994, nearly 14 years after Matthew's abrupt departure from the physical world, Suzy Ward (right) discovered she was able to link up telepathically with the intelligence field that had once been incarnate as Matthew. She began a regular dialogue with Matthew which eventually resulted in her first book
- Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven - followed by several other titles. I first heard about Suzy Ward through a mutual friend, Jean Hudon, who was translating her book into French. Jean sent me a soft copy to review - and since then I've been on Suzy Ward's mailing list for her regular Matthew bulletins. Here's an excerpt from Suzy's latest "Message from Matthew," dated 19 April 2008:

Now then, millennia of dark control on Earth cannot be eradicated swiftly because the collective third density belief is that it cannot. It is the negativity still remaining that keeps the majority of souls in that density, where there is little conscious awareness of the innate manifesting ability, so planetary cleansing and wakening hearts and minds must be a process instead of one fell swoop. However, the process is moving far more quickly than may be realized. Whereas the “seesaw” of duality in humankind once was steadily lopsided with the density of negativity, now it is speeding along its up-and-down energy balancing course. When you know about food shortages; more violence on individual, national and international scales; increasing numbers of homeless; and collapsing financial institutions; please know that those are being balanced by stronger demands for an end to oppressive rulers, greater emphasis on negotiating settlements to conflicts, more extensive outreach to lessen the suffering of peoples, louder demands for honest elections, and ever-growing awareness of the need to stop desecrating the planet. Putting any and all negative aspects of your world in the context of that balancing act shows that the light, wherein all is balance, is hastening the day when duality no longer is a part of your world. You will have successfully completed your mission to help Earth rise out of third density!

What is not reported except on some sites on the Internet — where both honest and dishonest information is promulgated, so be discerning — is what is happening “undercover.” Members of your universal family from distant civilizations are working hand in hand with Earth citizens to legally and firmly set a new foundation for governing and commerce to replace the old systems that are in shambles. These brothers and sisters from afar are not there to set this new direction, but to assist your emerging leaders bring to reality your vision: a peaceful world where cooperation replaces conflict and abundance replaces need; where no soul is deprived of God-given and civil rights; children feel loved, secure and see a bright future; sound health is a given; just laws prevail and pollution is history; differences are respected; women are honored as the goddesses they are; where humankind live in harmony with Nature and recognize the light essence of all Creation. Your universal family has the spiritual awareness, intelligence and technology to help you achieve this world of your vision with amazing speed.

Yes, we have given that assurance before too, but there is reason to do it again. There are pockets of speculation, even belief, that as a last resort to retain control, dark ones in power will stage a “space invasion” to unify all peoples in a common fear of the alien invaders. Thereupon the stagers would impose martial law, arrest dissenters on a massive scale, and create chaos never before seen on your planet. Even as they give no recognition whatsoever to the many reports of UFOs in your skies, they would try to plausibly fit those sightings of spacecrafts into their “invasion” plans. Oh my! What is in chaos is the mentality of the ones who would try such a stunt! There will be NO “space invasion,” and you can rely on your benevolent brothers and sisters to thwart efforts to bring the “little grays” in battle gear out of their underground cities as proof that aliens have landed.

Continuing to respond to the interests of email writers, some of you ask me to stop the horrors you recount. Dear souls, not even all of us at this station or all lighted souls in spirit throughout the universe can stop what has been set in motion in your world. What we are permitted to do is beam love energy to fortify your light so you can stop the horrors yourselves! Indeed, with immeasurable help from other civilizations, but again, they are responding to Earth’s request and your fervent desire to live in the kind of world YOU want.

Scene from 'The Last Mimzy' (New Line Cinema)

I say “thank you” to the thoughtful soul who wants to know how to prepare children for the future, and I reply: by example. Live fearlessly; be honest; express your thankfulness for the blessings in your life and the beauties of Earth; share generously with persons in need; show reverence for all life; become involved in measures to preserve or restore the environment; keep your mind open to new perspectives; be discerning in your decisions; be resilient, learn from failed efforts, and try again; dump emotional garbage, and laugh and smile often; forgive those who hurt you and forgive yourself for hurting others. To this I add: listen. Let the children’s voices be heard. Encourage them to talk about their ideas, fears, plans, hopes, dreams, disillusionment and disappointments; encourage them to set realistic but not limiting goals; encourage them to emulate but not compare themselves with individuals who inspire them. And above all, love them. By how you live, you show them the power of unconditional love for themselves, all others and Nature.

Another writer brought up a topic that needs to be widely known — everything that happens on Earth affects the universe. For far too long those happenings have been negative and the consequences have affected myriad souls in lower densities. Civilizations in higher densities are not adversely affected, but they are set the task of assisting the lower density souls awaken from spiritual oblivion. Lifting the consciousness of even one soul aids in uplifting all others — if you think of the Oneness of All and how a chain needs every link to be strong or the chain itself is weak, you can see why the spiritually strong souls take on their task eagerly and lovingly. The writer mentioned “the explorer race humans” and “Creator apprentices.” You have many designations for and delineations of soul status, but the more one evolves, the less need there is to make those kinds of differentiations — the light in each soul is sufficient distinction. However, I believe “the explorer race humans” refers to souls who, in multiple lives from antiquity onward, have known the light essence of their beginnings and have been the way-showers for less evolved beings; and “Creator apprentices” are souls entering or are mired in third density, like almost all of Earth’s residents for millennia. You who travel with her to her destination in fifth destiny will become way-showers, and in some cases, it will be a return to that evolutionary status.

Three topics often mentioned are the prevalence of chemtrails, the wanton slaughtering of animal life and continuing depletion of rainforests, often by government sanctions. These lamentable situations are part and parcel of the negative end of the energy of duality that is playing itself out.

It is so that elements in chemtrails are harming health, but please consider: The worst of the toxins are being neutralized or ameliorated by your space family’s technology; by believing that you can strengthen your immune systems, you have the power to resist chemtrails’ toxic effects; and like all other negativity still plaguing Earth, as the light keeps intensifying, chemtrails and the darkness that conceived them will cease.

Reforestation will occur nearly as rapidly as the willful destruction of the trees has taken place. No, not under conditions still prevailing, but when Earth is within higher densities, the combination of those frequencies and the technology of your space family will restore the land in that respect just as they will purify all areas where in this moment, polluting is rampant.

As the consciousness of humankind rises, so too does the consciousness of all other life on the planet, which makes even sadder the maltreatment and destruction of animals. It is inevitable that this will continue until the light is so strong that every living soul will befriend instead of kill any species. But even in the interim there is a ray of light, and I hope this will lessen the despair so many of you feel about the plight of animals.

Others ask about politics — to be or not to be involved and on whose side — and to this I would say, if you follow your heart, you cannot err. It is what YOU strongly feel that is important, the “signals” you receive from what you may call inner guidance or messages from your soul or your higher self. To those of you who want to know the outcome of the presidential election in the United States or other nations where elections are occurring, some under dispute and world scrutiny, we cannot tell you. Yes, this is now clear in Earth’s energy field of potential as the momentum of the light may take mild, brief detours, but its course is unstoppable; however, never may we disclose what could influence your decisions or actions. Nor can we chart your personal pathways — this is in response to you who ask me to enlighten you about your life mission, and in that regard too, I say follow your heart.

How to lessen the impact of the global economic situation? We rejoice in seeing how financial adversity has led so many souls to help each other! One to one, or those with a great deal sharing with many, and by this means, as individuals you are making a significant difference in the life of another or many others. And be heartened by knowing that genuine resolution to the collapsing system is underway. I’m not referring to the desperate steps taken by governments and financial institutions — those are to keep the monetary boat afloat to enrich the wealthy — but to the lighted beings among you who are establishing an orderly transition from unconscionable inequality to fair allocation of not only money, but all the world’s resources.

How to know when Earth’s ascension is completed? It will be unmistakable! Your heart will be filled with joy as you see your world in peace, all peoples living cooperatively and harmoniously with all of Nature. The questioner asked as well for a definite date, and to that I can only say what I have said many times: Linear time is disappearing and the reality of the timeless continuum is being felt as time passing faster and faster. It would be wise for all of you to stop living in the “absoluteness” of calendars and instead, make each day fulfilling and productive. It also would be wise to withdraw from preoccupation with trivialities and from the impatience of “I want to know NOW,” and put that energy into listening to your soul’s voice and visualizing yourself in Earth’s Golden Age.

[Reproduced with the kind permission of Suzanne Ward. Read the complete message here.]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GET ANWAR! The Trials of Anwar Ibrahim

On 3 October 2000, ABC (Australia) broadcast this powerful documentary about the sordid political circumstances surrounding Anwar Ibrahim's trial in 1999. This footage was digitized, compressed and uploaded on YouTube on 26 December 2007 - just in time for Malaysia's epochal 12th General Election. I first viewed the documentary sometime in 2001 on a VHS copy somebody lent me; and a few weeks ago I viewed all seven parts on YouTube. I think this is an extremely well-researched and competently produced documentary that deserves to be permanently archived as a reminder to all Malaysians of the terrible evils of dictatorial misrule, a corrupt judiciary, and a politically compromised police force. Eight years later, it appears that little has changed.... or is that just a delusion on the part of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's Barisan Nasional government?








Malaysia - Trial of Anwar Ibrahim
Broadcast: 03/10/2000
Reporter: Evan Williams

[Compressed for webstreaming and uploaded by YouthMalaysian]





Mahathir Mohamad dialogues with Stephen Sackur on BBC's Hardtalk (recorded last week). Extracted, subtitled in Malay and uploaded on YouTube by Muhammad Nur Hanief. I'm blogging this for the benefit of those who, like me, do not watch TV.

Old Doc Croc just dug his own PR grave. Nevertheless, to his credit, Mahathir is one of the few who dares speak out against the Zionist-controlled western media - and that's the only point in his entire interview where we actually see eye-to-eye!

Monday, April 21, 2008

SWAN LAKE (by the Great Chinese State Circus Ballet Company)

The Great Chinese State Circus Ballet Company performs scenes from Swan Lake on the popular German TV program, Wetten, dass..? (January 26, 2008). This is like nothing you've ever seen. With talent of this magnitude one is almost tempted to forgive the Chinese government its atrocious human rights record. However, in view of the preposterously cruel and ruthless misbehavior of the Israeli and the American governments in recent decades, the Chinese may not be the only evil ones on this planet. After all, in the last 50 years China has invaded only one country - Tibet.

[YouTube link forwarded by Mary Maguire]