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Sexual repression & guilt ~ the root of all patriarchal evils, especially in Malaysia! (repost)

When I was 19 I went through an intense and highly compressed ascetic phase. For about two weeks I lost interest in food, sex and sleep. My mind went into overdrive and kept me in a constant state of excitement. I was absolutely determined to figure out what the hell I was doing on this planet in a human body - and what I had been, if anything at all, before taking birth.

My days and nights were spent reading, writing, thinking, observing everything around me, and discussing my ideas and insights with a couple of close friends. I didn't require much solid food, sometimes drinking only a bowl of soup and nibbling on a Marmite sandwich. Meat didn't appeal to me; often I chewed on some vegetables just to get their essence; and I couldn't be bothered or didn't need to sleep, though I would sit in lotus position and recharge my cells from time to time.

Soon I found my testicles retracting and my penis shrinking to a ridiculous size. All I did was burst out laughing because I suddenly understood why Indian yogis have traditionally subjected themselves to long periods of fasting and abstinence.

It was to focus their minds like a laser in order to cut through the crap of mundane existence and begin to stepdown and receive data from an extended range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

I've written extensively about my early initiatory experiences elsewhere so I'll fast-forward to the moment when, unexpectedly, I experienced a resurgence of my libido. I was absorbing the Sun's energy one morning and suddenly found myself with the most incredible hard-on ever. The word virile  came alive for me as I felt the solar force course through my throbbing veins. I gazed in awe at my rampant manhood, luxuriating in electric ripples of unmitigated concupiscence.

Priapus, Greek God of Fertility
It was as though my libido had died and resurrected itself as a hitherto unknown species of sacred sexuality wherein my own innate divinity was being expressed as a manifestation of the Primordial Progenitor. The Father archetype and I literally became one.

Omphalos stone
Hajarul Aswad, a piece
of tektite embedded in the
eastern corner of the Kaaba
From that moment hence, I was liberated from a hundred thousand generations of hand-me-down sexual taboos. In a flash I understood the serpent symbolism underlying all pre-Abrahamic belief systems. The esoteric word kundalini  was unknown to me at the time, but when I later read about the phenomenon I knew it was what had spontaneously happened to me.

The electromagnetic basis of all existence in a bi-polar universe is grounded in the sacred union of shakta and shakti, male and female principles. This simply means that the ultimate goal of yoga - which means "union" in Sanskrit - is conscious fusion between polarities on all levels - from the biological (as in sexual conjugation) to the metaphysical (as in the alchemical marriage between our divine and human aspects).

Tantra teaches us that the ego-transcending act of sexual union is among the most powerful and direct methods of realizing our own inherent divinity - at least when performed as an act of worship by those who have cleansed themselves of negative emotions like guilt, fear and hypocrisy.

However, the erotophobic male priesthoods that sprouted in the wake of Abraham approximately 4,000 years ago have systematically perverted human sexuality with their erroneous doctrines of shame and false purity, wherein celibacy became promoted as a virtue unto itself.

Activation of the chakras above the navel was encouraged as a means to "get closer to God" - whereas activating the chakras below the navel was considered dangerous - even wrong - as it reinforced our animality and focused our senses on carnal pleasures.

Thus was sexual taboo entrenched in the Book Religions which gave rise to what I call the fig leaf syndrome. Humans became schizoid and a great divide separated their inner and outer personalities into private and public selves - with a hardwired conditioned reflex to cover up whatever was considered "private" and exaggerate or magnify everything regarded as "public."

This is why in patriarchal societies like Malaysia, issues of morality tend to revolve around sex. Corrupt and dishonest politicians are tolerated to the extent that they often get re-elected, but they must resign the moment they're caught with their pants down.

In effect, we're being given the message that it's okay to do just about anything - including abduct, extort, intimidate, torture, imprison and murder - so long as we keep our trousers on at all times.

By the same token, anything sexual is subject to strict censorship - no kissing, no nudity, no glimpses of genitalia. However, the worst forms of violence are acceptable: punching, stabbing, shooting, karate-chopping, beheading, crucifying, dropping bombs on crowded cities are all "okay."

Is it any wonder that our police force - and a volunteer reserve force like RELA - has attracted such a large number of sexual perverts and psychopaths? These are men who have been brought up to believe that their sexual nature is demonic  and must be suppressed or controlled through harsh laws. Burdened with chronic guilt feelings, these men harbor a subconscious fear of being assigned to hell after they die. And if you're going to hell for masturbating too often, you might as well go the whole hog and commit rape, murder, brutal torture, the works.

Have you ever wondered why on earth in the 21st century we still have statutes against oral and anal sex? Not only are these activities ominously classified as "acts against the order of nature" - they are also punishable with caning and imprisonment of up to 20 years! Each day that such nonsensical laws continue to exist in our legal statutes, they make a complete mockery of reason and sanity.

Only a perverted male priesthood could visualize a deity dressed like a stern-faced judge who can routinely sentence anyone to jail for up to 20 years simply for enjoying a bit of mildly kinky sex. How can you argue with such a twisted mindset? The keenest legal mind in the world cannot get you off the hook except by proving your innocence beyond doubt or providing a watertight alibi.

The ISA may be an extremely cruel and unjust law - but what about the laws against anal and oral sex? They are utterly insane and totally insufferable. If this Victorian era legislation were to be enthusiastically enforced, I'd venture that more than one-third of Malaysia's adult population would right now be serving time (free at last to enjoy as much anal and oral sex as they can handle, just as drug addicts can always find a regular supply if they befriend the right prison warders).

Infamous arsehole Saiful Bukhari Azlan with Khairil Anus Yusof,
special aide to Najib Razak
But do you think any Barisan Nasional lawmaker would even consider revoking these archaic laws so long as Anwar Ibrahim remains poised to take over as prime minister?

The issue of sexual repression I have raised with this blogpost has a multitude of ramifications. Nature has designed our bodies in such a way that when we attain puberty, a psychedelic slew of hormones are secreted into our bloodstream which accelerate and enhance mental and spiritual growth. But if our early encounters with our own sexuality are fraught with guilt and shame and subterfuge, we shall find it much harder to attain mental and spiritual maturity.

This is precisely why patriarchies are invariably dead against sex, drugs and rock'n'roll - which may be considered evolutionary triggers in the context of modern living. Sexual freedom causes the young to mature more quickly. Drugs (specifically entheogenic substances like LSD, psilocybin and ayahuasca) - notwithstanding their potential negative side-effects - can facilitate neurological and sensory breakthroughs that provide otherwise unavailable glimpses of ordinarily inaccessible realities. And rock'n'roll  is essentially a code name for any innovative genre of music that serves to initiate young people into neo-tribal states of consciousness, often catalyzing new artistic and cultural forms into manifestation.

Going by the orc-like behavior of our policemen and security personnel, one can easily conclude that what we have in Malaysia is a sex-obsessed society of mental and spiritual retards. The more we attempt to suppress our sexual nature, the more obsessed we become with it. Four thousand years of religious erotophobia have produced only one significant result: the burgeoning of a multi-billion-dollar porn industry.

No sexually repressed society can ever produce great works of art. As long as our collective kundalini  is blocked or forced to express itself through "underground" routes, Malaysia will remain a mediocracy - where mediocrity rules unchallenged.

Think long and hard on this, people... and make sure your children do not grow up sexually repressed!

[Originally published on 20 April 2009 as part six of a series - Where Malaysia is headed. Reposted 11 February 2014, 2 April 2016 & 20 July 2017]

Sunday, March 24, 2019


FOR 27 YEARS I have dwelled in a physical location that most closely resembles my idea of paradise, At least until the past 9 years, more specifically the past few months.

What happened 9 years ago? Let's just say the village got Umnofied and Jakimized. (For those unfamiliar with these terms, Umno is a codename for racial bigotry and jingoism, while Jakim is a state-sponsored agency charged with Talibanizing the entire country).

About 4 years ago (though it often feels like the torture has been going on forever), our Orang Asli neighbor across the street brought home a karaoke machine - a heavy-duty one like those you find in huge Chinese restaurants. The whole family was delighted, even though not one of them can sing. Simply put, an overpowering whiff of hell was suddenly inserted into my humble hologram of heaven on earth.

To me there is nothing sadder than the sound of really bad music. And believe me, these neighbors from hell suffer from the most atrocious musical taste I have ever encountered.

Bad enough the kind of music they like, but the brain-numbing volume at which they habitually play it, totally oblivious of distortion and atrocious pitch, and the hours they are at it - you have to live here to believe it. One night, for example, the drunken party began very late - or very early - around 3am. At 7am the noise was still going strong. As I write this at 3:30pm the terrible music plays on and on and on, though at a slightly reduced volume (since everyone is presumably awake and there's no satisfaction to be had preventing them from sleep). Well, it's enough to make anyone contemplate migrating.

Have we spoken nicely to the neighbors about the noise pollution? Of course we have, repeatedly. The only response we ever get is an Orcish claim of territorial privilege ("Ini kampung kami, you balik!" This is our village, you go back where you came from!) True, there are many occasions when my nextdoor neighbor Mary or I are driven to such a degree of unmitigated fury we find ourselves yelling at them. "Jangan bising!" (Stop the racket!)

Occasionally the musical torment is augmented by hysterical high-pitched laughter. That's when I find myself shouting, "Monyet!" (Monkeys!) Mary has called the police. They were too lazy to investigate and suggested she lodge a formal report at the station. Mary was convinced the police might decide to arrest her instead - perhaps for insulting local customs or interfering with the Orang Asli's right to free speech.

Incidentally, the noisy neighbor's name is Atan son of Sen - but I bet he signs his name S. Atan. And to think, when I first arrived he was a tiny tot of 12 or 13 running around starkers and looking cute... 

Whatever happened to these once shy and gentle forest-dwellers? Blame it on electrification and the seriously stupefying effects of TV. Alcoholism, glue-sniffing, and the suspected abuse of crystal meth doesn't help either.

We may compare this diabolical manifestation of unmitigated lack of civility or consideration for others with the noise pollution experienced by many who have the misfortune to live near mosques.

It's essentially the same loutish expression of territorial privilege and entitlement common to provincial folk unaccustomed to cultural plurality. Apparently this sort of downright obtuseness and utter insensitivity occurs not only in Malaysia but wherever colonies of Muslim migrants are found.

While looking for images of mosque loudspeakers and karaoke machines, I stumbled on a blogpost by a Mumbai resident named Uma ranting about noise pollution from her neighborhood mosque.

Just as my Orang Asli neighbors from hell have made us feel like miserable intolerant killjoys for objecting to their delight in merrymaking and terrible music, those who insist on broadcasting their religious piety through massive loudspeakers must believe they are doing all their neighbors a great favor by invoking upon them Allah's abundant blessings.

Truth is, they are merely exposing themselves as evolutionary throwbacks - completely lacking in the complex neural circuitry without which internal feedback loops cannot develop, making them react to any and all (perceived) criticism with xenophobic aggression and hostility, instead of learning new behaviors and different survival strategies. Unable or unwilling to adapt to changing circumstances, the only foreseeable fate for such sorry specimens of humanity appears to be ultimate extinction.

I'm certainly disinclined to relocate to a different neighborhood on their account... but I just might consider migrating off-planet if the opportunity presents itself.

Jacques the French Terrorist in Kuala Lumpur...

POSTSCRIPT: The karaoke machine finally packed it in, loudspeakers blown from daily abuse. But our relief was shortlived. A few months later another neighbor across the road, inspired by his drinking buddy, also decided to install a powerful karaoke system in his house. Luckily, he rarely plays music at night, only in the pre-dawn hours (when I'm so tired I could sleep through an earthquake).