Friday, January 27, 2012

Regardless of who forms the next government... LYNAS MUST GO! WE THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA SAY SO!

I wholeheartedly salute all those who have persevered in the citizens' campaign against the proposed Lynas rare earth refinery in Gebeng, near Kuantan - especially Fuziah Salleh (who first raised the issue in parliament), Tan Bun Teet (chairman of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas) and Bang Seet Ping (organizing secretary of Himpunan Hijau 2.0). On 26 February 2012, lend your support and make your stand. Lynas knows it cannot operate in a hostile environment but is stubbornly pushing on with the project because it has already invested untold amounts of money, greasing certain people's palms to fast-track their lethal and ruinous project (which was granted an unprecedented 12-year tax holiday by the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry!)

Lynas wants to dump wastes on island off Pahang
Koh Jun Lin | Malaysiakini
10:38AM Jan 27, 2012

Australian company Lynas Corporation, which intends to open its rare earth materials refining plant in Gebeng, near Kuantan, soon, wants radioactive solid wastes from the plant to be dumped on an uninhabited island off the coast of Pahang.

Alternatively, the wastes may be disposed off in an area where there is no development, said Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh, who has been campaigning against the rare earth plant.

These proposals are contained in Lynas’ waste management plans, which were on public display until yesterday, said Fuziah (left), who is a PKR vice-president.

“They say that they have not identified the location of the Permanent Disposal Facility (PDF), but they are considering a few options.

One option is an island off the coast of Pahang that is uninhabited,” she said when contacted.

The PDF is intended for the plant’s solid waste stream, which is classified as radioactive wastes.

The other two waste streams also contain radioactive materials, but have not been classified as radioactive and Lynas intends to recycle and commercialise these.

However, Fuziah said, the location of the island has not been determined because the idea “is still being considered.”

‘Radioactive materials can leach into the sea’

Voicing her strong opposition to the proposal, Fauziah yesterday handed over a written submission to the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) in Kuantan.

“This must never be allowed as the materials from the PDF can leach into the sea,” her submission states.

“Considering that radionuclides have a half-life of 14 billion years, it is feared that the leachate will harm marine life a few hundred years down the road.”

As for the alternative, she told Malaysiakini, “Basically, it will have to be in the jungle. But you don’t even know... there will come a day when the future generations want to develop that land”.

The government, Fuziah added, should follow the examples of other countries, where waste disposal facilities are the responsibility of the state. This especially so, because Lynas only plans to be in Malaysia for about 20 years.

Outspoken Kuantan MP and PKR vice-president Fuziah Salleh has been spearheading
the campaign to stop Lynas before anyone even heard about this sneaky project
Press conference in Kuantan on 26 January 2012 after handing over a 4-page joint memorandum
by the Stop Lynas Coalition and Save Malaysia Stop Lynas to the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB)
and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry (MOSTI) 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Zecharia Sitchin (11 July 1920 ~ 9 October 2010)

Review of V. Susan Ferguson's Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal for 

Having read most of Zecharia Sitchin's paradigm-shifting studies of Mesopotamian civilization and the Sumerian cuneiform tablets, I was absolutely delighted to find that Ms Ferguson had picked up where Sitchin left off and transferred the Annunaki saga to the much more fluid medium of the novel. By allowing herself the use of reactivated genetic memories (though some will insist it all issues from "an overheated imagination") Ms Ferguson can boldly tell the story from Inanna's own viewpoint - and what a marvelously illuminating epic it proves to be!

And why not - since it is essentially OUR story too. Once we accept Sitchin's well-argued conclusion that the human (Adamic) race is the genetic creation of Enki and Ninti, it is inevitable that discovering who our real parents are must constitute some sort of climax and denouement in the True History of the Human Race and the ongoing soap opera spinoffs it has spawned.

Right now the world seems to be split into two camps: those who adamantly refuse to accept any new input that threatens established creation/evolution theories, and those who instinctively recognize that the sudden manifestation - nay, the spontaneous eruption - of such a massive body of recently rediscovered or remembered racial memory must mean SOMETHING!

What it all means to ME is simply this: I am essentially my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather's great-great-great (to the 7777th degree)-grandson. And who's this Great Progenitor God who donated his Cosmic Sperm to our Genesis? Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like y'all to meet a Very Special Progenitor God... Mr Erwin Enki!

And let's not forget he had a lot of help from the remarkable and infinitely fecund First Scientific Officer on Colony Earth, the divinely sexy... Ms Ninti aka Nancy Ninhursag! Kidding aside, I cannot thank Susan Ferguson enough for offering us her INANNA books. They are divinely inspired keys to the gentle unlocking of our own Rip Van Winkled Elohim DNA - the bits of us that remember our angelic, starry origins. And also our earthy, primate DNA - the bits of us that know how much pleasure and what a privilege it is to be incarnate in biological form.

As if that wasn't big enough a favor, Ms Ferguson has written her INANNA books with such an easygoing literary flair and vibrancy, she actually makes it FUN to delve into the depths of our own secret origins and destiny. Don't be fooled by her chatty, almost flippant, narrative tone; she knows her deep gnosis, yup, this Goddess Incarnate has certainly paid her humanoid dues.

[21 February 2000]

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kuai Le, Kong Hee Fatt Choy!

A Comment on Reptile Loathing (Dragon Year Special)

From my personal perspective, what David Icke and John F. Winston report about reptilians running the show is pretty much indisputable. However, those of us who remember our Id/Enki lineage feel it's unfair to lump all reptoid entities in the same Fear and Loathing category. I've seen myself turn into a lizard-like entity several times in my life, and there are moments when I find myself amazed at how cold and unfeeling I can be.

I surmised, then, that we aren't just reptiles or mammals or Grey-hybrids or humans or cetaceans or whatever - most of us are a COMPLEX BLEND OF MULTIPLE GENETIC LINEAGES. That's what makes this planet such an incredible bio-lab and nursery of new life forms - her allowance for MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, INTER-SPECIAL VARIETY.

I've always felt great empathy for the Serpent in the Garden of Eden story. When I learned that another manifestation of Solar Christ Consciousness was actually called the "Plumed Serpent" Quetzalcoatl (or Kukulcan to the Maya), imagine how vindicated I felt. A long time ago an Indian astrologer told me I was protected by Nagas and would be safe wherever there were snakes.

Now this interchangeability of Dragon and Snake symbolism is of deep interest. The Orang Asli tell me the Snake is the 3D projection of the 4D Dragon (not in these words, of course, but they said, "The dragon is not of this world of flesh and blood." They believed that Snake Guardians that had served their time at sacred interdimensional portals eventually graduate to full Dragonhood.)

Naturally, whenever I hear talk of "slaying the Dragon (of Carnal Desire)" and references to the Evil Legions of the Draco Constellation, I'm a bit miffed. The worse Snake/Dragon Fearers/Haters are Christians - those who are closely descended from Enlil's bloodline. Remember Enlil's family emblem is the Eagle - and in Mexico, you find an Eagle clutching a Serpent in its claws on the national flag, symbolizing the Spanish Catholic colonization of the native Aztec-Maya-Inca cultures.

The bad blood between Enlilites & Enkiites has devolved down the aeons into Serpent-loathing and a general dislike of Reptiles.

During peak experiences when I've felt completely reintegrated and attuned to all life, I've always been a dynamic fusion of Eagle and Serpent. Hence, the Plumed Serpent. I feel that Reptile-loathing leads nowhere but to a bland and sterile world view where any quality diametrically opposed to our own programming is regarded as "Shaitan" (Satan, Nemesis, Enemy) and rejected outright.

In September 1996 I wrote an essay titled Song of the Dragon - a study of the interchangeability of Snake, Dragon, and Rainbow symbols in folk mythology. A "channeled" passage came through which I later edited out, because I felt the magazine's readership wouldn't be able to relate to the material. Luckily, I saved that paragraph in my archives. Now is as good a time as any to retrieve it as a contribution to this very stimulating discussion:

The Dragon is part of Earth's evolutionary program. For Intellect to function under harsh climatic conditions, one requirement is protective armoring. We were stranded in the constellation Draco after the First War in Heaven, when one third of the Archangelic Host decided to volunteer for a dangerous and unprecedented experiment in the Use of Free Will.

Slowly we mutated (or stepped down our sub-atomic frequencies) into dense physical forms based on the most rudimentary principles: Input/Output - with a hole at either end of a semi flexible tube, which results in your basic worm-snake-fish-bird-mammal metamorphic sequence.

In the early stages we were mere strands of living protein, bacilli. Once we graduated to proper Wormhood, we were well on our way to full-fledged Serpenthood and, eventually, we attained archetypal Dragonhood. We grew into a very large family called the Reptiles and our survival program was eat-or-be-eaten. Over great geological ages, we acquired strategy and sophistication.

We began projecting our individualized Wills into other parts of the Galaxy and became a source of disharmony.

During the Second War in Heaven (when Hell literally broke loose!), the Elohim made an attempt to eradicate us from the Matter Universe. They did not entirely succeed, for we became a survival program hardwired into every life form on Earth. Your scientific researchers call this the hypothalamus or Reptilian brain - and even the most "denatured" Sirian-Nibiruan-Simian genetic lineage has Dragon Blood at its deepest molecular levels.

There is no way you can eliminate the Serpent without destroying your own survival instinct. The limbic or mammal brain developed when the experience of death led to emotional trauma and fear of loss. As metaphorical thinking evolved, the neocortex grew and self-awareness appeared. The "fourth brain" can be described as "bionic" or cybernetic, incorporating artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. Your "World Wide Web" is an early manifestation of this phenomenon.

In terms of the Earth's mineral memory banks and her magnetic fields, we of the Dragon lineage have a very vital role to play. We have been here since the earliest phases of starseeding, and our evolutionary destiny is intimately linked with that of Gaia.

On the 4th dimensional level our hologram forms are perceived by those with active pineal glands as various phenomena, e.g., rainbow serpents, sundogs, aurora effects, UFO activity, and so on. We are pure energy beings, beyond archaic notions of Good and Evil, converting electricity into magnetism and vice versa.

[This was the second post when I began blogging in December 2006]

Sunday, January 22, 2012

23 January 2012 ~ Year of the Yang Water Dragon!

My daughter, the Dragon Rider
Chinese Water Dragons make excellent pets!


Water Dragons playing with a vortex

Haku, the water dragon in Spirited Away who visited Earth as a boy

Thanking all of the Ancient of Days
for their excellent service
on this planet across the aeons
and blessing them all
Eternal Freedom, Joy & Wisdom!

Now let's wish those foolish self-destructive Earth humans the same :-)

The Beautiful New World ~ A Vision

On December 31, 2011, I woke in the middle of the night with the message in this video. When I posted this message two days later on a Facebook group, I was invited by Pearl Lee-Ora Landsman to use it as the basis for a worldwide visualization/meditation/prayer event that she had in mind - thus, I went ahead and created this video to help spread the message and to promote this event.

Since that time, however, having experienced the overwhelmingly beautiful outpouring of love that this video has generated in just one week, I have come to realize that this vision -- the common vision that we share -- is all about love, unity, and the truth of the heart. Therefore, if you resonate with this video, and you feel an inner pull to unite with others in celebration of our similarities and in acceptance of our differences, please know that we respectfully invite you to come and join the many, many beautiful hearts and minds that have already begun to assemble at the sacred meeting place we have co-created in Facebook Groups called "The Beautiful New World"

You will not be disappointed, we promise. Truly, there is something uniquely loving and inspirational going on in our little corner of the internet that is unlike any gathering you have ever attended. In fact, it has become wondrously apparent that The Beautiful New World has already begun.

For those of you who are drawn to participate in the January 21st visualization/meditation/prayer event, Hester Aira has set up a Facebook Event Page here. There you will find information about Pearl's suggested visualization. And, you can confirm your intent to participate so that we will know how many hearts will be uniting in common purpose that day.

Love to you all,

Mathew, Pearl and Hester